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Data acquisition and handling in systems biology, KMG060

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-12-03 - 2010-12-24
Antal svar: 40
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 55%
Kontaktperson: Tobias Österlund»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Bioteknik 300 hp
Klass: Övriga

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

39 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»10 25%
Around 20 hours/week»16 41%
Around 25 hours/week»8 20%
Around 30 hours/week»4 10%
At least 35 hours/week»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.23

- there was nothing really to be done, the course could have had exercises that are similar to those coming on the exam» (At most 15 hours/week)
- Is that planed by teachers how long time for students the particular course topic will take? The fullfilment of the goals of this course can take more time as full time studies? Why look after that? » (Around 25 hours/week)
- the problem was even I am studying alone! I couldnt understand that much, & I need alot of time to look all information on the internet for each term , really some slides took alot of time just to read the slides.» (Around 25 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

40 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»1 2%
50%»1 2%
75%»16 40%
100%»22 55%

Genomsnitt: 4.47

- During the lectures, I did not get adequate knowledge, it was kind of time wasting therefore I tried to study at home» (25%)
- Unfortunately I had lecture in another course at the same time, forcing me to every week choose between the lectures.» (75%)
- some of the lectures were not worth listening to.» (75%)
- I would have attended more but it clashed with another course» (75%)
- Had a lot of collisions with another course.» (75%)
- A little less, but close to 100%» (100%)
- I couldnt understand more than 30 % in the class, there must be more simplification in the lectures,explaining general idea slides in better way, then the details we can look for more» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course. The course objectives can be found here.

3. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question only if you do know the course goals.

39 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 2%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»29 74%
No, the goals are set too high»9 23%

Genomsnitt: 2.2

- but you need to get the whole idea , » (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- Though reasonable,not well attained due to wide course coverage within a short period and insufficient laboration hands-on.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- It hasen´,t been that much workload, but the course seems too to be too wide and the lectures could be on over hundreds of slides making it hard to distinguish the important parts.» (No, the goals are set too high)
- Some parts of the lactures were on a too high level so a lot of the class could not follow.» (No, the goals are set too high)
- The time period fro dig into all that materials was short.» (No, the goals are set too high)

Teaching and course administration

4. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

40 svarande

Small extent»8 20%
Some extent»16 40%
Large extent»14 35%
Great extent»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 2.25

- I am sorry to say that the teching part has been relatively useless. Too many teachers with too little competense!» (Small extent)
- Just during lab exercises, I got help for learning something» (Small extent)
- Exercises very good, some lectures gave absolutely nothing, and it was very hard to understand the content and what was important» (Some extent)
- Big deviation between the different lecturers, some lecturers have really helped my understanding, while others have not made their point clear during the lecture.» (Some extent)
- The exercises with Tobias were good.» (Large extent)
- Many of the leactures were good but sometimes it was a little hard to follow the context between the slides. "Why are you talking about this?" and "How is this contected?" were questions that I asked myself sometimes. I"m sorry but the lectures by Sergio were worthles and he couldn"t explain things from our level.» (Large extent)

5. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

40 svarande

Small extent»18 45%
Some extent»13 32%
Large extent»8 20%
Great extent»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.8

- I did not use the course litterature.» (Small extent)
- Have only used the lecture handouts, not the books» (Some extent)
- The handouts were a big help but otherwise didn"t really need the course literature» (Some extent)
- I did not get the book» (Great extent)

6. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

40 svarande

Very badly»2 5%
Rather badly»6 15%
Rather well»24 60%
Very well»8 20%

Genomsnitt: 2.95

- It´,s a big problem when it"s impossible to print tha handouts befor the lecture, perhaps for next year you can print tha handouts and give them out in class? Some of the handouts were also anouther version than the one that the teacher used...» (Very badly)
- There were cases when presentations were put in course hompage only 30 minutes before lectures! To print out handouts - slides for lectures acctualy cost some money for students and Chalmers. It was not effective way of teachers to prepare a large number of slides in stead of some slides which could be used in detail.» (Rather badly)
- Would like to get the hand-outs some day before class.» (Rather badly)
- Slides must be up-loaded earlier than just 10 min before the lecture so that we have a chance to print them out before the lecure. They should be up at least 24 h before the lecture.» (Rather badly)
- It would be nice if the handouts were available some days before the lecture so we would have time to print them out. It is difficult to get to school very early in the morning to print the handouts. The handouts were too much for the school printers, sometimes it didn"t work to print them out at all» (Rather badly)
- OK, but several times the lectures notes weren´,t available until the last minute» (Rather well)
- It worked good with availability of hand-outs etc, but there were some problems with the size of the files which made them impossible to print.» (Rather well)
- Slides were posted pretty late at times» (Rather well)
- would have been good to have the powerpoint-slides in good time BEFORE the lectures.» (Rather well)
- Some lectures were difficult to print.» (Rather well)
- The slides came sometimes out on the web page a little late, it would be good if they are available in the afternoon the day before the lecture.» (Rather well)


