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Artificial Neural Networks, FFR 135

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-09-09 - 2010-11-31
Antal svar: 51
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: ?%
Kontaktperson: Bernhard Mehlig»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

50 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»2 4%
Around 20 hours/week»3 6%
Around 25 hours/week»13 26%
Around 30 hours/week»21 42%
At least 35 hours/week»11 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.72

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- Most of the above time was MATLAB programming» (At most 15 hours/week)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Around 20 hours/week)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Around 25 hours/week)
- to much time on Exercise sheet 3» (Around 25 hours/week)
- Homeworks really work-intensive» (Around 25 hours/week)
- Depending a bit on the week. The last three days before submitting one easily did about 30h.» (Around 25 hours/week)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Around 30 hours/week)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Around 30 hours/week)
- not in the first weeks» (Around 30 hours/week)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Around 30 hours/week)
- About equal split with Stochastic Optimisations.» (Around 30 hours/week)
- It is not fair to average over the first weeks, if we do not know and understand the theory we cannot solve the example sheets.» (At least 35 hours/week)
- Much of this time was bug searching which could have more easily been avoided if I"d written in MATLAB. I switched to matlab for the last problem set and it did make it far easier.» (At least 35 hours/week)
- Even more than 35 hours/week I several night I could not sleep well due to lack of time for solving problems (these type of problems are not suitable for these short half termin 45 days courses» (At least 35 hours/week)
- It would be nice to devote a small part of the first lecture to planning out home problems because that is where I believe I lost a lot of time» (At least 35 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

50 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»4 8%
50%»8 16%
75%»22 44%
100%»16 32%

Genomsnitt: 4

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (25%)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (50%)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (50%)
- The teaching was by and large good, but I do not enjoy getting to uni before lunch.» (50%)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (75%)
- Did not attend most of the examples classes.» (75%)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (75%)
- Hard to reach 100 for a person like me, so I"ll say 75.» (75%)
- almost, missed a couple» (75%)
- When doing assignment 3 I had to skip most of the lectures.» (75%)
- Bernhard is an awesome teacher.» (100%)
- really interesting» (100%)
- I was sick for 2 lectures, but otherwise I attended them all. Bernhard is one of Chalmers shining jewels, a fantastic lecturer!» (100%)
- Very good lectures» (100%)
- I think the lectures was good and necessary to attend.» (100%)
- I found the examples sheet classes of limited interest» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

50 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»13 26%
The goals are difficult to understand»3 6%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»19 38%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»15 30%

Genomsnitt: 2.72

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (The goals are difficult to understand)
- I think that it was very difficult to understand what effort that was expected in order to get ful credit. I mean even though the task was solved its hard to know how much to discuss and so on. I think it should be clearer what is expected» (The goals are difficult to understand)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- goals are clear, the ways that lead there are sometimes complicated» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- This course really need slides instead of writing and solving formulas on blackoard It would be better if you could use some visual aids practical simple solved examples we really need some simple solved examples to follow the course and attack home problems which is absolutly missed....» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- Clearly, but a lot in a short time.» (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)
- The goals are very easy to understand. However, I think the lectures lack some focus on applications and implementations.» (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

39 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 2%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»35 89%
No, the goals are set too high»3 7%

Genomsnitt: 2.05

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- It would be more interactive if you instead of using others dataset like wine dataset or the special disease in Indian... ask student to fill the forms about their biometrical ,... information which then you could figure out the grouping kohenon,classification ... » (No, the goals are set too low)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- Practice makes perfect.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- It was very hard to get full credit» (No, the goals are set too high)

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

41 svarande

No, not at all»2 4%
To some extent»14 34%
Yes, definitely»21 51%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»4 9%

Genomsnitt: 2.65

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- I don"t think paper based examination is suitable for such courses since they are a lot of tough mathematics involved » (No, not at all)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (To some extent)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (To some extent)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Yes, definitely)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Yes, definitely)
- i mean the homeworks, there is no exam» (Yes, definitely)
- The example sheets test the students knowledge very well.» (Yes, definitely)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Yes, definitely)
- The objective is to familiarise oneself with Coding neural networks, and practising exactly that seems like a very good way of polishing my skills. I also learned a new meaning of debugging.» (Yes, definitely)
- It also examined planning and debugging skills probably to a higher extant than neural networks itself. » (Yes, definitely)

