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AMU017 Sustainable Development and Design Professions, MPDSD HT 10»

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-09-22 - 2010-10-15
Antal svar: 72
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 55%
Kontaktperson: Lotta Särnbratt»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Arkitektur 300 hp

Goals and fullfilment of goals

The overall purpose of the course is to provide all students, regardless of their subsequent choice of master programme and design studios, with a foundation and an ability to creatively and critically consider and reflect on questions related to the planning, design and management of the built environment within a context of sustainable development. To independently seek knowledge and information from different sources, as well as to reflect upon the implications of the vision of sustainable development in relation to architecture and planning, constitute important parts of the course.

The purpose is, moreover
- to give an orientation about global challenges concerning environmental degradation, climate change and development issues,
- to provide an orientation and an understanding of different perspectives on sustainable development,
- to present different approaches to the implementation of the call for sustainable development within the planning, design and management of the built environment at different levels (global,local) and in different settings,
- to encourage critical reflection regarding what the notion sustainable development entails for the planning, design and management of the built environment and for professional practices within these fields.

1. How well has the purpose been fulfilled?

72 svarande

no opinion»2 2%
very insufficient»1 1%
insufficient»2 2%
suffucient»41 56%
very sufficient»26 36%

Genomsnitt: 4.22

- the outside trip should be more detailed and specific.» (insufficient)
- Some of the material presented sounded like propaganda and it would have perhaps been more interesting if we were presented with more different view points» (suffucient)
- Could include more about governmental change, economic change, and about change in developing countries.» (suffucient)
- even if there is difficult so find solutions for the environmental and the global justice situation, I beleive more discussion forums would have gained the feeling of participation - there is actually something I could do. One-way communication easily gives a feeling of hoplesness.» (suffucient)
- more the different perspectives than actuall aproaches though.» (suffucient)
- good for students with no background for the theme, bothersome for those who already have » (suffucient)
- There are many perspectives come from various lecturers. I think it"s very important to lern from western conutry and lucky me that I have studied here. » (very sufficient)
- thrilled with the amount of knowledge i gained on such a short time.» (very sufficient)

Education and course administration

2. How do you evaluate the design of the course (planning and sub-division in time between lectures, literture studies, seminars, films, study visits and course assignment)?

72 svarande

No opinion»0 0%
very bad»0 0%
rather bad»6 8%
rather good»37 51%
very good»29 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.31

- working day lasts too long, even with interesting lectures it"s impossible to pay attention whole day» (rather bad)
- It is hard to concentrate when there are so many lectures in one day. I think if we had had more seminars and discussions there would have been more room to consciously reflect on what was heard.» (rather bad)
- The lectures are too long with out breaks. We could have had more smaller seminars instead of the two big ones. » (rather bad)
- To little day-time to read and work on the assignment, evenings and week-ends were required.» (rather bad)
- It wasn"t enough breaks. Quite often it was hard to stay awake, no matter how interesting the lectures were. I think it"s too much with 2 hours of lecture. Also I think we didn"t have so much time to read before the first seminars. Otherwise it was good.» (rather bad)
- to crammed... there is no point in having more lectures than you can actually take in and they should never go more than 45 minutes without a break.» (rather bad)
- Some of the lectures felt a little unnecessary, there was a lot of repetition since every lecture was from a new person. There was a lot of focus on Africa, but not many other parts of the world, it would have been more interesting to see examples from other places too.» (rather good)
- Some days were very long and so it was hard to stay concentrated in the last lectures of the day.» (rather good)
- A better distribution of the lectures would make it less tiresome. » (rather good)
- more breaks» (rather good)
- Fairly good variety, though sometimes tiring to sit so long.» (rather good)
- Mabye some aspects could have been treated in other ways than lectures, just to obtain varity.» (rather good)
- in the beginning i felt a little bit lost, maybe some more discussions in the first and second week would have been good.» (rather good)
- I like very much seminars and I would like these much more.» (rather good)
- I would have liked at least one more seminar» (rather good)
- There should be more seminars since its an easier way of information feedback between students» (rather good)
- maybe we should have more time for own work before the first seminar» (rather good)
- would have been nice with a study visit to Lindås-husen!» (rather good)
- To little time for the asssignment. More litterature studies in the beginning could benefit the lectures and films.» (rather good)
- especially the seminar aspects, making me to think about question by myself and sharing with others.» (very good)
- seminars allow us to express about sustainable and have a real exchange after the lectures.» (very good)

