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Economics of Innovation 2010, IDY035

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-10-19 - 2010-10-28
Antal svar: 46
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 83%
Kontaktperson: Daniel Ljungberg»


1. I am originally coming from*

46 svarande

Industrial engineering at Chalmers»29 63%
another programme at Chalmers»4 8%
another Swedish university»0 0%
I am an international student»9 19%
I am an exchange student»4 8%

Genomsnitt: 2.02

2. I approximately attended

46 svarande

20 % of the lectures»1 2%
40 % of the lectures»0 0%
60 % of the lectures»3 6%
80 % of the lectures»16 34%
100 % of the lectures»26 56%

Genomsnitt: 4.43

3. Of the required reading, I approximately read

46 svarande

Nothing»1 2%
5 papers»3 6%
10 papers»5 10%
15 papers»6 13%
20 papers»11 23%
25 papers»10 21%
All»10 21%

Genomsnitt: 5.02

General questions on the course

4. Overall the course was*

46 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Poor»1 2%
OK»5 10%
Good»25 54%
Very good»15 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.17 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

5. How much did you learn from the course?*

46 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»1 2%
Medium amount»7 15%
Much»23 50%
Very much»15 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.13 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

6. The pace of the course was*

46 svarande

Too slow»0 0%
Slow»0 0%
Neither slow nor fast»5 10%
Fast»29 63%
Too fast»12 26%

Genomsnitt: 4.15

7. How difficult did you perceive the course to be?*

46 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»4 8%
Quite difficult»15 32%
Difficult»23 50%
Very difficult»4 8%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

8. The lecturers were*

46 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Poor»1 2%
OK»12 26%
Good»26 56%
Very good»7 15%

Genomsnitt: 3.84 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Att använda ca 80 slides Per föreläsning som är knökfulla med text upplevs klart kontraproduktivt. De viktiga budskapen drunknar i det totala kaoset av data. Försår poängen med dem nuvarande användningen, men det kan lösas på bättre sätt som tex korta texter som med holmen 2005 increasing returns. » (Poor)
- No much slides, to many exercises. Having an exercise during (= instead of) the breaks are not a good thing if the students are supposed to stay awake during the lectures.» (OK)
- In general the lecturers were good but quite often it was really to much information and explainations which made it hard to follow. The slides was also a bit confusing sometimes which didn´,t make it easier to follow.» (OK)
- sometimes hard to follow» (OK)
- Not used to the pace and the form of examination. » (Good)
- I think mostly it was about understanding that this is a Master-course, it is a higher pace than on Bachelor-level. And to start your reading in time, at least quickly look through the papers before class to get a deeper understanding and to be able to participate in discussions.» (Good)
- I was not used to read such immense amounts of literature, which took some time to learn. However, it was an interesting course albeit very time consuming.» (Good)
- The students have to be well-prepared for both lectures and exams since the time passed faster than they can imagine.» (Good)
- The slides were a bit messy from a listening point of view, but were useful for the exam» (Good)
- have learnt to love Magnus as a lecturer. Very enthusiastic!» (Good)
- It was hard to keep up with the speed of talking» (Good)
- The articles was very good! Interesting and relevant!» (Good)
- perhaps a bit unstructured, but i like Magnus teachig style. however, a bit more structure in both slides and presentation. also, the repetition in the beginning of each lecutre is way to long. if you weren"t there the last time - suit your self!» (Good)
- Sime times hard to follw, the lecturer is a good seaker, but somehow manages to change topic without me noticing it...» (Good)
- Connected the lectures in a great way. The main messages was also presented so it was relatively easy to grasp.» (Very good)
- I liked but the language was deffinetly a problem to follow it as good as I should» (Very good)
- I appreciate the pre and post slides. I found them very useful.» (Very good)

