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Master coordinator evaluation of IMPACT - 2009

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-05-18 - 2009-06-03
Antal svar: 28
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 65%
Kontaktperson: Micahel Christie»

1. When did you start as a Master Coordinator

28 svarande

2006 (or earlier)»13 46%
2007»4 14%
2008»9 32%
2009»2 7%

Genomsnitt: 2

2. Have you heard of IMPACT

28 svarande

Yes»28 100%
No (go to THE END)»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1

3. If yes (question 2) from where?

28 svarande

(på denna fråga var det möjligt att välja flera svarsalternativ)

Impact Project leaders»17 60%
Vice Head (vice prefekt)»15 53%
A Chalmers Colleague»12 42%
Another Master Coordinator»6 21%
Chalmers news»2 7%
IMPACT homepage (http://www.chem.chalmers.se/impact/)»4 14%
Other (please comment)»4 14%

- I worked and work in impact projects MPSOV had two impact projects» (Other (please comment))
- I was the project leader for one project but before I was asked if I was willing to do it I was not aware of IMPACT. » (Other (please comment))
- My predecessor mentioned some pedagogical project financed by IMPACT and then our vice prefekt recuited me for a new one.» (Vice Head (vice prefekt), Another Master Coordinator)
- master coordinator meetings» (Impact Project leaders, Vice Head (vice prefekt), A Chalmers Colleague, Another Master Coordinator, Other (please comment))

4. Have you been involved in an IMPACT project?

28 svarande

Yes (1 project)»8 28%
Yes (2 projects)»7 25%
Yes (3 or more projects)»7 25%
No ( go to THE END)»6 21%

Genomsnitt: 2.39

5. Have you been a project leader?

22 svarande

Yes»19 86%
No»3 13%

Genomsnitt: 1.13

6. What were some of the best things about doing an IMPACT project?

- Allows to develop and follow pedagogic strategies in our MSc programm»
- Financial support to do improve the programme och courses in the programme»
- To get coordination betwen the programs an also to involve the "Studentcentrum"»
- Financial support to do substantial improvements of the programme. »
- The possibility to get some time and money to increase the quality and content of the masterprograms. »
- Extra resources for development (improvement) of Master"s programme»
- To get time to develop important aspects of teaching.»
- To get some resources to carry out essential quality improvement work, which would otherwise not have been done due to lack of resources, in particular in terms of time available to staff»
- A possibility to improve the program.»
- Extra financing for important development of projects in the program. Possibility to evaluate and improve parts of the program Good basis for my work in pedagogical course "pedagogic project" »
- Possibility to improve the program and course plans. Initiating good contact with industry.»
- Meet teachers from other departments. »
- The additional support crucial in this build up phase of MPARC»
- Don"t really know yet.»
- Possibility of performing projects within the educational area that also helped the whole programme.»
- For me the projects applied for in IMPACT has mainly been parts of work that is needed to be done anyways and of course it has been great to be able to get extra funding for this. It has also helped to point out specific needs and in some ways solve them but ... see below...»
- IMPACT gives sanction and authority to improve pedagogy and the teaching at Chalmers. »
- It sends a signal that pedagogical development is a natural part of running the programme»
- Funding to try things that would have otherwise been impossible.»
- When you have promised, in writing, to do something, then you really have to carry out what planned. »

7. What were some of the shortcomings about doing an IMPACT project

- Too little information from other projects. Exchange of information should be intensified»
- Serious evaluations of financed projects»
- The activities competes with everything else. Even if we receive money, all professors are heavily occupied with everything else. It"s is hard to find devoted time, unfortunately. »
- Quality assurance»
- It is difficult to get the necessary time considering other duties.»
- Too little money... Meaning that employed staff already has too much to do just carrying out the courses on slim budgets. Impact projects could then allow for enrolling "outsiders" with links to our education, such as previous PhD students or course assistants, to help us with quality improvement. But if the Impact projects are too small or have short time spans it becomes difficult to make this effective....»
- None»
- Some extra adminsitrative work»
- Our project is still ongoing, so I have not got enough impressions to formulate possible shortcomings. »
- Too little time to engage properly»
- Don"t really know yet. »
- It feels like the projects are made one by one and not so much overlap and collaboration among different projects. I also miss the result. What happend afterwards? How did the projects affect the specific programme or course and how can this help other programmes and courses?»
- I would rather have seen that this funding were put together with the funding of developping the master and bachelor programmes so it wouldn"t be so shattered, creating extra work in applications and reporting processes for parts of work that is needed to be done anyways.»
- Research are still more worth.»
- time shortage»
- As always, there is no such thing as extra time! You still have to do all the other stuff. An IMPACT project is something that you add to your ordinary workload.»

