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Environmental Policy Instruments 2008/2009, UNA016

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-03-30 - 2009-04-26
Antal svar: 35
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 62%
Kontaktperson: Magnus Hennlock»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. Did the course meet your expectations?

35 svarande

Yes, completely»14 40%
Yes, almost»15 42%
Somewhat»6 17%
No, not at all»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.77

- It"s my favorite course this term!» (Yes, completely)
- I was expecting a more involved project.» (Yes, almost)
- The course was little bit short about policies implications» (Somewhat)

2. Do you think that the course meets the goals outlined in the course description?

34 svarande

Yes, completely»9 26%
Yes, almost»12 35%
Somewhat»3 8%
No, not at all»0 0%
Don"t know/Can"t remember the goals»10 29%

Genomsnitt: 2.7

- i think it is more comprehencive.» (Yes, almost)

3. What do you think about the content and scope of the course? Do you think that any sections could be removed or do you have any suggestions about sections that could be added?

- Perfect course!»
- The case we did should be made differently. Too big groups and very little information on what was expected.»
- It was overall good, but I missed some comments about policies for new technologies, like green certificates and feed-in laws.»
- I didn"t attend the lectures, but I would have liked a section about how to manage the issue from a companies point of view, i.e. theory/experiences behind how to manage the task of our project.»
- I found the course very informative. As a non-economic student it took me some time to adjust to the concepts and the notation of the math.»
- no»
- I thought that the case study was good, but I would like to have even more exercises »
- i think detailed description of policies implimentation should be discused.»
- add some more material for solving problem in developing countries»
- The content of the course was very satisfactory. I can"t think of anything that should be removed or added.»
- OK»
- I think it was good.»
- More focus on Kyoto Protocol, or moreso on what"s happened since then, and what is coming, or options to be considered in the next round.»

4. How did you find the difficulty level of the course in relation to your background?

34 svarande

To easy»7 20%
Suitable»25 73%
Too difficult»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 1.85

- Since this course is mandatory to the Masterprogram Industrial Ecology I think that the level of the course should be adjusted to better suit the knowledge we have already acquired in the previous courses. » (To easy)
- I hoped it would be easy so I was happy about it. I study at 150% so I can"t take too work intensive courses. Had it been more work, I would probably have selected another course.» (To easy)
- Since there was just the one project and there was not much time to actually do the project there seem to be little incentive on doing regular work» (To easy)
- But I have a BA in Economics.» (To easy)
- The introduction of basic knowledge of economy is helpful.» (Suitable)
- I haven"t read any economics before but more emphasis should perhaps be put on theory and not on solving first order equations. At chalmers it"s probably not the math that is the problem.» (Suitable)
- Perhaps on the easy side of the scale but still not to easy.» (Suitable)
- a little bit difficult at the beginning» (Suitable)

5. Which environmental courses have you attended before this course?

- None»
- Science of env change Sustainable Development Sustainable Energy Futures Technical change and the environment»
- Environmental courses at Helsinki University of Technology. Windpower, sunpower and special assignment in renewable energy sources»
- Obligatory courses in the Masterprogram Industrial Ecology at Chalmers»
- Environmental Management, Science of Environmental Change, Sustainable Development, Technical Change and the Environment, Sustainable Energy Futures, Miljö- och resursanalys för hållbar utveckling V.»
- Only integrated elements in other courses during the bachelor. »
- Sustainable development and Sustainable Energy Futures»
- Have just had environmental issues addressed as parts of other courses.»
- global chemical sustainability and waste management»
- I read the Industrial ecology program, so I have attended alot of different environmental courses.»
- nothing»
- Global Chemical sustainability»
- Environmental system analysis»
- Science of Environmental Change Sustainable Energy Future Technical Change and Global Environment»
- None»
- Basics of industrial environmental protection»
- Science of Environmental Change Sustainable Development Sustainable Energy Futures»
- all courses included in the first year of the programme industrial ecology.»
- Sustainable energy futures Sustainable Development»
- sustainable develpment»
- Sustainable development, sustainable energy furures,Technical change and the environment, environmental science»
- Många...»
- Science of environmental change, Technical change and the environment, Sustainable energy futures, Sustainable Development, Life cycle assessment, Miljömätteknik, Teknik för ett hållbart globalt samhälle and Hållbara energikällor»
- Miljö- och Energiteknik (grundkurs, Maskinteknik) Sustainable Development Science of Environmental Change Sustainable Energy Futures Technical Change and the Environment»
- A course in Environmental Economics in 1984 at University of Oregon. At Chalmers, Sustainable Development.»