9. How much did you learn from


- To have an home exam really enhances learning, since it, almost, forces you to understand what you have read,not only remembering. It also helps you to be innovative, to play around with the concepts and see where and how they fit together»
- The exam was quite broad and included the important parts in the course.»
- Project 1 was a good start, also nice to have a presentation under these forms. The same goes for project 2, but I put too much effort into it because we had trouble finding good information. The take home exam is good, though I had problems interpreting the questions (especially the first one). I think the home exam could be formulated in a better way where all the questions are tied together. All the concepts that were covered could still be covered but tied closer together.»
- This is a very good course but you have to work very hard in order to create and capture value from the course!»
- I have not done the take home exam yet, but when I looked at it, it seemed like I could learn a lot from it... The project 2 took too much time and effort, but gave a very poor contribution to my learning. I feel like I learned more about searching for information about the industry than what I did from the course material. Since the project 2 took most of the time (and the research project in the other course), very little time was left for the course content with the result that I had to postpone the take home exam (there are too many articles left to read).This is very frustrating since I very much enjoy the course.»
- Very different level on the questions. It takes time to find the needed information in the different article, even if you have read them on beforehand and I do not learn so much from looking for info. So I got board doing the exam, the questions take to much time to do.»
- Well, for the home exams I think I learnt a lot, but yet do not know whether what I think I learnt is right.»
- Power points skall användas som stöd vid presentation, inte som rapporter fulla med text. Visst, övningen har en poäng men kan förbättras MVH Kim Henriksson»
- Project 1 is an excellent opportunity to improve presentation skills and to get feedback from it. Totally worthy! »

Project 1?
46 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
A little»11 23%
Medium amount»14 30%
Much»14 30%
Very much»6 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

Project 2?
46 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»5 10%
Medium amount»15 32%
Much»16 34%
Very much»10 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.67

Take home exam question 1?
45 svarande

Nothing at all»0 0%
A little»2 4%
Medium amount»6 13%
Much»14 31%
Very much»23 51%

Genomsnitt: 4.28

Take home exam question 2?
45 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
A little»3 6%
Medium amount»6 13%
Much»18 40%
Very much»17 37%

Genomsnitt: 4.04

Take home exam question 3?
45 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
A little»8 17%
Medium amount»11 24%
Much»14 31%
Very much»11 24%

Genomsnitt: 3.57

10. How difficult was


- For Q1 it is too difficult compare too having doing 2 take-home exams at the same time. So time is too short to do it perfect.»
- The questions were to confusing and to broad. Several times the "story" behind the question contradicted "what should be done" - information further down.»
- The take home exam questions were extensive, and in some way a novel to many. They give you a lot of freedom of what to write, and the most difficult thing is to define your scope, and not to just go through all the concepts you can find.»
- The home exam is very difficult I would say, since it"s not very well defined and leaves much room for interpretation. But, depending on how "hard the bite will be", I might change my opinion about the difficulty.»
- Oh my god!! I was homesick when I first saw it. Anyway it is good that it makes you study the whole course one more time.»
- The difficulty was mainly due to big scope of the course, which made it difficult to prioritize what information was useful»
- Haven"t done the home exam yet, but it seemed to be very hard when I looked at it. It also seems to be very time consuming since there is a lot to write.»
- P1 var inte svårt men riktigt lärorikt!»
- The most challenging with the exam was to be done in time. I would have preferred only one question (even if it was made a little bigger) that I could have focused on.»

Project 1?
46 svarande

Not difficult at all»11 23%
Slightly difficult»18 39%
Quite difficult»13 28%
Difficult»4 8%
Very difficult»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.21

Project 2?
46 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»8 17%
Quite difficult»18 39%
Difficult»17 36%
Very difficult»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.32

Take home exam question 1?
45 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»1 2%
Quite difficult»1 2%
Difficult»13 28%
Very difficult»30 66%

Genomsnitt: 4.6

Take home exam question 2?
45 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»1 2%
Quite difficult»6 13%
Difficult»19 42%
Very difficult»19 42%

Genomsnitt: 4.24

Take home exam question 3?
45 svarande

Not difficult at all»0 0%
Slightly difficult»2 4%
Quite difficult»6 13%
Difficult»21 46%
Very difficult»16 35%

Genomsnitt: 4.13

11. Too little attention was paid to?

- proper exercises»
- It would have been nice to have more real excersises in class»
- Practice for home exam.»
- learning»
- Kursen var kanon»
- Nothing I can recall»
- Some topics are difficult to understand and sometimes ambiguous.»
- Summing up the main learnings from this course. A good thing for next course is to pin point the most important concepts and learnings and then really stick to this. »
- how things were related to one another»
- IPR»
- evolutionary and complexity economics (lectures)»
- medium»
- summarizing examples during lectures - high pace sometimes a lot of information, but not bad slides in terms of summarizing (e.g. when u going through slides to remind yourself what it was all about).»
- Summarize the main messages of each lectures. »
- the articles »
- Saknades ett strukturerat sätt att hantera terier och koncept i kurslitteraturen och artiklarna jämfört med föreläsningarna.»
- study activities during period like quiz and litrature seminar in order to evaluate the understanding of students with regard to course material and let them get more prepaired for exam.»
- The Beinhocker book which was great.»

