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Computer security, Lp1 HT-10, EDA263 / DIT641

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-10-21 - 2010-10-31
Antal svar: 48
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 28%
Kontaktperson: Victoria Ewers»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?*

48 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»19 39%
Around 20 hours/week»14 29%
Around 25 hours/week»11 22%
Around 30 hours/week»4 8%
At least 35 hours/week»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?*

48 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»4 8%
50%»7 14%
75%»12 25%
100%»25 52%

Genomsnitt: 4.2 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 3.1

Goals and goal fulfilment

3. How understandable are the course goals?

48 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»9 18%
The goals are difficult to understand»2 4%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»14 29%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»23 47%

Genomsnitt: 3.06

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

45 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»3 6%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»39 86%
No, the goals are set too high»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 2

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

48 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

No, not at all»11 22%
To some extent»23 47%
Yes, definitely»11 22%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»4 8%

- The course covers a lot of different topics, even if you have learnt 90% of the course content the exam might ask for the 10% you don"t know that much about. Giving a slightly unfair result.» (To some extent)
- I felt like the exam was too specific on some parts and I was not given the chance to make use of what I learned throughout the course and through the previous test exams.» (No, not at all)
- Too few quastion compared to what I know.» (No, not at all, To some extent)
- the questions on exam were ABSOLUTELY were not related to our labs, that we spend the most of time and made the highest effords » (No, not at all)
- I was expecting questions more spread through the chapters, for example there were not questions about pgp, kerberos.» (To some extent)
- Not many of the important parts of the course came on the exam.» (To some extent)
- While the exam did hit many key areas, I feel it was perhaps "bad resolution" on it. What I mean by that is, 7 questions to cover all of the course hardly seems fair, on the other hand if the goal is to achieve a sense of panic over trying to learn everything to perfection, it is a bullseye. Personally I feel we didn"t get any "cred" for the laboration assignments. They were great, and I learned a lot, and I know had there been a buffer-overflow, pgp signing, or encryption assignment I would have "aced" those. » (To some extent)
- The exam didn"t even cover half of this course! Very few high-point questions on few subjects which is terrible way to test! Questions about the whole course and give shorter answers would definetly be better.» (No, not at all, To some extent)
- As it is a rather broad course the exam can only cover some parts, if your focus has been on other parts those it wont show in the exam.» (To some extent)
- The exam tests your memory more than your analytical skills. The latter could be a better metric for a technical master student than the former.» (To some extent)
- The examination was highly focused on security assesing and didn"t touch almost the security problems inherent to code.» (No, not at all)
- I thought that the extermination would cover other areas, like some of what we covered in the labs that we had. » (To some extent)
- The exam was very unclear. The questions were formulated bad and it was difficult to understand exactly what the examinator wanted us to answer.» (To some extent)
- allocation of points in the exam was done very badly» (No, not at all)
- Nischfrågor som inte alls motsvarade det stora hela av kursen. Dåligt!» (No, not at all)
- One question on the exam that was about viruses and its properties, which we did not get much information about during the course. In other words to many points on the exam considering this part.» (To some extent)
- There were 10% good questions, the rest was not really relevant and it was hard to practice...» (To some extent)

Teaching and course administration

6. Please give feedback on the new book (Stallings).

36 svarande

I didn"t read it.»20 55%
I preferred (...) instead.»10 27%
I didn"t like it.»6 16%

Genomsnitt: 1.61

- It was okay, I guess» (?)
- Nice book.» (?)
- I liked it.» (?)
- It is ok.» (?)
- I read some chapters given in course» (?)
- I read the one from the previous year because there is ebook available» (I didn"t read it.)
- Did not buy it» (I didn"t read it.)
- there are no options for a positive response to this question, I chose "didn"t read it" but the truth is that I liked it just fine» (I didn"t read it.)
- the lectures slides and others support documents were well done and summarised greatly the main things I wanted to know.» (I didn"t read it.)
- I rather searching security info by myself.» (I didn"t read it.)
- Only read some chapters, sometimes too much detail, but written in a good and comprehensive way» (I didn"t read it.)
- I read up on much of it, however since it wasnt available until week 4, I felt panic and rather disadvantaged over not having been able to keep in phase. I also loved the OP:s some of which were available online. All in all the book is good, but its index truely needs improvement. It is utterly useless.» (I preferred (...) instead.)
- I prefer to use writer"s slides» (I preferred (...) instead.)
- Pfleeger"s book is more available.» (I preferred (...) instead.)
- Why no "I liked it" option? =) Anyways, it was a good book!» (I preferred (...) instead.)
- I used the lecture slides by Stalling and brown and it was the main parts of the book that one should study for he exam,unfortunately I started reading them late,on the other hand the lecturer"s slides are terribly confusing ,as one reads something in the book and then in the slides the names and concepts are mixed together and it is confusing .» (I preferred (...) instead.)
- Its too much text, internet and comoendium should be used.» (I didn"t like it.)
- I read a lot, but as usual when I decide to read the book for a course I feel regret now after the exam. Reading is mostly time consuming and does not explain things as good as slides usually do.» (I didn"t like it.)
- Okej bok för den mer intresserade. Rätt onödigt inköp annars.» (I didn"t like it.)