3. What support have you got for your learning from lectures?

72 svarande

Very little»0 0%
Rather little»4 5%
Rather big»46 67%
Very big»18 26%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- too varied quality of speakers» (Rather little)
- mixed, most of the lectures was on a overall level with lots of repetitions. » (Rather little)
- Many of the lecturers had very very bad power-point presentations. This is something people should think about if they want their message to get through.» (Rather big)
- This question is confusing and unclear. I assume it means, "Have the lectures been effective learning tool?"» (Rather big)
- I often get tired in A-salen and have trouble to stay focused a whole day. Some lecturers should interact more to their audience. But the theme varity has been good.» (Rather big)
- maybe some of the support are similar.» (Rather big)
- There is a limited amount of information that a person can process during one day. I believe the number of lectures was too high during the course.» (Rather big)
- In many lectures have some things again and again. » (Rather big)
- The journalist was the least interesting. I am missing a lecture about the evolution from our agricultural society until today. (In short a history lesson) All lectures was about the future. It would be interesting to have a bit better knowledge about how we have moved and why.» (Very big)
- I don"t understand the question.» (No opinion)
- to broad a span and question to answer» (No opinion)

4. What support have you got for your learning from films?

72 svarande

No opinion»2 2%
Very little»1 1%
Rather little»11 15%
Rather big»43 59%
Very big»15 20%

Genomsnitt: 3.94

- I don"t understand the question.» (No opinion)
- especially the more emotional ones.» (Rather little)
- films should not be used that often for professional teaching or dealing with a problem. too emotional » (Rather little)
- Most of the films were very depressing, either about how no one is interested in saving our planet, or bout how hard it is to try. It would have been nice to have some more positive aspects as well.» (Rather big)
- I think the films are necessary because you often keep them better in mind.» (Rather big)
- unclear question» (Rather big)
- I like films, but i could like talk about theme much more.» (Rather big)
- It"s easy to be affected by films.» (Very big)

5. What support have you got for your learning from study visits?

71 svarande

No opinion»5 7%
Very little»19 26%
Rather little»25 35%
Rather big»18 25%
Very big»4 5%

Genomsnitt: 2.95

- The Alingsås visit was a let down. I"d rather have the same lectures at Chalmers. We didn"t get much out of the visit.» (Very little)
- a trip to Alingsås was a waste of time and money... instead of lectures again it would be better to spend day outside, talking about the projects or just seeing the buildings on our own» (Very little)
- The trip to Alingsås was a bit pointless.» (Very little)
- studyvisit could have been planned better. especially the one in alingsås.» (Very little)
- Mabye time for individual study visits could be integrated in the scheme in higher extent.» (Very little)
- alingsås was of very little importance» (Very little)
- The study visit to Alingsås was to long and was not that intersting. Would liked to see more and listen less. The two "Anders" was talking to much about things we already had learn in the course. And that part about "the roll of the architect" was not at all their job to teach us. They can"t talk to master students (where many of us have been working on interships etc.) like we are in the first year of architecture. One short lecture and more objects to visit would be better!» (Very little)
- det var absolut inte nödvändigt för alla oss ca 100 studenter att åka till allingås för bara den föreläsningen vi fick. Vi fick inte ens besöka passivhus cetrum och inte heller tala om eller särskilt mycket om stadens trä arkitektur.» (Very little)
- The study visit to Allingsås was completely worthless in my opinion. Why should so many people pay money to go to Allingsås when the two men giving lecture could have just come to Göteborg.» (Very little)
- I feel that the trip to Alingsås could be avoided. To much time spent on traveling there. Seeing the project really didn"t give more information, since it was completely standard apartments. The lecturers could have come to Chalmers with their walls.» (Very little)
- In the trip to Alingsas, would have been a better idea to show us an on-going building refurbishment instead of a finished one.» (Very little)
- To big group, I di not get anything out of it.» (Very little)
- I think the studytrip to Alingsås was a bit too far for seeing the passivehouses, would have been better to have the lectures on chalmers. Though it was a very nice day.» (Rather little)
- I think you should cut down the lectures a little bit during the study visits, we usually had very short period of time for exploring. » (Rather little)
- Because we have so much, in the place where we looking at this houses I don"t hear much what that man tolking here.» (Rather little)