12. Too much attention was paid to?

- Mining and computer games industry. Althoug, these industries are good examples they are sometimes difficult to relate to.»
- too many articles»
- To the articles»
- Project two, which was quite useless and time consuming.»
- reading»
- Kursen var kanon»
- Nothing I can recall»
- To much on the home exam was about strategy. I didn"t perceive it as important from the lectures. I don"t know why but as soon as there is another lecturer than the usual I don"t pay as much attention.»
- PROJECT 2!!!»
- repetition each lecture perhaps a bit strange examples»
- medium»
- project 2»
- Duke nukem»
- trends»
- presentations»

13. What other comments or recommendations would you make for the future?

- Could be useful to reduce the number of slides for some lectures.»
- cut down on articles/litterature»
- There were a bit too much articles, and the slides were a bit too many on each lecture»
- Take away project 2 and instead have a mini home exam, before the big one so the students get used to how it is to write an home exam. The mini home exam will give 20 p.»
- teach slower»
- Jag tror jag hade lärt mig mer att göra hemtentan i par så man hade kunnat diskutera med någon annan.»
- Please upload lecture slides before the lecture. And slides that are updated. It is much more easy to prepare for the lecture and easier to follow the teacher.»
- Nothing speciall. I was satisfied with the course outline.»
- I think it would be a good idea to send out an email a couple of weeks before the course stars encouraging people to read the Beinhocker book»
- Keep doing this way!»
- longer time for the take home exam»
- list of concepts would be good as in Granstrands course»
- Skip project 2, have a litterature seminare instead were you discuss an industry»
- Make sure the students know the need to read the articles before the home exam.»
- Since there is a lot of articles to read, and you need to read them for the exam, please make them avaiable in good condition, so that they are easy to read. Some of the were so poorly scanned that you could barely read them, and since some of the are quite difficult its not especially good that you have to concentrate just to be able to read the works.»
- Continue with feedback on presentations on project 1»
- small take-home-exams replace the first project whereby these are 15 pts of the course, the project 15 points and the exam 60 points instead»
- no»
- it"s good just need better slides, a lot of information going in at high pace, need to be able to go back to earlier material and say "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" not "WTF?????????????"»
- Try to make the lectures easier to follow by making the slides more clear. (less texts or changed layout)»
- There should be more focus on the analysis on "different levels", I still find it difficult to do and understand for some of the concepts and areas of the course»
- Om kursen inte förändras till nästa år: läs först kurs böckerna pärm till pärm (helst innan läsvecka 2 börjar). Läs och använd artiklarna för att reflectera/skapa nya vinklar på kurs litteraturen. Men skit i att ta in all fakta alla artiklar, skumma d bara, de är alldeles för många och de finns inte tid till att läsa dem noga. Repitera slidsen under kursens gång och fokusera på dem sista läsveckan. »
- I wish I had time to real whole books and articles. They are too much, so overwhelming. Some articles are quite weak. Some articles are really good, enlightened and inspired me. »
- The course material was so wide that I hardly knew where it started and ended.»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 4.05

Specific questions on the course

14. I learnt


- Eftersom artiklarna är skrivna för att förklara sig själva så blir det ofantligt rörigt när man skall extrahera information från all kurslitteratur för olika nivåer av ekonomin. Kände att detta kunde strukturerats betydligt tydligare, speciellt genom fokus på nivåer under föreläsningarna»

what economic progress means
46 svarande

I fully agree»15 32%
I agree»25 54%
I agree some, but not much»5 10%
I disagree»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.84

to characterise different types of innovation
45 svarande

I fully agree»21 46%
I agree»17 37%
I agree some, but not much»6 13%
I disagree»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.73

to characterise key concepts of competition
44 svarande

I fully agree»15 34%
I agree»23 52%
I agree some, but not much»5 11%
I disagree»1 2%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.81

to characterise key concepts of restless capitalism
45 svarande

I fully agree»11 24%
I agree»25 55%
I agree some, but not much»6 13%
I disagree»3 6%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.02

to relate different levels in the economy
45 svarande

I fully agree»10 22%
I agree»19 42%
I agree some, but not much»12 26%
I disagree»2 4%
I totally disagree»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.26