7. How good were the lectures by the different teachers?

Jens Nielsen had the following lectures: Introduction, metabolomics & proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolic networks, regulation and integrated analysis.

Wanwipa Vongsagnak had a lecture about genomics.

Intawat Nookaew had a lectures about transcriptome analysis and linear programming.

Marija Cvijovic had a lecture about dynamic modelling.

Sergio Bordel Velasco had lectures about topology, EFM and thermodynamics.


- No quality in the power point presentations- only quantity (around 1-2 slides per 1 min)! Is that normal time for understanding new subjects?»
- Marija was rather good but non of the others could speak proper english exept for Jens who can but whos lectures are a mess so it does not help.»
- I think some of the content of Sergios lectures were on a level that didnot really meet the class previous knowledge. I had a very hard time to follow the explanation of the different equations and vectors that he talked about.»
- I think the lectures about topology, EFM etc could be presented in a better way, teaching us more about practical examples when you use it, as was presented in one of the exercises. »
- Would be good if all lecturers know how much we student know before, and that they try to explain everything in a simple and understandable way. The spoken english at some lecturers also made the understanding very hard sometime. »
- The lecture about topology and EFM were not clear at all, it felt like they were not focusing on the right things since I did still not get EFM after the lecture which should be the main objective. In the lecture about linear programming to much focus were on the linear programming part, which we had already talked about in an earlier lecture with Jens and which were not that hard to understand. »
- Both Intawat and Sergio spent a lot of time on stuff that where not important and therefore they didn"t had enough time for the important parts and also didn"t finish the lecture in time. They both need to work on their english since it was hard to understand them and they had problems understanding questions. Sergion had too much math in his lectures since it was not needed and Intawat"s lecture in linear programming was unnecessary since Jens had already talked about linear programming in a better and shorter way the lecture before. Jens, Maria and Wanwipa had good lectures and no or little time where spent on unimportant stuff. However, Jens also need to look at his slides and lower the numbers since there where many lectures with slides that he didn"t had time to teach.»
- Jens is a great lecturer but he could go too fast through the handouts sometimes, so maybe if he takes a little less slides then he"ll have time to go through the important slides more thoroughly. Sergio"s part is very difficult to understand so he really needs to explain things thoroughly otherwise it"s no point with his lectures.»
- A common thing was that all lecturers defined and explained what systems biology is their first lecture. Communication between the lecturers is important so they know what we are suppose to know from earlier lectures. Jens was good except when it was short of time and everything was speeded because then I did not understand what he tried to say about the subject. It was hard to understand Intawat and Sergio"s english, but mostly hard to understand their way of explanations. »
- i dont want to say bad or wrong to any teacher but if a person is learning this type of course first time which is totally new for you but the way they teach is like that we are 100% familiar by this and its nothing for us to understand...»
- All of the lecturers could contribute to understand the course except of Sergio Bordel Velasco, it was very hard to follow him, what does he is going to say. »
- Seriously, why do Sergio teach at all? Take no offence, not every one is meant to teach, and Sergio is one of those who shouldn"t. He shows that he wants to teach, but his doesn"t manage to come threw to the students. My suggestion is that maybe Tobias can teach instead, Tobias did A REALLY GOOD work during the exercises and I would prefer that he had some lectures instead.»

