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Designing in the Dark

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-12-01 - 2009-01-12
Antal svar: 52
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 88%
Kontaktperson: Saddek Rehal»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga

Organization of the Intensive Program

1. Was the Intensive Program (Workshop Designing in the dark III) well organized?

In the term of place, time, overall schedule, information?

52 svarande

Very bad»2 3%
Rather bad»5 9%
Neither bad nor well»9 17%
Rather well»23 44%
Very well»13 25%

Genomsnitt: 3.76

- Starting times varied enormously.I dont know how many hours I spent waiting to get a lecture started, throughout these 12 days. Technical issues where not a rare sight. At times, our lectures where disturbed by St.Lucas" students, since the lecture room was shared with them. could we not be offered a more private room?» (Very bad)
- Information flow between students and tutors is not good at all. The Blog is hardly as useful at is it suppose to be. Wordpress blogs are not good with large files » (Rather bad)
- We were not informed of the exact dates for the workshop till the very last week, thus making the travel arrangements very difficult. Also, I felt that the sessions rarely started on time.» (Rather bad)
- The only well informed person seemed to be Thomas. When he was not there there were misleading informations. I was rather stressed there and on first days students did not know what to do.» (Rather bad)
- it was bad organization» (Rather bad)
- There was a bad organisation of time. It was hard to follow the timetable (eg. when we were supposed to make models and there was no materials). Also lectures - they were always later than in timetable what disable us to work on projects before noon.» (Rather bad)
- many times we didn"t know what we have to do, same informacion was told to us many times and other that we needed wasn"t.we did"t have wifi in hostel so not everytime we could use the blog to get the informacion. but while we started to work it was ok» (Neither bad nor well)
- Things were not always explained properly, for example we were never told what exactly is a Black Box or shown examples, it would be much better if we were properly explained things.» (Neither bad nor well)
- at first day i had no idea what to do. i felt confused. Sometimes we spent lot of time waiting for lecture and we do nothing just waiting.» (Neither bad nor well)
- Timing was bad.» (Neither bad nor well)
- why do you create schedule, if we dont follow it then?» (Neither bad nor well)
- The lectures didn"t start at time in the morning.» (Rather well)
- The delay due to technic has decreased my evaluation» (Rather well)
- Everytime we needed something, you could ask somebody.» (Rather well)
- Changes in the schedule were not pleasant,especially as for the Sunday trips.» (Rather well)
- place - all ok, very very good school support (kindness of school stuff, good working space, enough time that we could spend there, also in the evening).Time schedule: i´,d prefer if the lectures could have a break (e.g. 60min lecture, than 10min break, than 60 min lecture- sometimes it was really very much informations together and after ca 90 minutes my mind was already so tired, that i couldn´,t concentrate on the lecture as i would like to.. the lectures were mostly very interesting, so i was sad that i probably missed some interesting informations in the ends of some lectures)» (Rather well)
- Everything was ok but sint-lucas needs more outlets and better print facillities... » (Rather well)
- I liked the division between lectures and practical hours.» (Rather well)
- Good organization but it would be beter if they check attendance.» (Rather well)
- Everything was well organized, but some appointments were a half an houre over time, but this is due to the behaviour of the overall student participating in DID III. We have to admit that some students came late...» (Rather well)
- It wos very well organized» (Very well)
- worshop was organized very well, i could know schedule in advance, and the events like welcome evening and international dinner, were great ideas, because we could meet and talk to each other, not only about the school. » (Very well)
- Although morniong were a bit "slower", then I had expected» (Very well)
- nothing to complain! :)» (Very well)
- Despite of some delays. » (Very well)
- For me as a regular student, everything was well organized. Maybe because it is my natural environment.» (Very well)
- There was no problem in organisation. I was well informed about the workshop and all people were pleasant.» (Very well)

2. Where the aims and objectives of the workshop (design and academic tasks) clearly formulated?

52 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»5 9%
Neither bad nor well»4 7%
Rather well»24 46%
Very well»19 36%