6. Which courses in economics have you attended before this course?

- None»
- Many different...»
- Basic industrial economy at Helsinki University of Technology»
- no courses with a clear economical focus, but some business courses with some economical focus such as investment calculations etc.»
- Byggandets ekonomi»
- I studied Industrial engineering and management, so a couple of basic courses.»
- Fundamentals of Macro and Micro economics in my undergrad»
- Many.»
- One in Politica economics of Europe»
- environmental economics»
- Any»
- engineering economics»
- Basic economics»
- None»
- None»
- Energy economics - Basics, with no economic calculations»
- None.»
- none»
- none what so ever.»
- None except in France»
- none»
- none at chalmers»
- Företagsekonomi (ekonomi och gyggande)»
- Industriell ekonomi»
- Industriell Ekonomi (grundkurs, Maskinteknik)»
- As mentioned, I have a BA in Economics, so many courses, (but >20yrs ago)»

7. What is your impression of the teachers?


- I only attended the presentations.»
- Lectures were generally good, although I found that it was not until the second of half of the quarter that I began to have a good understanding of the topic and so I felt lost at the beginning.»
- Thomas Sterner is too messy during its lecture and therefore difficult to follow. »
- I think Jessica actually was an excellent teacher but it was a little bit hard to understand her english.»
- Teaching was of good quality and activated students. Some practicalities could have been handled better - there were some unnessecary problems with classroom lighting and presentation media.»
- It was tough to grasp what Jessica was presenting at first, but once the nomenclature/terminology/approach was clear, then her lectures were more clear.»

Thomas Sterner
34 svarande

Excellent»20 58%
Good»10 29%
Adequate»3 8%
Fair»1 2%
Poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.55

Magnus Hennlock
33 svarande

Excellent»8 24%
Good»21 63%
Adequate»4 12%
Fair»0 0%
Poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

Jessica Coria
33 svarande

Excellent»6 18%
Good»15 45%
Adequate»7 21%
Fair»5 15%
Poor»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.33

8. The Case Study


- We got it out way too late, too little information about the case in advance. To hand out an assignment without even stating the deadline is very unproffessional. I do not think it is appropriate not to make clear in advance how many points the assignment can give and the parameters that will be evaluated. »
- it is always difficult to work 6 people in one group...»
- We have not recieved any feedback at all, or results from the case study. Preferably the extra points should be announced before the exam, so you know what you have to perform on the exam. Was there any supervision at all?»
- Since my group formed quite late the distribution of work was not even, we were not able to establish group goals and expectations for the project.»
- It could be more comprehencive»
- No feedback almost!»
- I really enjoyed the big group assignment. But I would have liked if there where one or two solo assignment too. Or pair assignments even better. Without presentations and maybe a little bit more complicated mathwise. Maybe using Matlab in an evenmore realistic example. »
- The case study was the most interesting part of the course. It worked well in giving more insight to the reality of policy making.»
- There was to little time between the hand-out and the hand-in of the assignment which really messed up the group work.»

Was it relevant for the course?
34 svarande

Yes»32 94%
Somewhat»1 2%
No»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 1.08