6. What support have you got for your learning from course literature and other study material?

72 svarande

No opinion»2 2%
Very little»1 1%
Rather little»11 15%
Rather big»41 56%
Very big»17 23%

Genomsnitt: 3.97

- Much of the literature was about things I was already aware of. The movie clips on the Internet were better.» (Rather little)
- Some articles were better than others. The article Plan B 4.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization was especially nice.» (Rather little)
- Some of them was so technical text that if you want to internalize averything it is almost unpossible.» (Rather little)
- Some literature had similar subjects, but still the selection was interesting.» (Rather big)
- Some of them I have know it before but there are also some book and film I haven"t know it before. Then, after I had read and watched it, that was open my eyes more wider.» (Rather big)
- Even if I haven"t had time to read it all.» (Rather big)
- Maybe some of the material could have been removed to make the load easier on the students.» (Rather big)
- lots of materials that was interesting. and many tips to further reading. I think that videos is a very accessible way of learning. i would liked more videos from lectures from universitys and conferences.» (Rather big)
- studying for my own seems most suitable to me though» (Very big)

7. What support have you got for your learning from the seminars?

72 svarande

No opinion»1 1%
Very little»3 4%
Rather little»12 16%
Rather big»34 47%
Very big»22 30%

Genomsnitt: 4.01

- The seminars worked well to get the group going but there wasn"t much "new" information coming up in the seminars.» (Rather little)
- A better managenment of the seminars would improve the learning from them. Now it was pretty messy.» (Rather little)
- The discussions offered a good platform for brainstorming ideas and investigating opinions from different backgrounds.» (Rather big)
- the first seminar was for me very important, to get the possibility to talk to students about the course and to understand some more what situation the different students are in.» (Rather big)
- To compare and discuss what kind of different opinions we individually formed were very good.» (Rather big)
- Maybe there should be more seminars in the future because it"s much easier to discuss in small groups.» (Very big)
- I like these very much. » (Very big)
- the reflecting was very benefitting» (Very big)
- great opportunity for us to try out our ideas in discussions. very important to get a paus from all the information given and try to formulate our own perspective.» (Very big)
- The seminars were very rewarding. I think 1 or even 2 more seminars would increase the learning outcome even more,» (Very big)

8. What support have you got for your learning from the course assignment?

72 svarande

No opinion»1 1%
Very little»1 1%
Rather little»10 13%
Rather big»38 52%
Very big»22 30%

