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Research by Design 2010 (Full Time), ADM142

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-09-26 - 2010-11-26
Antal svar: 36
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 92%
Kontaktperson: Saddek Rehal»

Goals and fullfilment of goals

The learning outcomes are given in the course programme, that is the knowledge, understanding, skills and perspectives you are expectd to reach. Notify for each outcome how well they have been fulfilled.

1. Were the aims and objectives of the course clearly formulated?

36 svarande

Very badly»2 5%
Rather Badly»6 16%
Neither bad nor well»14 38%
Rather Well»12 33%
Very well»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.16

- It needs to have a clear structure to be presented early in the course.» (Very badly)
- It was difficult to understand in the beginning what the course would be about.» (Rather Badly)
- the aims and where the course will take me were very unclear in the start of the course. I couldn"t really organize myself and how to identify myself within the course at the start.» (Rather Badly)
- Very loosely formulated in the course description -no one really knew what the content of the course was, what the end product would be, what process we would be going through. Uncertainty about whether the work we did actually would lead anywhere. » (Rather Badly)
- I think the power point presented one the last day of the course seemed to clarify everything we did - I think this presentation should be shown at the very beginning of the course.» (Neither bad nor well)
- The objectives were made clear in the beginning but we didn"t know what will be the output till the end of the course.» (Neither bad nor well)
- The aims and objectives were formulated in a way that you didn"t dully understand until after the course. That because the consept of "research by design" were uncommon for most of us. It would be good to go through these in the beginning of the course, instead of going directly to the workshops and lectures, so that people could ask questions etc.» (Neither bad nor well)
- Gave a slight feeling that we were guinea pigs for a new subject that yet is not fully grasped by anyone at Chalmers! The aim and the objectives got alot more clear towards later weeks in the course» (Neither bad nor well)
- it was confusing at the beginning» (Neither bad nor well)
- Not particularly» (Neither bad nor well)
- all the workshops are really good for developing our ideas » (Rather Well)
- I think the aims are fantastic, I"m not really sure though that they are clearly explained at the begining.» (Rather Well)
- At the begginig they were rather unclear, but since we started with all the workshops, i think we really understood them, by doing things.» (Rather Well)
- I learned how to start a research and organize questions which lead me to action.» (Rather Well)
- Actually at the beginning I felt confused by the aim of course, but finally i got the value and knowledge by this course.» (Very well)

2. Were the aims and goals reasonable in relation to your pre-knowledge ?

35 svarande

No, the goals are to elementar»3 10%
Yes, the goals are reasonable»26 89%
No, the goals are too ambitious»0 0%
No opinion»6

Genomsnitt: 1.89

- I think we can push a bit further in terms of the level of thinking...» (?)
- we talked and communicated with each other at a hign level which i never met before, really logical and reasonale.So we got really reasonable goals.» (Yes, the goals are reasonable)
- (Yes, the goals are reasonable)
- Definetily, it was for me very interesting and useful.» (Yes, the goals are reasonable)
- I think they were really reasonable, even though the beggining was ait unclear.» (Yes, the goals are reasonable)
- I belive that the goals may be reasonable but the the planning of the course need to be improved.» (Yes, the goals are reasonable)
- Aims were slightly blurred...» (No opinion)

Initial Workshops

3. How relevant were the mini workshop A, B, C and D for the overall course?

36 svarande

Very much irrelevant»0 0%
Irrelevant»1 2%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»3 8%
Rather relevant»23 63%
Very much relevant»9 25%

Genomsnitt: 4.11

- It more got me in the mood of thinking about childhood than give ideas/findings to develop further.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- we communicated very much with children and then generat lots of ideas which are quite helpful for further steps» (Rather relevant)
- I belive that a deeper investigation of those would have gived me more that the litterature emenars for example.» (Rather relevant)
- Sometimes our group struggled with the given time, well everytime it actually depends on what task you are given. But even though w manage to make it on time.» (Rather relevant)
- They all made sense in the end, although at the time, i wasn"t completly sure of their relevance.» (Rather relevant)
- The last workshop c was more relevant» (Rather relevant)
- (Very much relevant)
- we developed the idea from the very sample one to the research .» (Very much relevant)
- But at the time we did the workshops, it seemed rather simple and time consuming. I only understood the process at the end of the course and saw that the workshops were necessary for the end product. More clarity along the way would have instilled confidence and motivation.» (Very much relevant)
- Sorry, I don"t understand the question.» (Very much relevant)

Workshops 1 (Verbal and Visual Abstract )

4. Rate workshop 1 from 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (excellent).

Rate workshop 1 from 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (excellent).