Jens Nielsen
40 svarande

1 (bad)»0 0%
2 5%
8 20%
17 42%
5 (very good)»13 32%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 4.02

Wanwipa Vongsagnak
40 svarande

1 (bad)»0 0%
11 28%
15 39%
8 21%
5 (very good)»4 10%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 3.13

Intawat Nookaew
40 svarande

1 (bad)»6 15%
17 44%
11 28%
2 5%
5 (very good)»2 5%
No opinion»2

Genomsnitt: 2.39

Marija Cvijovic
40 svarande

1 (bad)»0 0%
2 5%
14 37%
14 37%
5 (very good)»7 18%
No opinion»3

Genomsnitt: 3.7

Sergio Bordel Velasco
40 svarande

1 (bad)»18 50%
11 30%
4 11%
2 5%
5 (very good)»1 2%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 1.8

8. To what extent did the learning objectives for each lecture help you to know what was relevant?

40 svarande

Small extent»5 17%
Some extent»19 65%
Large extent»5 17%
Great extent»0 0%
I didn"t read the learning objectives for the lectures.»11

Genomsnitt: 2

- I usually did not read them but when i did they helped» (I didn"t read the learning objectives for the lectures.)


9. How did you find the computer exercises?

40 svarande

Very poor»2 5%
Rather poor»8 20%
Rather good»20 50%
Very good»9 22%
Excellent»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.97

- You had to wait for help for a very long time and the exercises wasent very relevant.» (Very poor)
- It was hard for me as for my biology background/not mathmatics» (Rather poor)
- You more or less followed the instructions and it quickly became rather tedious» (Rather poor)
- They gave us a chance to get an insight to the subject, but some of them were hard to understand and it seems like the level of the students were very different. I think it would have been better to divide the group in smaller parts.» (Rather good)
- The quality was decreasing since we did not really do anything in the last exercises. The earlier ones were good and increased the understanding.» (Rather good)
- It would be good to have more precise questions, at some excercises they were written in poor english so that you "misinterpreted" what the tutor actually wanted to know.» (Rather good)
- Some of the exercises where hard to understand and you just followed the exercises without really knowing what you where doing. The last exercise where also hard to understand since the questions was written in very bad English. All in all the exercises where ok but they can be better.» (Rather good)
- The computer exercises were okay but could be better if something was explained before starting, what we are going to to, how to do etc.. instead of "okay guys you can start". You need to keep in mind that we do not have a background in programming. We have used matlab to some extent (not that we"re good at it..), but we"ve never seen R or metatool etc..» (Rather good)
- Tobias was good but the other teachers did not know enough to help us with the exercises! Also there it should have been good with more communication between the teachers. Some of the exercise questions I was unable to understand because of bad english.» (Rather good)
- need more practice session especially on use of softwares.» (Rather good)
- If our teacher hasn"t helped us so far, I will not have any idea about the course» (Rather good)
- Quite hard some times when you hadn"t understood during the lectures. But Tobias was the saviour so many times when he summarized the crucial parts.» (Rather good)
- Mostly due to Tobias, great teacher and has the abillity to motivate his students. » (Very good)
- Those exercises were a good help for the exam.» (Very good)
- Tobias was extremely good! He explained everything i a good and understandable way, he answered good to questions. But all other teachers who helped at the exercises were not good. If wou ended up in the "wrong" room, that is where Tobias were not, you did not understand much. The exercise where Sergio was supposed to help, we did not understand anything at all, he did not understand what we woundered about and he could not explain how to do. If we didnt get Tobias solution to write from, we would never get how to do. Not good, didnt learn much then...» (Very good)
- I learned alot from these. but they could be arranged in a better way, perhaps hold some kind of matlab intro for the foreign students» (Very good)
- But some were hard» (Very good)

10. Did you get enough help with computer exercises from the exercise teacher?

40 svarande

No help at all»0 0%
Too little help»3 7%
OK help»11 27%
Good help»15 37%
Excellent help»11 27%
I did not ask for help with the computer exercises»0

Genomsnitt: 3.85 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Tobias did everything he could to help everyone!!» (OK help)
- But since we were soo many it took time and obviously the teachers got stressed and got to hurry» (Good help)
- I understand it is hard to cope with so much people but I think Tobias did an excellent job, trying to help as many as possible. » (Good help)
- From Tobias, YES. From others, NO. See answer above. » (Good help)
- Good help from Tobias and Marija, the other teachers could not answere even a simple question.» (Good help)
- I usually did not bother to ask since the help lists were sooo long, but when i did the help was good.» (Good help)
- Tobias was actually good, but we you have to run the exercise in a smaller groups, in order to have provide more time for individual hquestions» (Good help)
- TObias was very helpful» (Excellent help)
- Tobias was great in helping so we could understand and not just give us the answers. The waiting time could be long because the exchange students are not at the same level as the chalmers students so maybe they need additional teaching before the course in understanding matlab, BLAST etc, things that students at chalmers have encountered sometimes during the study period.» (Excellent help)
- but only by tobias and somehow by wanwipa» (Excellent help)
- The help I got, especially from Tobias, was exellent but it would have been good with an extra teacher or smaller groups because many wanted help and you had to wait long times for help. » (Excellent help)
- Excellent with Tobias, really good form Marija and Wanwipa, no help at all with Sergio (didn"t understand him) (and again take no offence, but it was no good).» (Excellent help)

