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09lp3 Course Evaluation TEK255 Managerial economics

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-03-12 - 2009-04-12
Antal svar: 48
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 42%
Kontaktperson: Jamal Nasir»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers

1. What is your general impression of the course?

47 svarande

Very poor»5 10%
Poor»4 8%
Average»15 31%
Good»19 39%
Very Good»5 10%

Genomsnitt: 3.38

- Bad organisation, bad response from the teachers. Didn"t meet the expectations.» (Very poor)
- Too easy!» (Poor)
- I think the course could have been better fitted for engineering students.» (Average)

2. Are the aims and goals reasonable in relation to your pre-knowledge?

47 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
Very little»2 4%
little bit»10 20%
Very much»28 58%
Everything (all of it)»7 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.87

- You dont need any pre-knowledge for this course, its faar to easy!» (Nothing at all)
- Everyone can learn it. It is only a matter of time and effort.» (Everything (all of it))

3. How much did you learn from the course?

47 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
Very little»4 8%
little bit»17 35%
Very much»26 54%
Everything (all of it)»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.48

- Everything was just obvious.» (Nothing at all)
- I didn"t really learn a whole lot that I didn"t already know or could have just used my intuition to figure out.» (Very little)

4. How did you find the lectures?

47 svarande

Very poor»5 10%
Poor»8 16%
Average»14 29%
Good»18 37%
Very Good»3 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.19

- Really bad teachers. No structure what so ever. Bad english.» (Very poor)
- The lecturers were not well prepared and the lecture plan was unorganized. An example of this is that the division into project groups took half a lecture. It would be better to use the student portal where students can sign up for a project. The information about the project should be given at the first lecture so that students have enough time to contact a company.» (Poor)
- Guest lecture will be fine» (Average)
- There should have been more focus on explaining the economic terms and less on the mathematics, that was generally quite simple.» (Average)
- too few, but certainly enjoyable» (Good)

5. Attendance on lectures

47 svarande

< 25%»2 4%
25 - 50%»7 14%
50 - 75%»17 35%
> 75%»22 45%

Genomsnitt: 3.29

- The level on the lectures were really low and my other courses almost always collided with these ones.» (25 - 50%)
- Missed one because it colided with other lecture.» (> 75%)
- 100%» (> 75%)
- I understood part of the course after reading. I couldnt get much from lecturing.» (> 75%)
- As the couse is taken by students from different programs it should be considered that lectures will collide. It can"t be expected that the students attend all lectures and there should be information on the course home page or in the book that covers all subjects.» (> 75%)

6. Did the course meet your expectations?

46 svarande

Very poor»4 8%
Poor»10 21%
Good»30 65%
Very good»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.65

- I thought it should be a good course in corporate investments, how to reason, handle etc. Now it all boils down to a few equations about discount rate and net present value» (Very poor)
- I must say I got really dissapointed.» (Poor)
- I thougt it would demand a bit more» (Poor)
- Was little to messy» (Poor)

7. Are the course contents relevant for your further studies and professional plans?

47 svarande

Nothing at all»2 4%
Very little»2 4%
little bit»13 27%
Very much»29 61%
Everything (all of it)»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.53

- I want to be a leader. Boss. Chief. got it?» (Very much)

8. Did the exam reflect the course in a fair way?

46 svarande

Very poor»1 2%
Poor»0 0%
Average»12 25%
Good»24 51%
Very Good»10 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.97

- As the teachers told the answers of all the hard questions under the exam, I think that every one must have passed this course. So yes, the exam was as easy as the course...» (Very poor)
- It would have if Urban had not given all the answers to people who asked him questions. I have emailed "Studentkåren" about his actions and I am waiting for a response from them. It is not supposed to be done in that way! If people do not know the formulas they need at the exam it is NOT ok for the teacher to give it to them!» (Average)
- The exam was a strange one. Almost the same as earlier exams. Would be very hard if we hadn"t the earlier exams to look at but ridiculously easy when have looked at old exams.» (Average)
- toooooo easy» (Average)
- The exam is too easy» (Average)
- However, the teachers did give the answers to some questions during the exam and helped some students with formulas. This was very unfair for the student that really had studied and I consider this as cheating!» (Very Good)

9. How much did you learn from the project?

47 svarande

Nothing at all»1 2%
Very little»3 6%
little bit»19 39%
Very much»24 50%
Everything (all of it)»1 2%

Genomsnitt: 3.51

- Because of extreme problems with the group dynamics more energy went to that than into the project. And when it comes to the opposition the report we got to write about was way below what we think is adequate at masters level. I hope that will show in the grades of the people who wrote it.» (little bit)
- a bit about the company. A large portion about choosing the teammates. and a really large bit of information about keeping the leash tight to they persons you lead.» (little bit)
- The project does not reflect the course that much.» (little bit)

10. Has the project met your expectations?

47 svarande

Not much»4 8%
Very little»5 10%
little bit»20 41%
Very much»17 35%
Everything (all of it)»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 3.23