Genomsnitt: 4.09

- 5 min for a presentation is just too little» (Very little)
- I looked at it more like collecting my own thoughts about sustainability than learning something new.» (Rather little)
- I think it was a good assignment but I did"nt manage to do it properly as I would have liked to. I ended up making it in a bubble without discussiong it with others.» (Rather little)
- If I doing this course assignment now, I would like to do so other way, and I would like to re-choice my projects. Because I am found so great projects now. I would like to hope that we had been much more time about that. But Course do what that must to do. Even I heve be little too late. » (Rather little)
- It is a good idea to transfer all the knowledge of the lectures and literature into an own strategy.» (Rather big)
- kanske att vi borde fått en till dag till att reskriva... jag kände mig inte nöjd med resultatet men hade sjukt kul när jag skrev.» (Rather big)
- The assignment really pushed me to define what sustainability in my profession is and what I"m going to do about it.» (Rather big)
- espacially about the presentation of new projects that i didn"t know» (Rather big)
- To fuzzy directives for the assignment.» (Rather big)
- Good to think things through on a personal level.» (Very big)
- When writing the assignment you evaluated the information you were provided with and also you stepped into the light. You went from a bystander to feeling involved and that each individual is meaningful.» (Very big)
- its important to make the information you get to something that you actually can use, by making a PERSONAL strategy.» (Very big)

9. How did the organisation, memoranda, direct information etc. function?

72 svarande

Very bad»1 1%
Rather bad»2 2%
Rather well»24 35%
Very well»41 60%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 3.54

- No one knows what is going to happen in a weeks time, and the organisation it quite porly. To many people in the lecture hall, and no breaks, all students start to lose focus after 45 minutes.» (Very bad)
- Insufficient space for students in A-salen. Bad aircondition in A-salen.» (Rather bad)
- Several times I wanted to check the presentations afterwards, and they were said to be put on the course hompage right after each lecture, But they weren"t put there until the last week. This somehow limited my progress when working on my assignment.» (Rather bad)
- A-Salen was not the best room for 160 people. Either smaller groups or another room should be taken into consideration. Every lecture some people had no seats and the existing seats were put up in very dense rows. moreover the lack of daylight could be seen as a negative.» (Rather well)
- Lack of information about the last assignment » (Rather well)
- Seats got uncomfortable after a while. Not all chairs had desktops. Sometimes the room was overcrowded.» (Rather well)
- I am not satisfied with the form of signing name, which disturb both teachers and students. maybe on name list is enough for students to sign, for most time, I always signed for twice..» (Rather well)
- never seen any better» (Very well)

Work environment

10. How do you rate the possibilities to get assistance and ask questions?

72 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»3 4%
Rather well»12 16%
Very well»36 50%
I have not asked for assistance»21 29%

Genomsnitt: 4.04

- I think so many people are so worry about English language skills that they don"t dare say anything.» (Rather bad)
- To big group, problematic local otherwise good» (Rather bad)
- More difficult when we are a big group» (Rather well)
- It have never experience such of good support and good assistance from any teacher as I have from Lena and Sigrid.» (Very well)
- I didn"t know who to ask and...» (I have not asked for assistance)

Concluding questions

11. What is your overall opinion of the course?

71 svarande

Very bad»1 1%
Bad»0 0%
Passed»3 4%
Good»28 39%
Very good»39 54%

Genomsnitt: 4.46

- I found this course oriented to just one direction, thah the global warming is existing. But I missed some critical view on it, some rational opinions of opposite wing of scientists. » (Very bad)
- I think the course brings forth some very important questions that are fundamental for our future practice» (Good)
- Good to have a variety of learning methods.» (Good)
- Quite large approach of the subject. Sometimes few new informations in the lectures. Lectures and films about case studies very interesting. (Learning from ladak (!)Straw bales houses, story of the pigs in göteborg, What is a sustainable architecture) » (Good)
- It was rather hard to take all of these information in and my world was absolutely put upside down. I felt at times rather depressed, but at the same time, these were facts that I already knew, I just choosed to ignore it. It influenced me in that way that I think a lot more of my actions and I would say that everyone should take a course like this to get their eyes opened.» (Good)
- the biggest problem was that it was too crammed...it doesn"t facilitate better learning because it"s more crammed, rather the opposite.» (Good)
- Well organised» (Good)
- Det hade varit bra om föredragshållarna visste lite mer om var i kursen de kom in, och vilken betdyning deras föreläsning hade i kursen. I slutet av kursen hade det varit bättre om föreläsarna inte behövde använda halva sin föreläsning på bakgrund, utan tidigare kunnat komma fram till sin hållning och sitt sätt att arbeta med hållbar utveckling.» (Good)
- I learned a lot from this course which I had hoped as sustainable development is very small at my home university. I think different now in terms of architecture as well as my lifestyle.» (Very good)
- its a really hard topic to do something great of, but i think, in the big view, you have succeded.» (Very good)
- Overwhelmingly upsetting, mindblowing, intimidating yet in some way very inspiring! This course will live on for a long time in my mind. » (Very good)
- It has really been a well balanced and structured course!» (Very good)
- I would say 4 of 5 lectures were very rewarding and had a high academic level» (Very good)

