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SSY135 Wireless Communications, 2009/10, SSY135

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-03-16 - 2010-03-21
Antal svar: 56
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 94%
Kontaktperson: Erik Ström»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Övriga studenter

1. Are the guidelines for the course clear? (Deadlines, mandatory parts, bonus points, examination, web, course-PM)

56 svarande

Yes»56 100%
No»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1

- Eveyrthing is fine and properly updated.However the deadline for project 1 was short as compared to that of project 2. They should be smiliar.» (Yes)
- Most of the things were clear. Maybe the topics left could be covered next time.» (Yes)
- Deadlines should be increase.» (Yes)
- The part of outcomes might be more attached to the course itself.» (Yes)

2. How was the course information (web, course-PM, etc.)?

56 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»1 1%
Acceptable»7 12%
Good»30 53%
Very good»18 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.16

- » (Acceptable)
- However the quiz results were properly uploaded on the course home page and quizzes were also discussed in the exercise sessions but it would have been been easier as well if quize answers were also uploaded on the course homepage. Thanks.» (Good)
- A little confusing that some project related parts were only written in the course memo. Otherwise good.» (Good)
- Signing up for project oral exam could be done via web. This would be easier for students.» (Very good)
- Structured and well informed» (Very good)

3. What do you think about the examination principles (final grade based on project, quiz, and exam scores)?

56 svarande

Poor»4 7%
Fair»2 3%
Acceptable»9 16%
Good»20 35%
Very good»21 37%

Genomsnitt: 3.92

- The quiz really didn"t do it for me. I would prefer a simple calculation problem. For example "this week the quiz will consist of one of the following three problems, make sure you know how to solve all of them" Because there was really way to littly actuall problem solving during the course. One should have done all of the exersises by ones self but now a great focus was put in projects and studying lecture notes for the quizes so there was not enough time for problem solving. » (Poor)
- I think project report and interview evaluation is somehow depend on chance, and taste of interviewer. On the other hand the credits have assigned to the projects are high. My suggestion is reducing the credits of projects and cancel grading by interviewer and set it only as a pass and fail process.» (Poor)
- Final exam should be given more weightage as compared to quizes and projects grades. Final exam should have about 60 percent weightage. » (Poor)
- It is very difficult to get 5 in wireless. Quiz results deduct alot of socre because normaly we are NOT ready for them in the middle of the course. Also Oral examination are not fair because depending on the questions you are face to, which day you go etc etc you can het different results.» (Poor)
- I think my garade is not represent our knowledge in this cource.Quizes are not fair» (Fair)
- If there is a chance to compensate the score of the quiz ,the stress of them maybe decreases for the students who try to get the 5 score.for example extra question in final exam.» (Acceptable)
- There should be project presentations as well as to get a better judgement of students" working and his/her grading.» (Good)
- If their was assignments, it will be good.» (Good)
- but most of us lose lots of points on the quiz.» (Good)
- Maybe there should be a minimum mark on the exam, so everybody would have to take it.» (Good)

4. The purpose of the quizzes is to encourage and reward students activities that leads to learning. Has the quizzes helped you to learn wireless communications?

56 svarande

No, not at all»4 7%
No, not really»9 16%
Somewhat»17 30%
Yes, to some exent»12 21%
Yes, to a large extent»14 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.41

- I did not like this way of encouraging to learn. Thats just me.» (No, not at all)
- There was no purpose of quizes in this quarter. I mean everyone tried in the first quiz but it made no sense. Then everyone in class was just crying that "I didnt prepare for quiz bcoz quizes are nothing more than gambling."» (No, not at all)
- Sometimes the question is too tricky to me even I study the lecture slides.» (No, not at all)
- Quizzes seemed to be the way difficult» (No, not really)
- Drawback :the quiz time is too short» (Somewhat)
- For understanding yes somewhat. But they scores should be bonus rather than main part of final grading.» (Somewhat)
- But I think the quizzes have many traps. If the student do not mind, they could loose easily the points of quizzes. » (Yes, to a large extent)
- There should me more quizzes.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- It enabled me to study the lectures and book in time which otherwise i might not have done.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- Quizzes were tricky, but I guess I"d like the next generation to "suffer" them as well. We shouldn"t lower the basket for the team to score easier, should we? That"s lowering our engineers" levels.» (Yes, to a large extent)
- It makes me study on a regular basis and do not postpone the whole stuff to the last days» (Yes, to a large extent)
- They are very important and they should be more detailed one.» (Yes, to a large extent)