7. Please give feedback on the other course material, i.e. off-prints (OP), downloads (DL) and hand-out on the web.

47 svarande

Poor»5 10%
Fair»11 23%
Good»10 21%
Adequate»15 31%
Excellent»6 12%

Genomsnitt: 3.12

- Not enough offprints.» (Poor)
- slides are too difficult to follow. Please include all slides in 1 file, so it is easy to follow.» (Poor)
- No answer examples to earlier examquestions. Otherwise good.» (Poor)
- 6 testexams without awnsers. It should atleast give the awnsers for the trickier questions.» (Poor)
- sometimes you felt swamped by all the material you were supposed to read.» (Fair)
- the course material should be uploaded at least 24 hours before each lecture so that the students can read them.not to mention that some of the materials were added to the list on the homepage the day before the exam ,and this is not fair !!!!» (Fair)
- Not all the material on the overhead/powerpoint was uploaded on the home page» (Good)
- Some of it irrelevant, some quite hard to read.» (Good)
- Some slides could have explained a bit better, but overall they were good.» (Adequate)
- As stated above, I liked the OP:s. I missed lecture one due to double scheduling thus I wasnt made aware of its existance until later. Perhaps it could be more clear on course page?» (Adequate)
- The slides of subject of buffer-overflow on the website is hard to follow.» (Adequate)
- No complains here.» (Adequate)

8. What do you think about the guest lectures?

a) Web Security

b) Hard Disk Data Recovery and Erasure

48 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

a) Poor»1 2%
b) Poor»3 6%
a) Fair»5 10%
b) Fair»3 6%
a) Adequate»10 20%
b) Adequate»9 18%
a) Good»17 35%
b) Good»13 27%
a) Excellent»11 22%
b) Excellent»7 14%

- some guest lecturers think that we are customers instead of students. We expect more theoretical and advanced level. » (b) Poor, a) Adequate)
- I didn"t get a chance to attend the hard disk lecture because we had an obligatory lecture clashing with that one» (a) Good)
- b) I missed because of schedule collison.» (a) Adequate)
- no practical use at all» (a) Adequate, b) Adequate)
- Good speaker and interesting subject on a). Did not attend b)» (a) Good)
- Did not attend to b)» (a) Excellent)
- I could not attend the guest lecture on hard disk recovery and erasure due to mandatory class on a double scheduling hour. This was particulary annoying since it was a lecture I wanted to attend, and since it was a question that showed up on the thesis/exam. I would like for someone responsible at H-section to look into this double-scheduling idiocy. We would get this no matter what class we select as "optional course of choice". Perhaps this does not concern this evalutation but I still wanted to mention it in regards to this question on guest lectures.» (b) Adequate, a) Excellent)
- couldn"t attend to the other one due to collisions» (a) Good)
- Web Security lecture was really basic. I prefer more advanced lectures.» (a) Adequate)
- Didnt attend the first one» (b) Excellent)
- The web security lecture was very interesting and it approached a lot of the problems I have had to exploit in security competitions. But the Hard Disk Data Recovery and Erasure looked more like spam than providing a real insight on the matter. I think that a brief explanation of the dangers of journaling systems aside would have been interesting.» (b) Fair, a) Excellent)
- Didnt attend b because of courses interlaping each other.» (b) Poor, a) Adequate)
- Both the Lectures were really interesting and they managed to focus on the specific points that we needed for the course.» (a) Excellent, b) Excellent)
- Since our schedule had conflicts I wasn"t able to attend any of the guest lectures. This is something that has to be changed, especially since the hard disk lecture gave answers to the exam I wasn"t able to write because of it.» ()
- We had mandatory lectures in the other course couldent attend. » ()
- The second guest lecture was more like an advertisement for the lecturer"s company,and I think giving questions from these lectures in the exam is not very appropriate .» (a) Adequate, b) Adequate)
- Guest lecture b) could have been a bit longer with more details.» (b) Good, a) Excellent)
- Kunde inte gå på b) pga krockande föreläsningar. Med facit i hand hade b) varit mer givande än Per Zaring.» (a) Excellent, b) Excellent)

9. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

48 svarande

Small extent»5 10%
To some extent»15 31%
Large extent»17 35%
Great extent»11 22%

Genomsnitt: 2.7

- lecturers are not most of the times ready to answer questions.A teacher should teach in a way that no one falls asleep during the lecture ,with much more energy.» (Small extent)
- x = 100, for(x: x == 0: x=-1){ printf("actually"), } Hereby I return the generous amount of "actually":s offered by the principle lecturer. (yes Erland likes to use that word :) ) On a more serious note, it has been of great help showing the door in the various fields covered in the course. Helps one get some idea of what is required.» (Large extent)
- Engagerade föreläsare är alltid ett plus.» (Great extent)
- Though could be some changes regarding PP, ST and TOE in the common criteria subject. Hard to relate to reality, and thus hard to understand» (Great extent)

10. What was the best about the lecture part of the course? What can be improved?

- Labs were very challenging. I would prefer focusing more on popular security areas such as network and less on high level topics such as security models.»
- Maybe more interactivity and supports (videos etc)»
- The teacher is very very organized»
- The materials were good but the lectures could be more visualized.»
- good enough»
- I liked seing examples of how attacks work, suchs as buffer overflows and SQL-injections. »
- May be video based materials can be included.»
- Theory and practice together.»
- very good explanations.»
- I think everything was good, no comments about what to improve»
- Sometimes I missed some actuality. The teacher is quite experienced but most of the topics are a bit outdated. »
- More active lectures so you dont sleep.»
- the security model is very nice. »
- I believe that the Lectures were really interesting and there is almost nothing that you can do to improve it.»
- structured not that vivid»
- The guest lectures.»
- lectures were in some way organized and that was good,about the improvements I have explained int he previous questions.»
- Mindre fokus på de "roliga" delarna av kursen? Dvs inte Common Criteria, Bell-La Padula, etc...»
- Try to give more real time example ..»
- Guest lectures was nice. The use of overhead-machine in a computer-related course was not understandable. It was often printed Powerpoint...»

11. How was the Identification and Authentication Lab?

48 svarande

Poor»4 8%
Fair»1 2%
Adequate»7 14%
Good»25 52%
Excellent»11 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.79

- Way to simple, copy-paste code.» (Poor)
- It was a little hard to get started, because we hadn"t read any C in 2 years» (Adequate)
- Could be alittle more clear on the info.» (Adequate)
- Lab assistants were not eager to teach. » (Good)
- The C programming language was a problem for a lot of student because they didn"t have a lot of expirience in this programming language.» (Good)
- All the labs were excellent, big cred goes to Laleh and Pierre.» (Excellent)
- I though we did a lot more than requested anyway it was fun.» (Excellent)
- Gav mycket bra insikt i säkerhetskraven på program.» (Excellent)

12. How was the GPG lab?

48 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»4 8%
Adequate»4 8%
Good»30 62%
Excellent»10 20%

Genomsnitt: 3.95

- Goddamn quesions.» (Adequate)
- Our first submission was returned with comments that said that we had missed some important steps in one of the questions. We could however not find that piece of information anywere else than from the tutor we submitted to.» (Good)
- Missed a real verification process (asking for ID documents to prove the owner is who he says to be) aside from that I think it was fun. Note: On next labs it would be good talking a bit of how to use simmetric ciphers with GPG as they are useful for certain tasks too.» (Good)
- All the labs were excellent, big cred goes to Laleh and Pierre.» (Excellent)
- I loved it when we could actually work with what we had studied in the manuals.» (Excellent)
- Kul involverande av andra labgrupper. Gav bra förståelse för PGP (GPG).» (Excellent)

13. How was the Vulnerability Scanning lab?

48 svarande

Poor»4 8%
Fair»6 12%
Adequate»5 10%
Good»24 50%
Excellent»9 18%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- This lab didn"t offer much useful knowledge.» (Poor)
- Maybe a bit to simple» (Fair)
- It was a waste of time and it was really boring.» (Fair)
- According to the teacher we missed some because of the storm of scanners :(» (Adequate)
- All the labs were excellent, big cred goes to Laleh and Pierre.» (Excellent)
- Det är alltid roligt att scanna saker.» (Excellent)

