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Evaluation of the introduction week 2009 MPAEM

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-09-18 - 2009-09-30
Antal svar: 29
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 69%
Kontaktperson: Maria Knutson Wedel»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers

1. In general, how satisfied were you with the Introduction (welcome letter, ping-pong webpage and first week activities)?

29 svarande

Not at all satisfied»0 0%
Somewhat satisfied»2 6%
Satisfied to a major extent»18 62%
Completely satisfied»9 31%

Genomsnitt: 3.24 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- the activities were a little compact!» (Satisfied to a major extent)

2. To what extent do you think the welcome letter and the materials science homepage contributed to your choice of coming to Chalmers?

29 svarande

Not at all»5 17%
Somewhat»9 31%
To a large extent»13 44%
To a very large extent»2 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.41 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- I already wanted to go to Chalmers before I even decided on what master program to read.» (Not at all)
- I don"t know how the lectures are like before coming.» (Somewhat)
- problems with different info at the course hompage, letetrs and timeedit» (To a large extent)

3. Did the materials science test help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths in materials science?

If you choose not to perform the test, please indicate why

29 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
Somewhat»3 23%
To a large extent»6 46%
Absolutely»4 30%
Did not login to the test»16

Genomsnitt: 3.07

- I was on a holliday trip when I recived the e-mail about the test and prefered to wait with the school work until the start of the semester.» (Did not login to the test)
- I had no idea that this major is not consenterated at all!» (Did not login to the test)

4. Was the information the first day enough for you?

29 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
Somewhat»12 41%
To a large extent»11 37%
Completely»6 20%
Was not there the first day»0

Genomsnitt: 2.79

- Always lots of information at once. Would be good to get a reminder after a few days.» (To a large extent)

5. What is your opinion on the Scared Egg competition?

Please indicate what you found most rewarding, making new friends or something else

- fun»
- know more about the classmates»
- Making new aquaintances and working in teams. Kind of fun competition, but clarify better the factors from which the judges will judge.»
- it is really greatfull event....we worked as a team and thats improve cummunication between us..»
- that was very good activity, I think the best advantage of that was team work with people from diffrent culture and country»
- A good way of getting to know each other.»
- good start for the first day»
- making new friends,,and have a good chance to know each other»
- i didn"t there for competition!»
- It"s a good way to make new friends and also we"re enjoying our teamwork.»
- In my idea the Scared Egg competition was great. It was very innovative and the best team-working I"ve ever seen! »
- It was fun, but moreover it made us (team members) get used to each other, and be able tackle future projects and assignments.»
- It was very interesting to work in group in a funny competition, it enables to start to know other members of our group, their background but also their character (competiton spirit, humour...). It is a funny and interesting first work to test ourselves too.»
- It was nice to get to know my new classmates.»
- Making friends in the group. Very fun to do something practical.»
- It was good to make the members of a group work together for the first time. Making new friends was also great!»
- it is a good mini-project to get alng well for classmate.»
- It was really fun and I think it is a really good way to integrate our group work.»
- I really love it, it helped me have more interesting on engineering.»
- making new friends»
- very funny, interesting task, to design an actually working construction only from given materials»
- according to the competition, it show that there is strength of team-work.»
- It was a good thing to make it to make new friend and discover the persons in my group.»

6. What is your opinion on the introductory lectures in metals?

If you did not participate, please indicate why

27 svarande

It was on a too basic level»2 7%
A quite basic level, I would have preferred higher pace»3 11%
It was on a good level»19 70%
I did not really follow everything, we need more lectures»2 7%
I did not follow at all»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.88

- thought i had good knowledge» (?)
- But i printed the notes.» (It was on a too basic level)

7. What is your opinion on the introductory lecture in polymers?

If you did not participate, please indicate why

27 svarande

It was on a too basic level»0 0%
A quite basic level, I would have preferred higher pace»3 11%
It was on a good level»14 51%
I did not really follow everything, we need more lectures»4 14%
I did not follow at all»6 22%

Genomsnitt: 3.48

- thought i had good knowledge» (?)
- Looking forward to attending the lecture next year.» (It was on a good level)
- Useful repetition.» (It was on a good level)
- Because my background in polymers in quite light» (I did not really follow everything, we need more lectures)
- i am weak on chemistry» (I did not really follow everything, we need more lectures)
- I dont have any preconception about polymers. I completly get confused!» (I did not follow at all)
- I am only stay one semester and I am not going to follow polymers courses. I have already follow in my school.» (I did not follow at all)

8. In terms of knowledge gained, what did you learn in the Razor lab?

Please indicate what you learned from your fellow students and what you taught them

- I know some knowledge about polymer which I did not learn before»
- Not so much, but it was a good repetition of things I had forgot»
- i have a zero level in plastics...by that lab i learned much about plastics»
- the best thing was that we understand how we should start to inspection and what we should do.»
- how to dissamble it»
- I think teachers should provide a standard anwser for each razor afterwards.»
- know more things about the test methods »
- i found it interesting. we tried to share our khonwlage in our group and going to one decision. it was a good team working.»
- The different ways of identifying polymers.»
- It gave me a comprehensive idea about our master program.»
- I learned basically some info about polymers testing techniques.»
- I learnt many things about polymers: the different types of polymers, some of their properties, how to recognize them...»
- I thought it was kind of of a repetition of a lab on Chalmers during my bachelor education. The only thing I learned more about was tmpered marteniste.»
- I got to teach them a lot about polymers and metals.»
- I learned some information about different polymers.»
- it is a good chance to practise our ability to use our knowledge and work together more happier.»
- I had already used most of the tests we did. Nevertheless, it permits me to remind things I had learnt.»
- I learnt the style of team work which I had never joined before»
- I learned a lot about polymers, that i didn"t know before. »
- dividing tasks effectively among a group of people»
- confident»
- I learn the differents techniques to find the elements inside of our razor blade.»

