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Network security, Lp 2 Ht09, EDA491/DIT071

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-12-08 - 2010-01-07
Antal svar: 89
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 64%
Kontaktperson: Åsa Samdell»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

89 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»28 31%
Around 20 hours/week»30 33%
Around 25 hours/week»23 25%
Around 30 hours/week»7 7%
At least 35 hours/week»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.13

- Outside the lecturesm I just worked for the labs» (At most 15 hours/week)
- I know many of the topics since before, which therefore requires less time.» (At most 15 hours/week)
- Labbarna gick rätt snabbt, behövdes inte många timmar hemma.» (At most 15 hours/week)
- it was more about lab preparation.» (Around 20 hours/week)
- I spend most time in preparing LAB. Since LAB was only one chance, and if I wanterd to understand what I did, and also questions during the LAB approveal was a bit stressful.But there were really good questions.» (Around 25 hours/week)
- Alot of reading, the major disadvantage with reading pdfs is that they are usually structured in a way which makes them tough to go through (3 columns). A little bit more specific on what to read in the pdfs would be nice. » (Around 30 hours/week)

2. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

89 svarande

0%»2 2%
25%»6 6%
50%»7 7%
75%»43 48%
100%»31 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.06

- I"m not living in Gothenburg.» (0%)
- (25%) I had two other courses that collided in schedule a lot.» (25%)
- I love the course content really much. The course is well balanced between theoreries and practical knowledge.» (75%)
- I missed only one class......» (75%)
- bra föreläsningar, men pga vissa slides var riktigt bra nöjde jag mig med dem.» (75%)
- Sometimes, I was preparing lab instead of attending lecture.» (75%)
- One of the best teachers I have ever had in my time at Chalmers, missing one of the lessons would be fatal due to so much which was learned during them. » (100%)
- I attend all the teaching offered.» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

3. How understandable are the course goals?

89 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»10 11%
The goals are difficult to understand»1 1%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»22 24%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»56 62%

Genomsnitt: 3.39

- The goals do not accurately describe the course. They are written in such a way that it sounds like the course would go deeper into the topics, and allow the students to design Kerberos replacements or conduct research in the field.» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- In my opinion the course gives what is stated in the goals which is the knowledge to analyze and design secure networks. » (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)
- The goals gives me clear picture of the course. » (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

4. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

85 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 1%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»81 95%
No, the goals are set too high»3 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.02

- The written goals, although they do not accurately describe the course, are at a reasonable level. However, if I had not been studying security for fun on my spare time, they might have been a bit too high.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- Since I didn"t have good knowledge about network protocols, it was a bit higher goal for me. But it"s still nice.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)

5. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

87 svarande

No, not at all»1 1%
To some extent»23 26%
Yes, definitely»26 29%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»37 42%

Genomsnitt: 3.13

- I used the info in a book of around 500 pages to answer only one question in the exam! A large portion of exam questions came from previous examinations. Questions were either provided as is, or mixed together. Network Security is much more richer than this!» (No, not at all)
- The examination is very easy, one can easily pass the exam by just reading the previous question papers and without even attending a single class, my suggestion is the exam should not be like this, the question paper should be little bit tough.» (To some extent)
- Asu usual my memory was tested as much as my understanding of the course» (To some extent)
- Yes, I did"t do exam well, but it"s quite reasonable contents.» (Yes, definitely)

Teaching and course administration

6. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

89 svarande

Small extent»4 4%
Some extent»20 22%
Large extent»50 56%
Great extent»15 16%

Genomsnitt: 2.85

- I"ve been working professionally with network and computer security before so I had an advantage here. Except for the inner workings of SSL there was little new information for me here. This is no critique of the lecturer who as far as I"m concerned did a great job.» (Small extent)
- I didn"t attend much of the lectures so I cannot comment on them, but I thought the lab assistants where excellent, taking time to explain things in detail if you had a question and it felt like they actually thought it was interesting to teach! So thumbs up!» (Some extent)
- (Some extent) The labs were very good for the understanding» (Some extent)
- It helped me a lot in understanding the concepts.» (Large extent)
- As I said, one of the best teachers.» (Great extent)

7. What do you think about the lectures?

Were they worth visiting?

89 svarande

Very poor»1 1%
Poor»0 0%
Ok»24 26%
Good»35 39%
Very good»29 32%

Genomsnitt: 4.02

- The lectures were rather boring. Very dry.» (Ok)
- Too much theory!» (Ok)
- Apart from some over-simplifications, the lectures were worth visiting. Some parts are repeated in the cryptography course, which made them seem redundant. It would be nice if the cryptography course would be a requirement for this course, just as the computer security course is now.» (Ok)
- Sometimes, the teacher repeats the same thing very many times. Otherwise, good.» (Ok)
- Since it is possible to answer 0% on question 2 it should be possible to answer "Not applicable" or similar. However, Thomas" lectures in previous cources was outstanding.» (Ok)
- a bit slow at times.» (Ok)
- The only thing I could point out which was not flawless was that it became tad stressy at the end of the lectures when the lecturer wanted to finish off all the slides. » (Good)
- Those I where on where good!» (Good)
- Please keep track of the time better, maybe get a free timer for our laptop» (Good)
- Some of them are very descritive, they should be more interactive, more demonstrations with physical examples. There should also be a greater connection to companies to show what solution has been applied to certain company and why.» (Good)
- speciellt slides och besöket från FRA» (Very good)
- keep on with the guest lectures! was really fascinating» (Very good)
- labs and lectures very good» (Very good)
- It was really very good. Specially we were working technically the lecture that we had in the class. And we were seeing what we had leaned in the class, technically.» (Very good)

8. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

89 svarande

Small extent»11 12%
Some extent»33 37%
Large extent»39 43%
Great extent»6 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.44

- The course book seems to be written by an amateur. It is strongly over-simplified and it misses many important points (most of which the lectures covered). The course would benefit from replacing the course book with vulnerability reports, research, etc.» (Small extent)
- Didn"t buy it, felt rendudant.» (Small extent)
- No "No extent" option. I never bothered with the literature.» (Small extent)
- Only used slides» (Small extent)
- The Book is very bad... (I"m sorry for the author). It"s just an overview of network security. It details nothing. I was looking for some details on IPsec: nothing on the course book, for example (nothing technical, no explanation of the protocol. AH,IKE,ESP) Some additionnal reading are interesting» (Some extent)
- (Some extent) The book does not reflect the exam that much... it would be better with a book that actually described little more about how all different attacks are done, since that seems to be what is most important in the exam.» (Some extent)
- köpte inte boken men om man ser alla länkar till artiklar som kursmaterial så läste jag vissa av dem» (Some extent)
- other material contains very lengthy topics, that should be shortened by removing some unwanted things.» (Some extent)
- The book does not cover a lot of details that are mentioned in class and asked in exams. For such things, the lecture slides should be more descriptive. » (Some extent)
- I did not buy the book, but the extra material on the course website was good.» (Some extent)
- The coursebook was basically useless. Why not remove it?» (Large extent)
- There were too much materials. So it"s hard to find the information. I myself likes to use one book. Since it"s not a introductry course, it"s hard to understand the concept and detail.» (Large extent)
- I did not buy the book. I only relied on the slides and some books from outside like SSL and TLS essentials» (Large extent)
- nice reader friendly book» (Great extent)

9. How were the slides?

89 svarande

Poor»2 2%
Could have been better»9 10%
Ok»15 16%
Good»43 48%
Very good»20 22%
Dont know»0

Genomsnitt: 3.78

- The slides could be rearranged, because sometimes the order isn"t very good. For example, explain all the principles first and then the attacks could be more adequate. » (Could have been better)
- Lectures slides can be made more precise, compact, and informative than they are.» (Could have been better)
- the slides sometimes are very hard to understand, specially if i don"t attend the lecture.. i don"t know if that how it should be or not, but some slides for sure need some clarifications..» (Could have been better)
- some parts needed more explanation,or sometimes made confuse.» (Ok)
- It should be a review to the text book, but usually have much more, I dindt like it.» (Ok)
- I have previous knowledge so the slides where good for refreshing that » (Good)
- The slides could use some more information, for example the WEP lecture states that the RC4 cipher was used "poorly", but never specified how.» (Good)
- There should be more focus in what is important and what is acessory (just extra information).» (Good)
- The slides are well prepared and helps to understand the overall idea about the topic.Which makes it easier for us to read the book and other materials.» (Good)
- Perhaps need to cut the amount down to be able to finish them without the stress.» (Very good)
- riktigt bra utformade» (Very good)
- Slides were nice! It would be helpful if each slide has lecture number, i.e. this period we had lectures about 1-14 topics. So each slide can have this number. I appreciated that lecturer put slides before lectures. I liked it! » (Very good)
- The slieds note really helped me to understand the course easly. And also they were easy to understand and it makes things simple.» (Very good)

10. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

88 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»1 1%
Rather well»46 52%
Very well»41 46%

Genomsnitt: 3.45

- It would be better if the lecture schedule on the web page had dates on each lecture, rather than a sequence number.» (Rather well)
- A bit slow with pdf sometimes.» (Rather well)
- Not very clear which part of the book are needed» (Rather well)
- There were some problems in the beginning of the course when trying to create lab groups, but now when they know how to fix it, it shouldn"t be a problem for future occasions of this course» (Rather well)
- I prefer studentprotalen, the the webpage was good as well.» (Rather well)
- But come on... What"s with computer science people and not using the student portal/pingpong?! There is _no_ excuse, _not_ acceptable!» (Rather well)
- It should be integrated in the student portal» (Rather well)
- if the slides be on site before class and not change, its so good. because I wrote my class notes in slides and when it changed I had notes in many versions. » (Very well)
- No problems here!» (Very well)
- Very good course page! Always actual information. This page should be standard for other courses!» (Very well)
- What about using the "Studentportalen" to register for labs?» (Very well)

Study climate

11. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

89 svarande

Very poor»1 1%
Rather poor»1 1%
Rather good»25 28%
Very good»39 43%
I did not seek help»23 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.92