36 svarande

1 (unsatisfactory)»1 2%
3 8%
13 36%
13 36%
5 (exellent)»6 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.55

- It is so unclear what to do in the beginning of the course so it takes to mutch time figuring out how the abstract should be formulatet.» (2)
- Can"t comment, as iI was ill this day.» (3)
- The format-theme was good, but could be explained more to the students. It seemed to have a potential not fully used now. There could be much more discussion about this.» (3)
- the workshops are good, but I think we need a proper room for presentation in such a small amount of student. (not A salen)» (3)
- I thought the visual abstract was a bit unnecessary and only provided a nice picture for the brochure, but the written abstract was very useful and I learned from it. However, I would have liked to get more critique on it from the tutors. After handing in the first attempt at an abstract, we only got the comments that it was very good, which isn"t very useful critique. I"m sure our first abstract wasn"t so brilliant that it couldn"t be improved. » (3)
- very inspiring and interesting disposition. new and fun take on working with formats. a teasure hunt of assignments!» (5 (exellent))
- This part i think i enjoyed the most, good dynamics in our group let to enjoy the groupwork.» (5 (exellent))

5. Did you learn something from this workshop ?*

36 svarande

No, I lost my time»1 2%
I learned very little»7 19%
I learned something»14 38%
I learned enough»6 16%
I learned many things»8 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.36

- The general feeling of the the whole course was frustration.» (I learned very little)
- it is good communicate with people » (I learned something)
- it was nice to set the mind free and do just "something" without larger reflection before executing the task.» (I learned something)
- Yes i absolutely did, i thnk i even learned from the other group members, how to devide the work and so on.» (I learned something)
- As above» (I learned something)
- In the beginning it was pretty unclear to me, but as we came nearer to the outcome it gave me more and more. Especially the two last briefs.» (I learned enough)
- we went to a primary school to see whant can we find out. it is acturally a small trip that we were always happy with each other and bring our ideas out naturally, to make interactions. » (I learned many things)
- (I learned many things)
- Being forced to clearly put down in words (through the abstract) what we had been doing and what our aims were was very useful. The process was valuable, however it was a bit slow and could have been compressed into shorter time. » (I learned many things)
- liberatig with a fresh perspective on the creative process. the theme led to interesting discussions and methods» (I learned many things)

Workshop 2 (Creating Value)

6. Rate workshop 2 from 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (excellent).

36 svarande

1 (unsatisfactory)»0 0%
1 2%
10 27%
14 38%
5 (exellent)»11 30%

Genomsnitt: 3.97

- This part was rather hard for us, since we had to develop new idea,because we were given other groups task which was rather unclear.» (3)
- I think it was at this phase the main idea of the course started to unveil.» (3)
- go and back discussion is a good way to test the idea.» (4)
- would have liked tutoring from Maja during the assignment work. it was hard to get started. the "very structured instruction" was not so easy to follow, vague formulations etc.» (4)
- the first time I ever heard a teacher use the word entrepreneurship! should be talked about before in the education for architects,since a lot of us have own practices, very good Maja» (5 (exellent))
- Both Maja and Marie very good teachers and presenters. It was good planned and we got good feedback.» (5 (exellent))
- the workshop open up my mind and give me new perspective» (5 (exellent))
- This workshop was absolutely necessary to bring the work that we had done together and understanding the value of it! The workshop could be expanded into running for several days. » (5 (exellent))
- It is a fresh and valuable input in our thinking, and also very important for the future in my project"s presentation, either at school or work.» (5 (exellent))
- Again, it came together in the end, and was a very successful way to get us to approach ideas with this angle/attitude.» (5 (exellent))
- This work shop was really useful but it is time was not enough.» (5 (exellent))