12. What should be preserved for next year?

- The scheduled time for literature studies and writing, it was great to have that time.»
- Everything except of Nr. 13»
- I think the course is pretty solid as it is. I"m really happy about the results.»
- seminars/discussions »
- Lectures, such as the one on slums in Kenya, that took global perspectives into account should be preserved. »
- the seminars, some kind of study visit. But better planned. »
- Not lectures that aren´,t based on real scientific knowledge. Not lectures that are based on agitation, movements and kind of brainwashing.»
- Films, most of the lectures, field trips.»
- Films, seminars, lectures from: Ducan Kushnir, Lars Reutersvärd, Pål Castell & Kristel Myttenaere. »
- Variety of perspectives from lecturers.»
- Seminars and the assignment.»
- Lena, Pål and Sigrid!»
- seminar part»
- Your engagement and concern! It was really a very good course.»
- All in general, maybe not the trip to alingsås, even though it was nice, the lecture could as easily have been held at chalmers.»
- the remarkable organisation! the assignment - it was neccessary to make some conclusions of your own after the big amount of information during the course.»
- organisation, good lectures, end presentations»
- filmy»
- There was a comment to take away the study visit to Alingsås and the lecture by Merrit Polk. I"m not sure I agree, as I want to create a profile of Urban Planning, I think it"s important to keep the broad approach towards sustainable building. »
- the structure is good.»
- the visit and films»
- Lars Reuterswärd"s lecture. Ancient futures. The seminars. Niklas Wennberg"s lecture. The assignment.»
- The end seminars and assignment were surprisingly functional.»
- The overall structure with a large variety of different lecturers.»
- Good to have lectures from different professions.»
- The wide scope from global issues to backyard farming! It"s a good thing to start at the global level to schock the audience and really get the class attention.»
- Good films and films in internet specially!»
- lot of different presentators, different angles of the problem, broad view»
- The basic layout is good. Some said that its a bit to much propaganda. I say that we can sort that out and think for ourselves. »
- all!»
- The information is rather good, just some details regarding time distribution, for example, more time for seminars.»
- Please preserve the variety of lecturers, the most interesting ones always being those who went inte furthest depth in their own field.»
- Most lectures, especially Duncan Kushnir was very good. »
- the alternance lectures - seminars»
- Everything except the study visit. The diversity of lectures.»
- Det var väldigt bra med en introduktionsvecka med alla hårda fakta, och sedan mer lösningsförslag eller förhållningssätt. Många bra föreläsare och filmer. »
- study visits, seminars»
- For my part the seminar work is really important because this is the moment where we can talk and exchange our point of view together.»
- Pål Castells lectures, study visit to passive house center.»
- Seminars and variety»
- movies.....»
- seminars, discussions, reading material»
- The professors»