- Problem was during the labs which were over-crowded. It could take over one hour before you could receive assistance. » (Rather good)
- Haven"t asked much in class. The few times I needed help the lecturer had time for me in the pauses. great.» (Rather good)
- Although the lab assistants were very efficient, it was sometimes difficult to get help during the labs.» (Rather good)
- The two phd students offer great help when we are doing the labs. They are kind and nice.» (Very good)
- There were oportunities to ask a question anytime in the middle of the lecture as well as in the break and after the class .» (Very good)

12. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

88 svarande

Very poorly»4 4%
Rather poorly»4 4%
Rather well»26 29%
Very well»49 55%
I did not seek cooperation»5 5%

Genomsnitt: 3.53

- No cooperation between students, and why should there be?» (Very poorly)
- It gets problematic when you do laborations with someone whom does not know UNIX-environments at all. We reserved alot of spare time to manage all the laborations due to that. » (Rather poorly)
- My group mate didn"t worked as I expected: not preparing the labs and not the same performance as I did. The work wasload not balanced among the group.» (Rather poorly)
- There was a very annoying guy in the class that really ruined lectures sometimes, but other than that it was ok.» (Rather well)
- We only cooporated in the labs and when studying the week before the exam.» (Rather well)
- It would have been nice to have the option to do the labs alone.» (Very well)
- Me and my labpartner complemented each other well» (Very well)
- vårt labbpar funkade bra, pratade inte med andra studenter» (Very well)
- He has good knowledge of network and security. So I learned a lot!» (Very well)
- Specially the lab assignemnts allowed us to have good cooperation with our fellow students.» (Very well)

13. How was the course workload?

89 svarande

Too low»1 1%
Low»6 6%
Adequate»63 70%
High»16 17%
Too high»3 3%

Genomsnitt: 3.15

- Again, I had quite a bit of previous experience which lowered the workload conciderably.» (Too low)
- Since of my background.» (Low)
- tror man kan göra labbarna lite kluriga. Vi var aldrig i labbet mer än 2h och satt då knappt något hemma.» (Low)
- The laborations were allright, laboration 3 is very long but doable within 6 hours. » (Adequate)
- It was fair, it gave us to understand the course clearly with out any struss. And without any work overload. Normally it had work overload but it was really fair relativily with others.» (Adequate)
- LAB was a bit stressful for me.» (High)

14. How was the total workload this study period?

89 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»3 3%
Adequate»38 42%
High»37 41%
Too high»11 12%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- The workload is high ,because i have to finish 2 courses within the given period . And lots of assignements to submit. » (High)
- The assignemnts of the other course that i was taking, was really workoverload of this semester period for me. » (High)
- Two very early exams (thuesday and monday) combined with assignments and laborations is very tough. Almost no study time for exams because the last assignment is the last week in the other course. » (Too high)
- I also read project management (IBB135)» (Too high)
- Reason: to hurry up vacating!» (Too high)
- I was taking 3 course: Network Security, Routing Technology, and Advanced Java Programming» (Too high)

Size and contents

15. Should we have more, same or fewer lectures?

Assuming we keep the same contents in the course?

89 svarande

Fewer»7 8%
Ok as today»66 80%
More lectures»9 10%
No opinion»7

Genomsnitt: 2.02

16. Should we remove or add contents to the course?

This would imply more lectures to cover these topics as well. We could have three lectures a week the first four or five weeks, for example.

89 svarande

Remove some contents»10 11%
It is good as it is»63 70%
More contents»12 13%
Much more, please!»4 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.11

- Forexample the first 3 lectures can be removed and in some way be given in detail in computer security course .This may help to add other contents. » (Remove some contents)
- The course is really good as an initial course in network security, I would like to see an advanced course in this subject!» (It is good as it is)
- men som sagt tidigare, lite klurigare labbar. Kanske någon programmeringsuppgift.» (It is good as it is)
- It would be much better to have less lectures the last two weeks if possible. There"s a lot of details in the course as everybody already knows and it take time get the whole picture. I would therefore prefer to have more time at the end of the course to melt in everything and start the examstudy earlier.» (It is good as it is)
- maybe increase speed of lectures a bit intead» (It is good as it is)
- no need to add more lectures.. i mean the materials covered are huge enough, and more than that will lead to an overwhelming workload.» (It is good as it is)
- The course barely touched the type of network security that is used in anything but small scale. It would also be interesting if the course covered more systems/protocols without inherently flawed designs. A short summary saying which solutions were terribly bad and why would have been adequate in my opinion.» (More contents)
- The lectures were good so why not more? =)» (More contents)
- The more the merrier. More info on Attack methods, network layer security, transport layer security, link-level security. In my opinion there could also be less level of info on things like protocol specifics of SSL/ESP/AH/Kerberos/Radius. Such facts are nothing you remember a few weeks after the course anyway. » (More contents)
- practical issues with more lab session would be graet help.» (More contents)
- Going slightly deeper into VPN wouldn"t hurt. Also, detailing a few exploit types such as buffer overflows and how they work is rather fundamental to a network security course and I can"t recall this being brought up.» (More contents)
- VoIP Security» (More contents)
- It would be good know how make the attacks , in the lab» (Much more, please!)