Teaching and course administration

6. Comparing take-home vs regular exam do you:

48 svarande

Much prefer regular exam»1 2%
Prefer regular exam»6 12%
Have no opinion»8 16%
Prefer take-home exam»19 39%
Much prefer take-home exam»14 29%

Genomsnitt: 3.81

- I prefer much more group work or exam since it will be a good chance for students to discuss about what they have understand. I have to confess that a friend of mine explain the concepts of NN much better way than teacher/theachers assistance I learned from him much more but the teacher and specially the course assistance is absolute confusing the student. (My recommendation is group work) » (?)
- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- Exercises provide long time learning, which regular exams do not. But exercises also result in more arbitrary grades. One of the largest down sides with take-home exams is that you don"t have time to study the material covered in class adequately, since you have to work with the exercise sheets. In this course, the best thing to do to get a good result would probably be to not go to the lectures and instead only work with the exercises, since the connection between what was taught in class and the exercise sheets was minimal at best. » (Prefer regular exam)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Have no opinion)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Have no opinion)
- Both are good in there way» (Have no opinion)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Prefer take-home exam)
- This kind of course is very hard to exam on paper. I don"t think that would be appropriate.» (Prefer take-home exam)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Prefer take-home exam)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Prefer take-home exam)
- I would prefer take home exam but 4 homeworks were very much for me. May be 2 or 3 homeworks in a quarter could be better.» (Prefer take-home exam)
- There could be a written/oral exam, but I don"t see an obvious benefit for this kind of course. We also have a seminar course for training oral presentations and most students are probably a bit tired of written exams anyway.» (Prefer take-home exam)
- I learn more by working with it, especially in this type of subject.» (Much prefer take-home exam)
- As a set of practical problems they make much more sense than exams.» (Much prefer take-home exam)

7. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

50 svarande

Small extent»8 16%
Some extent»7 14%
Large extent»24 48%
Great extent»11 22%

Genomsnitt: 2.76

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- Extremly poor teaching quality. Lecture notes were prepared in bad quality many of the formulas was wrong and the handwriting was catasrophe the formulas have no refrence (formula number in reference book). What is vital for this course is using slideshows better and colorful lecture notes with refrences» (Small extent)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Some extent)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Some extent)
- The help offered when running in to programing problems was limited.» (Some extent)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Large extent)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Large extent)
- Bernhard"s lectures are very inspiring and informative.» (Large extent)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Large extent)
- Bernhard"s lectures are very interesting and fun to attend, while giving, in my opinion, a good overview for starting the home problems. Marina"s, explanations, not so much. But I have heard from others that they really appreciated them, and also that they come in handy in Comp. Biology (the next course) in which the assignments are apparently different in character somehow.» (Large extent)
- really interesting lectures, really interesting assignments» (Great extent)
- Once again, Bernhard is amazing on stage!» (Great extent)
- Without the lectures I would have had a very hard time learning anything.» (Great extent)

8. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

50 svarande

Small extent»6 12%
Some extent»11 22%
Large extent»28 56%
Great extent»5 10%

Genomsnitt: 2.64

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- I"m sorry, but I found the lecture notes completely incomprehensible. The images had vanished in copying and the whole thing was a mess, in my opinion. The Haykin book was fine, but I didn"t have time to read it through because of all the exercise sheets.» (Small extent)
- course literature can be made more legible and organised» (Small extent)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Some extent)
- The handout have provided some help and a good compliment to my own lecture notes.» (Some extent)
- I mainly used the book by Haykin for lectures that I missed. Having printed lecture notes is good!» (Some extent)
- The original course litreature is only usefull for first example sheets and the Haykin is good for rest but I have to mention it was much better to standardise the notation between books where the students don"t get confused» (Some extent)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Large extent)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Large extent)
- good lecture notes, i have not bought any book» (Large extent)
- Good notes, I used them frequently as a reference.» (Large extent)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Large extent)
- The lecture hand outs has been great, Haykin less so.» (Large extent)
- Have only had the lecture notes. They contain most of the information needed even though it can be hard to find sometimes.» (Large extent)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Large extent)
- I got the book by herz from amazon and wihtout it I would had a hard time passing.» (Large extent)
- Really good lecture notes.» (Great extent)

9. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

50 svarande

Very badly»2 4%
Rather badly»8 16%
Rather well»31 62%
Very well»9 18%

Genomsnitt: 2.94

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- It must be possible to have digital hand ins in a programing course year 2010. Very bad feed back from hand ins. Still don"t know if I passed the course two weeks after last hand in.» (Very badly)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Rather badly)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Rather badly)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Rather badly)
- Hand-ins submission ONLY electronic would be good. I sometimes had to travel 70 km from home to school to hand in...» (Rather badly)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Rather badly)
- I feel that alot of information was only possible to acquire by attending the lectures and there were no link to the homepage from the student portal.» (Rather badly)
- A clear example is that the first question hour is contradicted with SOA course schedule.» (Rather badly)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Rather well)
- sometimes the information where on the homepage too late» (Rather well)
- Some example sheets were updated with clarifying info a bit late. They could be proof read and checked earlier to avoid confusion.» (Rather well)
- Exept that changes were made to the handouts just days before the hand in. I mean one dont read the course home page every day» (Rather well)
- Would be nice if the reports could be sent in electronically only.» (Rather well)
- I think it was rather vague what was desired in the reports. In other words, the problem was clearly formulated, but not what to present once the problem was solved. » (Rather well)
- Why the link to the course homepage is not put in the portal"s page for the course?» (Rather well)
- The link of the main homepage is not in the in the student portal page of the course!» (Rather well)
- Same as Stochastic Optimisations: Simple approach of e-mail+hyperlinks works well with just one place to go for info. I also keep a bookmark for TimeEdit on my computer...» (Rather well)

Study climate

10. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

50 svarande

Very poor»2 4%
Rather poor»8 16%
Rather good»18 36%
Very good»17 34%
I did not seek help»5 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.3

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- A lot of students at class - Not clear home problems which notihng is defined well. More confusing course assistance...» (Very poor)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Rather poor)
- This was a major problem in my opinion. Question hours once a week? Not enough. And sparse email responses. For home exercises to work better, you should have lab hours where students can work and get assistance. Especially when the questions are some times rather vague.» (Rather poor)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Rather poor)
- There was 2 hours schedule for questions each week. Sometimes Marina wasnt there, other times she was busy. I personally didnt email her but I heard several that did and didnt recive any help. More help is needed I think.» (Rather poor)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Rather good)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Rather good)
- I"d say Marina is very helpful and patient.» (Rather good)
- I only asked for help via email, and I got responses very fast. I like that.» (Very good)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Very good)

11. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

50 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»7 14%
Rather well»13 26%
Very well»27 54%
I did not seek cooperation»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.52

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- I did not know anybody at this course and since the hand ins are not explicitly group exercises it felt strange to ask somebody to study together.» (Rather poorly)
- It would be nice if some groups were allocated within which problems can be solved much easier and consequently more time is spent on solving the neural networks component rather than the debugging component of programming» (Rather poorly)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Rather well)
- Actually I didn"t really understand the bottom line between "copying" and "friendly discussion". For example, if our programs doesn"t run well, we discuss our parameter setting, and apply the best parameters we get. Is that a cheating?» (Rather well)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Very well)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Very well)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Very well)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Very well)
- I really want to say what I have understand from this course was based on cooperation with other students -Nothing from teacher at all.» (Very well)
- I have always found it problematic that it should be so advantageous to have a lot of friends to get a good grade (this was especially true in this course). But that"s mainly because I don"t have a lot of friends, I guess.» (I did not seek cooperation)

12. How was the course workload?

49 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»2 4%
Adequate»9 18%
High»29 59%
Too high»9 18%

