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Technical acoustics II

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-05-28 - 2009-06-15
Antal svar: 7
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 41%
Kontaktperson: Wolfgang Kropp»

Your own effort

1. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

7 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»2 28%
Around 20 hours/week»5 71%
Around 25 hours/week»0 0%
Around 30 hours/week»0 0%
At least 35 hours/week»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.71

- Infact even less than 15 h/w » (At most 15 hours/week)

2. How large part of the lectures offered did you attend?

7 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»0 0%
50%»0 0%
75%»4 57%
100%»3 42%

Genomsnitt: 4.42

- Had mandatory courses in another course which unfortuately blocked some TA2 lectures. Went to every possible lecture.» (75%)

3. How large part of the exercise classes offered did you attend?

7 svarande

0%»1 14%
33%»0 0%
66%»2 28%
100%»4 57%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

- Fanns det några ens?» (0%)

Goals and goal fulfilment

The course syllabus (see http://www.student.chalmers.se/sp/course?course_id=11241 , please change to "English" ) states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

4. Have the course goals been presented to you in a clear way

7 svarande

not at all»0 0%
to some extend»4 57%
to large extend»3 42%

Genomsnitt: 2.42

- It was a bit fuzzy in the start up due to Pontus sudden new borne. After a few weeks it was more clear.» (to some extend)

5. To what extent do you feel you have acquired the knowledge, skills and attitudes stated in the learning outcomes?

7 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»1 14%
Large extent»5 71%
Great extent»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 3

- I can use BEM-FEM but I"m not sure if I understand the theory behind that well. Some additional numerical/mathematical lectures/chapters in the TA script would be benificial. The physics is clear.» (Large extent)

6. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

7 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»1 14%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»5 71%
No, the goals are set too high»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 2

7. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

7 svarande

No, not at all»0 0%
To some extent»2 28%
Yes, definitely»4 57%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 2.85

- Report is good. (Written exam bad.)» (Yes, definitely)

Teaching and course administration

8. To what extent have the lectures been of help for your learning?

7 svarande

Small extent»1 14%
Some extent»4 57%
Large extent»1 14%
Great extent»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 2.28

- Especially those about SEA, Baffled plates, and BEM. I.e. radiation part.» (Large extent)

9. To what extent have the lecture notes been of help for your learning?

7 svarande

Small extent»1 14%
Some extent»4 57%
Large extent»2 28%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.14

10. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

7 svarande

Very badly»1 14%
Rather badly»1 14%
Rather well»3 42%
Very well»2 28%

Genomsnitt: 2.85

- Not in the first weeks. Took some time before the homepage was updated.» (Very well)


Judge all three parts in TA2

11. How do you judge the level of difficulty of the assignments?

7 svarande

much too difficult»0 0%
a bit too difficult»2 28%
adequate»3 42%
a bit too easy»2 28%
much too easy»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Why did we get a fully developed code for the waveapproach? Why did we use AutoSEA when we could have done such a simple structure by hand/MATLAB. Anyway considering the amount of credits it was adequate.» (a bit too easy)

12. Was the time period assigned for the assignments sufficient?

The time period was...

7 svarande

much too short.»0 0%
a bit too short.»1 14%
adequate.»6 85%
a bit too long.»0 0%
much too long.»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.85

13. How well did the lectures in TA 1 and TA 2 prepare you for the taks?

7 svarande

The lectures were essential.»1 14%
The lectures were useful.»6 85%
The lectures should have a different content/please comment»0 0%
One could have managed the work without lecture»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.85

- In TA2 the lectures were not very deep and useful. so easy and below th elevel of master course » (The lectures were essential.)

14. To what extend do you feel that the lectures helped your understanding of the physical concepts investigated in the tasks?

7 svarande

Small extent»0 0%
Some extent»4 57%
Large extent»3 42%
Great extent»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.42

15. How well was the tasks prepared by the supervisor?

7 svarande

It was well prepared»2 28%
There is a need for improvement / please comment»5 71%

Genomsnitt: 1.71

- Maybe more preparation and information about for example the BEM and FEM programs.» (There is a need for improvement / please comment)
- in the beginning of the course there were some confusion about wath we should do. We did not know if it was all up to us or if there were something special that needed to be done. Be clear in the beguinning that the tasks are just solved in the way that we feel necessarry.» (There is a need for improvement / please comment)
- The lab tasks were a little bit confusing, i think they should be better organized» (There is a need for improvement / please comment)

16. How helpful was the supervision?

7 svarande

very helpful»5 71%
moderatly helpful»2 28%
not helpful at all»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.28

17. How did you percieve the correction of the report?

7 svarande

too demanding»2 28%
adequate»5 71%
not demanding enough»0 0%
not relevant»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.71

- I didn"t get the impression that short and clear explenations where prefered. instead in some cases "word pooping" was prefered.» (too demanding)
- No corrections applied so far/No answer. From a quick glance at the comments they look adequate. Some are demanding and some very easy to fix.» (adequate)

Study climate

18. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help by the teachers?

7 svarande

Very poor»0 0%
Rather poor»0 0%
Rather good»2 28%
Very good»5 71%
I did not seek help»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.71

- Excellent :) Many PhDs and few students..» (Very good)
- Everybody was available almost always and very open to questions and patient. I appreciate that» (Very good)

19. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

7 svarande

Very poorly»0 0%
Rather poorly»0 0%
Rather well»0 0%
Very well»7 100%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 4

20. How was the course workload?

7 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 14%
Adequate»3 42%
High»3 42%
Too high»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

21. How was the total workload this study period?

7 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»0 0%
Adequate»2 28%
High»4 57%
Too high»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.85

- This combined with the study competition in the room acoustics course made some of the weeks insanely intens.» (Too high)

Summarizing questions

22. What is your general impression of the course?

7 svarande

Poor»1 14%
Fair»1 14%
Adequate»1 14%
Good»3 42%
Excellent»1 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.28

23. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- How the course worked as a whole was really good in the way that you learned a lot. Took a lot of time but i think it is worth it.»
- Report writing.»
- The redesign part»
- The software simulation and experimental parts.»
- The lab task,the correction for the reports and the assistance and help of the professors and phD.students»

24. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Better preparation, more information about fem and bem.»
- Pontus (joke). The main teacher should be there from the start.»
- The organization of the course didn"t exist...at all.»
- More rigorous lectures and theory section than it is. More lectures and work load. Unified structure and syllabus.»
- The lab task 2 can be improved by organizing more the material and intructions to follow»

25. Additional comments

- I like the lab 3,it was a good practice the redesign of the structure»

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