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Interaction Design Methodology, TDA496

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2010-01-04 - 2010-03-04
Antal svar: 12
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 17%
Kontaktperson: eva eriksson»

1. Describe 3 positive aspects of the course

- practise group communicating and corporation learn method»
- Mind opener Methods learned Open ended - geared at continued learning after course finished»
- Workshops, Examples, Resumé of the Instructor»
- Opportunity to practice different techniques. Opportunity to interact and work with other students in order to solve designing challenges. Opportunity to do some field work outside the classroom.»
- provide multiple ways to think of solutions expand ideas to a defined problem no restrictions for the methods»
- Great teacher. Resonable requirment for attending lectures. Nice study envirment.»
- 1- Johan was great 2- pressure projects 3- tutorials»
- Nice teachers, intresting, important»
- It taught me how to think outside the box. The teacher (Johan) was very inspirational. It was good to actually practice the methods instead of just reading about them.»
- Interesting lectures. I like examples!»
- - Flexibility - Response via mail, even though it sometimes took a while - Some really good lectures with product examples»

2. Describe 3 aspects of the course that did not meet you expectations

- lack of practise»
- I did not have any clear expectations of the course.»
- Project supervision. Doing projects with teachers. Involvement in real-world projects»
- ...»
- have more practical methods than theoretical ones have more examples to support the methods have more opportunities to use these methods »
- Theoratically, I learned some interaction design methods but not using them into real exersices.»
- 1- examination was too general and complex»
- no information about grade, which part that is graded and not, that the presentation was graden(no information about that)»
- The grading system, which changed _after_ the presentations and hand-ins. The instructions were unclear and confused me at times. The material was a bit too abstract at times. »
- The examination was unclear and felt almost random. I"m happy I passed but when I read the feedback my classmates got it could just as well have been me that didn"t pass. We were never told that the presentation was graded, which came as a surprise to many during the presentation. The later group where never told it was graded and got the information in the feedback. We thought the result of the project was graded.»
- - Grading - Extremly little, or no, information at all about how the grade is set. This is a joke really, and nothing was said about the oral presentation either. This can impossible be allowed by Chalmers held courses. - Force required worked time during excercises could be removed.»

3. Please describe 1 positive learning experience you had in the course

- method of investigation»
- Getting a bit more confident at tackling "wicked problems"»
- Made me think about the process of designing something.»
- learn how to read human constraints by observing other people»
- I could discuss several possible solutions and their merits and drawbacks in groups.»
- I know that Design is not stuff imagined by designers there are lots of technical methods afford it.»
- working on real interaction design projects in every day life»
- Learn how to think when adapt new pruducts»
- I now have tools to evaluate my ideas»
- I liked Johans comparisons to stuff like the surf-board and the record player.»
- I"ve learnt more on how a design process works and what sorts of different methods that you can use.»
- Learnt a lot about design methodology really.»

4. Describe 2 things you would like to change about the course, and how

- the place of cousre»
- A bit more organized web page. Getting a chance to talk to the person that were going to correct the project and essay.»
- Workshops in the beginning. Teachers should do real projects in the first part of the course.»
- More quest lectures, so we can learn from other experiences. More, but small, designing challenges »
- discuss the problems and how they"re solved in a more detailed way share some processes of how methods are being used in the development»
- more reading documents and references can be introduced. The examination could be better defined.»
- More information about what"s graded and how, other lecture rooms»
- The grading system, please don"t give instructions and change them during the actual presentation! Also, be more clear of what you expect of us. Everyone seemed pretty confused about that part and annoyed (all of us want to achieve a good grade). Also, the supervisors gave me the wrong information which resulted in a lower grade in the end.»
- The goal of the project was very unclear. I thought the result of the project was graded but was very disappointed when the result was not graded at all. I actually felt a bit fooled when I got the result. I spent a lot of time on the project but could just have said that we should not change anything, as long as I could argue for it with a well documented method. This would have taken 3 hours instead of 3 weeks.»
- The description on how the report and essay should be written, they way you should write them was kinda new for me.»
- - The supervisors were a joke. Really, how can this be allowed? Can I be a supervisor next year? It"s obvious that it requires no knowledge whatsoever, fine, I can accept that you hire incompetent retards, but what I can NOT understand is how they are allowed to give out different information than the course teacher, just to confuse you even more. I usually don"t want to be name calling, but Erik and Olof was the biggest joke I have ever seen, and just ruined the learning experience totally. - Look into Chalmers guidelines for what is required for a course. Obviously courses at Interaction Design breaks at all theese rules. Impressive, really. - And by the way, why is phone numbers missing for every person in the staff? Also a joke when you are in hurry. - If the time for oral presentation is set to 4 minutes, then stop the people who keeps talking in 6 minutes. Just interrupt them. If you have a rule, then stick to it. I feel violated when I stick to the rules and other people can talk for 6 minutes. Sure, it can affect thier grade, but I don"t want to hear thier shit. Make them stick to rules, just interrupt them when they don"t.»

5. Describe 2 things that you do not want to be changed in the course

- group work»
- the pressure projects were great, so was the project»
- A final project and essay as grading. Teacher.»
- Group work and creative freedom. »
- open teaching a lot of discussions among students»
- teacher. individual presentation. »
- The teacher pressure projects»
- Teacher, project 1.»
- Keep Johan (!) Keep the actual exercises, it was good to practice the learnings. »
- Overall, the course was a good experience and I don"t want to change it, except the description on the report and essay, to make it clearer on what is expected from the students.»
- - Keep the teacher, he was good, even though some parts were confused, and he obviously lied about that the course was all about learning and practice for the final essay, which he very much was a part of. - Excersices were good overall, just fire those supervisors as soon as possible. Terrible terrible!»

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