15. I really think it is correct when the examiner claim that this course provides a backbone for the entire innovation area (i.e. the MEI programme)

46 svarande

I fully agree»15 37%
I agree»21 52%
I agree some, but not much»4 10%
I disagree»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
I have no idea»6

Genomsnitt: 1.72

- I"ve taken all the other courses already and I agree. That"s prob why it is considered to be so extensive.» (I fully agree)
- More correct would be "I fully suppose so"» (I fully agree)
- As far as I know. Starting to read the material for Creating New Business I totally agree, since I already have a context, which makes it easier to understand what I am reading. » (I fully agree)
- But the thing i learnt the most is that another approach is needed for these studies than during the beachelor years.» (I agree)
- Ask me again when I"m finished with the programme!» (I agree)
- Well there are many more important aspects to think about, but I think this course is a good introduction. You get a good background about how things relate to each other which I do beleive is good for the other courses.» (I agree)
- I do not know what to expect from the program yet.» (I have no idea)

16. There was too little emphasis on


- I think both were emphasized equally but it was difficult to draw out the most important things»
- Skip project 2!»
- more macroeconomics in the beginning perhaps»
- what is meant by economy? society level or more in terms of numbers?? If the course should have included how to estimate value of new innovations etc?»

The level of the economy in the course
44 svarande

I fully agree»1 2%
I agree»5 11%
I agree some, but not much»22 50%
I disagree»15 34%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.22

The firm and the industry levels in the course
44 svarande

I fully agree»0 0%
I agree»4 9%
I agree some, but not much»19 43%
I disagree»19 43%
I totally disagree»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.43

17. It is much better that the course introduces the entire MEI area than just sticks to one issue

45 svarande

I fully agree»12 26%
I agree»21 46%
I agree some, but not much»8 17%
I disagree»3 6%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.11

- probably, have nothing to campare with, maybe it should not be the first course but the last, that way it would sort of wrap everything up...» (I fully agree)
- it is important to understand and see the realtions» (I agree)
- Kändes för spretig, det begränsar möjligheten i till att sätta sig in i saker på djupet. Detta behöver inte vara ett problem men hemtentan krävde att man satt in sig djupt i nästan allt. » (I agree)
- Is it supose to introduce the entire MEI? If it is, it would be nice to know.» (I agree some, but not much)
- It is better to learn something about one thing compared to nothing about everything.» (I disagree)
- Kursen är redan väldigt "bred" och jag tror inte att det skulle vara en bra ide.» (I totally disagree)

18. I wish I had started to read and study much earlier

45 svarande

I fully agree»16 35%
I agree»7 15%
I agree some, but not much»10 22%
I disagree»7 15%
I totally disagree»5 11%

Genomsnitt: 2.51

- too much articles» (I fully agree)
- I did start early but there was so much to do all the time! So, I would say, a more effective start!» (I fully agree)
- Här måste jag faktiskt påstå att jag trots allt började tidigt, men dubbla projekt arbeten i två kursen som löper parallellt äter tid. Detta är svårt för oss att förutsee ( vi vet ju trots allt inte om det exakta innehållet/omfattningen från början) och som jag tycker NI borde tänka på och hjälpa oss plannera. Visst, läshänvisningarna är bra, men de hjälper föga ifall man inte har tiden när den tas upp av annat skolarbete» (I fully agree)
- I wish I had gotten Foxit Phantom much earlier and started marking all the texts I read...» (I agree)
- I actually started reading early but since i am a slow reader i still got behind and was not able to catch up...The extent of reading material was overwhelming for me.» (I agree)
- Did read all articles» (I agree some, but not much)
- I took the advice to start early, and I think it helped me a lot!» (I agree some, but not much)
- I "started from the start" but I didn"t do it properly so I more or less forgot what the articles were about and I had to re-read a lot.» (I agree some, but not much)
- I actually started to read early, but certain parts of the course took all time...project 2...It"s very frustrating since I didn"t manage to eaven read half of the course material.» (I agree some, but not much)
- The learning curve is steep during the take-home exam» (I agree some, but not much)
- I DID start right away» (I disagree)
- i rather over-read and confused myself» (I disagree)
- I did start to read early since I know I have difficulties reading. I think there is too much to read, which forces us to read so quickly that we do not learn so much.» (I totally disagree)
- Jag har läst så mycket jag har hunnit från början» (I totally disagree)
- I started to read early!» (I totally disagree)
- START EARLY!!!!!» (I totally disagree)