17. What topics should definitely be kept for next year?

Topics that we should not remove from the course.

- SSL, Firewalls»
- different layer"s attacks and security, SSL,SSh, Firewalls???, network design»
- SSL, IPSec, Attack Methods and Firewalls. Also the guest lecturer was superb.»
- all were good»
- Why firewalls are old fashion and the basic about how to encrypt traffic without sending the password.»
- Everthing»
- Authentication Methods, Cryptography»
- Radius, SSL, wireless security»
- The part I want you to keep the most is the mindset that is needed to create a system which is secure in the long run, and not just against specific well-known attacks. Other areas which should be kept are IDSs (especially modern ones) and SSL/TLS.»
- Topics that involves different types of attacks against networks.»
- All lab topics»
- SSL, SSH , IPsec, Firewall, »
- radius,dos attacks»
- SSL, SSH, IPSec, Firewalls, Attacks»
- The lectures on attack methods, TCP and IP, SSL, IPSec »
- Firewalls»
- The details and facts. Some of them is really eye-opener.»
- The diffirent attack types and the firewall slides.»
- Attack methods, network layer security, transport layer security, link-level security.»
- The different attack methods.»
- Current network security concerns»
- All the topics.»
- All the different layers (Link, network, transport) and attacks.»
- alla bra»
- lab topics are good.»
- Network layer security,Transport layer security,Firewall ,DoS attack ,SSH,SSL,IPsec,attack Methods»
- IPsec,SSL,SSH,Kerberos,RADIUS,Wireless»
- SSL, firewalls, attack methods, .. well everything is pretty interesting to be honest.»
- attacks, ssl/tsl, ssh, kerberos, firewalls, etc »
- Attacks, and the demonstration»
- Firewalls, Ipsec, SSH, SSL»
- Firewalls, attacks»
- Network and Transport layer security, SSL and IPsec.»
- Attacks, DOS, Cryptography, SSL|SSH, IPSec»
- SSL, Firewalls»
- The guest lecture from FRA»
- Everything except Kerberos»
- Think most of it should be kept.»
- Firewall,Attack methods,Layers Security»
- -SSL -Ipsec -Link layer Sec -Guest lecture»
- firewall, VPN. Since they are required knowledge at real workplace. ACK/SYN scan. Fundamental. »
- TCP/IP attacks ,SSL & TLS, SSH, IPSEC, 802.11»
- Ip-sec, link-level attacks..»
- firewalls-authentication»
- firewalls,authendication»
- topics about radius, tacacs, ssh, ipsec, wireless,more about security associations, or may be a Lab on this issue..»
- Cryptography and Access control. Security in network layer,transport layer, link layer and application layer. IPsec and SSL. Firewall and Attacks. »
- other than the topics i mentioned above ,almost all should be kept for the next year. »
- Attack methods and also network layer and transport layer security. Generally all attacks. And detection and protection methods like SSL,SSH and IPsec. I think these content of the course are good to be kept. »
- all things»
- Security in Communication N/Works »

18. What topics should definitely be changed to next year?

Topcis you think should be replaced with something more interesting

- firewalls, cryptography»
- Kerberos, it is already lectured in Computer Security (as the teacher mentioned, himself). »
- nothing»
- I think that anything that is strictly protocol related can be exchanged. ipsec, ssl, kerberos or ssh. It"s about security but to me they are more of examples than something that I need to learn in the course.»
- Network design»
- 1,about how does the virus attached with message. 2,more topics about wireless network security. 3,IPsec can be replaced because it is already learned in the course of Internet technology.»
- Security specific to the client-side (both hardware and software), since that belongs to a regular computer security course. The focus of this course should be on servers and network devices (routers, dedicated firewalls, etc).»
- No opinion, I thought every topic had some interesting content to it.»
- more about wireless security , whats different in wireless field that make its security different,... the guest lecture was so interesting way, it can be a lecture, sniffing»
- ipsec»
- Nothing special»
- None I can think of»
- Some of the "should do" comments (like blocking ICMP) is very outdates (I mean, ICMP is used instead of ARP in IPv6). »
- Don"t really know.»
- Not really, so far so good»
- I feel the topics are fine.»
- As a whole it seems fine.»
- definately SSH»
- inget jag känner.»
- mandatory additional reading should be discussed in lectures.»
- kerbores, »
- IPsec»
- Nothing if you ask me, maybe little less into depth details regarding some large topics such as firewalls and SLL. But on other hand it"s still needed to get the whole picture.»
- cant suggest you at this moment»
- Nothing»
- Radius might be removed.»
- Maybe a bit less on WEP, good examples of a failed technology though.»
- Despite authentication being important to network security, I couldn"t help but feel that bringing up Radius/Kerberos/LDAP was not so necessary with regard to the rest of the course content.»
- All is ok»
- Kerberos»
- Fewer talk about attacks!»
- none»
- WLAN scurity. Mobile network security.»
- SSH is better to be changed ,i mean it needs to have more information»
- There should be more practical info about ssh as the example provided on the website is not clear. Add a lab, for example.»
- Maybe somehitng of the criptography part»
- ipsec-»
- wlan»
- IDM :)»
- Cryptography and authentication mechanisms »
- All contents were the content that i have to know. I didn"t see any contents to be replaced.In my perspective all were neccessary for me.»
- none»
- All good but add more»

