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ARK316 Leadership Architectural Professions, HT 2010

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-11-15 - 2010-12-31
Antal svar: 16
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 19%
Kontaktperson: Lotta Särnbratt»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Arkitektur 300 hp

1. How would you like to summarize the course? Choose 3 words and describe them.

- repetitious, elementary, irritating »
- useful inspiring challenging»
- therapy : It was a calming down process for undetermined students, and in panic for thesis suject Self realization: It was positive for us to realize what we really are and want Challenging: got more determined in the end of the course, and made us willing to start thesis as soon as we can»
- informative - a lot of things on the lectures structured - good program repetition - all summarizes were too much»
- Easy to follow. useful not just for thesis but for any other project. »
- helpful, a bit repetitive, supportive»
- Evolving –, The course let you and your ideas evolve. Guiding –, The course give you the guiding tools to orient your own thoughts. Personality –, The course has been given a great personality via Katja and Maja. Thanks for a really greate course. :) »
- Useful: only if you take it just before doing your thesis. Free: small group works and free style lectures. Wordy: two teachers are good at speaking and really talked a lot.»
- intence - new things all the time me - learned about myself confusing - sometimes»
- Informative - at no point did I feel that what I am doing is something I cannot comprehend. Intriguing - the fact that so many of us had the same basic idea, to form a knowledge pool (handbook idea), makes me think that there is something out there that we can develop in a collective bases. Balanced - the time flow of the lectures left enough time to think, develop and not feel pressure, but not feel like I forget what I am doing.»
- clarifying: This course was clarifying the questions regarding the master thesis. The timelines, possible projects, stakeholders etc. self-reflective: by self reflection exercises, I could find a chance to test my idea. competitive: Since the other master students are also writing down their proposals, we had a chance to see what other students are working on. »
- Dream, Wish, Do»
- -Empowering, focus on strengthening our self-confidences -To long, should have been more condenced -un-integrated, disconnected from the studios »
- give,take and lead.»

2. What tools do you collect from the course and take with you into the future? Choose three pieces and describe them.

- The course really emphasized positive thinking, reflection, and group discussion.»
- tools to drive myself forward tools to create a good process of work tools how to describe the value of my work»
- realize strenght and how to control weak points»
- design a program - how to do it speak in front of a group - voice and eye contact and so on how to develop an idea»
- The process to find the core idea and develop it»
- backcasting. Seeing the objective and taking steps to it. Defining possible Network Using flipcharts and post-its for ideas and reminders »
- An oral presentation doesn’,t need to be executed in a particular way. It’,s okay to steep out of the box and find out what kind of method that suits you. Post-its, a piece of paper with a strip of malfunctioning glue to its back, efficient and creative to work with. Positive thinking –, Change of mindset can work magic. Feedback workshops, pushes ideas and create momentum. Set up ground rules in the beginning of a group work. The exercise –, Designing a process. Sorry for bending the rules on this one…, more than three. »
- Be confident: confidence will bring success. Design your speach: good preparition is important. Communication: talk with people will alway help.»
- Planning - plan ahead Reflection - what have i done? Questions - ask alot»
- The idea of thinking about personal strengths was interesting, but then again, how I perceive myself may not be correct. The character reflection from other students at the beginning of the course could have been more useful at a later stage, maybe even after the final presentation. The reflection process is also a tool. It starts a self evaluation process, and even though it sometimes feels over repeated, it has a positive effect. The continuous workshops give the chance to create a network between students. This may prove to be very important in the further development of the master thesis.»
- Project planning: by writing down the process and planning I had a chance to program my process. Evaluation: Evaluate myself in every step of the process so that I don"t have to work too much or work the things I don"t have to. Communication: Project itself improves by sharing and discussing with other people. Teacher, supervisor, friends and other architects helps to improve the idea to a better stage.»
- write my ideas write process plan present »
- -GAP-analysis, how to develop an idea fast and easy. -Developing text, having a creative process with a text. -Communication, presentation and reflexion. feedback from otehrs and from my self.»
- value of an idea. share ideas. cooperate»

3. How do you estimate the usefulness of the course?

16 svarande

useless»1 6%
not very useful»1 6%
quite useful»8 53%
very useful»5 33%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 3.13