9. What was the best respectively the worst thing with the Razor lab?

Since you were the first group experiencing the lab we very much appreciate your help in developing the activity for next time.

- maybe the equippment in DSC test has sth wrong,we did not get any results from this part»
- There was way to much waiting between the different tests, making it rather boring in the long run. However I think tha everybody understands that it is very hard to shorten the waiting periods.»
- the all literature should be provided in english...»
- i found it good, but it would be better to we can realize if our result was true or not. i mean about the material we guessed!»
- We need refference books or databases.»
- I did not see any bad thing there. Everything was good!»
- Best: It helped the team members to get used to each other. Worst: It took quiet a long time.»
- All the experiences and the sharing with the other members of my group were very interesting. But I would have liked to spend more time on explaining and debriefing the conclusions.»
- I think it was too much time for planing our tests. »
- Good to work with the group and get to know each other. Nothing was bad with the lab. I got to repeat a lot of things from the material courses and that was good.»
- The mission was not clear.»
- the best thing is that I learned mach more knowledge about material testing technology, and the worst thing is that I can"t follow sometimes.»
- I have not really special bad or good moment in the Rasor lab»
- Best: It was fun and I learned something Worst: Nothing»
- Attending to this lab was so interesting for me because I learned a lot of information about polymers and actually the way of analysis a polymeric material.»
- very good: realisation of tests from very different fields, paired with actively taking part (esp. burning polymers and guessing which kind it could be)»
- the best thing is that we meet challenge directly, respectively the worst thing is we are afraid failure.»
- Personnaly speaking the best thing was the different techniques to find the elements inside the materials.I don´,t find worst thing during this lab.»

10. What is your opinion on the final evaluation of the Razorlab on the Friday?

Please indicate whether you felt confident in presenting your group, and whether it added value to compare with the other groups

- we get more conmmunication»
- It was good mixing the groups so that one had a chance to talk to new people. As for the lab itself everybody had quite the same things to say since razors are quite similar cheap as expensive.»
- yup i really felt confident in presenting my group»
- i found it good, but it would be better to we can realize if our result was true or not. i mean about the material we guessed!»
- We have identified all the materials via different mothods.»
- Understanding relation between price of material and their quality»
- The final evaluation was quiet satisfying in terms of confirming my previous knowledge.»
- It was very interesting to share our results, I was ok to represent my group because we agreed on the results and I understood how we found them. It added value to compare our results because the others might have interpretated the results in a different way and they asked questions so it was the mean to check that we really had understood what we had done.»
- It was good.»
- I felt confident in presenting my group, it was useful to compare. »
- It was Ok.»
- it was useful to exchange our thinking between different group. we can share the results.»
- The fact that we new already the razors" price made the final evaluation less interesting because we knew what to expect from the others group. It could have been more fun to guess and to make a scale from the cheaper to the more expensive razor during the final evaluation.»
- confident, price of razors depends to the most extend on quality of blade -> interesting finding»
- be fully confident»

11. Which was the most rewarding of the activities in the introduction?

29 svarande

Materials science webpage at PingPong»0 0%
Scared Egg competition»16 55%
Introduction lecture metals»3 10%
Introduction lecture polymers»0 0%
Introduction of lecturers and courses»3 10%
Intended guest lecture»0 0%
Razor lab»7 24%
Information from the research groups»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- and also razorblade and guest lecture» (Scared Egg competition)
- as I said, It was so exciting, so great!» (Scared Egg competition)
- and the razor lab because it was very interesting and original.» (Scared Egg competition)
- It"s strong realved to our programme.» (Razor lab)

12. What would you have liked to be included in the introduction (before, the first week or later)?

All new ideas are most welcome

- the more resource about our major we can use,and visiting the lab»
- I noticed how a lot of the exchange students had porblems with the different usernames, pass cards and codes etc. Maybe someone ought to show them how the different things work? =)»
- a football match»
- I think the itroduction lectures was very good and enough»
- to talk about what material science is and can be applied to. Why is material science important for today"s technology? What can material scientists do in modern or developing technology?»
- maybe hear form guys who r phd student or on second level in master program, thier experience or their guides can be usefull. besids visiting one or more industries related to the material sciense is so good.»
- New ideas:to make art and craft goods rather than destory something useful. BTW I really want to have one the lovely razors.»
- It need a lot of thinking, afterward I will say my idea»
- More outdoor activities with the whole class and more specified info concerning the M.Sc. study system at Chalmers »
- Some introduction to mechanichs for some of the students could perhaps be useful.»
- Ping-pong could be great if there was more time, and if all the students of the same major could be introduced to each other in advamce. Instead of intermediate lectures there cuold be some more fun activities.»
- I liked to learn some introduction about courses which we will learn in the future.»
- the experince from the former students»
- in the razor lab: endurance-testing of the blades, which one stays sharp longest»
- interesting and creativity»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 2.82

Genomsnitt totalt för alla frågor: 2.82
Beräknat jämförelseindex: 0.6

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