19. If more or deeper topics, any suggestions?

- no .»
- No idea here, since the course is broad anything could do. If that is a certain protocol so be it.»
- Network design i think is better much deeper, maybe creating a real network.»
- 1,deeper information of firewalls 2,more information about hacking»
- How to defend larger or high-security networks»
- no more suggestions»
- Nothing»
- Re-new the content a bit, perhaps. More network application security. »
- No.»
- The content of firewalls could be more focused and go deeper.»
- Nothing comes to mind.»
- social engineering kanske går att prata mer om.»
- SSH»
- More offensive topic like network hacks»
- IP tracking if possible»
- The answers for the previous question ppaers are very short, they could be more elaborate.»
- It would be interesting too at least briefly look into the security functions of for example cellular networks, as they differ quite a bit from 802.11.»
- More about how to set up a network properly with DMZ, firewalls etc»
- More about attacks, DDoS, VoIP»
- NO»
- Deeper topics in VLANs. Examples of solutions applied to companies (network design, etc), and analyse why was that solution applied to that situation.»
- More precise and scientific study of networking protocols!»
- maybe an article on social engineering.»
- Mobile network security + terminal security system(such as SIM in mobile phone.)»
- i have no idea»
- Also, it would be nice to mention something about wireless sensors network security and the limitations.»
- security associations, and IKE protocol in more detail, may be a Lab on this topic will be usefull also»
- More lecture on demonstrating live attack methods. »
- Network design part should be given in a more detailed way.»
- The presenetation of the course was very good and it had flow. First it showed us the attacks and next how to defence this attack(protection). Generally keep it up.»
- more on SSH»
- (TDM switches, wireless , IP base switching systems, Communication links security like fiber, satellite) »

Book and study material

20. Should we use a text book next year?

Pankos new book will be available next summer. It can replace some of the mandatory reading material and may be a good reference source.

89 svarande

Yes»28 31%
No»28 31%
Have no strong preferences»33 37%

Genomsnitt: 2.05

- The book is simple literature and not much text, it seems so useful specially before class, It gives view about the topic.» (Yes)
- Using a course book is a good idea. But not the same... I didn"t like this one (see previous comment)» (Yes)
- I enjoy reading the books :) It covered the topic quite neatly.» (Yes)
- Good text book is nice.» (Yes)
- we can not download it, the price is high » (No)
- I think that computer related courses often rely too much on course books. Often material online exists and is good enough. Surely it"s good to have a book for people that know less about networking.» (No)
- A course book may be a good idea, but I hope you find a book written by an author with a background in security. Since you are considering a book written by an economist, I suggest you replace the book with vulnerability reports, mailing lists/RSS feeds, research articles, and so on.» (No)
- Well! I did not have the book, to be frank it seemed redudant. We shall see if the exam results agree with me ,)» (No)
- The book does not reflect the exam that much... it would be better with a book that actually described little more about how all different attacks are done, since that seems to be what is most important in the exam.» (No)
- I did not feel that the book added much more to the topics, often what I sought was not in it. Internet material and slides should be enough.» (No)
- because the topics covered in text book are very less, so one can learn those topics by simply borwsing the web, i spent 550kr to buy the text book, waste of my money.» (No)
- Did not need it, maye start looking for a free online book» (No)
- unnecessary » (No)
- I didn"t care for the book, it was repeating itself too much.» (No)
- I don´,t think it"s needed. All information about the topics in this course exists on Internet.» (No)
- The book should be changed! There are better titles!» (No)
- If its really good maybe, as the course was this year I would prefer not having a textbook.» (No)
- actually the book is a very bad one, and I wish i didn" pay that amount of money to get it.. also the slides and wikipedia are more than enough, since u r not strictly following the book anyway. » (No)
- Didnt have book an didnt need it. Lecture notes good enough» (No)
- Some people like to get information from books, I guess that it"s a good thing to have a book available. However I don"t think you really need a book for a topic like this.» (Have no strong preferences)
- köpte inte boken så vet ej» (Have no strong preferences)
- The book is not too good. But it is not possible to only study from slides because we need more description. So book is good for giving a good introduction to topics. And then slides for details. » (Have no strong preferences)