7. Did you learn something from this workshop ?*

36 svarande

I lost my tim»1 2%
I learned very Little»1 2%
I learned enough»9 25%
I learned something»8 22%
I learned many things»17 47%

Genomsnitt: 4.08

- Overall idea i think i learned enough, starting from managing the time, to given value to the project.» (I learned enough)
- we worked on the base of workshop 1 and then were groupworking lots of time. It is like a kind of brainstrom talking about what"s the "value" of different idea. Really good form that i can learn many things» (I learned many things)
- (I learned many things)
- from our group member i think i learned a lot» (I learned many things)
- Crucial learning! Not just to "sell" my work to others, but to clearly understand and define the purpose of it for myself.» (I learned many things)
- finally something to help in taking your ideas out into the world. more of this!» (I learned many things)
- Same as above. Very useful when selling projects.» (I learned many things)
- Good way to approch an idea» (I learned many things)

Literatur seminar

8. Was the literature seminar 1 relevant?

36 svarande

Very much irrelevant»1 2%
Rather irrelevant»4 11%
Neither relevant nor irrelevant»12 33%
Rather relevant»15 41%
Very much relevant»4 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.47

- nice» (Rather irrelevant)
- Good with guiding questions or themes for each seminar.» (Neither relevant nor irrelevant)
- Interesting texts!» (Rather relevant)
- (Rather relevant)
- Some of the articles were a bit difficult to read, but it is always useful to discuss literature in a group, as I find you understand the articles better and can hear how others think or relate the readings to the work we do. » (Rather relevant)
- Now since i can compare all of the seminars, i think the first once were not soo relevant, since we could not discuss oher text, just the one given.» (Rather relevant)
- I always enjoy discussions and literature seminars. Enriching!» (Very much relevant)
- Again, it opened our mind to different perspectives.I enjoyed the discussion in seminar.» (Very much relevant)

9. Was the literature seminar 2 relevant?

36 svarande

Very much Irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelvant»3 8%
Neither relevant nor irrelevant»11 30%
Rather relevant»15 41%
Very much relevant»7 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.72

- the text no. 1 was quite hard to understand» (Neither relevant nor irrelevant)
- I could not comment because i did not take attendance in the 2 seminar.» (Neither relevant nor irrelevant)
- Interesting texts!» (Rather relevant)
- (Rather relevant)
- nice» (Rather relevant)
- Some of the articles were a bit difficult to read, but it is always useful to discuss literature in a group.» (Rather relevant)
- I think the literatures could be more relevant to research by design.» (Rather relevant)
- We had a very good discussion» (Very much relevant)
- I always enjoy discussions and literature seminars. Enriching!» (Very much relevant)
- I enjoyed the literature.» (Very much relevant)

10. Was the literature seminar 3 relevant?

35 svarande

Very much Irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelvant»4 11%
Neither relevant nor irrelevant»8 22%
Rather relevant»18 51%
Very much relevant»5 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

- But i think the readings were very difficult for people not native English speaking... so maybe having a professor to help guide the conversation would have been good.» (Rather relevant)
- Interesting texts!» (Rather relevant)
- (Rather relevant)
- nice» (Rather relevant)
- Some of the articles were a bit difficult to read, but it is always useful to discuss literature in a group» (Rather relevant)
- the reading list was quite good» (Rather relevant)
- The articles which chosen were difficult to read. » (Rather relevant)
- I always enjoy discussions and literature seminars. Enriching!» (Very much relevant)
- We could comment on the all of the text that we were given.» (Very much relevant)


11. Are the lectures in general relevant?

36 svarande

Very much irrelevant»1 2%
Rather irrelevant»3 8%
Neither relevant nor irrelevant»7 19%
Rather relevant»19 52%
Very much relevant»6 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.72