8. How satsified were you with the application process?

22 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
Not so satisfied»2 9%
Neither/Nor»8 36%
Satisfied»11 50%
Very satisfied»1 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.5

- Unfortunately application deadline was when I was too busy with lecturing courses and looking at home assignments.» (Not so satisfied)
- It is somewhat cumberome that there is no direct information flow» (Neither/Nor)
- Done by the vice headat the department from a brief project text by me.» (Neither/Nor)
- Application by dept. vice head meant that sometimes I was not quite sure what was being applied for in my name» (Neither/Nor)
- We had a good discussion before applying.» (Satisfied)
- The application itself, after discussions with involved teachers, was done by our Vice Head.» (Very satisfied)

9. How satisfied were you with the process for reporting your IMPACT project?

21 svarande

Not at all»0 0%
Not so satisfied»2 9%
Neither/Nor»8 38%
Satisfied»11 52%
Very satisfied»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Did not seem to be of any real use to anyone...?» (Not so satisfied)
- Feels like an extra task (since I mainlyworked with issues I need to do anyway) on top of the rest and separated from the bigger picture» (Not so satisfied)
- To the best of my knowledge it is the project leader who reports. I do not know how we report the IMPACT project we currently work with. » (Neither/Nor)
- Haven"t reported yet.» (Neither/Nor)
- So far we have only made a very short report as preparation for teh April 2009 IMPACT workshop.» (Neither/Nor)
- Have not reported yet» (Neither/Nor)
- I don´,t know yet.» (Neither/Nor)
- GOod that the reporting is not too demanding» (Satisfied)
- very good the last time when we had the opportunity to go into depth into each others projects» (Satisfied)

10. How could a project like IMPACT be improved if new funding would be available?

- more participation from the "working floor" both in design and decision process. More possibilities for individuals to develop their own project ideas and to run a pedagogic long term development »
- Evaluations»
- Some time its seem to be handed out on more on a "polical" manner, i.e. every one shall have the same amout rather than actuall need. »
- People should have devoted time. Make sure that projects don"t just mean more money for the department and more work for the individual! I do not yet know how you solve this. »
- Make sure that funding is used for the right thing and in a good way.»
- Sorry, no great ideas. »
- Maybe make larger projects but with more rigorous aims, quality control and reporting.»
- Maybe it would be enough, if Chalmers had an "Education Fund", from which it is possible to apply for grants/funding to do small or large projects aimed at improving student"s learning. »
- Let the Master Coordinators be more active in the formulation of topica and subjects to be adressed in IMPACT projects.»
- My real problems are a lack of teachers to give the courses within the programme and a too high workload. These will unfortunately not be removed by projects like IMPACT.»
- Don"t put it as a separate project - decide if the funding should go into master, bachelor, research or whatever needs resources at the time and put them there. Less administrative processes in application and reporting and creates a more complete work tasks for the participants.»
- Participation and specially to play an active role should shoulkd bee qualifying in the career at Chalmers.»
- ped support to the projects - someone who knows more of contemporary ped theory - who can act as a "bollplank" and guarantees high quality. All in order to avoid "uppfinna hjul på nytt"»
- Joint projects between several programs on issues of common interest such as how to apply for jobs, targeted recruitment activities etc.. Fund initiatives to reduce the no. of progerams.»
- Less restricted to certain areas. Programmes and courses have different shortcomings and problems and therefore different needs. »
- They are to small to employ a new workingforce, so you have to do the work by yourself, and then is it on top of the normal work. I suggest lager projects and new workforce.»

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