Specific questions on the course material

19. How much did you learn from


- Did only read 200 pages from Beinhocker, but will read it just for fun after the course. A really good book.»
- handouts should be more clear »
- The Beinhocker was great.»
- The Swann book was not the most interesting, but indeed easy to read. It is a good book to define basic concepts and phenomena. The Beinhocker book however, in a very interestingly and almost beautiful way, encompasses a lot in the course in a up-to-date way. I strongly recommend students to buy it, since I know a lot of students this year refrained from it. The shear size of it may be intimidating, but it is really good and easy to read! »
- I would have learnt a lot from Beinhocker if I had read more than a few choice sections from it. It was not really priotized»
- Unfortunately I didn"t read the whole Beinhocker-book, which I wished that I had done. A tip for the next year students would be to read it even before the course starts. Since I am not from the I-program I felt that I was lacking a bit useful knowledge.»
- I didn"t have time to read beinhocker.»
- slides are good. Didn"t read swann since I already knew most of it from before and I didn"t buy Beinhocker at all because it seemed to be a waste of money. Which it was to those who bought it.»
- BEINHOCKER = EXCELLENT SHIT! swann = adds not value to idustrial engineering students from CTH»
- i didnt read the Beinhocker book, just some parts of it. missing an alternative in the answers: "I didnt read enough to know whether the book was usefull or not"»
- Slide handouts were very useful. Beinhocker"s book was too much word, I had no time to read the whole but get only little points from it. I had to trade off, in limitation of 7 weeks time, impossible to read such a wordy book. Maybe it"s a good choice for summer reading.»
- I thougt the slides where sometimes complicated, and when you read it afterwards, you did not remember what each lecture was about. I did not manage to read all Beinhocker.»
- The slides made more sense when I had read the articles than when you saw them the first time on the lecture. »

the course book Economics of innovation by Swann?
45 svarande

Nothing at all»3 6%
A little»9 20%
Medium amount»16 35%
Much»12 26%
Very much»5 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.15

the course book The Origin of wealth by Beinhocker
44 svarande

Nothing at all»6 13%
A little»10 22%
Medium amount»14 31%
Much»8 18%
Very much»6 13%

Genomsnitt: 2.95

the slide handouts?
43 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
A little»5 11%
Medium amount»13 30%
Much»17 39%
Very much»7 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.55

20. How difficult was


- I suggest you stick to "our" rules for project two. Not 80-page-presentation where all slides contain awfully much information. Six words per row, and max six points per slide. »
- the slide handouts are a bit messy and unclear»
- se above»
- structure, structure and structure in Holmén"s slides please!!»
- difficult in the sense that it was hard to go back to them say 2-3 weeks later, and despite attending the lecture, figuring out what message is trying to be conveyed.»
- i didnt read the Beinhocker book, just some parts of it. missing an alternative in the answers: "I didnt read enough to know whether the book was usefull or not"»
- Kolla på slidsen själv, de är ju helt hopplösa, Skärpning!»

the course book Economics of innovation by Swann?
45 svarande

Not difficult at all»23 51%
Slightly difficult»14 31%
Quite difficult»6 13%
Difficult»2 4%
Very difficult»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.71

the course book The Origin of wealth by Beinhocker
44 svarande

Not difficult at all»11 25%
Slightly difficult»18 40%
Quite difficult»14 31%
Difficult»1 2%
Very difficult»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.11

the slide handouts?
44 svarande

Not difficult at all»5 11%
Slightly difficult»16 36%
Quite difficult»11 25%
Difficult»10 22%
Very difficult»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.72