- The lectures (for the most part) should be condensed and edited. There is material, doesn"t seem valid, or is just repeated.» (Rather irrelevant)
- The quality of the lectures were too varied!» (Rather irrelevant)
- I believe the L.Åströms lecture where the best. The other ones where to complex to understand in that short of time that the presenter was given.» (Neither relevant nor irrelevant)
- Varying quality and usefulness. » (Neither relevant nor irrelevant)
- A bit more spread out over time would be good» (Rather relevant)
- Sometimes a little unclear in relation to the other course events» (Rather relevant)
- (Rather relevant)
- more on children in planning/design would be good» (Rather relevant)
- Some of them are a bit hard to understand, specially when we are not used to the topic. By overall are great.» (Rather relevant)
- lectures are very good » (Very much relevant)
- Very interesting lecturers, who give great perspectives of similar problems.» (Very much relevant)

12. Lecture: Aug. 31. "Children perspective" (Marita Lindman)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

1 2%
2 5%
7 20%
15 42%
10 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.88

- I did not find the information relevant or useful at all at the time. Sure, it is interesting hearing about her work and her philosophy around working with children, but it felt completely irrelevant to my field of work. The only useful thing I learned was that kids need to be close to toilets or they get stressed out. » (1)
- (4)
- nice» (4)
- She knows a lot.» (4)
- our group was focusing on this topic or,in a way,a idea or a kind of value.» (5)
- I think it was interesting for what I heard. I wasnt there.» (5)
- It was perfect and had a lot of effect on course.» (5)

13. Lecture: Sept. 01. "Focus on methods - route map" (C- Dyrssen)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

0 0%
3 8%
16 45%
10 28%
6 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.54

- too early and too abstract» (3)
- I dont recall this. » (3)
- (4)
- good» (5)

14. Lecture: Sept. 01. "Design Dialogs" (Saddek Rehal)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 –,,,, 5 (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average)

34 svarande

0 0%
2 5%
9 26%
17 50%
6 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.79

- (4)
- nice» (4)
- Got me thinking about my usual way to approach a design problem.» (5)
- Was interesting to actually draw the design process. allows us to evaluate what we actually do.» (5)

15. Lecture: Sept. 01. Research in Design (Peter. Ullmark)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

0 0%
5 14%
15 42%
13 37%
2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.34

- He didn"t really have a lecture from my point of view. He just presented himself and then we had a seminar with him.» (2)
- too early» (3)
- (4)
- Again, discussion was good.» (4)

16. Lecture: Sept. 01."The Phd"s students life" (Lisa Åhlström)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

1 2%
1 2%
4 11%
15 42%
14 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.14

- Did not take part in the lecture so it is hard for me to rate it.» (1)
- Seemed very relevant to the subject and she was nice to listen to» (4)
- interesting» (4)
- very good and the part about the phd-fish very useful for us how it will be to do a masters thesis» (5)
- Very good presenter!» (5)
- (5)
- Fantastic lecture. Her views are very relevant for us. Process is a good thing for us to see, and process aren"t always displayed by lecturers.» (5)

17. Lecture: Sept. 02. "Staging research problems" (C. Dyrssen)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

0 0%
1 2%
18 51%
14 40%
2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.48

- relevant for thesis students» (3)
- (4)
- good» (4)

18. Lecture: Sept. 06. "On choice of methodology: overview research methods" (Monica Billger)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5,(1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average

36 svarande

0 0%
1 2%
17 47%
15 41%
3 8%

Genomsnitt: 3.55

- Didn"t feel that relevant at the time. Perhaps it was a bit too early in the course to have that lecture. I will go back to the lecture slides and see if they are more relevant to me now.» (3)
- Intresting, but it was confusing that she talked about "how to write an abstract" before we knew we were going to do it and that much in advance to us doing it.» (4)
- (4)
- nice» (4)
- as above» (4)

19. Lecture: Sept. 07. "Philosophy of science" (J. Bärmark)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

35 svarande

1 2%
7 20%
12 34%
11 31%
4 11%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