14. What was the best about the lab part of the course? What can be improved?

- linux computers had some problems in logging into the network. It would be better if a guidance was put on the web site explaining how to connect remotely to lab computers from home to study labs. We needed to go to labs twice a week. It would be nice if we could do that from home»
- It would have been interesting to study more subjects during the labs.»
- Help in learning the course material»
- There were questions about every aspect of the current topic, that was really good.»
- Good level and good assistance when needed.»
- get real experience about what we are learning»
- I personally liked the GPG lab the most. I would perhaps like to get some more info on the cryptographic tech. but I am thinking it is probably left for the crypto-class. I would also have liked to see some more info on openVAS-like programs. Are there other like it I could use to check my own pc?»
- Experimenting what has been taught in lectures were good.»
- I have no idea about the last third lecture. I think it would be much better to replace it with some kind of web application attack scenario (like SQL injection) »
- We can really learn some practical knowledge fromt it.»
- I liked the labs a lot. They provide students with basic tools and tasks. Though I would also like more advanced and practical topics as well, like buffer overflow and shell code, code injection(SQL, etc), XSS, ...»
- The best I would say was the GPG, where you actually had to think some atleast. The labs should really be harder, and maybe go more deep. For example, Lab1: Instead of just protecting against buffer overflows, why not try to exploit such a vulnerability. Would have given much more understanding. For Lab2 I think it was fine. For Lab3, do the scanning, then exploit some of the vulnerabilities (with some guidance, would have been much more fun :))»
- See previous notes, I really enjoyed the labs, though they still can be improved.»
- we have little chance to exchange minds with other students except our partners.»
- The GPG lab in which we learn how we can sent encrypted emails.»
- practical »
- That you learned a lot from, but i think the instructions in the lab could be better explained, more specific. »
- Good assistance»
- The lab part was in my opinion, the best part of the course. The only thing that brought down my impression of it was that the teachers helping us during the sessions had very different opinions on many of the questions. This created confusion regarding what was important and so forth.»
- Great labs, learned a lot from them.»
- the thing that they were organized was good,but the fact that we spent a lot of time correcting the reports and answering the questions was time consuming since they don"t have any influence on our final grades.»
- The deadline of the last two labs in one week was not good.»
- Den svenske labhandledaren var lite speciell. Kändes som om han kunde väldigt mycket, men var snål med att dela med sig av sina kunskaper. Man fick intrycket av att han såg ner på en när man inte kunde något.»
- the first one»
- It was a really good practical way to manage security.»

15. How was the balance between the Lecture and the Lab parts?

- nice»
- Not very well balanced (too much lectures)»
- weak»
- Good»
- Good, have in mind though that some lectures were at the same time as another course we had.»
- good »
- Good balance, excellent labs and informative lectures, though the book Really needs to arrive in sufficient quantities at the start of the course, week 1. I know I could have gotten the book in advance, but with a price of nearly 500SEK and a limited budget I simply cannot afford to gamble on getting the right book. I want to see it in class before getting it, perhaps that is silly but that is how I feel about it.»
- Sometimes lectures and labs were at the same with the other course of NDS programme.»
- Balanced.»
- they are irrelevant. »
- Good.»
- Should"ve been more laboratories»
- Good»
- lectures: 95% labs 5%»
- I enjoyed way more the labs to the lectures, although the labs were useless for the exam.»
- pretty good»
- I thing that was pretty well balanced.»
- maybe more labs»
- Lab do not really reflect the content of the lecture. Vice versa: the topic discussed in the lab was not really part of the lecture»
- Great.»
- it was ok»
- Det hade gärna fått vara fler labbar.»
- ok»
- not very balanced, the information needed in lab2 are done in course after the lab»
- Not very much. Seemed like 1 slide was relevant for 1 lab, out of 100 slides...»

16. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

47 svarande

Very badly»1 2%
Rather badly»1 2%
Rather well»22 46%
Very well»23 48%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Many some files are impossible to be printed (some students had the same problem). Slides are difficult to follow due to high number per lecture.» (Rather badly)
- There should be away to let the students know about updates on the course web page. for example through emails» (Rather well)
- Some download links were broken.» (Rather well)
- A bit confusing because one lecture has more than 1 handouts. It would be better to sum all topics in one handout.» (Rather well)
- No complaints, easy to understand web page, fast feedback on the laboration reports, clear and easy to understand lab-PM:s...» (Very well)
- Hopefully we can find what ever we are looking for in the web site.» (Very well)
- The only problem was for a week or something(might have been shorter) where you couldnt download some slides. Altough you could fiddle abit with the url"s to get it to work. Otherwise perfectly» (Very well)
- No complaints here.» (Very well)