21. Some parts of the literature were very easy while other parts of the literature were very hard

45 svarande

I fully agree»16 35%
I agree»22 48%
I agree some, but not much»5 11%
I disagree»2 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.84

- some articles was much more difficult to understand than others» (I fully agree)
- the articles then.» (I fully agree)
- Some of the articles were definitely a challenge to read!» (I agree)
- I disagree, none were "really easy".» (I disagree)

22. I found it hard to read the papers, since they were written in a very advanced English

45 svarande

I fully agree»3 6%
I agree»11 24%
I agree some, but not much»17 37%
I disagree»11 24%
I totally disagree»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3

- it was hard for students who have a little background of economics» (I fully agree)
- Not all papers, but I"s really tired to interpret for some fancy jargon. Some papers like Moran & Ghoshal are hard to get because the language, while Nelson & Winter are easier to get. But both are good.» (I fully agree)
- maybe more discussions around them would provide more?» (I agree)
- Some where more difficult to understand at first and needed to be read several times.» (I agree some, but not much)
- a few papers were hard to read because of that. If they were hard to read it mostly because they were boring...» (I agree some, but not much)
- It would have been easier if I understood what they were about prior to reading them. the reading guide is good but could be more structured.» (I agree some, but not much)
- some papers harder than others» (I agree some, but not much)
- They were hard to read mostlysince they were many and often quite blurry as they were scanned.» (I agree some, but not much)
- just some of the papers» (I agree some, but not much)
- Some where very hard, most easy.» (I agree some, but not much)
- Only two or three of the papers were hard to read and understand.» (I disagree)
- some of the papers took longer time to understand but that was due to the difficulty of the economic concept not the language in itself» (I disagree)
- Själva svårigheten ligger inte i språket, den ligger i att man inte vet vad de viktiga delarna är som man skall lära sig. Det gör det riktigt svårt att skumma och bara ta ut det man vill ha. Detta tar bort fokus och tid från böckerna dom jag först försent insåg var det man skulle fokuserat på.» (I disagree)
- Keep the articles even if they are hard to understand! We need some challenge.» (I disagree)
- The advanced level of English is not a problem, however, the frequently high level of "bullshit" and the lack of explaining of "what"s in it for me?" makes it so booooring to read.» (I totally disagree)

23. The lectures helped me to understand the articles

45 svarande

I fully agree»4 8%
I agree»25 55%
I agree some, but not much»13 28%
I disagree»3 6%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.33

- IF you read the articles BEFORE class! » (I agree)
- I didn"t make the connections so often. It would have been better if the articles were discussed a little at the lectures» (I agree some, but not much)
- it was good when you took the time to discuss the articles a bit during lectures. the reading guide is good, perhaps expand it a bit.» (I agree some, but not much)
- not all were discussed» (I agree some, but not much)
- Not much of a connection of the pre-readings and the actual article(s). At most, it was briefly mentioned that "this relates to Xxxx (19XX)" after 45 minutes of talking.» (I disagree)
- The articles where not covered so much in classes.» (I disagree)

24. The articles helped me to understand the lectures

44 svarande

I fully agree»6 13%
I agree»22 50%
I agree some, but not much»12 27%
I disagree»4 9%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.31

- Same as above.» (I agree)

25. I did not read in advance

44 svarande

I fully agree»7 15%
I agree»10 22%
I agree some, but not much»20 45%
I disagree»6 13%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.63

- nope. never» (I fully agree)
- Ja för oss som då inte fick något mail eller för delen inte ens visste att man kommit in förens veckan före blev detta svårt.» (I fully agree)
- I tried, but the workload made it difficult» (I agree)
- Mostly I read in advance but it took its time...» (I agree some, but not much)
- I tried to do it, and succeeded in several occasions. However, this relates to what I said about the low connection between the articles and the lectures, and the contents of the articles.» (I disagree)

Specific questions on lectures

26. There should have been more emphasis on in-class exercises

44 svarande

I fully agree»4 9%
I agree»8 18%
I agree some, but not much»16 36%
I disagree»15 34%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.02