- I was sick that day so I can"t comment.» (?)
- uuuh! this was the real low-water mark, way too low level, I heard of paradigm when I was 15! and the seminar, disaster, please leave out this guy the next year. "do you know it can be good to put up benches at konsum?" aaargh I am so angry of having to participate in this! » (1)
- This was my favourite lecture within the course study period. I could very well see the context and identify with the statements and works presented. It was proving a relevance of research by design within the architectural profession.» (2)
- I didnt like this one honestly.» (3)
- (4)
- interesting» (4)
- Interesting lecture. The talk we had in the afternoon was also pretty good, but it didn"t work being such a big group. Perhaps breaking up into smaller groups?» (4)
- More student interaction in the seminar would have been helpful!» (4)
- i enjoyed his after lecture discussion.» (5)
- It was interesting.» (5)

20. kLecture: Sept. 10. "Critical Design" (N. Janssen & J. Liechens)

Grade the lecture on a scale 1 - 5, (1=lowest/very bad, 5=highest/very good, 3=average).

36 svarande

0 0%
2 5%
17 47%
15 41%
2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.47

- (3)
- Intresting, but they could have presented their subject better. For example, they didn"t seem to keen on getting us intrested in their subject as they sat down all the time.» (4)
- (4)
- interesting» (4)


21. How do you rate the conference?

36 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»0 0%
Neither bad nor well»1 2%
Rather well»27 75%
Very well»8 22%

Genomsnitt: 4.19

- I think it would have been nice to have more of a discussion on the abstract, but there was maybe not enough time or energy put into the level of the abstracts from each group. » (Rather well)
- (Rather well)
- The feed-backs were not very strong and helpful.» (Rather well)
- to focus more on the exercises and have mini-seminars each week would be good. » (Rather well)
- difficult when we had said/heard most everything before. clearer aim of what to present?» (Rather well)
- Wasgood to keep it unofficial feel, as it results in a much better discussion for students, i believe this is very important in order to get the best ideas out of students.» (Rather well)
- It could have been better, I think it should be more than two groups to make it more interesting.» (Rather well)
- I like this kind of form that it is not like a "final Exam",it is acturally a platform for us to show what we"ve done and inprovement.» (Very well)
- good experience» (Very well)
- I loved it, everything, format, timing, content, etc.» (Very well)

Education and course administration

22. What support have you got from learning staff?

36 svarande

Very little»0 0%
Rather little»0 0%
Neither big nor little»15 41%
Rather big»15 41%
Very big»6 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.75

- The 3 tutors were a bit too "nice". They should be more critical. » (Neither big nor little)
- someone was available when needed» (Rather big)
- (Rather big)
- good advice even on matters outside of the specific course.» (Very big)

23. How did the organisation, memoranda, direct information etc. function?

36 svarande

Very bad»2 5%
Rather bad»9 25%
Neither well nor bad»8 22%
Rather well»15 41%
Very well»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.16

- Unfortunately, this pulled the course down among many, including me. For example, it"s important to get seminar texts a couple of days in advance and have a place to be when you"re doing group work.» (Rather bad)
- Sins the subject theory seems new and needs to evolve from work over time, I have understanding that it appeared odd at times in this early stage» (Rather bad)
- I think it is a Chalmers" courses characteristic to be rather loose about organization and direction. It seems to me structure is strong but guiadence weak, wich can be good if we are self empowered, or bad if we are lazy.» (Neither well nor bad)
- (Rather well)

Work environment

24. How do you rate the possibilities to get assistance and ask questions? (Workshop consultation).

36 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»1 2%
Neither well nor bad»7 19%
Rather good»21 58%
Very good»7 19%

Genomsnitt: 3.94

- (Rather good)
- good» (Rather good)
- Tutors were accessible and willing to help.» (Rather good)
- There was always possibilities to ask questions» (Very good)
- I felt we were a good group.» (Very good)
- Was nice enevironment to work in.» (Very good)
- Very approacg´,,hable staff, which is a huge bonus.» (Very good)

25. How has the cooperation between you and students in your group been?

36 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»1 2%
Neither good nor bad»3 8%
Rather good»13 36%
Very good»19 52%

