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Seminar series 08-09, FFR141

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-11-03 - 2010-01-10
Antal svar: 16
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 53%
Kontaktperson: Martin Nilsson Jacobi»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers

1. What is your overall impression of the seminar series course?

16 svarande

very good»1 6%
good»11 68%
so and so»2 12%
bad»2 12%
really bad»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.31

- The idea of the course is great. The biggest problem for me were students not even trying to hold good, informative, interesting talks for the others, but just to get their seminar done (i guess those that cross "2 hours" further down.). It should be emphasized that the reason to give seminars is JUST to convey interest and information, so that these parts are most important. The world has listened to enough unpedagocal time-blowing talks.» (good)
- I would like it more if technical aspect of presenting a seminar were discussed more. Some intermediate exercises (before starting presentations) would also have been useful. » (good)
- Many of the seminars are so poor that one stops listening.» (bad)

2. Did you find the seminars interesting

16 svarande

yes, almost all of them where interesting»0 0%
yes, most of them where interesting»4 25%
about half of the seminars where interesting»9 56%
no, there where only a few seminars that I found interesting»3 18%
really bad»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.93

- unprepared seminars and people that don"t know how to make a presentation are really hard listen to even if the subject is of intrest» (about half of the seminars where interesting)
- If the whole course moves to the second year of the master program, seminars would be much more interesting since students would be more familiar with topics in complex systems then. In addition, by that time, everybody has done enough assignments and studies and can even bring his/her own work to the seminar. But with current manner, it"s not possible, especially for earlier students in the list, to get prepared for something new and they either are not prepared or just bring what they have done as B.Sc. project which makes such seminars boring. » (about half of the seminars where interesting)

3. What was the best and the worst aspects of the course?

- notification about canceled class and sometimes the reporting to attendance»
- The best was to do a presentation, it"s good practise. The worst is listening to unprepared and badly done presentations.»
- The best part is the training one receives when making his/her own presentation. The worst aspect is to have to listen to boring presentations by students who really can"t present (A PowerPoint lecture maybe so people stop with filling the slides with text).»
- Best - All kinds of new topics to be encountered and good practice in lecturing Worst - Time lost on bad lectures and worthless follow-up discussions»
- It was the freedom to choose topic. Best when choosing your own topic and worst when there is no boundary and sometimes you happen to attend a seminar less interesting or not strongly related to complex systems.»
- Best - to hold your own speech and practice on public presentations. Worst - listen to other presentations.»
- The best aspects were the good presentations. The worst aspects were the days were nobody presented without prior notice»
- The variety: the best because it exposed us to such a diverse range of topics, the worst because some of the topics fell outside of what I thought comprised "complex systems".»
- Some seminars were really inspiring and good, but too many seemed to have been put together as quickly as possible. The introduction lectures at the beginning of the course were the best. It would be much better to have a course just consisting of lectures like that. The worst lectures were the ones where students just presented their bachelor theses, which often had nothing to do with the masters program.»
- Some students did not present their seminar in a good way, so the presentations were boring, and hard to follow.»

4. What did you think about the report that you had to send in before the seminar?

16 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

It was good because I (and others) had to prepare»8 50%
It was good because I got some feedback»7 43%
Not good because it took too much time»0 0%
It would have been good if I had gotten better feedback»4 25%
I think the deadline should have been earlier»3 18%
No opinion»2

- It didn"t have too much influence because I did not get response, but I imagine it"s good to reflect your topic at least for once and keep track with the deadlines.» ()
- The deadline should have been earlier because it would have helped ensure that (1) more people were prepared on time for the presentation and (2) the abstracts were available for other students to see well in advance of the seminar.» (It was good because I (and others) had to prepare, It was good because I got some feedback, I think the deadline should have been earlier)

5. How many hours did you spend preparing your own seminar?

15 svarande

Less than one hour»0 0%
1-2 hours»0 0%
2-4 hours»2 13%
4-6hours»3 20%
6-8 hours»3 20%
more than 8 hours»7 46%