13. What should be changed for next year?

- There were too many lectures, many about similar things. Also, it would be nice schedule-wise if there wasn"t two or three days 8.30-17.00 in a row, but perhaps more spread out if possible.»
- More Seminars Another Room Avoid very long days by splitting up the lectures»
- A re-thinking of the study visit to Alingsås to actually make it worth it. Some lectures felt like they didn"t fit in the scope of the course, the lesson about gender equality ended up as being all about driving habits.»
- time table»
- I think that the variety of opinion should be added on. We had many diverging opinions in the litterature but not in the lectures.»
- Less lectures and instead more research by students.»
- Lecture room. A-salen isn"t that good. The air becomes bad in about 30 min, and with no pauses and 2 hor lectures its really hard to keep a wake. I haven"t feelt a sleep because of the really uncomfortable shairs which are an other problem. »
- Enable students to make their own opinion to the whole problem of global warming. Give lectures that are more based on concrete examples of existing buildings.»
- people have to be able to speak english.»
- More critical dicussions on films and lectures.»
- More seminars/discussions »
- The lecture about gender roles in automobile use did not seem relevant to our course purpose.»
- I think the films on the last day are very important and final we could talk and share together, which I think it"s good to know openion from friends. It could be compulsory for everyone to see on the last day for this activity.»
- 1. Clearer and shorter description and purpose of the presentation material. 2. Integrate some practical work.»
- Less lectures, more time for littrature studies.»
- more time and objects for study visist otherwise exclude»
- Maby less lectures, but more practical lessons...»
- the signing part.»
- Michael Edens lecture was a disaster. I think it was truly embarrasing. It was almost impossible to follow his thinking trough the slides. (e.g. He just mentioned a lot of shortenings without even an explenation) Another thing was that he talked about passive house as the only solution, was he sponsored? I though. Everyone I have been talking to in the class though that they could not understand a thing, and though it was really unessesary and rude to take up our time with just shallow talk about sustainability. It was not in the same high standard as the rest of the lectures. You must change this!»
- Not too many students in A-salen, the ventilation is poorly and the chairs are uncomfertable. As I said before there need do be breaks after 45 minutes, because no matter how interesting the lecture is, you lose focus after a while.»
- maybe not so many lectures, some of them seemed a bit out of context. some more time to read the literature instead.»
- more or earlier communication between students and staff, other place for lectures?»
- zwiekszyc przerwy miedzy wykladami»
- In my opinion, there was too many lectures on extreme design but I"m not sure everyone would agree. Maby there could be different tracks formed as lecture packages?»
- Be very clear to the lecturers that we already know the situation of the climate krisis from the first days. It is so hard to keep your interest when hearing it for the tenth time. Be more precise about how the posters will be used. maybe cut of some lectures, some days there were just too many.»
- there should be enough seats»
- Sten Gromark"s lecture did feel a bit misplaced. He didn"t talk so much about the environmentally issues, it was more about cool "green" architecture. Merrit Polk"s lecture was a bit too much. She said things that we all already know and she showed too many diagrams. Her lecture could have been on 15 minutes. I don"t know, maybe it was more useful information for the foreign students but for me as a swedish girl it was too much. The visit at the passive house center in Alingsås we could have skipped. They could have come to us instead because i didn"t get that much out of visiting one apartment that looked like any swedish apartment. »
- Length of lectures, invite a climatechange sceptic to improve credibility and uunderstanding of the problem of recognition in the media/bussiness world.»
- Not quite so many lectures»
- not to many lectures in one day -> can become very boring and just to much!!»
- More focus on study visits and practical assignments would have given us tools for applying what we"ve learned.»
- The trip to alingsås, and perhaps getting a better coordination between lectures. Many had the same slides and same background story which we had heard many times before. »
- Much more seminars where people dare discuss. »
- less films, more self-critical presentators, more reflecting posibilities with other students»
- One more seminar in between the other two. We really ran out of time in the last seminar. We had to much to discuss.»
- a smaller group or a bigger, more confortable room.»
- no lectures in the A-sal»
- Lecturers could be asked not to reiterate their conviction that there IS a threat to the environment (unless that is their actual subject) this would avoid the repetition of facts that we already know (sometimes from several lectures/films/texts within the course) but focus more on their specific area of expertise, including consequences and solutions, etc.»
- Maybe divide the seminars to 4 shorter to discuss the lectures more in detail. Maybe finish up each week with a seminar to sum up.»
- to give more answers about sustainable development. From my point of view, the first part was too long, because the second one is more interesting and we learn more from the second part.»
- The study visit.»
- 1. Det fanns några föreläsningar som inte var i samma klass om de andra, till exempel Michael Edéns "Design for sustainable building". Föreläsningen från Transition Town Alingsås var bra, men hade behövt en diskussion eller en presentation som knöt den mer till oss som arkitekter. Det var väldigt blandade reaktioner på den föreläsningen och det var lite svårt att veta hur man skulle förhålla sig till den. 2. Även om många perspektiv blev presenterade tycker jag att det saknades en kritisk diskussion kring exempelvis passivhus. Det hade varit givande att höra fler sidor av passivhustekniken, så att man lättare kan bilda sig en egen uppfattning.»
- -maybe more seminars and less lectures -do the second seminar earlier (as it should be useful for the course assignment) »
- More alternance between moovie and lecture because it"s very hard to have during all day lectures»
- More discussion/lecture/etc about the different views on sustainable development early in the course. Longer time or dividing the time for the assignment.»
- More practical activities»
- unn...long days..»
- the lecture hall, the chairs in the lecture hall.»
- The visits»