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- Some did very little (only what they had to) and did not take part in the discussions so much, even though they were encouraged to do so. This led to some discontent among the rest fo the group.» (Neither good nor bad)
- We had fun at times and did the our work» (Rather good)
- It was hard to work sometimes with my group as the decipline of a few students was missing. It was sometimes hard to motivate them for the task/assignment» (Rather good)
- It was really good, everyone has their own thinking that i can easily get and then give my own perspective to interact.But perhaps my bad English, sometimes i could follow or make someone fully understand my opinion, so i will practice.» (Very good)
- (Very good)
- all people in group are good, friendly» (Very good)
- Respect from group members is a great starting point» (Very good)

Concluding questions

26. What is your overall opinion of the course?

36 svarande

Very bad»1 2%
Rather Bad»3 8%
Neither bad nor good»9 25%
Rather good»17 47%
Very good»6 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.66

- With a clearer structure and more concrete goals this could be a good course.» (Rather Bad)
- It didn´,t trigged me any special» (Rather Bad)
- Chalmers overall elective course standard seems a little tired so i guess it was good» (Neither bad nor good)
- I think this course is great but set in the wrong time. I"d rather focus on a topic or field that is connected with my Master thesis or a topic that I can relate to a bit better.» (Neither bad nor good)
- The last week really sumed it up and made me understand our process and what I had learnt from it.» (Rather good)
- (Rather good)
- I think the workshops were great but it was too much time on lectures. Subject of the course and materials were so useful but they weren"t organized that well.» (Rather good)
- we had a idea, and tried it out ,at least did analysis about it. it was a very good experience to me.» (Rather good)
- In the end I learned a lot of useful things that are relevant to me and that I am already using and applying in my studies. But it was only in the last week of the course that it all came together for me. » (Rather good)
- The course was interesting and I learned lot but if it was full time I think we could get more efficient» (Rather good)
- It did all sense at the end, so I guess I can call it succesful. During the process though, I was doubtful about the outcomes. » (Very good)
- Not a lot of physical production to show my home university, but on a personal level it has mved me forward a lot, something which i suppose is unmeasurable.» (Very good)

27. What was best and should be preserved next year?

- The interventions performed and the study afterwards.»
- the group work and the child perspective was what I took from it. I think it was good to swap projects with the other groups. That gave the push that was needed for me in the course. You felt that you could not really fail because you took on someone elses work and I think that opened up new possibilities.»
- The initial grouping by means of cards with questions and a group number. The short breaks during the lectures to think and talk to your neighbour about your views.»
- the ws about creating value»
- Workshop 2»
- the continuity of workshops, conference, seminars. »
- value workshop»
- the lectures»
- That it is a new research topic is good»
- A step by step workshop is a good idea for a group work. It structures a process and should be maintained for future courses.»
- Workshops, group work, changing tasks between groups.»
- conference»
- the work shops and majas lecture»
- The "Creating Value" workshop. It was great, and it was what made the whole thing come together. Expand on it!»
- The workshops, that we switched exercises. »
- The structure of the course projects, letting us discover the goals form mini assignment to mini assignment. The set formats (A5 to A3) for the different briefs challenged us on how to communicate the idea based on the format, and helped produce a variety of interesting results. Having to participate in games rather than just think of games was a great way of us actively involving ourselves in the problems we wanted to solve. We were therefore able to some up with more concrete suggestions because we tested out proposal. »
- lecture of children perspectives»
- I think seminars and workshops worked very well.»
- I really enjoyed the workshops, i think it was very nice when we got our site, and were thinking of some intervention, however our group struggled with the new idea and game given.»
- workshops»
- Value Lectures. By Maja - very motivational»
- The halftime course. It might be that the half-time option should not exist at all...»
- workshop 2»
- Workshop 2 was the most I got from, I think it can take more part than the other workshops.»
- Workshop 2 was more helpful. Perhaps it can be moved to an earlier stage of the course.»