21. How was the quality of the mandatory reading material?

88 svarande

Didn"t read it»16 18%
Bad (replace it)»3 3%
Fair»28 31%
Good»35 39%
Very good»6 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.13 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- Haven"t read all yet, just some. What I"ve seen it seems good. Specifications and such for labs is a bit boring ro read and contains a lot of uninteresting information. Perhaps it"s a good lesson learning to read such specifications too.» (Didn"t read it)
- To be honest, I didn"t have time to read them. For LAB, I had to spend much time for internet surfing.» (Didn"t read it)
- honestly there is no time for reading these materials, too many topics...» (Didn"t read it)
- Some times difficult to understand» (Fair)
- Many of the articles seemed to cover eachother, which made them seem like a waste of time. Some, like the security assessment of the TCP and the IP protcols were at times very interesting.» (Fair)
- I didn`t read much, but was not adding much to slides and understanding» (Fair)
- I read selected parts of it, but some I didn"t bother because I could not find it interesting. » (Fair)
- I found the Dos attack story very interesting, but other material went in to deep, was to long and lost me as a reader quickly. » (Fair)
- could be shortened.» (Fair)
- Maybe too much. Some documents on IP and TCP are too big. It"s impossible to read them all.» (Good)
- Some are too long (lot of blabla, not enough focused on what we have to learn) Btw, the report from Stanford was very interesting (good overview)» (Good)
- Some was good other was so boring that I didn"t even bother to read it. The very long ones should definitively be replaced.» (Good)
- The articles written as investigative stories were actually highly entertaining to read, such as the person infiltrating an IRC bot net and the (optional) NTP flooding from a common home router.» (Good)
- The DDoS document was good. Also the one about MS Vista. Very informative. I would suggest that the professor also include some things from the papers in the lecture ... for example the one about RADIUS attacks and WEP attacks ... could have been explained in class too. » (Good)
- Varied quite alot. The GRC articles might be "entertaining" but are not really scientific material. I think it"s a really good idea with some other mandatory reading material then the book though, good with other opinions and to broaden our views a bit.» (Good)
- I really liked the reading material The distributed reflection DOS attack against GRC.COM. It was a bit old but served as a good learning material about the subject.» (Very good)
- especially the dos story & wep dead again» (Very good)
- Better to this stuff then book tbh» (Very good)

22. Should we have more or less reading material?

Assuming we have no book, should we increase or decrease the amount of reading material in the course?

88 svarande

Decrease»29 32%
Keep same»41 46%
More»12 13%
More, but just as volontary reading»6 6%

Genomsnitt: 1.94

Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 3.13


23. What do you think about the laborations?

Their contents and what you learned from them.

88 svarande

Bad»1 1%
Not too god»0 0%
Fair»13 14%
Good»36 40%
Very good»38 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.25 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I learned a lot of things from this labs because i am intrested, the main thing lagging in lab is authentication, we are doing the network security lab and no one in the lab is asking to show our identities. I know most of my friends done the lab without attending to lab, since their friends did the lab for them, because no one asked to show the identity. so care should be taken to avoid such things. one more thing i want to mention is that labs are not strict, asking viva questions should be done more strict.» (Bad)
- Not very hard to complete.» (Fair)
- I felt that I got many questions that wasn"t related to the different assignments I did. Everytime it felt like I didn"t prepare even though I did. I think the questions I got from the lab examinators was really good though, perhaps the labs should be more like the things they ask about.» (Fair)
- Much of the labs seemed to be manufactured to justify that the lab should take 4 hours. It would be much more fun if the labs were more to the point.» (Fair)
- Time consuming.» (Fair)
- I realize this is hard to achieve with budget constraints as well as student workload, but I think the labs need to test more of the course contents. Now we just get selected bits. So The only way to do so is to increase the amount of labs.» (Fair)
- bra innehåll men för lätt. Tror man kan lära sig mer under 4 timmar.» (Fair)
- As I was quite familiar with the tools used it did not give me that much. I guess people with other background appreciated them more.» (Fair)
- I want to say thanks to Pierre Kleberger, I really liked his way of helping and asking demo, he used some questions to guide you when you had a problem, and he also teach when he asks at demo time, he was strict in doing well, but helped and guided to reach the goal.» (Good)
- I believe that specially the 3rd lab could be made more remote.» (Good)
- The first lab is a little dull, though. I love the rest three.» (Good)
- Reduce workload on first one a little (takes some time to get used to the lab enviroment and so on)» (Good)
- good enough but didnt learn much that was needed for the exam.» (Good)
- I didn"t like third lab, I couldn"t understand it very well. Besides it was too extense.» (Good)
- add and extra lab that combines VPN ,SSH, IPSEC.» (Good)
- specially the one about ssh and certificates, very usefull actually » (Good)
- Interesting tasks, the instructions were well written some points could have been better though. Like the copying of files back and forth, took alot of time to explain to lab partner. » (Very good)
- The labs are very interesting. It"s the most efficient way to learn !» (Very good)
- The labs very very fun and educating. It worked well to prepare for them at home and work on them in the lab.» (Very good)
- Good with some practical learning as well.» (Very good)
- Labs are always good» (Very good)
- very interesting labs» (Very good)

24. Do you think the resources in the lab were sufficient?

(help from teachers, computer resources and waiting time for approval of labs)

