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Course Evaluation: Berkeley Courses

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-09-07 - 2009-10-15
Antal svar: 33
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 84%
Kontaktperson: Jamal Nasir»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp


1. In general, what do you think about the studies during your stay in San Francisco?

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Good»11 33%
Very Good»22 66%

Genomsnitt: 3.66

- Too little lecture time at Stanford: 32hrs.» (Good)
- Interesting lessons and inspirig teachers» (Good)
- great houses» (Very Good)
- It was something extra. The teachers were in genaral very good» (Very Good)

2. How did you experience the lectures given by Greg Hamm (Real options):

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Good»7 21%
Very Good»26 78%

Genomsnitt: 3.78

- A good explination on what it was, the project was a bit to complicated» (Good)
- Det enda som faktiskt kändes avancerat. Väldigt duktig föreläsare men lite väl långa pass.» (Good)
- The first lesson was great. the second wasn"t that intersting.» (Good)
- Professional but quite difficult since we did not have much pre-knowledge of the subject» (Good)
- He really enjoyed teaching his topic and it was great lectures. A little hard to do the financial calculations without any prior knowledge.» (Very Good)
- Probably the best class during the summer» (Very Good)
- He was amaizingly good at presenting a subject many of us had no knowledge of.» (Very Good)

3. How did you experience the lectures given by Sara Beckman (Product development):

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Good»4 12%
Very Good»29 87%

Genomsnitt: 3.87

- Roliga föreläsningar men konstig uppgift som inte direkt gav så mycket.» (Good)
- Very inspiring and interactive classes!» (Very Good)
- Brilliant!» (Very Good)
- A very inspiring teacher, keep her!» (Very Good)
- Very inspiring and interesting class» (Very Good)
- Very inspiring» (Very Good)
- She is by far the best lecturer I have ever had» (Very Good)
- She was very entusiatic and eager to help and learn» (Very Good)

4. How did you experience the lectures given by Amy Shuen (web 2.0):

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»2 6%
Good»14 42%
Very Good»17 51%

Genomsnitt: 3.45

- She had very interesting classes but they were a little slow and she talked about almost the same things which unfortunatley made it less interesting. The guest lectures were very good!» (Good)
- Väldigt intressant innehåll (mer av detta i framtiden!) men lite sega föreläsningar. Amy Shuen är extremt energisk och inspirerande men hon hade kunnat öka tempot avsevärt.» (Good)
- A bit too low level and to much rehearsal of her book» (Good)
- very enthusiastic and inspring teacher» (Very Good)
- Interesting topic» (Very Good)

5. How did you experience the lectures given by John Kunz (VDC):

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»21 63%
Good»9 27%
Very Good»3 9%

Genomsnitt: 2.45

- Too focused on his own projects and to some extent, the tools introduced in class seemed difficult to implement in reality. » (Bad)
- Unclear what we were supposed to do and verbosed classes.» (Bad)
- Hard to know what we were supposed to learn during the class. Could have been made easier.» (Bad)
- The subject was interesting but the pace was too low» (Bad)
- Hard to understand what we were intended to learn.» (Bad)
- Intressant innehåll men kursen hade gått att avverka på halva tiden. Detta gjorde att Kunz var tvungen att ta det så långsamt för att fylla timmarna att ingen var intresserad i slutet.» (Bad)
- The topic was not so intersting. The classroom was bad. These things made it hard to listen to Kunz.» (Bad)
- The concept is very good, but he has to move on. It felt as if we just did the same thing over and over again. he is very experienced and has huge knowledge but his instructions were a bit too unclear too. » (Bad)
- Innehållet var helt ok, men det hade inte behövts så många timmar för att gå igenom det. Första två lektionerna höll bra tempo, men efter det kändes allt mest som repetition, förutom sista dagen då man fick klarhet i vad det jobb man genomfört skulle resultera i: att sälja in ett projekt. Den klarheten hade med fördel gjorts under första lektionen. » (Bad)
- Did not make sense» (Bad)
- The class room was not so good because of all noice » (Good)
- Could need some more motivation for his tools and why they are teached instead of Microsoft Project or similiar software. The subject felt kind of home made» (Good)
- Amazing whiteboards. Intelligent guy.» (Very Good)