5. Indicate your attendance on scheduled sessions


- The lectures and tutorials are good. TA has a deep knowledge and friendly.»
- Lecture sessions were indeed very nice and understandable. It would have been better if similar exercise sessions were there twice a week so students with clashes could adjust themselves in all exercise sessions.»
- Lectures were extremely good. Eric Storm is very good lecturer. Exercises were also good but there is room for improvement in exercise sessions.»
- Read a course which made me miss many lectures»
- Thank you for giving us so good lectures.»
- 2 courses at the same time»
- Since I am an Erasmus student, the courses that I am taking are not from the same master program and sometimes the lectures collide in time.»
- Exercise lessons are very poor and bored»

55 svarande

0-25%»1 1%
26-50%»1 1%
51-75%»10 18%
76-100%»41 74%
Do not know»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.76

56 svarande

0-25%»4 7%
26-50%»3 5%
51-75%»9 16%
76-100%»38 67%
Do not know»2 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.55

6. How would you rate the quality of the lectures (with respect to your learning)?

56 svarande

Poor»2 3%
Fair»1 1%
Acceptable»5 8%
Good»26 46%
Very good»22 39%

Genomsnitt: 4.16

- The information in the slides is poor. The main formulas are not in the slides and there are few explanations» (Poor)
- Slides are useless with little information and hard to follow.» (Poor)
- Dear Eric I have some suggestions to improve the course information. The lectures of the course provide alot of informtion but to me they are not very appealing because they contain alot of mathematics. I think it would be interesting to prepare the lectures from top-to-buttom meaning instead of looking into details we can start with some pictures/animations ... that can give us some ideas. Alot of pictures are avaiable in the net that we can use. Have you ever watched Professor TSE lectures? I did net have any Wireless backgroun but honestly speaking anubody can understand his lectures very well, because while presentation he ASSUMES himself as a STUDENT Not a Professor. He thinks with us, makes mistakes and justify the mistakes and so on so forth. Therefore, you really are in that atomesphere. You are a great professor and very knowledgalble. No doubt in that. But to be a great researcher and great teacher are NOT necesarily the same. You have inroduced professor TSE"s links in your homepage so why NOT using anything that can help improving the course material. I mean why for example for Fading typpes, you do NOT use some of his ideas? What I am trying to say is that when lectures are understood then dealing with mathematics is not that SO difficult. We can easily refer to them in a book or in spearate papers or even in Excercises sessions dig into deatils. What peole normally confuse is that if for example you look at MIT or Stanford universty lectures they should not be understandable at all. Because they are the best universitis in Worls. But when you watch their lectures in youtube, you notice it is exactly the opposiite ways. The best professors of the world provide the SIMPLEST examples, lectures etc . When things are understood, in the exams there can be some questions that needs your deep understanding and but it is NOT in the lectures that diffrentiates between MIT and other lower-level universities.. My final suggestion from you is to make the lectures atomesphere relaxing and please make the student instead of being worried about project deadlines, quiz results etc and etc THINK about lectures. Make them use their imagination and come with fancy ideas and you are the one who can inspire them by your examples ... . This make the students interested wireless area which can aslo lead them to choose their master"s thesis in this area. To cut a long story short, if I am to grade you in this course : On Knowledge part : You are above 90 How well lectures are understandable : 50 (specially the first parts) *** I will get a very good score in this course, but to be honest I was SCARED until the very moment of the course ending. *** Eric you will excuse me for being direct right? Just make the class not SCARY and have some fun and then you are one of the Best! » (Acceptable)
- the summary before starting is great» (Good)
- Some lectures were very math heavy and it was sometimes hard to keep track of what the actual topic was and what its purpose in wireless communications was. Would also like to have a review lecture half way through the course to remind of what has been done. » (Good)
- More examples will be better. Sometimes too abstract.» (Good)
- Though all the lectures are good during the week 6 and 7 due to heavy work load from both the courses I feel uncomfortable. » (Good)
- The professor sometimes misses to say what the point is explicitly and sometimes just runs over the material.I don"t know if it"s a pedagogical measure (so he could make students investigate themselves), but I think that it makes the lecture incomplete. In particular, I think that Spread Spectrum lecture was done sloppy and also some parts of Diversity» (Good)
- More examples would be useful, in order to follow the lecturer. It is very easy to lost in pure formulas.» (Good)
- Great lectures! Nothing to ad, perhaps some more enthusiasm, sometime erik looks bored with what he"s teaching. Eric is however a great teacher!» (Very good)
- Lectures are indeed great. They helped me learn a lot and improve my concepts.» (Very good)
- As told previously lectures were very good. » (Very good)
- The presentations and motivations through lectures was excellent and should continue for future batches.» (Very good)
- It was interesting and makes me think more and the way that Erik introduces the stuff was efficient in a way that after the lecture the concepts were more clear» (Very good)
- During the MIMO lectures, once the topic jumped to SVD, now I know what it is. But at that time, I was really confused. I think it may not be consequent enough to the formal knowledge.» (Very good)
- Erik is very great! I enjoyed his lectures very much!» (Very good)
- Professor Erik Storm is brilliant it was a life time experience to be in his lectures. He is simply outstanding and I am not exaggerating at all.» (Very good)