Study climate

17. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

47 svarande

Very poor»1 2%
Rather poor»4 8%
Rather good»15 31%
Very good»20 42%
I did not seek help»7 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.59

- No good time except lessons to ask stuff.» (Rather poor)
- It was hard to get a hold of teachers » (Rather poor)
- Big cred to Laleh and Pierre!!» (Very good)
- Perfect that Erland stayed after lectures to answer questions.» (Very good)
- At class the teacher allowed to be interrupted for questions, to me is more than enough.» (Very good)

18. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

47 svarande

Very poorly»2 4%
Rather poorly»2 4%
Rather well»14 29%
Very well»27 57%
I did not seek coopeation»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.53

- Although my companion had not the same level I did I enjoyed working with him and would probably pair with him on other courses.» (Very well)

Summarizing questions

19. What is your general impression of the course?

47 svarande

Poor»1 2%
Fair»5 10%
Adequate»13 27%
Good»19 40%
Excellent»9 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.63

- I did not obtained any practical use from the course, excepting the first lab, which was quite good. The rest was just memorizing the book» (Fair)
- The course covers a wide range of topics related to computer security, but superficially. Though it is supposed to be a general course in the computer security, I would like a less-wide more-in-depth approach.» (Adequate)
- Needs a lot of updating as sometimes the topics touched were very old.» (Adequate)
- Much of the material did not seemed to be so relevant to the subject, just very theoretical. » (Adequate)
- learned quite a lot» (Excellent)
- Very informative and intresting course. I feel it really opened my eyes on computer security in general, and if there is a continuation course I would be intrested in attending. Overall I have no complaints worthy of note.» (Excellent)

20. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- everything»
- 1st lab»
- The lab format.»
- Labs.»
- The teacher»
- Pretty much everything.»
- The labs, maybe add another one on intrusion detection systems or software? "Modern"... if there is such a thing... AV-software and the like. Vendors are peddling the same **** they did ten years ago. I mean look at the "here you go" malware spread as a disguised pdf, it was basically spread just like melissa and anna and all the other ninties malware of that type.»
- May be video materials can be added on.»
- Labs»
- cryptography was interesting. »
- Labs.»
- Lecturers and labs»
- The structure.»
- The web vulnerabilities talk.»
- our teacher»
- The learning material was really good and I thing that you can preserved and the next year.»
- labs»
- The lab assignments where good. »
- The laborations and some of the lectures were interesting.»
- Guest lectures.»
- the organized schedule »
- Guest lectures»
- Lab2 and lab2 ad the unix security lectures. »
- Guest lectures, labs.»

21. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- nothing»
- Content should be more aligned to popular trends in computer security.»
- The exemination have to have a wider spectrum!!! I couldn"t show my knowledge.»
- Emails regarding changes on the course page»
- No comment»
- nothing»
- The course book at cremona... -really- need to arrive in sufficient quantities. I dont see the problem with getting more than the initial 20x books? I mean for crying out loud those guys have a monopoly on selling books at campus, excluding DC. Also, please please, see if you cant make it so that if you have a good guestlecture, that it wont be during the one day we had double-scheduled. »
- Books reaching late.»
- security management, security policy, CC, sec & dependability models , ...»
- Some parts of the labs. ALso maybe more technical stuff in the lectures, but I guess that comes in later courses»
- As said, lots of topics on the course needs updating, for example analizing "I love you" was nice but analysing conficker would have been way better.»
- no»
- almost nothing.Maybe except from the Introduction to C course you should also make some extra lectures in the C language because the Lab1 has very difficult for a student that didn"t have any previous experience in C.»
- the way of teaching, more passion»
- instructions should be better. the examination should cover some of the things covered in the labs. »
- Make sure that there are no schedule conflicts.»
- the course"s slides,because they are of no use. when we read one slide there should be much more details about the words and concepts in that slide,but in your slides you have just mentioned one word with no explanation for it .»
- Common criteria lectures.»
- Overhead. Examniation-help before the exam.»

22. Additional comments

- Talk to the magic 8-ball!»
- Good luck.»
- i think we can try to analyse some security models and policies that are adopted by companies. »
- no»
- Should take other programs in consider so you can attend at all lectures. Bachelor computer science had "double lectures" atleast once a week. »
- Erland: Du måste sluta säga "actually" i var och varannan mening! Vi förde statistik under varje föreläsning och noterade varje "actually". Det blev mellan 70 och 120 "actually" per föreläsning (90 min). Något måste ske! ,)»

Additional comments

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 3.1
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.52

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