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Residental Healthcare AUT162 ht10, AUT162

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2011-01-14 - 2011-02-01
Antal svar: 16
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 64%
Kontaktperson: Inga Malmqvist»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Arkitektur 300 hp

Goals and fullfilment of goals

The learning outcomes are given in the course programme, that is the knowledge, understanding, skills and perspectives you are expectd to reach. Notify for each outcome how well they have been fulfilled.

1. Learning outcome 1

16 svarande

Very insufficient»0 0%
Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»13 81%
Excellent»3 18%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.18

- I learnt most from other people/projects and from the final crit.» (Sufficient)

2. Are the goals reasonable in relation to the scope and amount of credits?

16 svarande

Too small scope in relation to credits»1 6%
Reasonable scope in relation to credits»15 93%
Too wide scope in relation to credits»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.93

Education and course administration

3. What is your opinion on the lecture by Jan Paulsson?

16 svarande

Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»1 6%
Good»11 68%
Very good»4 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.18

- Very interesting. Especially the historical background and the variety of examples.» (Very good)

4. What is your opinion on the lecture by Lisbeth Lindahl?

16 svarande

Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»3 18%
Good»8 50%
Very good»5 31%

Genomsnitt: 3.12

- Not so much new and deeper information. » (Sufficient)

5. What is your opinion on the lecture by Morgan Andersson?

16 svarande

Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»2 12%
Good»12 75%
Very good»2 12%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Good approach to show problems in existing buidlings. Maybe a little bit off-topic in terms of permanent assited living, but still useful.» (Good)

6. What is your opinion on the lecture by Jung Choi?

15 svarande

Insufficient»1 6%
Sufficient»6 40%
Good»5 33%
Very good»3 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.66

- Interesting insight in the handling of the subject in a different country.» (Good)

7. What is your opinion on the studytrip to Stockholm?

16 svarande

Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»1 6%
Good»3 18%
Very good»12 75%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

- The visit of real projects is always the best inspiration and helps understand the problems and tasks best.» (Very good)

8. What is your opinion on the Workshop The Meal?

16 svarande

Insufficient»1 6%
Sufficient»8 50%
Good»6 37%
Very good»1 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.43

- For me it did not have a strong conection with the project. But it was a nice social event.» (Sufficient)
- Interesting esperience but difficul to link to the design process» (Sufficient)
- The outcome we could use for our projects was less than expected. Maybe it was just not enough time as the second part of the workshop had to be skipped.» (Sufficient)

9. What is your opinion on the Laboration on Accessibility?

16 svarande

Insufficient»0 0%
Sufficient»1 6%
Good»8 50%
Very good»7 43%

Genomsnitt: 3.37

- After this laboration I thought more carefully about the problems handicapped people are facing in daily life.» (Good)

10. How did the organisation, memoranda, direct information etc. function?

16 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»0 0%
Rather well»9 56%
Very well»7 43%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 3.43

- Some misunderstandings, but the provided information and organisation was good.» (Rather well)

Work environment

11. How do you rate the possibilities to get assistance and ask questions?

16 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»0 0%
Rather well»5 31%
Very well»11 68%
I have not asked for assistance»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

- The assistance from the persons available was verry good but it would be good with assistance concerning fireregulations and construktion aswell.» (Rather well)
- I would have wished a stronger feedback during the consultations. Some of them were a bit superficial. Some of the dates were also too close together, so that there couldn"t be a real progress to the next consultation and therefore no new feedback. » (Very well)

12. How has the cooperation between you and students in your group been?

16 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»2 12%
Rather good»8 50%
Very good»6 37%
I have not tried to cooperate»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.25

- Two of us worked well together, the third person did a lot of other things instead of working with the project. » (Rather good)
- We could benefit from our different background and knowledge a lot. So I think it is very good to make people from the same country not work together. » (Very good)

Concluding questions

13. What is your overall opinion of the course?

16 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Passed»1 6%
Good»6 37%
Very good»9 56%

Genomsnitt: 4.5

- When looking back, I was quite satisfied with the course, however it was not perfect (->"what should be changed")» (Good)

14. What should be preserved next year?

- definitely the inclusion/discussion of standards (norms) for accessibility in the consultations and other real-world oriented things»
- The workshops, lectures, trip,visits, the organization of the course is very good. The idea of having different teachers, goto submit to the site to work (Mondal ),... »
- The good feeling in the studio, the visites, and the workshops. The first day for meet people. »
- The labpration part and the main structure. »
- share informations, discussions and comparison»
- Mixed group work The complexity of the task (different/changing needs, larger number of apartments, interesting site. not just on a green field, but a real context) Talking/Working with literature Workshops The feedback at the final crit was very good, especially from Björn! Field trips »
- The disponibility of the teachers for every problem, the workshops that were really interesting and ispiring»

15. What shuold be changed the nest year?

- there could be an extra lecture on the regulations (it doesn"t have to be the fire regulations, for example a lecture about light conditions and requirements would be nice too)»
- All that we talk yesterday in class. That the professors would be little more critical during the course.»
- More time for corrections with all the teachers. Maybe could be interesting have corrections with the 3 teachers at the same time during the course.»
- Some lectures. »
- examination before christmas holiday»
- I prefer harder critics during the assisted time. When you have time to change stuff. In the last critics it"s to late to change...»
- Better organisation of consultations (dates) Stronger feedback during consultations The working/presentation of the course literature should be done in an earlier stage of the project because lots of the tips and information came too late. If there is a real client involved there should be a better feedback/interaction from this partner The presentation of a workshop should be on the same day and more loose, mainly a presentation of what has been produced. To much time was lost for the preparation of the presentation of the workshop. And this is especially important as the project is only half a semester. The period of time which was given for this complex project on a tricky site was really a bit short. The result of the projects was still rather good in the end, but subjects like facades could be much better if there was some more time. Or the time given should be at least used as efficient as possible (workshops). But the shorter time can be also an advantage to learn for the later job. »
- maybe the presentation for the workshop, the time to prepare a nice presentation was not always enough and maybe it could be better to just discuss the work of every group at the end of the day instead of make a presentation the day after»

16. Other comments

- Thanks for a good course!»
- A very interesting and good course, an inspiring introduction!»
- Very professional teachers. A really interesting course! »
- What was also special about this course was the atmosphere in the studio and the group feeling among all people in the studio. We all knew the projects of each other and helped between the different groups. I think small details as common fika as well as workshops and field trips created this group feeling which I can"t find at my home university. There everything is about competition between the groups. I think it"s based in the Swedish culture as I could find this also in other parts of life. »

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