- Maybe some more discussions» (I agree)
- Was a good amount.» (I agree some, but not much)
- i think there was a good mix of lecturing and exercices» (I agree some, but not much)
- To many. Make them fewer and more specific instead. Half of the time were always spent on confusion of what to do.» (I disagree)
- didn"t get anything at all out of those. rarely understood what we were supposed to do at all tbh, then we just rushed through the answers. scrap the completely, they suck.» (I totally disagree)

27. I really think there should be only a few slides during each lecture

44 svarande

I fully agree»5 11%
I agree»8 18%
I agree some, but not much»15 34%
I disagree»14 31%
I totally disagree»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Well, not 40+ anyway.» (I fully agree)
- In some cases 40 or 50 slides would be sufficient but at the same time it is very helpful to have all the information available if one miss a lecture.» (I agree)
- or at least less than it is now» (I agree)
- Very many slides with much text on them made me a little confused, I found it difficult to read the slides at the same time as listening.» (I agree)
- Sometimes there were too many and it was confusing» (I agree some, but not much)
- Maybe not just a few but there could certainly be less slides» (I agree some, but not much)
- Many slides are good, they are just confusing as mentioned above. » (I disagree)
- I ONLY study slides afterwards. They are great!» (I totally disagree)

28. I found it very useful to look at the slides after the lectures

43 svarande

I fully agree»10 23%
I agree»17 39%
I agree some, but not much»12 27%
I disagree»3 6%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.25

- they were very useful for the exam» (I fully agree)
- surely it was useful to peruse them again in recap purposes, however... see above» (I agree some, but not much)
- to much text on them, and hard to understand, especially if you did not attend the lecture» (I disagree)
- De fanns bra saker där helt klart, men de var ju oftast bara 5% av slidsen... » (I totally disagree)

Specific questions on examination

29. The take home exam was very difficult

44 svarande

I fully agree»23 52%
I agree»17 38%
I agree some, but not much»4 9%
I disagree»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.56

- To confusing of what to do.» (I fully agree)
- My main concern was the uncertainty. I was not sure what to write. I also didn"t know where to draw the line for what"s a concept and not. I wrote too much and then had to cut parts out.» (I fully agree)
- since we had 2 home-exams at the same time made it slightly more difficult» (I fully agree)
- But difficult is good!» (I fully agree)
- the take home exam was difficult because the course is a bit unfocused. it was difficult to know what you were asking for.» (I agree)
- but it was good.» (I agree)
- I think you can make the question clearer, especially Q2.» (I agree)

30. I really learnt a lot during the take home exam

42 svarande

I fully agree»18 42%
I agree»18 42%
I agree some, but not much»3 7%
I disagree»3 7%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.78

- But too little time, while we have the home exam from project management at the same time, then time was shared. So we had 6 essays to write in 1 week, that"s extremely tough. If I had more time in EOI exam, I would learn more and had better answers to the exam. » (I fully agree)
- Se comment above. » (I disagree)

31. The take home exam really reflects the learning objectives

43 svarande

I fully agree»9 20%
I agree»25 58%
I agree some, but not much»3 6%
I disagree»2 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
I have no idea what the learning objectives are»4 9%

Genomsnitt: 2.32

- I agree, since the learning objectives are fuzzy, the exam was also fuzzy. » (I agree)
- ...but the questions could be better connected.» (I agree)
- It is really good strategy to force me to learn by this exam. » (I agree)
- i dislike that the big question in a way was rooted in project 2.» (I disagree)

32. I thought Project 1 was very good

45 svarande

I fully agree»11 24%
I agree»17 37%
I agree some, but not much»11 24%
I disagree»6 13%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.26

- Very interesting to do and a good setup. Great to get feedback (think this was the first time ever since I started here)» (I fully agree)
- Mainly since it forced everyone to start thinking and it was useful to practice presentation. Also the topic was interestin» (I fully agree)
- I didn"t quite catch that it was all about presentation skills and not so much about the actual facts.» (I agree some, but not much)
- So small, nothing learned. Skip it for next year and give us more time for project 2 instead.» (I agree some, but not much)
- Det kändes inte så motiverande då innehållet inte var det viktiga utan endast presentation i princip.» (I disagree)

33. The comments on our/my Project 1 presentation was very helpful

44 svarande

I fully agree»20 45%
I agree»16 36%
I agree some, but not much»8 18%
I disagree»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.72