7. How would you rate the quality of the exercises (with respect to your learning)?

54 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Fair»1 1%
Acceptable»14 25%
Good»23 42%
Very good»15 27%

Genomsnitt: 3.92

- I did not attend» (?)
- It would have been better if we had more time to do all of these problems our self, because the way Kasra solved problems by reasoning did not give the understanding you would get from doing it yourself. Kasra did a good jobb anyhow, he was very enthusiastic, which is nice to see. » (Acceptable)
- Number of questions discussed were not very large. More questions should be discussed.» (Acceptable)
- Teacher assistant sometimes does not encourage questions too much. This area could be improved.» (Good)
- Exercises was good and i think the motivation through exercises was somehow reached to the lectures but not very effective as lectures.» (Good)
- some practical interfaces with teacher and students in exercises will be great.» (Good)
- Well arranged. But it"s better to arrange two hours for reviewing old exams.» (Good)
- The way explanation should be improved. » (Good)
- Kasra exaplins well but he is NOT clean while writing. You can easily get confused in his class espcaliy if you are late for 5 minsor if you are not sitting in front row. Kasra is NOT fair in his grading in opal exams. he grades the students more like randmly than writing really who has uanswered how many questions. Sepideh"s class is very relaxing which is great. She makes the lectures very understandable. She however needs to explain more espaily in the beginning of the lectures, and also improve her understanding which I think is quite normal for her because she is NEW. Wish the best for both TAs !» (Good)
- Kasra is also great!» (Very good)
- The best TA"s ever. Quality of exercises is perfect.» (Very good)

8. How would you rate the quality of the course material (with respect to your learning)?


- The book is still a bit expensive...»
- Exercises should be increased.»
- The solutions are somewhat not so clear.»
- More exam oriented tasks would be nice.»
- Exercises should be more detailed I mean they should be well prepared by the teacher and students question"s should be well answered and they should be more motivated to ask question"s»

Text book (Goldsmith)
55 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»2 3%
Acceptable»6 10%
Good»19 34%
Very good»27 49%
Did not read»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 4.34

Selected exercises
55 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Fair»0 0%
Acceptable»8 14%
Good»28 50%
Very good»18 32%
Did not read»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 4.12