Genomsnitt: 4.09

- There was little to no help on the POE which resulted in voicless movies and projected Braille - obviously not a best decision. The importance of the task was not clearly pointed out, which results in students concentrating on the wrong parts of the project» (Rather bad)
- we did not know what to do. » (Rather bad)
- At the beginning we weren"t sure what we are going to do. The tasks became clearer after some time as we started to work on them.» (Rather bad)
- The information about what will be the final presentation was rather confusing, we get known it step by step during the workshop and i think it´,d be better to know it more in advance. And it could be also posted on the blok od DID3. But generally, i think finally we got information enough precised to accomplish all the tasks in time.» (Neither bad nor well)
- we knew that we have to do the design model and poe but sometimes the details were explained one by one after we started to work.it should be cleared at the beginning» (Rather well)
- Generally the aims were quite clear.» (Rather well)
- i think we knew what to do. i"d anderstood the task. only i didnt knew that POEs will be for "public" promocion goal. I thought its just research for us. The visual structure could be different if i knew it. » (Rather well)
- IF not, than you could ask somebody!» (Rather well)
- At a few first days it was little bit confusing what we (as a team) are suppose to do.» (Rather well)
- At the beginning, some of the tasks were not very clearly.» (Rather well)
- we were bit confused about POE... this topic should be explain better» (Rather well)
- it was rather well and it was good that every information was on the blog» (Rather well)
- At first I was a little lost, but while the days passed the aim became very clear.» (Rather well)
- We started very slow, but after some days we clearly knew what it was all about!» (Rather well)
- It was very clear.» (Very well)
- I didn"t feel a lack of information» (Very well)
- Yes, it was clearly, when i had some questions, i could ask any of the teachers, and also could check the blog.» (Very well)
- perfectly clear» (Very well)
- no comment» (Very well)
- Clearly, short and understandable.» (Very well)

3. Was the introduction, presentation of the workshop at the beginning well done (Tomas Ooms)

52 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»1 1%
Neither bad nor well»5 9%
Rather well»19 36%
Very well»27 51%

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- Seeing and hearing the teachers up front would have been nice. this was not the case at Did. from my point of view, it would be advisable to bring forth the teachers and have them present themselves in order to establish a relation with the students directly at the intruduction. Rather than one person talking about everything. By doing it like you did, students often queued up at Mark and Thomas for questions, whereas other teachors seemed too unfamiliar to adress. » (Rather bad)
- truly before this workshop i newer seen the website. i had no idea what we will do. i think some of the work from previous workshops should be shown or more described.» (Neither bad nor well)
- i don´,t know because i participated on workshop as "understudy" - i get known on Friday that i go to the workshop, so i arrived on monday morning - i haven´,t fould any free flight or bus earlier» (Neither bad nor well)
- unfortunately I missede the first day of presentation» (Neither bad nor well)
- Tomas in an unreplaceable resource and gives straight-to-the-point descriptions but unfortunatelly not all can be said on the first meeting» (Rather well)
- I felt the introduction was good as it was not too long (as most of us had just arrived) and it was very relaxed.» (Rather well)
- Could have been a bit more inspiring pictures but it was very clear and informative.» (Rather well)
- I didn"t have a problem understanding it.» (Rather well)
- I prefer more accurate start of the day programme. Other things (like meeting with ambassadors, lectres) were done propetly.» (Rather well)
- Everything was clear from the beginning...» (Rather well)
- I (Me as the gent exchange student) have seen this presentation few times ago and as the introduction of what UD does mean it works well. I also estimate the reception after so I could met people of my group before the the workshop actually started. That helped next day to faster decisions making, and in certain way it was easier in general.» (Rather well)
- i liked it, was clear and showed on what do we have to focus» (Very well)
- The workshop had been introduced well which provided good start of work on monday morning» (Very well)
- Smart guy.» (Very well)
- Yes, Tomas is very nice person to listen to him when he speaks,and he is doing his job very well.» (Very well)
- Thomas rulez!» (Very well)
- it was obvious that Tom was very involved in whole workshop!» (Very well)
- it was clear nad good» (Very well)
- Good idea to show model by camera on display.» (Very well)
- Tomas Ooms his English was the best of all presten teachers !» (Very well)
- I like introductions of Tomas» (Very well)

4. Was the reception by the host"s authorities well done?

51 svarande

Very bad»1 1%
Rather bad»0 0%
Neither bad nor well»11 21%
Rather well»19 37%
Very well»20 39%