89 svarande

Very poor»4 4%
Poor»11 12%
Ok»61 69%
More than enough»12 13%
No opinion»1

Genomsnitt: 2.92

- took too long time to get help, or to show the TA the lab in the end» (Very poor)
- since there are only 2 assistants in the labs, so waiting time is very long queue, i have done my lab for the first time i went to lab, but i didn"t got apporoved because of long queue, it made me attend to lab for the 2nd day again. so steps need to be taken to avoid this.» (Very poor)
- Wait time for help and oppertunity to show your results was over 1.5h for first and last lab.» (Very poor)
- We would commonly finish the a lab rather quickly but had to wait for a very long time in order to report our findings. For Lab 4 we actually had to use one of the extra lab slots just for reporting as spending about 40-50 minutes at the ordinary lab slot just waiting for our turn was not enough. This was highly aggravating to say the least.» (Very poor)
- Too over-crowded and very hard to get assistance at several occasions. » (Poor)
- Too few assistants, sometimes I had to wait 1h+ to get help.» (Poor)
- I"m thinking about working in the lab, were it sometimes took over an hour to get some help with a small problem.» (Poor)
- Long waiting time for approval of labs» (Poor)
- teachers were so busy ,I think more lab assistant or equally more lab sessions would help.» (Poor)
- first lab we had to wait for hours! When we asked for help, rather than answering questions we were told to read up on the stuff we asked.» (Poor)
- At some occasions the waiting time for approval took just as long as actually doing the laboration.» (Poor)
- I think that the few times I needed help the queue was very long. » (Ok)
- Help from teachers where extensive! Perhaps a bit too extensive sometimes they could be for 20 mins explaining something, on the other hand, I liked that very much when it was to me they where explaining ,)» (Ok)
- Sometimes we had to wait along time for assistance from a lab teacher, maybe this might be fixed by adding a lab assistant.» (Ok)
- Everything except the waiting times was fun. Could get a bit long at times.» (Ok)
- approval too long (we had to wait for 1 hour !)» (Ok)
- det fungerade bra. Boka via internet vore bättre.» (Ok)
- The air quality in the lab room was really poor. People from earlier labs were still there hogging all computers making us wait at the start of the lab session. The assistants were very good however (time and help). » (Ok)
- 2 teachers sometimes was not enough, specially at the end of class: while some group is presenting the work you have to wait a long queue to ask a question.» (Ok)
- Sometimes the teachers are not able to support all the students there and waiting for approval happens .» (Ok)
- I had absolutely no problem with this, could even attend other time slots then the one I booked without any trouble.» (More than enough)
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 4.25

Summarizing questions

25. What is your general impression of the course?

89 svarande

Poor»0 0%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»8 8%
Good»65 73%
Excellent»16 17%

Genomsnitt: 4.08

- I think this is a good course and you are a good lecturer. However coming from the Network and Distributed Systems Masters Program (last year), much of the course content is redundant, especially when you got your bachelors degree at Chalmers. This course is to the content almost the same as Computer Communication, Network Security, Distributed Systems(too some extent),Cryptography and Internet Technology. When you have red all these courses, you already know most of the course material from other Courses. It"s a shame that most of these courses are mandatory for the NDS-master, it"s gets a bit repetetive to "learn" the same think over and over again. This is my main concern about the masters education, that there seem to be a lack of communication between the lecturers of each course. Couldn"t you all that taught similar courses get together and decide what areas you will specifically go deeper into, and what areas you can let other lecturers talk about. It"s so much repetition in each course. I rather see fewer courses that actually teach more in depth of one subject, for example the content of the courses I named before could easily fit in 4 or maybe even 3 course. Or you could just remove some of the mandatory courses from the NDS program, so people themselves can choose what they want to learn. I actually found it during my masters education that reading courses on a basic level has taught me more, in masters courses you usually have learned 30-50% of the content in previous courses. Anyway I think you still should have a course, since you obviously know this subject very well and are a good lecturer. Just try to get better synchronization with other similar course (and this applies to the other courses too). » (Adequate)
- A good course I think! It feels like this is a subject that is hard to teach theoretically, so my suggestions are more labs.» (Good)
- The course and its subjects are very interesting and need to be addressed. I actually changed from using WEP to WPA because of this course.» (Good)
- I did not like security at first, but after taking this course I got interested, and intimidated by the possible vulnerabilities» (Good)
- The best course I had during the whole master program:))))» (Excellent)
- Very good teacher and interesting material keeps this course up high.» (Excellent)
- Great course.» (Excellent)
- Very focus, and detail.» (Excellent)

26. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- simple lectures, elaborations,well explanation and fair speed »
- The lecturer!»
- teacher»
- Most material was good, basics is great to know.»
- Laboration»
- the labs, slides and the reading materials since they are really a good help to understand the knowledge individually »
- Lab 4.»
- almost all the topics»
- Labs. The guest lecture was good too !»
- Labs, Lectures.»
- The lectures on attack methods, TCP and IP, SSL, IPSec The way of teaching, of insisting on the method !»
- Every thing.»
- Well, same as with the topics. The details and facts. Some of them is really eye-opener.»
- The topics on the lectures.»
- Tomas as lecturer :)»
- IPsec, Firewall, Authentication»
- Labs and its material. »
- The laborations.»
- First 3 lab was really good more related to the lectures»
- FRA-killen»
- laboratories »
- the materlias are good for helping understand those topics. »
- All the labs»
- The lecture slides and the lecture topics.»
- I mentioned it above»
- The live presentation of how one can break into a firewalled network, highly entertaining.»
- I suggest more labs next year cause I feel it could help a lot to understand the course content»
- Papers. The one about Internet Protocol is too big though. »
- With lectures, the labs and the guest lecture have to be preserved!»
- The laborations and their contents.»
- Labs»
- Attacks, DOS, Cryptography, SSL|SSH, IPSec, VPN»
- lecture»
- Lab works»
- More or less everything.»
- - general course style - hacking guest lecture - labs»
- SSL , IPSEC , WLAN ,link level and dos attack»
- TCP/IP attacks ,SSL & TLS, SSH, IPSEC, 802.11»
- the teachers»
- firewalls»
- topics about radius, tacacs, ssh, ipsec, wireless,more about 802.1x, more about security associations, or may be a Lab on this issue..»
- The teacher ,the way the slides are presented and the lab .»
- The course has flow its the good part. And it doesn"t have work overload. It means that it helps us to understand the course easly with out any struss. And also it gave us time to read more about the course rather than get focus on one of its content. And the instructor should be preserved to next year.»
- All»
- All »

27. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- maybe some parts of the firewall lecture, having a study visit(some thing more tangible), reduce the time spending in labs(too much)»
- Lab-space. »
- amount of materials»
- The things one can change is perhaps how much depth different parts should have and which protocols that needs to be included.»
- The part on the network design»
- give more details information to help the labs since most of time it is hard to learn something new by a long documents.»
- Make lab 1, 2 and 3 more like lab 4 where you had a bit more freedom in the implementation.»
- class times, we should come to university for just one class every day from so far.»
- lot of material to read»
- Nothing»
- Book. American book is always bad. (Almost anyways)»
- The order of the slides in one lecture, not between the lectures»
- As I said, update the content a bit. Not give "best practice" tips, that can be questionable. »
- Make it more easy to get help in the lab. Since sometimes the lab assistants can help a student in the lab for over 20 minutes, before moving on to the next.»
- Not really»
- Use of textbook.»
- Can"t think of anything.»
- last lab,it can be more interesting to do laboration about WEP or IPsec»
- less mono log lectures and probably some quizzes during the course will help continuous learning.»
- would like to know more about link layer security . And i think kerbores has alreay been introduced by the computer security course , would like to know others.»
- IPsec»
- I mentioned it above»
- Nothing»
- Come on, blocking ICMP is kind of childish and a good example of security through obscurity! (This is an affair of the heart for me :-) )»
- Lab times, earlier times than 17-21.»
- No Kerberos/Radius/LDAP or similar.»
- Course Book»
- Maybe it will better to give some "practical" examples (for example, in the lectures about firewall should be mentioned devices like Cisco PIX, or others - so people could know that firewall - not just software). And in other lectures also - try to show examples "from life".»
- old topics»
- Nothing in particular»
- Less derivation from previous examinations!»
- none»
- Less or concentrated materials. »
- SSH needs to have more information and example»
- There should be more practical info about ssh as the example provided on the website is not clear. Add a lab, for example.»
- more practice»
- wlan»
- details of nonrelevant topics like IDM...»
- The course content and the reading materials in some way.»
- The exam needs more time. It was good questions but they need more time to be done successfully and in satisfatory way. »
- quite good actually»
- I dont think its ok. I am from Communication enginering So There should be more stuff related to communication»

28. Additional comments

- Well done, nice course, nice teacher(patient and kind), good labs but long, good slides »
- Reason why I mention there should be more lectures is that it felt somewhat stressy at the end of some. Perhaps one more is enough or just cutting some of the material. It is hard to grasp everything when it gets stressy.»
- Nothing really.»
- The lectures were perfect, and also Tomas is the best one :-)»
- all the slides can be published early since it is very good to learn before the lecture.»
- none»
- mail: marthin@student.chalmers.se»
- Thanks »
- course is good»
- Nothing»
- the only reason for me to fill this, is to gain extra points in the written exam»
- Overall, a good course!»
- A good course!»
- Add some conpulsory hand-in during the course. Students could get some bonus and it will let them more involved in the course.»
- Overall a very interresting course.»
- I think it is not good idea to evaluate students just by written exam,graded projects as well as quizzes or assignments will lead to more accurate evaluation of learning.»
- This is a good course .»
- Very good course»
- I think Tomas missed our room during the exam. We didn"t get any chance to ask questions on the exam.»
- Some important parts of each of the mandatory papers should be discussed in lecture slides for better understanding.»
- Thanks for this interresting course. I wrote my personnal email address on my exam paper: stephanebonnevie@yahoo.fr»
- It is strange for me that on the lecture about VPN was not even mentioned PPTP and L2TP protocols. People should know about their existence.»
- Thomas is great teacher.»
- I liked it!»
- please to have picked this course»
- Thank you! It was grate course.»
- thanks»
- good topics in network security»
- Generally i got a good knowledge from the course which helps me in my future carrier .»
- Thank you!»
- course book this year is not so good actually»
- Teach is good. Good temparments. Just speak little fast. Request speak little slow. With regards»

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 3.69
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.67

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