11. To what extent did the computer exercises help you learn the course?

40 svarande

Small extent»6 15%
Some extent»16 40%
Large extent»11 27%
Great extent»7 17%

Genomsnitt: 2.47

- It will help when u feel u are understanding more in the computer excercises.» (Some extent)
- It was better than the lectures.» (Some extent)
- It"s good to do something practical than just going to lectures. Also good to see what can be done with computer softwares when it comes to systems biology» (Large extent)
- Good to get to do it hands on!» (Great extent)
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 3.85

Study climate

12. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

40 svarande

Very poor»2 5%
Rather poor»2 5%
Rather good»22 55%
Very good»12 30%
I did not seek help»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.25

- Tobias have been very helpful and has always been there to answer question if it was needed.» (Rather good)
- Tobias was always very helpful and helpt us a lot with the exercises. The question-time before the exam was a good thing, keep that!» (Rather good)

13. How was the course workload?

40 svarande

Too low»2 5%
Low»1 2%
Adequate»20 50%
High»10 25%
Too high»7 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.47

- Considering the types of questions on the exam, some excercises with that type of questions would be a good complement.» (Too low)
- It was very hard to study for the course. The parts that i did not understand i did not understand even when looking it up on the internet or trying to ask the teachers. The slides did not offer good information on all subjects, the explanations of the methods were to short,ie PCA, bonferroni etc.» (Adequate)
- Lots of materials and heavy lectures, Computer excerciese each week, the load was heavy but the exam in the end did not really reflect this. It was easier than the lectures suggested.» (High)
- Too much information , needed more focus on certain general ideas, and more time for the course, I think it must be given for a whole quarter divided into two credits inorder to understand it very well and can benefit from in future.» (Too high)

Summarizing questions

14. What is your general impression of the course?

40 svarande

Poor»10 25%
Fair»9 22%
Adequate»11 27%
Good»9 22%
Excellent»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.55

- Sorry to say but my impression is that the course is rubbish. There is a great need for bioinformatics but for some reason it seems quite hard to deliver a course that gives the students what they need, basic understanding in bioinformatics! » (Poor)
- It was a mandatory course for me and it is not a course I would have chosen beforehand» (Fair)
- The course needs a lot of work so that the lectures don"t repeat each other.» (Fair)
- The course has potential but needs a lot of work. The lecturers need to be better. And the exam really needs to step up a notch. Now it"s mostly a matter of finding the answer in the slides. It is also bad to ask questions about things we haven"t done in the course.» (Fair)
- The subject is intresting but during the lectures I didn"t find it intresting so something isn"t quite right.» (Fair)
- I do not feel that I have learnt enough, which I also felt at the exam which was much harder compared to the ones given last year.» (Adequate)
- Some parts of the course were good, others were too difficult and complicated to understand. The level for the exam was set too high and a lot of questions were from Sergios part concerning things that he never explained before i.e measuring the diameter of a network. He did mention that networks have a diameter but not how you could measure it.» (Adequate)
- It is tricky with so many subjects and only getting to know a little about each thing. feels like you don"t learn so much..» (Adequate)
- It would have had an excellent but the exam makes it just "good". The exam was really too hard( question 2, 3 4) since we have not practiced this in the course. Yes, the theory is there but it is hard to know what to do if you have never performed the same task before. » (Good)

15. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Maybe the exercises, but with smaller groups»
- Only those teachers, which want that students understand something!»
- exercises , tobias as exercise teacher, less information in the lecture/going slower in teaching, and focusing on the biological analysis of tha data more than how do we make this data in mathematics,»
- Tobias Österlund, the one teacher who actually did a good job.»
- the computer exercises»
- Tobias should be preserved to next year! =)»
- the exercises»
- The exercises with Tobias»
- Tobias!»
- Laboratory»
- Tobias»
- yes»
- computer excercise»
- The exercises. But more teaching and more focus on these. »
- Computer excersices, most of the lectures.»
- Tobias»
- The computer exercises.»
- Tobias! An excellent teacher!»
- laboration exercises»
- Jens Nielsens lectures.»
- Exercise need to be more oriented n specify the things before starting with more elaboration.»

16. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- More condensed lectures. I think the teachers in general wanted to talk about more stuff than we had time for, which made the lectures unfocused and stressed»
- Decreased number for slides. There mast be defined the neccesary background of knowledges to run this course.Maybe this course can be given only after some preparatory course.»
- The computer exercises demanded previous knowledge that very few GU students - those without any mathematical and technical background - have. »
- less amount of information,more simplification ways in teaching.»
- The entire course!»
- The number of students in this course should be reduced since we were over 80 there was a time where even the lecture halls were not enough and the question asking process was not as good since it was many of us .And it was too fast lecture we were finishing 100+ slides in each lecture and that was just too much to handle.»
- There were lots of slides in each lecture that the lecturer couldn"t cover them all and makes the students so confused. So, if the lecturers reduce the number of slides and only keep the necessary ones for the deep understanding of the students and try to focus only on the main parts,it will be better for understanding of the students. »
- The lectures that sergio gave. Perhaps both in content and in how the content is presented and how the different parts are explained. It also seemd as if he had to little time to manage all his slides, so it may be a good idea to time the presentation and maybe shorten it so the lectures doesnet always go over time.»
- the exam!»
- Lecturers/teachers that can not explain the important things in class, or are poor in english. »
- the workload can be reduced since the study period was too short»
- exercises should be added to the course, I feel that in order to learn properly I need to work with the material during the course nt just two days befre the exam»
- Sergio"s and Intawat"s parts needs a lot of improvements! The exercises also needs some work to be more clear and to make sure that the students understand what they are doing.»
- Should involve more basic background knowledge »
- The EFM lecture, was not clear enough»
- Sergio"s lectures need to be review. Maybe fewer slides in all lectures so the lecturers don"t hurry through all the slides. The part about clustering needs to be explained thoroughly»
- teaching pattern some lectures must be more clear. The question asked to us while assessing us are things which just know the basics.It would have been better if we were provided worksheet for each lecture and we could discuss it with concerned faculty after working on them. »
- workload»
- NOT so many pages on the presentations. There were to much to print out and it did not work very well for anyone. When listening to someone teaching and there are one million details on each page and there is not much time to focus on them and see the important thing it is not very fun to learn. Difficult to understand afterwards. There should defenitely be lectures where we learn to learn to use S-matrixes and so on. Where the focus is on practising only!»
- The amount of slides per lecture. Possibly reconsider about having an open book exam. »
- The exam»
- Some of the lectures should be shorter and some more clear what they is about. More connections between the lectures so that we know what is important in the course, maybe a more narrow course content. »
- Sergio! (Sorry but he have to change his lectures in some way)»
- lecturer covering thermodynamics and topology»
- Almost everything»
- The basic things must be given, and the slides must be introduced deeply»
- need to be considered that huge course(more than 1200 slides, 2/3 text book, 6 lab with additional articles) with short time and most biologyn student with lack of math knowledge. »

17. Additional comments

- Teachers are researchers, they are not teachers! Have teachers of this course had any pedagogical courses before they started lectures?!!!?»
- The exam was not nice at all. If you are going to use the same kind of questions next year, please prepare the students better!»
- It was too many slides per lecture. Above 100 is not ok. Hard to know what was important. Please follow Chalmers usual breaks at the lectures, after 45 minutes. Please put the slides 1 and 1 on the webpage so we can choose how to print them. Please use black text on slides, not grey or blue, (not visible when printing). The exam was quite tricky. I dont think it was at all on the course that was known to be important. Why have all the special cases, and not start from usuall case and make some questions harder, to get higher grade?»
- The exam was quite wierd since it had harder EFMs than the lectures and there where to many questions asking about the EFMs. It would be better to have a questions about linear programming or z-score since I think that this was important for the course and we didn"t get any questions at all on this.»
- Tobias is good»
- Before jumping into details of a topic more of fundamentals should be provided so that it is more clear»
- i think you should reduce lectures as well as the contents in every lecture, just should focus on some the most basic knowledges with attached examples.»
- Some of the computer exercises could be clearer. It would be good if there were more work on our own than just following instructions.»
- workload to be reduced or spread within 2 quarters»

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 3.85
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.71

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