6. How did you experience the lectures given by Bill Ibbs (Business plan):

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»2 6%
Good»15 45%
Very Good»16 48%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Good lecture but a bit too simple» (Good)
- Hard to say anything about Bill, he only gave one lecture, and it was good. I liked the way he got us all involved. We got to answer many questions, that was good. And the barbecue was great!» (Good)
- Could have been more lectures and advices to the business plan» (Good)
- Duktig föreläsare men uppgiften att skriva en business plan gav ingenting då vi enbart skulle skriva ur eget huvud. Meningslös uppgift.» (Good)
- To short with only one lecture» (Good)
- Fun and instructively to write a business plan» (Very Good)
- Intresting to make a real project.» (Very Good)
- He was awesome» (Very Good)
- A very fun way to learn» (Very Good)
- The lecture we had was very good but it didn"t felt like it was very helpful for the assignement. It was a very big assignment for such a short lecture, I managed it mostly by old knowledge. » (Very Good)

7. How did you experience the examinations and assignments?

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»2 6%
Good»24 72%
Very Good»7 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.15

- Många konstiga uppgifter. Sämst var uppgiften att intervjua ang fruktvanor i en mataffär. Business planen som helt skulle hittas på gav heller ingenting. » (Bad)
- Except Kunz"s, shich were very bad. The multiple choice questions were at an extreme detail level, and did not have anything to do with understanding, only with being good at finding exactly the right sentence in his articles.» (Good)
- the business plan assignment was kinda wierd» (Good)
- I guess our examinations weren"t as difficult as those for actual Berkeley/Stanford students. That is understandable since we are tourists and don"t get the same lecture time and support.» (Good)
- really good except the one with John Kunz, and the one with Greg which was considered to difficult.» (Good)
- They were good. And it was good that it was no final exam.» (Good)
- Good with assignments, maybe some kind of written exam would have been good» (Good)
- Nice to not have written exams» (Very Good)
- Not having exams but instead presentations and cases were very good.» (Very Good)

8. How was the total workload during the entire study period

33 svarande

Too low»1 3%
Low»8 24%
High»23 69%
Too high»1 3%

Genomsnitt: 2.72

- I expected to be studying a whole lot more, especially I expected to spend more time at the two universities. It would have been great to be involved in some course together with "real" Berkeley/Stanfordists.» (Too low)
- Ganska lagom.» (Low)
- It was, like I had expected. The teachers wanted that wa would have sparetime so we could be tourists in California.» (Low)
- I had to carry out a my market analysis project myself, even though it was initially planned for three people. Therefore the workload was high. But the workload in the courses was low. Difficult to work in general since we had no internet the first weeks and since we lived many poeple in a small appartment.» (High)
- More than expected but not too much.» (High)
- Väldigt ojämn. Vissa veckor gjorde man inget annat än att plugga och andra var det ingenting.» (High)
- It was a lot to do since we were working alot with our project at the same time» (Too high)

9. About the studies, do you think there is anything that should be improved?

- no comment»
- The Kunz-part. Preferably for another course at Stanford altogether. The business plan assignment was also pretty much pointless.»
- If it is possible to get a schedule in the beginning that would help.»
- Reduce Kunz classes»
- Perhaps John Kunz"s lectures. I believe they were not very popular since the subject seemed unmotivated. He is a great guy though and a good teacher but the course content is questionable.»
- More lecture time at Stanford.»
- The class at Stanford could be improved. »
- There should be more focus on some subjects»
- Fler raster under föreläsningarna. Inga 4 timmars pass. Inte ge uppgifter bara för sakens skull även om den inte ger något. »
- Yes, change Kunz to something else at Stanford.»
- The cases could be smaller, and better correlation between the lectures and the assignments. I felt I didn´,t have time to do anything else but study in the afternoon and evenings.»
- A focus switch at Kunz" lectures is needed.»
- no, I am satisfied.»
- I think it should be more of real studies and less "visiting Berkeley and Stanford just for fun"»
- Kunz kurs hade kunnat förbättrats genom att korta antalet timmar och förklara tydligare vad de metoder man lär sig ska användas till i ett vidare sammanhang.»
- Skip the Business model case with ibbs. DOne that many times att Chalmers and there were no new way presented here.»