9. How would you rate the quality of the projects (with respect to your learning)?


- The learning outcome from the projects were OK, but if you look at how much time you spend on them and compare that time to solving problems it"s just nog worth it. Another thing I did not like about the projects is that there was no time to go through what we did wrong, to understand what we had misinterpreted. This is a very important part in learning and since it was hardly done with the projects alot of the effort was wasted.. Project memos where also quite vaguely written. Alot of time was spent on trying to figure out what is wanted from us, and that is just unnecessary. Memos where more vague than in previous courses. »
- The requirements for the OFDM system in the second project as well as the given parameters could have been stated in e.g. a list in order make it easier to get an overview.»
- There should be more clear explanations for the first simulation task of project 2 so that student can implement it easier.»
- Spread Spectrum and CDMA should also be brought as part of the projects.»
- Project were very good but the problem was in the support. TA"s did not supported good in the project help.»
- Projects were good, although, it would have been good to have a basis of what to expect of them, like a basic example of a solution (Not the solution of the project, but of some example project). Sometimes it takes more time to understand what we are doing, therefore, sometimes we are not able to distinguish if the results are correct or not. This can lead to wrong results but not because we are not able to get to the correct ones, but because we can"t really prove if we are right or wrong.»
- The quality of projects are really very good and it has lot of stuff to analyze but one thing i am not cleared that all the projects in communication engineering course was on MATLAB so, what extend this will help if i go to industry with these simulation skills.May be, could implement some projects as real time with different resources. »
- The memo for project1 is not very clear. Report judging was also some kind of unfair. The project2 was well designed.»
- Some errors on the first project made the 2nd project more difficult. It would have been nice that the channel simulation was given for project 2 so that everybody starts from the same basis.»
- The hard level of questions for project 2 are totally different from one group to another, we really need some luck.»
- TA"s should give time to students. We only once went to Saphedeh"s office for help and she said that "I am not supposed to look at your code" when we asked about thoeory then she said "I am not supposed to help you". So, what she is supposed to do ?»
- Project2 is good, but a little difficult.»
- Projects were very poorly explained and described. »
- Hard to follow and difficult understanding»

Project 1: Simulation of Fading Wireless Channels
56 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»1 1%
Acceptable»14 25%
Good»31 55%
Very good»10 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.89

Project 2: Design and Simulation of a Communication System over Wireless Fading Channels
56 svarande

Poor»1 1%
Fair»0 0%
Acceptable»11 19%
Good»29 51%
Very good»15 26%

Genomsnitt: 4.01

10. How was the workload of the projects?


- see above.»
- The way to implement Average Fade Duration and Level Crossing Rate should be included in the project 1.»
- The project descriptions were a little too lengthy. In my opinion they should be short and precise.»
- More help regarding the design of interleaver.»
- Project 2 was way too much because of what I stated on Question 9.»
- In project 2 though it seems to be easy while reading memo, but when started doing the project there are many concepts linked to each other and to be considered. But it is really good and interesting comparing to 1st one.»
- it was better if we could select our groupmates ourselves.»
- The project were good.»
- Most of the time was spent on the projects, therefore less time on theory and exercises. Would be extreamly good to include some porject-related studio sessions, with Matlab tips for the projects.»
- Clearer memories»

Project 1: Simulation of Fading Wireless Channels
56 svarande

Too little work»0 0%
A bit too little work»0 0%
Just right amount of work»35 62%
A bit too much work»17 30%
Too much work»4 7%

Genomsnitt: 3.44

Project 2: Design and Simulation of a Communication System over Wireless Fading Channels
56 svarande

Too little work»0 0%
A bit too little work»0 0%
Just right amount of work»28 50%
A bit too much work»21 37%
Too much work»7 12%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

11. How was the amount of work required in the course?

56 svarande

Too little work»0 0%
A bit too little work»0 0%
Just right amount of work»26 46%
A bit too much work»26 46%
Too much work»4 7%

Genomsnitt: 3.6

- The total workload was good (not saying that I didn"t work alot!!), but I would have rather spent more time on problem solving. » (Just right amount of work)
- More project work should be made part of it and percentage of marks for projects should be greater than the percentage of marks for the written exams.» (Just right amount of work)
- but maybe it didn"t left much time for source coding...» (Just right amount of work)
- If a little less time could have been spent on the projects, it would be possible to prepare more for the tutorials making the time spent there more valuable.» (A bit too much work)
- Combining quizzes, oral exams and other course work it became a little hectic.» (A bit too much work)
- Because of project 2.» (A bit too much work)
- If we spend approximately 40hours per week then surely we will get very good grip on the whole course. I guess if you extend this course a little bit and add one application area, it an be changed to 15 credit course and also it will be beneficial. I mean in the same course the student will learn all the required basics and one application oriented (Presently using in the market). Then in the next quarter if they start with wireless networks then that will be good specialization in wireless domain. » (A bit too much work)

12. How would you rate the quality of the course as a whole?

56 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»0 0%
Acceptable»6 10%
Good»28 50%
Very good»22 39%