Genomsnitt: 4.11

- i dont understand the question» (Neither bad nor well)
- some were very interesting some some not(i think also about organisation authorities). some lecture were shown to late. It should be all in first week as soon as its possible.it could help us in designin. some lectures were in my opinion not on high mental- rethoric quality. » (Neither bad nor well)
- i don´,t know .. (see answer No. 3)» (Neither bad nor well)
- But I can"t review because It didn"t touch me» (Rather well)
- Wine was ok, maybe a little snack could be provided» (Rather well)
- hosts are kind and helpful» (Rather well)
- i felt really good in here, i didn" feel like i"m the outsider» (Very well)
- Yes, it was very pleasant reception.» (Very well)
- see above» (Very well)
- Everytime the classroom was pointed out from the entrance. Very clearly !» (Very well)

Collaboration with ambassadors and experts

5. Was the ambassadors guiding tour relevant?

52 svarande

Very irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelevant»1 1%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»4 7%
Rather relevant»6 11%
Very much relevant»41 78%

Genomsnitt: 4.67

- It would be good if during this walking groups were exchanging ambassadors.Our group had all the time the woman that lost some sight at the end of life.I think we should also see the person without sight from the birth (which we had seen only for 10 seconds when other group passed by).We could learn more. » (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- I learned only one new thing...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- They helped us with tactile models, but with multisensorial center not so much.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- Relevant, because we had to work on this site ofcourse !! Maybe you can say the ambassadors were a little bit to general in their analisis.» (Rather relevant)
- Ambassadors were essential to understand the people with sight impairment and Robert Whites architectural input was very helpful» (Very much relevant)
- especially i liked herman, he"s a very good person, with huge personality. everybody have a great sense of humor and showed us, that they are people as well.» (Very much relevant)
- It was very interesting to go out with the ambassadors to understand how they navigate the city.» (Very much relevant)
- it was great to work with them. Robert was very helpful. It was only problem that they really felt tired during whole day work.» (Very much relevant)
- The absolute most interesting thing was that it started the dialogue with the ambassadors in a very effective and nice way.» (Very much relevant)
- It was relevant especialy for students who had no experience with visual impairments till the workshop started» (Very much relevant)
- I did learn very much, thanks to the contact woth the ambassadors. Also the feedback we got from them was different than what we"re used to. So that was welcome too! » (Very much relevant)
- It was reallz useful to see it through their point of view.» (Very much relevant)
- The tour was very important, i realized many thing i haven´,t realized before.» (Very much relevant)
- It was a totally new approach, compared to the one I had been used to - user aimed design.» (Very much relevant)
- strong, very relevant experience» (Very much relevant)
- best part. very importante to really understand what it means to be blind.» (Very much relevant)
- It was really interesting» (Very much relevant)
- it was my first time with such cooperation and I think I really benefit from it!» (Very much relevant)
- it was essential to proceed to work» (Very much relevant)
- it was very relevant and great experience» (Very much relevant)
- It was a great experience!» (Very much relevant)
- Definitely yes! And we experienced it by ourselves so it was the information from first hand which led our design. » (Very much relevant)
- Just now, during this tour we can feel street from perspective of visually imparied people. It was really important experience for all days.» (Very much relevant)
- It was great experinece. I learnd lot about problems of visually impaired persons.» (Very much relevant)

6. Was the collaboration with ambassadors and experts fruitful?

52 svarande

Very litle»0 0%
Rather litle»0 0%
Neither litel nor much»4 7%
Rather much»12 23%
Very much»36 69%

Genomsnitt: 4.61

- Some of their (ambassadors) input was included in the design but as not all the gruoup members were able to participate in the conversation and thus some unwanted decisions were made» (Neither litel nor much)
- I found that it was difficult to approach the ambassadors however they were very helpful once we spoke to them. Robert White was the most helpful during the design stages.» (Rather much)
- they were very nice and easy to talk with» (Rather much)
- It could be more if somebody would translate them all the time. It was so bad for students from other countries when on one day the discussion was mostly in dutch and after 30 min of discussion we had 5 min translation. At the end all the international students got bored and went away. Even the dutch students were reluctant to translate what is going on.I really enjoyed talking by myself with amassadors, I learned a lot from them.» (Rather much)
- some discusions beetwen dutch students and ambassadors were in dutch and there was nobody to translate it» (Rather much)
- i really enjoyed it, what is the most important they made us to think diferently» (Very much)
- very much! they were describing very clear whats wrong with models. they were enthusiastic and help us in designin.» (Very much)
- The output is ,indeed, for them we have to know, what they prefer» (Very much)
- Their help is rather necessary.» (Very much)
- There was nothing more fruitful then the collaboration with ambassadors and experts.» (Very much)
- by all very relevant, only by Robert and his acompaignment, i would say that unfortunatelly i had sometime problems with understanding the English, because he was native speaker and had dialect that i wasn´,t used to recognize so well. Not every time it was possible to return the topic of talking and ask Robert to say it once more. But hovewer, he was also very relevant consultant for me. » (Very much)
- without them it would be impossible. enormously helpfull» (Very much)
- They helped us as good as possible, aspecially with the different models» (Very much)
- yes and we learned a lot» (Very much)
- I learned with them a lot!» (Very much)
- How else could be our design fruitful for them?» (Very much)
- I never thougth before obout scale of this problems.» (Very much)
- yes, they brought us on ideas we never thinked of !» (Very much)