10. How much time did you spend on your project during the summer?

33 svarande

Very little»1 3%
Little»1 3%
Sufficient»18 54%
Too much»13 39%

Genomsnitt: 3.3

- We didnät spend so much time over there but have spent a lot of time back home in Sweden.» (Little)
- Så mycket tid som var avtalat med företaget: 3 heltidsveckor. » (Sufficient)
- Very much in comparison to how much money we got from it» (Too much)
- I worked approximately half-time.» (Too much)
- And also afterwards.» (Too much)

11. Any other comments about the project:

- We put lots of work into the project. However, the result was good and we learned lots along the way, especially when it comes to what"s important when working in projects.»
- I think the workload varies a lot depending on which project you found. I do not see it as a problem though since students got different foundings and the projects raised different levels of interest among the students.»
- Very good idea. We did a really interesting project with Preem»
- It had been nice to have some briefing with a teacher.»
- It was exciting, especially to interview companies. The money was also well needed. But I would not recommend a project if you want to have time to do other things than work when you are in the US.»
- It is a very good idea and it really works to sell in projects to Swedish companies even during one of the wirst economic downturns ever.»
- very useful to work in an american environment.»
- Extremely interesting and I learnt a lot. I have not learnt so much in a long time in a course.»
- We worked with two different projects and therefore we had to spend a lot of time.»
- Rolig och mycket lärorik upplevelse.»
- It could be a good idea to offer coaching sessions for the project»

Study visits:

12. What is your opinion about the study visit to SRI?

26 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Good»2 7%
Very Good»24 92%

Genomsnitt: 3.92

- wasnt there» (?)
- Extremely satisfied. Inspiring talks, interesting company! Especially the talk by Curt Carlsen was very good.» (Very Good)
- One of the best I"ve been to» (Very Good)
- Very inspiring :) I want to work here!» (Very Good)
- I would love to work there.» (Very Good)
- Very interesting. Good lectures, I could tell the people at SRI tried their best to make it a good study visit.» (Very Good)
- Keep this, it was a fantastic day and it was intresting to hear different professors talk about the different categorizes SRI had.» (Very Good)
- Do they have room for me there?» (Very Good)
- Extremt inspirerande! Kanonbra!» (Very Good)
- The best study visit ever» (Very Good)
- Very interesting and inspiring!» (Very Good)
- The best study visit I have ever been to and the feeling is that most others thought so too. Everyone of us could even imagine working there now, that says something» (Very Good)

13. What is your opinion about the study visit to Gallo Winery?

27 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Good»9 33%
Very Good»18 66%

Genomsnitt: 3.66

- Did not attend» (?)
- I missed it» (?)
- did not participate» (?)
- Not related to the studies in any significance way.» (Good)
- Intressant att se en hel industri för vin på samma ställe.» (Good)
- Very interesting» (Very Good)

14. What is your opinion about the study visit to SolFocus?

22 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»1 4%
Good»15 68%
Very Good»6 27%

Genomsnitt: 3.22

- Didn"t participate» (?)
- Did not attend» (?)
- Was not there since we had an interview for our project.» (?)
- Var inte med.» (?)
- wasnt there» (?)
- did not participate» (?)
- Somewhere between bad and good. Not as inspiring as the other two.» (Bad)
- Only one guy (the CEO) lecturing, he was a sales professional delivering pitches all the time, partially lying (managed to say that he believes a large part of global warming comes from the world being covered in asphalt, which absorbs so much heat...) Learned some interesting stuff though. In general, it is very interesting to have a look at any business in Silicon Valley.» (Good)
- neither good or bad, nice to see an innvantion company in Silicion Valley but the lecture from the vp was not so interesting.» (Good)
- Väldigt intressant. Dock lite för mycket sitta still och lyssna på en power point presentation. » (Good)
- Interesting to see a upstart company in Silicon Valley» (Very Good)


15. What is your opinion on the accommodation in San Francisco?

33 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»4 12%
Good»14 42%
Very Good»15 45%