- It was soooo bad. The books way to calculate things does not correlate with the real world. The book is so focused on technical aspects, while the real world investments are made by all sorts of reasons. Lets do a fictive project in this course instead. Start with a fictive company with some presets such as bank rates, operational capital,costs, bussines plan etc, then do some investment descions towards that fictive company. This projects is more of a journalistic project than economic.» (Not much)
- I expected a more broad course. It was almost only about investments I felt. But maybe that"s one of the largest parts to work with as an engineer with some economic knowledge.» (Very little)
- The project was too much work and responsibility for the swedish students. The lecturer should not state that "only" swedish student will be able to contact companies.» (Very little)

11. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

47 svarande

Very poor»4 8%
Poor»6 12%
Average»11 23%
Good»18 38%
Very Good»8 17%

Genomsnitt: 3.42

- Me (swedish) and one other swedish student did, 99.9% of all work from setting up the interview to writing the report.» (Very poor)
- Some of the group members didn"t do anything even if we told them many times what to do.» (Very poor)
- The swedish students had to lead and organize the work. Several foreign exchange students are unfamiliar with writing a scientific report. There were a lot of problems with student that simply copied information from wikipedia. Better information of how the project work should be preformed must be provided.» (Poor)
- It can be hard to communicate when the other part doesn"t know english.» (Poor)
- The swedish students just stopped coming for meetings and did not participate in choosing the company.» (Poor)
- It is really hard to work with people from different programs because all have different scheduals and therefore meetings are really hard to plan.» (Average)
- Very difficult to organize meetings when comming from different classes. Better to decide groups ourselves. Also, very bad organization when creating these groups.» (Average)
- Swedes tend to do most of the work in the project.» (Average)
- some of them did not put enough effort, so the other students had to work for those slackers...» (Average)

12. Any other comments about the project, its contents and the work process?

- The only problem is that the companies are not intended to cooperate.»
- See above.»
- It does not work. Not at all. »
- Project was excellent but group formation was quite problematic. If the teacher directly forms the groups and adds the new comers into existing groups on his own, this problem can be solved.»
- Difficult to be able too meet and work together when being a large group (7) and people from different programs. »
- The content was to broad. It might be better if the topic was narrow down to focus on just few important ones.»
- hard to find a company and this gave the project a very slow start.»
- You really need to tell the students that it is forbidden to copy/paste from the internet. I hope you check that in the reports handed in.»
- Project was good.»
- Its good to relate what we learn in class and the professional work»
- It is hard to really understand what you should do and present. You have no inforation about how different grades are aworded»

13. Did you buy the course book?

47 svarande

No»19 39%
Yes»29 60%

Genomsnitt: 1.63

- but still managed to read it...» (No)
- i borrowed it from a friend» (No)
- I have scanned whole books then I have create a pdf file..so, if any body needs then communicate with me» (No)
- expensive» (Yes)
- I liked the chapters 6-11 but at the exam it was only the lecture notes that were imortant so it was actually really unnecessary to buy the book.» (Yes)
- I would suggest to reconsider the course book once again. There are other textbook outthere that might be better suit the course» (Yes)
- It was a lot of text for the very little content. but the core content was good knowledge. » (Yes)
- Too much book to buy» (Yes)
- a little expensive» (Yes)
- I think it wasn"t necessary.» (Yes)
- Its a very good book and easy to understand» (Yes)

14. Comments on the course literature?

- the lecutres are good,if the lecturer can put on more information about the book,that will be better»
- See above.»
- Wikipedia is 20 times as good as the book. Really it simply rocks in this course. Print out the different subjects from wikipedia and sell it, you can make good money.»
- very good explained»
- Excellent book and excellent notes by the teacher.»
- Good book but it wasn"t nessecery. Did not read much in it, waste of money.»
- The course literature given by the lecture is very good so that we dont have to by course book.»
- This books is perfect for initial label students and also understandable. »
- not enough.»
- The course did not make use of the course book that much»
- good»
- Lecture slides seemed first quite poor, but using them and excercises together was efficient.»
- It was a badly written book. There was serious errors in it and it was hard to follow the reasoning.»
- The book was OK, but you could leran much without.»

15. Did you miss anything that you think should be included in the course?

- no»
- I would like to see improvement in the lectures!»
- More basic background on financial statements would be advantage.»
- The course needs a complete makeover.»
- The way to come up to a investment decision. How to handle management people in practice. How to make deals. How to calculate costs in general and practice. etc.»
- maybe project presentation but its fine even without that.»
- More lectures.»
- No»
- some field experience »
- not yet now.»
- clear solution of the exercises.»
- The lecturers should use power point presentations instead of overhead and there could have been a calculation session to prepare for the exam.»
- no»

16. Additional comments:

- DO NOT put the deadline for the report in the "tentavecka" and DO NOT put the deadline for the opposition in the next studyperiod!! It is not OK!!!»
- Please make major changes for the next year.... please»
- the main problem regarding the TEK255 course was lack of a good schedule. »
- This is an excellent and very useful course.»
- lectures were not delievered in a good way, as i think»
- Useful course, unfortunately too few lectures and too many "easy points"»
- if the teacher can speak better english, it"s perfect»
- Overall Good»
- opposition should be banned.»
- no»
- Lecturers shouldnt take it for granted that we all have background knowledge about the course.They should teach as if we are all bigginers in this course»
- The course need better planing so it dont get so messy. »

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