Genomsnitt: 3.91

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Low)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Low)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Adequate)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Adequate)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (High)
- Very high, but the course is so fun I don"t mind. » (High)
- Quite time-consuming exercises. Sadly, little of this consumed time went to actually learning stuff, and most went to rewriting documents five times as more information on what was to be done became available. » (High)
- extremely high for examples sheet 3» (High)
- A lot of work but you also learn a lot.» (High)
- Since it was hard to understand what was expected of the report» (Too high)
- I found this course to be very time consuming.» (Too high)
- I am used to my fare share of high workload courses but this one took much longer time than what is expected of a 7.5 HP course. I think it is possible to make hand ins that is closer to the 20 hours a week workload that it is supposed to take without sacrificing the understanding of the theory. I think the reason it took so long time was because the data were to realistic, i.e. there were not any perfect fit and it was hard to know if the error was in my work or in the data itself. » (Too high)
- I have sacrifised a lot of hours which they were supposed to be allocated for other course. (I could not keep in pace with other course) » (Too high)
- I think is too high for someone that had to learn programming and tex and .... as least for me.» (Too high)

13. How was the total workload this study period?

49 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 2%
Adequate»10 20%
High»24 48%
Too high»14 28%

Genomsnitt: 4.04

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Low)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Adequate)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Adequate)
- I didn"t follow the CAS master programme, so I cannot answer for that. But my personal study plan went well.» (Adequate)
- I do not study on the CAS programme. For me the workload was good.» (Adequate)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Adequate)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Adequate)
- I took more courses than I should» (High)
- Both courses contain rather large home problems with lots of programming. Students who do not have good background knowledge of programming will probably have a very tough period.» (High)
- I say high because of the periods of late nights working on home projects. Although some of them could have probably been avoided by planning, this is something I have come to expect from the Engineering Physics programme» (High)
- Sometimes with no sleep as a consequence.» (Too high)
- Partly because the other course took a lot of time» (Too high)
- I did not think that the other courses I took had a higher workload than it should but this course had MUCH higher than it should. This makes the workload high in general.» (Too high)
- Both difficult and confusing course» (Too high)

Summarizing questions

14. What is your general impression of the course?

50 svarande

Poor»2 4%
Fair»6 12%
Adequate»7 14%
Good»23 46%
Excellent»12 24%

Genomsnitt: 3.74

- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/» (?)
- You really discouraged me about this course.» (Poor)
- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/» (Fair)
- I find problematic the very math and theory focused lectures. I felt completely lost most of the lectures (a feeling I am not accustomed to). It seemed as though we we"re actually not really supposed to follow in the calculations but rather get a general impression. This did not work. I just got a headache. In my opinion, the lectures should focus more on overview and practical issues and less on such specific theory. As you said, if we need, we can always look up theory and proofs. And when you make calculations, please slow down and spend 2 minutes describing the mathematical basis for what you are doing. Some people have only taken linear algebra, and that 3-4 years ago, with a faint remembrance of what a vector is as only remaining result. (Some people are from biology or software engineering!) Many times you worked with an equation, which we couldn"t see because you were standing in front of it, and when you moved, you have already started on to the next subject. And since so much time went into working with the exercise sheets, reading literature to catch up on the lectures was barely possible. Especially when one quickly realized that there were no reason to do so, since these equations aren"t part of the examination...» (Fair)
- I think it should be clearer what is expected. It is very confusing otherwise» (Fair)
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/» (Adequate)
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/» (Adequate)
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/» (Good)
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/» (Good)
- A bit more work than I expected but very interesting. Maybe some more about actual applications for the methods studied.» (Good)
- Very good course, but quite difficult and time consuming.» (Good)
- I like the course, as I find it interesting, however it would"ve been nice to lower the pace slightly to be able to absorb all the information.» (Good)
- Very interesting topic and interesting home problems.» (Good)
- It is a good course teaching an interesting subject. However it demands to much for being a 7.5. course. » (Good)
- Very interesting course» (Good)
- one of the most interesting courses I ever took» (Excellent)
- Good lecturers and an interesting topic. How could it possibly fail?» (Excellent)
- Very interesting course» (Excellent)
- I love the course. It makes a lot of practical sense and gives me a chance to utilize what i have learnt to multiple scenarios» (Excellent)

15. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/»
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/»
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/»
- Bernhard, he"s awesome as lecturer. »
- 1- Please give us some numerical example to understand the concepts. 2- please let the new student to know prerequisites(for i.e statistic % mathematic probability)of this course .then they can decide about thier ability,»
- Berhard and the homework sheets instead of exam.»
- Hand in problems.»
- Bernhard. And of course the 4-momentum, but that"s obligatory.»
- Bernhard»
- All.»
- The introduction part on the Hopfield-model.»
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/»
- alles»
- I liked the programming assignment but i think it should be combined with an exam instead of focusing on report writing»
- Bernhard as lecturer and the home problems.»
- The large extent of individual problem solving.»
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/»
- the possibility of resubmission of the example sheets.»
- The instructor teaches in a highly professional way which is so good but a bit complicated as well!:D»
- The professor is great in expressing his ideas»
- All theory should be preserved.»
- Bernhard Mehlig, Choise of programming languages, The span of home assignments»
- The course structure»
- Using slides is much better Don"t waste student time with proving of formulas which you can find in any related books. Cover more interactive materials and practical one. Stick to one refrence book if you are using different books standardise the notations and formulas. Make it as easy as possible for students to understand the concepts not headache. »
- example sheets »
- Home Problems Problem classes Bernard Mehlig ! :)»
- The lecture notes. It is clear and helpful.»
- bsejA8 <a href="http://qkpnmksvlxgi.com/">qkpnmksvlxgi</a>, [url=http://sjedknwfeshn.com/]sjedknwfeshn[/url], [link=http://sdkjchlfwoup.com/]sdkjchlfwoup[/link], http://hsmyexysqwky.com/»

16. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- ky1vlg <a href="http://yvejeqcyinkz.com/">yvejeqcyinkz</a>, [url=http://wicjpvnilzzq.com/]wicjpvnilzzq[/url], [link=http://fleqdghbxqls.com/]fleqdghbxqls[/link], http://oieylzqyeiek.com/»
- P0JyxA <a href="http://worngyinufvo.com/">worngyinufvo</a>, [url=http://hsogfxxqmqtr.com/]hsogfxxqmqtr[/url], [link=http://ntkzsayzwgvw.com/]ntkzsayzwgvw[/link], http://meiuztgqnukg.com/»
- R5Fdn1 <a href="http://lqutilyhawui.com/">lqutilyhawui</a>, [url=http://mqdlrhzyvjyi.com/]mqdlrhzyvjyi[/url], [link=http://fmqixmkkpiko.com/]fmqixmkkpiko[/link], http://rtjkizmfvexp.com/»
- Perhaps make the hand-ins a little bit easier, or try to desynchronize the dates with Mattias Wahdes course. Be more precise with what is wanted. Parts in the hand ins that says(e.g problem 3 question 3) to vary 4 or more variables with 2 or more configurations. A grid like that will take days to simulate and then some more to analyze.»
- I geuse it would be better we add some example class for each chapter separately»
- - _Only_ include what we are expected to know! No more, no less! - Make the lecture more practical and make the connections between the lectures and the exercises more obvious. - Reduce and slow down the math. - Skip the exercise classes. The exercise questions and ordinary lectures should contain all the information we need to perform the exercises. - Add lab work classes, i.e. so we can work with the problems and ask questions and get support. This also reduces the level of arbitrariness in the grades, since we can ask what is expected from our answers (e.g "is this an OK way to answer?") - Stop expecting the worst from the students. If you have a deadline, don"t change it. It is a slap in the face of the students (like me) who spent their weekend working to get finished before the deadline. If you know the third exercise sheet is difficult and takes time, then add time to it from the start. »
- The times for the lecture MUST be synced with other courses. This course, only this course, collides with almost all other courses in the same period at some time every week. The only reason I missed lectures was because of compulsory parts in my other course. Missed almost all my lectures in my other course.»
- Too much work to do on just one Exercise Sheet»
- Use electronic submissions, with for example the fire system. Replace lecture notes with slides on the homepage - it should be possible to go through and understand these even if you missed the lecture.»
- Clearer text on Example sheet 3»
- Perhaps the third examples sheet could be reduced slightly.»
- Don"t know if it should definitely be changed, but I would like some more applications and implementations of neural networks on the lectures.»
- Example sheet 3 was much more difficult than the others, maybe it"s better to change or remove some parts of it, so that the difficulty level and work required is more similar between the sheets.»
- 85yunB <a href="http://euarokfoypaa.com/">euarokfoypaa</a>, [url=http://ipchaajcuuqd.com/]ipchaajcuuqd[/url], [link=http://vpztvffxtfas.com/]vpztvffxtfas[/link], http://mthqcqoxyzlm.com/»
- nothing, examples sheet 3 was difficult, but not too difficult»
- Clearer what should be performed i order to get the different point»
- The requirement to hand in reports on paper.»
- A better instruction on what a report should contain. »
- 7IpqPM <a href="http://bboslnoixhft.com/">bboslnoixhft</a>, [url=http://alyzqlzsybld.com/]alyzqlzsybld[/url], [link=http://hcgeubyliyxm.com/]hcgeubyliyxm[/link], http://zlrwtbpfjhiw.com/»
- In general the examples sheets are not clear enough about the results or what we are looking for. Maybe those could be more descriptive.»
- Maybe concentrate more on the theortical aspect in example sheets»
- The amount of work needed on especially the third hand in. Also it might be good to recomend some litterature. Now I think the Haykin book was the official litterature but we heard that the litterature was not really needed, what I later feel it was. I think the lecture notes was very well written but it would be good to have litterature to be able to understand the purpose and background of stuff. I think the theory was well explained in the lecture notes it is just the stuff around that motivates one to understand why the theory is important that was missing from the lecture notes.»
- Maybe some more lectures about applications, perhaps by a guest lecturer? Also, if I fail the course, this needs to definitely change!»
- The problem formulations could be improved»
- Maybe examples sheets where one actually get better results for larger networks. And possibly also where one more clearly sees overfitting.»
- More example classes or have the other classes more closely relate to the example sheets. Sometimes I didnt even understand the questions asked in the sheets by following the lectures and needed to atttend example class before even I was able to start. Working in groups would be good. More time and help with example sheets. I know you wanted us to be "working in the dark" but sitting and checking parameters for days without even knowing if the program is working is not stimulating any learning. A course book or more clear lecture notes is needed. »
- Use slides and change the home problems. Offer group problems. »
- exaple sheet 3 is extremly time demanding»
- Change to group orientation of problem solving Better Literature »
- How about a little more assistance on computer modelling? »
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17. Additional comments