- Very good with constructive feedback, appreciated» (I fully agree)
- Mycket lärorikt att få konstruktiv feedback. Det får vi alldeles för lite av.» (I fully agree)
- The feedback was useful. More of these kind of presentations in the future!» (I fully agree)
- Nothing new...» (I agree some, but not much)

34. I thought Project 2 was very good

45 svarande

I fully agree»14 31%
I agree»18 40%
I agree some, but not much»10 22%
I disagree»1 2%
I totally disagree»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.08

- Very interesting, would have liked feedback from Magnus on the presentation, not just the opponents.» (I fully agree)
- Also a realy interesting project!!» (I fully agree)
- I found P2 quite hard since we could not find that muck data, which was a bit frustrating and I did not think that our project was good in the end» (I agree some, but not much)
- hated the industry my group was appointed, learnt nothing apart from trying to make something you have no clue about (and can get no information about) to look smart and real.» (I disagree)

35. The opposition by another group on our Project 2 assignment was very helpful

45 svarande

I fully agree»6 13%
I agree»14 31%
I agree some, but not much»15 33%
I disagree»6 13%
I totally disagree»4 8%

Genomsnitt: 2.73

- Många intressanta åsikter som verkligen hjälpte oss att förbättra arbetet.» (I fully agree)
- Good concept to get feedback before deadline. An opportunity to fix the problems and not just know of them are perfect.» (I fully agree)
- But the lack of input from Daniel really surprised me. His acting was more of a "get this over with as quickly as possible".» (I agree)
- But the supervisor seemed uninterested and bored during the presentations. » (I agree)
- we did not get a lot of comments» (I agree some, but not much)

36. The opponents on our Project 2 assignment were far to nice. We needed more substantial critique..

45 svarande

I fully agree»4 8%
I agree»16 35%
I agree some, but not much»15 33%
I disagree»9 20%
I totally disagree»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 2.71

- The opponent group did a very good job. Sadly the person that was responsible for the presentation lecture didn"t. He didn"t present himself and his body language during all presentations was boredom. The feedback he gave was close to nothing.» (I disagree)
- It was more of a feedback session than a critiquing session...» (I disagree)
- However, the person who was responsible for the whole presentation lecture (I do not know his name because he did not introduce himself) did not give any useful comments. He seemed bored, did not give any substantial critique and was not having an encouraging, positive attitude.» (I disagree)

Other comments

37. Additional comments or suggestions

- learnt much, but quite too overwhelming with the take home exam»
- This was a very nice course and it really feels like youve learned things that are important for the future working career.»
- Good course but there should be some kind of whip and carrot( piska och morot) that persuades one to start earlier, it is not sufficent to just state, earlier students says that..., there should maybe be a seminar on the articles or an test on the books during the reading weeks, which one has to pass and if one is very good one might recieve bonus point to the grade.»
- Magnus told us that last years students really liked the take-home exam. However, at another lecture, he stated that almost none did the course evaluation - it undermines the credibility. I"m sure that not so many students really liked it.»
- Kursen har varit otroligt lärorik och jag har fått en helt annan förståelse av ekonomin. Jag förstår mer grundligt varför saker sker i ekonomin. Jag skulle rekommendera att ha lite litteraturseminarier, framför allt där de lite svårare artiklarna diskuteras!»
- I don"t know how you could stress it further next year, since you were very clear with us. Start to read in time! Try to at least look through all the concerned articles BEFORE a lecture, it helps out a lot! And take notes somewhere, what is relevant in the article, and key concepts, which makes it easier to find when it"s time for the home exams. »
- Great course and very insightful»
- Thank you for this course!»
- Very interesting course, I have learnt a lot!»
- good teacher! always in a good mood which is nice.»
- Jag, Kim Henriksson och Mattias Hermansson tycker så mycket och har så många förslag att de kanske går snabbast med ett möte?»
- I really think this course is a core for MEI, but we had to focus less because PM course stole our attention by loads of mandatory works. I think you should have more exercise or small quiz. But I like exercises in class, they"re useful to discuss what you just teach with classmate.»
- A lot of work but well-connected with the subject and topics of the course. I found this course is a good introduction to the MEI program, and also to Chalmers for the new ones. »

Thank you for your time.


Magnus Holmén

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