7. Did working with user-experts change you perception of accessibility in architecture?

52 svarande

Very litle»1 1%
Rather litel»3 5%
Neither litel nor much»5 9%
Rather much»25 48%
Very much»18 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.07

- Sometimes I find all the solutions a bit exaggerated and It was most of the time an exercise in urban design.» (Very litle)
- I had heart in this topic quite enough while the workshop started» (Rather litel)
- We have to admit,that there already existed a lot of basic/famous help elements in architecture for the accessibility for blind and handicap people. But the application of this elements were an enrichement !» (Rather litel)
- you can never consider just one group of users. needs of blind are opposite to the needs of wheelchairs...and so on. it opend my eyes to much more troubles than just blind designing.» (Neither litel nor much)
- I cannot say it now without distance. But hopefully next designing process will make it clear. Good is that sometimes, someplace there exist one way of accessibility which is good for everyone. So we can make very simple things instead of unnecessary ones.» (Neither litel nor much)
- It has given me an idea of how defferently can different people see the same thing.» (Rather much)
- It did change a lot. » (Rather much)
- now I have different view of architecture» (Rather much)
- You see things from another perspective.» (Rather much)
- I knew something about accessibility in architecture before this workshop, but i learn some new informations and i give more attention to this probem now. » (Rather much)
- it did» (Very much)
- When I walk around the street now I notice things a lot more clearly.» (Very much)
- they pointed out a lot of this I"ve never thought about» (Very much)
- It helped me to realise that also handicapped people want to move by themselves through the city.» (Very much)
- My perception changed very much.» (Very much)
- really, it has changed my insight on this problematic. and it was perfect, that we could consult it with more persons so we could see, how is it apprehended by younger, older, man, woman, visually impaired or completely blind..» (Very much)
- it is great if u have REAL feedback...» (Very much)
- change my viewpoint for some buildings» (Very much)
- It gave me a new perspective to design and to see problems» (Very much)

Lectures" relevance

8. Are the lectures in general relevant?

52 svarande

Very much irrelevant»1 1%
Rather irrelevant»2 3%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»16 30%
Rather relevant»28 53%
Very much relevant»5 9%

Genomsnitt: 3.65

- Lectures should learn us new things ... in an intresting way... After a while you can concentrate anymore...» (Very much irrelevant)
- some were intresting some not. I think there should be more examples for good design. not only what is bad. and not only speak about problem.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- Only 3 lectures were really good and gave me a lot to think about. One by Robert White, which was so interesting and well present, other with Ewa Kurylowicz, and the last one by Tom. II had impression that they really prepared well and knew what they were talking about. Theirs lectures were on a good level for students.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- lectures could be more interesting and clear» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- They were interesting but not so useful according to our tasks.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- There interesting and boring lectures.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- They were very much relevant! But really, all these lectures were talking about the same, so maybe one lecture was enough!!» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- sometimes there were not focused on the subject, but in general i liked them» (Rather relevant)
- Some of the lectures were very interesting.» (Rather relevant)
- intresting in general» (Rather relevant)
- It should start at the right time.» (Rather relevant)
- Relevant for the topic. A little less for the work.» (Rather relevant)
- I particularily enjoyed some philosopical aspects of certain lectures. very relevant indeed» (Very much relevant)
- Yes, and i appreciate the time for lectures in the morning.» (Very much relevant)
- Important information about each part of workshop.» (Very much relevant)

9. Lecture (Dec. 01) Marc Dujardin, "Universal Design education”,

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

50 svarande

Very much irrelevant»2 4%
Rather irrelevant»3 6%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»7 14%
Rather relevant»24 48%
Very much relevant»14 28%