14. Other comments

- All in all, I think it was a nice course!»
- Many thanks to Lena and Sigrid, for everything.»
- The course was overall perfect. Very well orgenised and everything went as explained. the only negetaive part was that it was to many lectures in same location. I was getting tired mentaly as well as physicaly. Some lectures were just and only presenting problems in the world. I would like to hear some suggestions for solutions. Otherwise everything was perfect!»
- I would just recommend to read some opinions of Bjorn Lomborg, as an one example of many others enviromentalist, that haven´,t a generally accepted view. »
- We now know what the problems are, but we didn"t see that much solutions concerning the subject.»
- none»
- The persons from "transition towns" can talk more about their work on the grasroot level and not tell us about the peak oil, something that we already now by that time in the course. Let them not make fools of them selves when they show us the same picture we already have seen like 5 times in the course.»
- brak»
- Why cannot architects arrive at time, start at time, finish at time? »
- I enjoyed a lot this course. Discussions and debate brought me a lot. Transition towns, from oil dependency to Local resilience, was a very good lecture. Sometimes too general, some subjects pointed out but not developped (New towns in China, generic cities, car dependence... »
- If you keep the movie "The Planet" there should be more time for discussion afterwards because one got almost depressed after seeing it.»
- I like very much. Thanks everyone!»
- Thank you for one of the most informative courses yet!»
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- There is a strong critical view on the consumption paradigm underlying the whole theme of the course. There is also an inherent criticism of the "unquestionable" capitalistic structure of all our societies. These are very interesting subjects, central to the reasoning around long term globally sustainable development. I think we would benefit from making these questions explicit by inviting a lecturer with sustainable economic thoery as their area of expertise. A lecture on the politics of sustainable change would also be most welcome!»
- Very well organized course. High level on the lecturers. I was missing a lecture/discussion about how to reach the big segments of clients of sustainable solutions. »
- I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the teatchers.»
- Det hade varit kul att få en debatt, där inbjudna gäster kan presentera sin hållning och debattera med varandra och klassen. Det hade gett en mer nyanserad och kritisk bild. »
- You really should find a better solution than A-salen all day long 5 days a week! Those chairs kill you! And there aren´,t enough for everone....»
- The film "Learning from Ladakh" has a extremistic view of the society and ignores all the benefits of modern development. It should not be showed without a critical discussion.»
- the course was very good....it is just the beginning a new student in chalmers can ever dream of.»
- i thought it was overall a good course. the information was relevant to how we think about sustainability today. I especially appreciated the lectures which were critical of the green movement, and focus more on an actual notion of how things can be sustainable. i appreciate this course for its critical view towards the subject. I would like to see more discussion about that perhaps through workshops or more discussion group seminars.»

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