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- The full course involves only computation. No theoretical stuff at all! It"s really boring and lame to sit and program. There should be something more challenging, mathematical and theoretical.»
- The course is fun, interesting and useful, but takes much time. Count on a lot of hours in front of the computer.»
- Me, as a foreigner student spent very hard time two months ago - Here , in my idea, FESTs is most important than student problem, maybe no one didn"t care this - I try to understand the things that you say in class , but it was very vague at least for me - ( Definitely I must say i know many students that have same situation like me , for example in Marina class when she asked " Many of you solve the problem in this way, Please explain me why? " all the class were quiet. As a whole, I don"t know this is deserved request or not, But if we put some friendlly area to recognising who really need help, it will be very usefull.»
- I realized that I"ve sounded very negative... The course is still a lot better than many other courses I"ve taken (imagine the course evaluations I gave them!). »
- Maybe be even clearer with the fact that this course takes a LOT of programing and even thou the level maybe pretty low you still have to know a bit of programming to be able to make the hand-ins on time.»
- The URKUND-system should have available from the start of the course. It would also have been better if it was possible to submit electronically instead of handing in papers.»
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- it would be nice to actually know the grade thresholds for the course, more than just what is needed to pass. what is actually required for garde 4 or 5?»
- Very interesting subject and excellent lectures. I think the lectures were very impressive even though i couldnt attend many of them.»
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- Thank you very much, the course was challenging. »
- That is all.»
- For me, it was a bit unclear how extensive one should write the reports. Hard to pick a place between the two extremes: should one re-iterate all of the theory behind the algoritms, or just answer the questions asked, no more no less.?»
- The course assistance is not helpful. First if you ask her question she think that the student want to extract answer of her so she decide to reply student in the manner that the student get more confused and frustrated. Describe and exaclty define and explain what do you want in you example sheet. Speak percise for students with engineering background the knowns/unknowns and the aims should be well defined (It was realy a headache for me to digest what the example sheet problems want)»
- Actually it is a great course. Lectures are good. But it is definitely a not so pleasant experience switching between Neural networks" "do you want to" style and Stochastic algorithms" "step by step" style. »
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