Enough hand-ins and feedback?
34 svarande

Yes»10 29%
Somewhat»16 47%
No»8 23%

Genomsnitt: 1.94

Was the task too big?
34 svarande

Yes»1 2%
Somewhat»4 11%
No»29 85%

Genomsnitt: 2.82

Did you receive sufficient support from the supervisor?
34 svarande

Yes»11 32%
Somewhat»18 52%
No»5 14%

Genomsnitt: 1.82

Did the cooperation within the group work?
34 svarande

Yes»23 67%
Somewhat»8 23%
No»3 8%

Genomsnitt: 1.41

9. Further comments on the project?

- It"s a very nice project, I like it very much!»
- I think we should have gotten the points on the case before writing the exam, so that you clearly know how well you have to perform on the exam!»
- should be made differently, and the grading should be more explicit and declared from the beginning.»
- The project should be handed out earlier - then students can plan their time better!»
- I think it would have been good to have higher expectations or depth in the project work. It seems, unfortunately, when specific expectations are not explicitly mentioned in a project description more often than not students will simply do the absolute minimum.»
- Should have been done in the beginning. At least, the information should have been provided from the beginning of the course.»
- Great project to describe and make arguments for every policy instruments»
- it will be more helpfull to find out the suitable policy instrunment for our company,inpractical life,during job.»
- add some more comment on final debate»
- What was the aim of the presentation? Had the teachers read throw the projects? Why did everything end up as an "stan up" session?»
- The project was very good. Maybe for next year divide the class into two presentation classes and have a little bit smaller groups (3-4) and more time for discussion. »
- At first I didn"t think it would work because we would all just have the same suggestion, but that wasn"t the case. Interesrting to see that you could "simulate" a few companies in this way!»
- Some more follow-up class discussion would be helpful. »

10. Did you need extra time outside of schedule?

34 svarande

Yes»28 82%
No»6 17%

Genomsnitt: 1.17

- two or three hours per week» (Yes)
- The reading took a lot of time» (Yes)
- About eight hours.» (Yes)
- 6 hour per week» (Yes)
- a few hours» (Yes)
- Somewhat» (Yes)
- 40 hrs» (Yes)
- around 4hours by week for the project» (Yes)
- Dunno.» (Yes)
- 7 hours for case study, 10 hours for reading the book» (Yes)
- around 2 weeks, perhaps.» (Yes)
- A few hours every week did the trick.» (Yes)
- Some hours, it was OK» (Yes)
- The schedule is only about half-time (for both courses). I studied perhaps full time durig the period.» (Yes)
- some hours» (Yes)
- Maybe about 10 hours for project work.» (Yes)

11. What did you think of the reading material for the course?

34 svarande

Good»21 61%
OK»13 38%
Bad»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 1.38

- Great book!» (Good)
- It seem to function as it was intended. It had several interesting real life references and case studies. The language was good and the theory was well presented.» (Good)
- Maybe also have articles and documents about a real example.Study of the NOx REP case perhaps. As a part of an additional assignment. » (Good)
- Although a lot to read...» (Good)
- Difficult reading if you"re not used to that type of language (economical terms)» (OK)
- Could add some articles introducing other discussions.» (OK)
- The book was rather heavy to read» (OK)
- There is too much information compare to what we really need/use.» (OK)
- It"s very text intensive and sometimes hard to read.» (OK)

12. Do you think the course was well-organised?

34 svarande

Yes»18 52%
Somewhat»14 41%
No»2 5%

Genomsnitt: 1.52

- There were a couple lectures that seemed to be redundant but still engaging and stimulated conversation» (Yes)
- The course was well organized as a whole. However, there are improvements to be done on the time it takes to get the exam results.» (Yes)
- Maybe the case study and the groups should be anounced earlier.» (Yes)
- Some problems with the administration of the course» (Somewhat)
- The information on the course portal could have been better, but the syllabus was good. » (Somewhat)
- Couldn"t see the details of the assignment on the course homepage (updates were only communicated during lectures).» (Somewhat)
- I think that they could be better at handing out information.» (Somewhat)
- why there is no result yet?» (Somewhat)
- Lack of information in general, especially regarding the assignment. » (No)

13. Further opinions, comments and suggestions how the course can be improved?

- The course was one of the best courses I"ve taken. It was very interesting to listen to Mr Sterner and he had such good knowledge about the subject.»
- Maybe it would have been good to have a small exercise earlier to get an early understanding of the theory. Also, a more substantial project would have been good. Discussion sessions about the case studies would also maybe be interesting.»
- I think, for this course we need guest lecture from company, government/authrities, and NGOs to describe real condition when they make an policy.»
- Where is the results from the exam??? It is taking too long..»
- Calculation exercise should be in smaller classes with homework as in some other courses (e.g. Sustainable Energy Futures). Late in the course there was explanation about Lagrange and derivation which has muddled my head throughout the course. It greatly improved my understanding but it could have been given sooner.»
- The result of the exam and project came very late»
- I was very unsure if my answers to the theoretical questions on the exam was sufficient (when writing them), since I managed to finish with 1,5 h left untill full time. The results shows that they were sufficient, so I"m ok with it, although try to make it more clear how much/how deep you have to answer the questions in order to get full points.»

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