- As a preparatory course for thesis, I do not think this course was useful. » (useless)
- If you have no idea about the thesis work, you hardly get one during this course. » (not very useful)
- It is not necessary to be mandatory If I knew what I was going to do in the thesis, there s no need to take the course» (quite useful)
- A good starting for thesis work. But will be useless if you don"t plan to do your thesis, caurse you won"t be attracted by the lectures.» (quite useful)
- The course is a great opportunity to develop and prepare the master thesis. Without it I would have been, not lost, but missing the map so to say. » (very useful)
- Leadership in Architectural Professions Course was an important step in my master thesis process. It is a well defined, good structured course. First of all, writing down the strengths and challenges was a useful way to understand ourselves. Group works, studying in groups and discussing with group mates improved our own reflection about ourselves. I wrote my interests according to my strenghts. After I discussed and think of my challenges, I learned about myself better. My design process had many points I had to consider according to the challenges I have. Secondly the teachers attention to the students were really good, they made us talk, participate and discuss in the class without forcing and boring us. They wanted us to reflect on what we"ve gained everyday before leaving and everymorning before the start of the day. I guess it was a good way of understanding our study during the day and note down for the next steps. If we were not asked to reflect everyday, I guess we would have lost some of the data we had in the course. I really appreciate the synopsis and abstract parts. With synopsis, we had a chance to practice what we want to work about. In abstract part we filled our idea with a lot of examples, references, real situations. I never guessed that my idea would improve such profoundly. I could see the problems in the subject as well, so writing down an abstract was a practical way to try our idea. As a conclusion, I am very pleased to have this course not only for the good sctructure and make the process easier, but also for the nice teachers who are conducting the course excellent.» (very useful)
- It was a leadership course and I got how to lead my ideas basically.» (very useful)

4. Your reflections about the lecturers?

- The lecturers were positive, and tried to be supportive. »
- engaging lectures with a useful message»
- They are quite positive and has very positive approach that I could develop in myself. I got a lot thorugh their lectures and "individual excersises" But I didn"t like when it came to group flipchart part.. »
- I mostly liked the lectures, they were interesting.»
- Very Useful»
- good»
- As I mentioned before, Katja and Maja really gave the course a personality, a true power boost. Well organized, and finally someone that would stand by the schedule.»
- Useful but couldn"t keep holding my attention which I feel repeating quite a lot of time. The lecturers are possible to be combined or pressed to a shorter but fertiler one. Lectures together with small workshops are very good.»
- Some good and some bad.»
- They were useful, and their relation with the workshops helped to make me more aware of what I am doing, and how to improve.»
- The lecturers were always calm and constructive. They reflect about our ideas all the time, and comment the negative parts nicely. Their attetude calmed down the confused master thesis students.»
- understandable, memorable, interesting and useful»
- In general very good, thought it was a bit strange that they got very, too, exited when certain students behaved as rolemodels in their eyes. It was a bit too much in the end. But they were at the same time good at seeing all the students so I just write it as something to think about.»
- they were mostly good. specially the one from master thesis student and also from companies.»

5. What do you think needs to be developed?

- The course lacks the content to be considered a preparation course for thesis. It needs a large research component (there was no time for research, or discussion on reference lists), and more individual, constructive feedback for the synopses and abstracts.»
- nothing really, good course I d like to have more of these earlier in the education of how to value our work how we work in groups and how we do presentations»
- Why is it always group work? It is our individual thesis, I didnt understand why we need to bother with peoples own problems or strenghts... I didnt gain or I don"t think that I gave anything to my group members, it was unnecessary.. »
- To know what the focus is in the course, I thought all exercises did not always match. »
- sessions to discuss the synopsis with teachers should be more»
- to evaluate the course mood so to not force an answer.»
- With a risk of raising the course to the heaven, but I can’,t find anything that needs to be developed at this moment. »
- I suggest that Maja and Katja could try to make people trust on them at the begining of the course that I don"t know how. Because I feel that they have enough experiences and abilities to help us, but I didn"t believe it until the end of the course which was too late for me to really learn from them.»
- A little bit less blaha blaha sometimes. More striaght forward.»
- The contacts with other teachers at the school. Having more of them at the abstract presentation can create more opportunities for us to find a relevant and interested examiner/supervisor for our thesis, as well as having more feedback on other aspects of our idea. An extra week after the final presentation where we can follow up with the process can be really useful. »
- I think the instructions of an abstract could be more clear. In my belief the informations of how to write an abstract were a bit confusing. »
- risk assessment in this course»
- Integrate it more in the studios, the best would be earlier in the education. Make sure to communicate before the course that it is good to have a master thesis subject with us.»
- less repetition, and more workshops.»

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