Genomsnitt: 4.28

- Quizes should be in a sense to encourage students study. Not to discourage them.» (Acceptable)
- if this course is taught in two periods that is more sufficient than in one period of semester.» (Good)
- Din svarskod är: 0415945983» (Good)
- This is one of the best courses in MPCOM so far, but there can always be improvements made!» (Very good)
- The qualiy of the course is indeed very good. But the portion of cellualar communication and mobile telephone systems shuould be increased.» (Very good)
- One of the best courses of MPCOM.» (Very good)
- My favorite so far.» (Very good)
- I am really happy to take this course because it introduces the concepts used in modern technology» (Very good)
- Every thing was good in this cource but,its exams» (Very good)
- Exercise sessions should be improved.» (Very good)

13. What should definitely be changed in the course?

- Workload, more individual problem solving! Different format on quizes»
- The project"s guidelines should clear as much as possible.»
- nothing»
- Projects of Spread Spectrum and CDMA should be brought in the course.»
- projects grading Project memo are weak»
- No need to change anything.»
- Rather than solving the book questions in the Tutorials it better to solve those problems as given in the exams. »
- nothing»
- if this course is taught in two periods that is more sufficient than in one period of semester.»
- Quizes more evenly spread over the course. First was very simple since it was so early and later had more things. »
- Well, we couldn"t study link budget. I remember there was an extra lecture that was not really programmed and it was filled with more OFDM stuff. Maybe rearranging the lectures would have given Link Budget a chance to fit in.»
- Should have more sessions for solving previous year question papers and required few more days before exam for better preparation.»
- Nothing its perfect»
- adding assignments and some seminars about the projects so that the projects will be more clear.»
- Less mathematical lecture and more practical lecture»
- There should be a more complete course on the homepage of the course (not just the slides)»
- The last 2 lectures were somewhat in a fast pace, which can be adjusted somehow.»
- exercises of the book were easy»
- something that didn"t conclude in our memo appear in the written exam.»
- Quizes should be removed from list»
- The time between the deadline of the reports and the date of the oral exams.»
- add one or two summary courses among the lectures may be helpful»
- The criteria is good»
- No suggestion!»
- The quqlity of both TAs sessions are so different.»
- Add project-related studio sessions with Matlab. Make project load less intensive.»
- Exercise sessions need a bit improvements and new projects should be introduced.»
- Grading system »
- The lecture slides»
- In my opinion everybody should work on the exercises and problems and the only way to do so would be fixing a minimum mark on the exam, so it would be mandatory to take it.»
- Point systems. More weight of the examn»
- nothing i think»
- Din svarskod är: 6315947393»

14. What should definitely not be changed in the course?

- I think the coursebook was great. »
- The level and the type of questions on the exam was very good.»
- The proportion between exam, project and quiz is good. The structure of tutorial days are good too.»
- everything»
- Lectures were very properly made and they are indeed understandable. So they should not be changed.»
- Lectures »
- Lecturer and Book should definitely be retained.»
- The lecturer, who is absolutely the best teacher in our department.»
- basically,it is well organized»
- It was good to have copies of the lecture notes before every lecture... Using both slides and board made me really focused.»
- - the course book - the quizzes - related to the projects : the feedback received from the examiners was very helpful»
- This was the best course that I studied in Chalmers so for. The lectures were excellent and quite comprehensive. »
- the lecturer Erik is so professional in teaching and also the his method is so great.»
- Kasra having the exercises, those were very helpful»
- Eric and Kasra (can"t tell about Sepideh. I never attended to her exercises)»
- Strong assistance and support made by a professor should continue further coming batches.»
- LECTURER... Eric is the best professor we have in the Signals Department.»
- Lecturer, course book and timetable.»
- overview berore each tutorial»
- The projects and the quizzes are really important in that they made us work all along the quarter»
- Everything form lectures, exercises and Projects should be preserved.»
- the lecturer, the book»
- erik ström and kasra»
- - project about OFDM»
- Like the lecturer and TA.»
- Lecturer»
- the exercise section is helpful»
- The concept of exercises»
- Everything is great!»
- Quises »
- Printed lectures, the way lectures are held (presentation + blackboard).»
- The Professor Erik Storm. He should not be changed he should teach the course.»
- The professor Eric»
- Have the solutions of the exercises and the exams»
- I think the quizzes are a very good way to reward the students for their day by day work.»
- everything is fine my response code: 3115950196»
- Din svarskod är: 6315947393»

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