Genomsnitt: 3.33

- I think it was a waste of money. 12000 SEK/person to be squeezed in, 6 people in a 3-room flat for 6 weeks... I reckon I could have saved at least half of that by arranging the accomodation myself (renting a room in a shared flat). Considering there were 6 of us paying 6000SEK/month for the 3-room flat, the landlord must have made a heck of a lot of money from us.» (Bad)
- We were unlucky and did not get what we paid for» (Bad)
- Our apartment was to small for 6 persons. » (Bad)
- Expensive.» (Good)
- Very nice to live together at a central location. The only negative thing might be the price» (Good)
- Fin standard men det blev lite påfrestande att några bodde i allrummet/köket.» (Good)
- The location was great. The standard could have been better but I had expected worse so I was very satisfied.» (Good)
- A bit crowded, but a good location.» (Good)
- Missdd an own room to work independently with my project. And next time, make sure that there is an internet connection available!» (Good)
- Boendet var generellt sett väldigt bra, dock är det påfrestande att aldrig kunna stänga om sig, vilket blir fallet när man är fyra personer som delar sovrum.» (Good)
- The appartment was great however the owners of the house wasnt that great.» (Good)
- great houses» (Very Good)


16. What is your opinion on the activities that has been arranged by the board?

(Upptaktsmöte i sverige, rafting, midsommar, Pubrunda, 4th of July hos Jan och Isabelle, Avslutningsfest)

31 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»1 3%
Good»8 25%
Very Good»22 70%

Genomsnitt: 3.67

- I was in the board and do not respond to this question» (?)
- strange to suggest that people should pay extra for events they were unable to attend. Otherwise, good!» (Bad)
- Upptaktsmöte i Sverige: jättebra. Rafting: kul. Midsommar: fail. Pubrunda:? missade jag nog. 4th of July: jättebra. Avslutningsfest: ännu en middag på restaurang.» (Good)
- Fantastic work!» (Very Good)
- they did a great job» (Very Good)
- They did a good job» (Very Good)
- Väldigt väl organiserat. Stort tack till styrelsen som fixade och la ner så mycket jobb» (Very Good)
- They were all great.» (Very Good)
- Very very good» (Very Good)
- Many and of good quality.» (Very Good)

Other questions:

17. Did the stay in San Francisco meet your budget estimations?

33 svarande

Not at all»1 3%
To very little extent»3 9%
To some extent»20 60%
Completely»9 27%

Genomsnitt: 3.12

- More expensive to live there than I thought. Contrary to Berkeleykommittens advice, it would indeed have been possible to live in San Francisco without a car. I could have saved around 10000SEK by renting my own room in a shared flat, and skipping the car and going by bus/tram/caltrain/bart instead.» (To some extent)
- Mitt eget fel att den sprack lite grann. Det blir väldigt lätt att man går ut och äter mer än hemma t.ex» (To some extent)
- The dollar was a little bit higher than when I applied but in general like expected.» (To some extent)

18. How was the support from the studentcentrum/program management?

31 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Bad»3 9%
Good»23 74%
Very Good»5 16%

Genomsnitt: 3.06

- what is that?» (?)
- have not had any contact» (Bad)
- Cannot say, didnät have much contact with them.» (Good)
- Didn"t need any.» (Good)
- It was good that Jamal came and visited us and it felt like they really cared about us» (Very Good)

19. What do you think should be improved for the next exchange?

- no comment»
- See Q9 above.»
- More proper accomodations, one should at least have a bed to sleep in when paying roughly $ 2000 for two months!!»
- Maybe eetter scheduling beforehand»
- More time at Stanford. More information about what accomodation options there are and the costs of these options. »
- The class at Stanford. Maybe have different teachers as the class at Berkeley had. Different subject each week.»
- Packa ihop kurserna mer. Det kändes meningslöst att vi hade nästan två veckor ledigt i mitten. Lägg isådana fall kurserna under 5 veckor och låt var och en bestämma om man vill stanna längre. »
- The exchange program must be left, it was awesome. Best summer ever.»
- If possible, better accomodation, I think more space and privacy would give a much better experience. Also more free-time, not so much home work.»
- The most important thing is to keep running the exchange program since it was a great experience overall.»
- I think the berkeley committee should consist of different kinds of poeople, I don"t think tou should select a group of friends to constitute the whole committee.»

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