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CFD with OpenSource Software 2008

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2009-03-10 - 2009-04-03
Antal svar: 17
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 77%
Kontaktperson: Håkan Nilsson»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Maskinteknik 300 hp

1. If you started but did not finish this course, please state why.

- Too much work at the office. But I am working hard on the course right now...»
- working on MSc thesis project at the same time.»
- I assigned the course not as a student but from the industry. My work prevented me from finish.»
- I had business meetings that required my attention.»
- Yes, I am one among them who couldn"t complete the course unfortunately. This would be either because of long course duration which extended after Christmas vacation and also may be lack of iterest from my side at the later part of the course.»

2. Comment the contents of the course and give your general impression of the course.

Did it cover what you expected? Was the syllabus appropriate (see the course homepage)? If not, please give some feedback.

- Yes and yes.»
- Yes, it covered all necessary parts for me to continue on my own with FOAM»
- Yes, on the spot»
- Yes»
- Yes, It was appropriate.»
- kursen var väldigt fokuserad på programmering och linux upplevde jag. mycket bra. det kunde variet en heltermin 30hp med fler workshops och liknande. jag tror intresset kan finnas!»
- useful and handy course. useful material on the homepage.»
- The implementation of new libraries/utilities are quite useful and are exactly what I was looking for in this course.»
- The course was really good. It was at a good level of difficulty and I learned more than I expected.»
- It gave a quick start on how to start to use. This is the part for which I signed up in the first place. »
- Yes, it covered the syllabus and also the syllabus was appropriate for starters like me..»
- Did it cover what you expected? yes Was the syllabus appropriate? yes»
- yes the syllabus was good enough for a starter.»

3. How much time did you spend on this course, and did it correspond to 7.5 "Higher education credits"?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. What should be added/removed?

- I cannot say because I did not do my homework.»
- For me the credits were spot on, for someone with less knowledge about linux and working in a terminal envronment it is to little if you know what I mean.»
- appropriate »
- I spent ahout the same amount of time as any other course.»
- This course took more time than a regular course. It took a while to learn C++ ,)»
- It absolutely covered the whole time needed...»
- mer, 20hec kanske! :) »
- This course is very time demanding.»
- 10-15 hours. An (inevitably) large part of the course handled very detailed c++ programming specific aspects. I think the course should require attendants to take a relevant course in c++ first, and then focus more exclusively on the OpenFoam specific issues.»
- around 75 to 80 hours»
- did it correspond to 7.5 "Higher education credits"? Even more»
- i worked around 150 hours on the course.»
- The course definately is worth 7.5 cred, if not more»

4. Comment the schedule of the course.

Was it good/bad with full days, or would it be better with shorter days and more often? Should we instead have done 2-3 days grouped together and 2-3 such occasions? Was the time between start and end of the course too long or too short?

- For me, it would be better if the course was longer (calender time). But thats just because I been so busy lately. But generally I really think one rather needs to concentrate and focus on the subject for shorter period. It is a very complex task to learn a new code, one needs a lot of "ställtid"... :) tycker också att det vore bättre med flera lektioner/tillfällen (minst dubbla antalet) och handledda labbar, ung som vi hade i konv. värmeöverföringskursen (nu avslöjade jag mig... :) Med heldagsinfo som vi hade nu blev jag väldigt trött framemot e.m. 2-3 dagar vid 2-3 tillf skulle nog varit bra.»
- Have the days grouped together. It would reduce the "cost" of the course for thouse who stay at hotel.»
- More days in a row would have been good.»
- Rather shorter days and more often»
- I think it was good as it was.»
- good»
- hela dagar är praktiskt, inte bra kanske, har heller 2 timmars lektioner, men det funkar ju inte när man måste resa dit.»
- half days will probably be better than full days, hard to concentrate 100% during the whole day»
- Half days would be better. Maybe one half-day every week.»
- Personally I would prefer shorter days (short lecutres) and more frequent schedules. But I am not sure how this will work with other industry people who also taking part in the course.»
- The long days were fine but the course spanned too long time.»
- full days are ok.»
- It would have been good if its for shorter days and more often. The time span was bit long enough for the course.»

5. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

16 svarande

Small extent»1 6%
Some extent»5 31%
Large extent»5 31%
Great extent»5 31%

Genomsnitt: 2.87

- It is difficult to stay focused a whole day.» (Small extent)
- kortare dagar, fler tillfällen.» (Some extent)
- Slides and course material covered everything...» (Some extent)
- Maybe there should be a shorter variant of the course just to get started - like two full days in a row (this could lure industrial participants to travel for the occasion), and then go into detail with how to compile new versions, modify the code etc. as a complementary add-on. For many industrial users, a lot of the argument is to get rid of licensing cost, just to replace current, commercial simulations with Open source ditos. This normally includes simple turbulence treatment and a minimum of code interaction etc. Next step (development) is probably som months ahead in time and by then the detailed knowledge has dissipated.» (Some extent)
- Have a summary of the dates, and go into details further down on the page as you do now.» (Large extent)
- Provided the basic building blocks for my masters"project.» (Large extent)
- The slides are very good and helpful. I think it would be good if there where more examples of how to compile and link your own code.» (Great extent)

6. To what extent has the course material been of help for your learning?

16 svarande

Small extent»1 6%
Some extent»1 6%
Large extent»10 62%
Great extent»4 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.06

- It was comprehensive.» (Large extent)
- Very detailed course material is crucial if you are not able to attend at all occasions.» (Large extent)

7. To what extent have the assignments been of help for your learning?

15 svarande

Small extent»1 6%
Some extent»4 26%
Large extent»5 33%
Great extent»5 33%

Genomsnitt: 2.93

- Did not finish this part.» (?)
- did not do» (Small extent)
- Perhaps make some part of the final assignment (choosing the topic, getting some first experience with it) part of the smaller ones» (Large extent)
- The first assignement was very good, a "getting started with FOAM" assignment. The second assignment I would like if it was something like: setting up a case from a fluent mesh, same case different solver or similar. More applied, the other parts will come into place if you see the potential in FOAM. Third assignment was excellent. » (Great extent)
- fler hemuppgifter, det är väligt bra och en faq på hemsidan kanske!» (Great extent)

8. To what extent has the project been of help for your learning?

14 svarande

Small extent»1 7%
Some extent»5 35%
Large extent»1 7%
Great extent»7 50%

Genomsnitt: 3

- Unfortunately I couldn"t complete the project and I wont deserve to answer this query.» (?)
- hann inte med projektet under kursens gång, men tror att det är inom detta som den nyfikne lär sig. » (Small extent)
- It needed lots of work to check all the options... The quality sacrificed for the quantity.» (Some extent)
- Since the projects were picked by the students, they should have been relevant » (Great extent)

9. Comment the assessment of your learning.

Is the assessment of your learning (the assignments, the project, and the peer-review) appropriate? Give some suggestions.

- The last assignment is perfect the other ones are a bit subjective. Hard to now if it is good or bad. I would like if the grades were based on the third assignement, but the other assignments are obligatory»
- Yes»
- Yes»
- more or less...»
- peer-review kändes inte helt nödvändigt. »
- The assessment is sometimes not proportional to the time spent on this course. I believe I am trying my best on this course depending on the schedule but sometimes it"s not possible to do everything perfect.»
- I learned a lot from the project, not as much from the assignments and least from the peer-review. But that probably depends on how the project you review is done. I learned a lot on linux and bash scripting also.»
- the assignment is quite useful»
- Peer reviews are helpful, nasty comments are not.»

10. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- bra idé med eget större projekt.»
- Assignment 3»
- ...»
- the lecture notes»
- allt utom peer+review»
- The course material detail.»
- The assignments and project work»
- more c++ explain in openfoam»
- All of it»

11. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- kortare och fler dagar?»
- Consider removing some of the phd-student pressentations durring the course.»
- ...»
- some adjustment in project work... it was up to ourselves how deep we should go into the material.»
- längre kurs, kortare presentationer»
- Divide the course to two parts if possible: Part I: For dummies Part II: For "academia"»
- The course should not span this long period»
- no»
- Sufficient time needs to be provided to setup cases when the Guest lectures are organised.»

12. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

16 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»0 0%
Rather well»6 37%
Very well»10 62%

Genomsnitt: 3.62

- kurshemsidan är vid sidan av forumet en bibel!» (Very well)

13. Additional comments

- Jag är jättenöjd med kursen, synd bara att den inte gick nu istället, när jag har tid för den.. »
- ...»
- jättekul kurs!»
- Good access to and help from the teacher helped alot.»

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