Genomsnitt: 5

- it"s easier for those who talk about something they already know or projects they"ve presented before» (6-8 hours)
- I don"t remember, but I certainly spent more than eight hours. Probably only finding the topic took more than that...» (more than 8 hours)
- Since I didn"t have a topic ready in hand at the time, I put few hours finding an interesting topic and then some hours for seminar preparation. » (more than 8 hours)
- I read a book and worked a decent amount of hours.» (more than 8 hours)

6. How did you experience the seminar that you gave?

16 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

I think it was good practice»9 56%
I think the teacher interrupted too much»0 0%
I liked the interruptions and the discussions»4 25%
There was too little discussions»4 25%
No opinion»4

- the more discussion there is the better» (I think it was good practice, I liked the interruptions and the discussions)
- I don"t really think it taught me anything.» (No opinion)

7. Would you have appreciated more personal feedback AFTER your presentation?

16 svarande

yes»11 91%
no»1 8%
No opinion»4

Genomsnitt: 1.08

- I would have liked some comments, just an email or a short personal talk afterwards, about what to think about the next time I give a presentation. Not just only on the subject of the persentation but about the slides, voice, pictures etc.» (yes)
- I did not get any feedback besides from some course mates. Here, much improvements good be done and I could have learned a lot more.» (yes)
- Certainly - this would be invaluable. But I think perhaps it should be optional, as students expressly interested in receiving feedback have the most to gain from it.» (yes)
- i should"ve spent more time preparing» (no)

8. How did you find Martin as a teacher?

16 svarande

very god»11 68%
good»5 31%
so and so»0 0%
bad»0 0%
really bad»0 0%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 1.31

- maybe a bit scary, but good at starting discussions among people in the class.» (very god)
- Martin is good. One thing he may improve is that he may sound a bit harsh when commenting.» (very god)
- His comments were both thoughtful and well-expressed.» (very god)
- Martin is very good, but the whole seminar idea is bad» (very god)
- He was really nice, helpful, smart and his questions and suggestions shows that he gets the idea of presentation very well.» (very god)
- His comments where sometimes hard to understand for the audience who is not as much involved in the topic. He could have be more detailed / comprehensive at this point.» (good)

9. How dod you find Claes as a teacher?

16 svarande

very god»4 25%
good»5 31%
so and so»2 12%
bad»4 25%
really bad»1 6%
No opinion»0

Genomsnitt: 2.56

- not as intimidating hehe» (very god)
- Claes made some strange and long interruptions of some presentations that seemed irrelevant. » (good)
- It was clear that he had very many interesting comments to share, but it would be more worthwhile to focus on and be clearer about fewer things.» (good)
- Claes should try to interrupt less. Sometimes he spoke for about five minutes during a seminar. There"s nothing wrong with comments, but they should be left to the end.» (so and so)
- Posed irrellevant questions and a habit of getting in to long monologs trying to answer his on questions. » (bad)
- Monologues with informational content close to zero in the discussion afterwards help neither the lecturer nor the other students. Only say something if it is necessary, refine your thoughts. Good you try and say something though! Maybe, it could be more about "pedagocial level" instead to come back to that? Inform the student in private about certain fallacies he/her would by itself never notice but do again and again?» (bad)
- When he speaks, it is so hard to follow him. He doesn"t express his ideas clearly, and his comments doesn"t make a good sense.» (bad)
- It is acceptable to have problems with the language, but as a teacher it should be expected to be able to formulate a question. When I had my presentation, Claes spook at least five minutes before arriving at a part conclusion, part question which I had to create a response to. What he said the first minutes had nothing to do with what he said in the end and it was also nothing that I remembered at the time of my answer.» (really bad)

10. Other comments and suggestions for next year?

- As I said above some feedback after the presentation would be good. And not let unprepared people do their presentations. If they haven"t handed in stuff before and in time they shouldn"t be allowed to do their seminars. »
- More interesting topics should be supplied. The focus of the course is not on finding something to talk about (normally you speak about something you have worked with and have a lot of knowledge about), it is on presenting it.»
- Try to make sure that all seminars are clearly related to complex systems.»
- Change the whole course into a course with inspiring guest lectures, and remove all the crappy and quickly assembled student seminars. Or simply skip the whole thing and make information theory a compulsory course.»

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