28. What worst and should be changed the nest year?

- The lectures the beginning weeks of the course - as only 1 or 2 seemed useful. Also, the "value" lecture should be within the 2nd week.»
- finding appropiate lecture halls. They were either too big, too cold or had no air.»
- Uncertainity about what we are supposed to use some of our previous workshop/groupwork results for - e.g., we never used the two sentences we had to pick up from the text when the groups first changed.»
- take away the old guys like Jan B, fill up with young inspiring people like maja and lisa.»
- The lecture + seminars we had with Bärmark and Ullmark. Doing this in full class was to many persons to have a good seminar. There was almost nu discussion.»
- it was a bit slow in the beginning, I didn"t really start lerings suff until we got to discuss in the groups. Last week was the best!»
- That Chalmers electives courses are at times sleepy. If there was a little more energy I believe the students would focus more and the overall subject would evolve faster»
- same room for the course»
- The size of groups should have been more even. There was a group of 3 and one of 8 students.... why???»
- the aim and the introduction lecture should be more connected»
- too much lectures.»
- the literature could be easier to understand»
- The first day of the course was so boring and at such a low and irrelevant level that several of the students immediately wanted to change to other courses (and some did). This must be changed, because it is a good course that teaches valuable things. Don"t risk loosing students by getting off to a bad start. It took a lot of time to gain back the trust. Try to schedule the first few days so that it captures the students interest and makes us see a bit more of the process we are going to go through. Many students struggled with not knowing where the course would lead to.»
- The literature seminars. »
- The information posted for students was unclear at time. Also it would be helpful for the mini briefs to be posted on the student portal once they have been presented to the students. »
- rotating the groups »
- Maybe to put some lectures in the midle of the process and not at the begining and end. »
- Maybe first original idea to be given the value, instead of having to change it to another group.»
- Better outline of end result (although this may hamper the development process) so maybe this should not be changed.»
- The structure of the coure, cant pinpoint a specific part. »
- material of literature seminars»
- Two many lectures at the beginning, when we still don"t know what to do.»
- The time frame and organization of the course. There is little time between each workshop and the connection is not clear. The aim of the course is also not clear until the second part of the course»

29. What can be improved?

- The readings in terms of the level of discussion that followed. Organization of the teams - we were only 3, and it was a dreadful process.»
- the structure and scheduling, it was hard to know what was expected or even what was happening next.»
- Instead of switching assignments completely between groups, it might be better to just give it one day to try the switch, reflect upon it, give the insights and then return to the original project bearing in mind the suggestions from the other group that had the chance to try it out.»
- What is stated under 28. and the administration of the course.»
- I think the workshops should have more time to make student think more or have time to do other things and then go back, i guess they can get more things.»
- administration of the course»
- i don`t quite understand the workshop 1. Maybe it can be improved.»
- I was told it is a new research topic that must evolve over time. Give it a couple of years?»
- relating more to architecture and design for us architecture students to be able to relate workshops and lectures to our professional tasks... It has been a very interesting topic to work on but espacially in the very beginning of the course I found myself not much motivated to work on as I couldnt see the relation to my job as a designer/planner in the beginning of the course. »
- It can be a bit more structured.»
- the literature could be easier to understand»
- The pace of the course. 3 weeks were spent on rather simple exercises that took a lot of time without teaching us anything. They were useful for the process, but we didn"t know that at the time, which made students loose motivation. Compress the 1st workshop process into shorter time and expand on the latter part. We are all busy and want to feel like we are doing useful things with our time. I learned a lot in the end. Thank you for a good course!»
- I liked the corse and I learned a lot of differet things. Maybe you can change some texts to the seminars for next year!»
- The organization of the groups. It was not clear who was in or out of the course so some groups had too many people while others had very little. This also made the literature seminars harder to manage because some roles where missing or to many were focused on the same role. »
- the lectures in the beginning are not as relevant as the workshops in this short course. it might be better to reduce these to have more time on the workshops. try to set the mood for thinking outside the box from the start - it is nice and liberating when the workshop starts, but a bit confusing with the traditional introduction.»
- how we can take the research in to action/experimenting.»
- Maja"s presentation about value should be put at the first day maybe.»
- MAybe time schedule could be improved.»
- Not exactly sure.»
- Lectures»
- Research by design part can be more mentioned. The workshops can be better connected with each other.»

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