Genomsnitt: 3.9

- Really prepared lecture» (?)
- i even dont remember what was about..» (Very much irrelevant)
- That was third time I had seen it. The amount of recieved information is decreasing with increasing of number of repeating of this same things (that"s for explanation, not for complatining)but it was much relevant» (Rather irrelevant)
- I dont even remember what was it about, it was so confusing. » (Rather irrelevant)
- But we saw this lecture already 2 times in school so maybe that"s the reason why it was a bit boring...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- We have already heard the same presentation twice, it was the 3rd one... » (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- I had seen it before 2 times!!!» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- i liked it, it was interesting » (Rather relevant)
- I have already seen teh lecture more times, but i am still interested in it.» (Very much relevant)
- Many ideas supported by relevant examples» (Very much relevant)
- i heard only the information, that were presented here, from other students (i wasn´,t on the workshop yet). But the information presented on the lecture (that i heard from other students) were really relevant. » (Very much relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Very much relevant)
- as the introduction. » (Very much relevant)
- He talked about interesting things, he MADE it interesting!» (Very much relevant)

10. Lecture (Dec.01) Karin Samson and ambassadors of Blind League, "Blindness and visual impairment: facts figures and cases"

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

51 svarande

Very much irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelevant»1 1%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»7 13%
Rather relevant»22 43%
Very much relevant»21 41%

Genomsnitt: 4.23

- I had some information before (visit in Hasselt) but for the others should be» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- I thought that it would be more interesting.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- It is hard to understand. » (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- Bad english, but relevant in a way that we can understand their frustrations, and ofcourse this is their field!» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- it was interesting what they were talking about, bout problems with englisch made it a little bit boring, although i don"t blame them for it, it just would be more interesting becouse fluently» (Rather relevant)
- but it was problem with language communication » (Rather relevant)
- Practical examples, but a bit repetetive» (Rather relevant)
- It was relevant for the workshop to see different kinds of visual impairements...» (Rather relevant)
- This was lecture, which has different point of view, and very helpfull.» (Very much relevant)
- The point of view from people who is suffering blindness is always very relevant. I think that we can make our own idea of blindness, but we can"t understand what the live every day.» (Very much relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Very much relevant)
- a lot of new things» (Very much relevant)
- Although I find it is very relevant, I want to say that the presentation itself was not so attractive.» (Very much relevant)

11. Lecture (Dec. 03) Antonio Caperna, "Universal Design: the case in Italy"

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

50 svarande

Very irrelevant»1 2%
Rather irrelevant»5 10%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»13 26%
Rather relevant»21 42%
Very much relevant»10 20%

Genomsnitt: 3.68

- too basic. too much text on the screen at the same time.» (Rather irrelevant)
- Nice talking,» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- i like it» (Rather relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Rather relevant)
- It was a lecture given by people that know a lot upon the topic and their information is reliable. It was easy to understand due to pictures.» (Rather relevant)
- i did like it, was quite nice and very clear» (Very much relevant)
- and also funny in part» (Very much relevant)
- Lecture was interesting, with good explanations.» (Very much relevant)
- rich case study» (Very much relevant)
- Argumentative lecture.» (Very much relevant)

12. Lecture (Dec. 04) Ewa Kurylowicz, "Universal Design - Uttopia or Reality?"

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

50 svarande

Very much irrelevant»1 2%
Rather irrelevant»8 16%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»14 28%
Rather relevant»18 36%
Very much relevant»9 18%

Genomsnitt: 3.52

- not clear» (Rather irrelevant)
- The lecture was difficult to understand because of lack of good illustrations/sketches/photos etc. It was to general to help us during workshop.» (Rather irrelevant)
- If Mrs. Ewa Kurylowicz didn"t read the text of presentation from the paper then we will maybe fix the informations. » (Rather irrelevant)
- I prefer slower speech with eye-contact with viewers without paper support, but the content was incredible» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- I didn´,t like this lecture, because Madam Kurylowics was reading the text, and i couldn´,t pay my attention for long time.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- i can´,t say i enjoyed it so much. it was too little interactive, i didn´,t enjoyed that it was read from paper, there were too many difficult words that i can´,t manage to find on onternet during lecture, to understand some sentences. It might be much more relavant, if it would be presented in somehow modified form» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- ...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- was very well in terms of the informacion but i wold need a little bit more about the maesurments and this kind of staff» (Rather relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Rather relevant)
- i felt so "architect god" after it. that i have so big impact in to future space. i find it funny a little bit but i will remember it. it touch my hart =)» (Very much relevant)
- Impressive, the best lecture of all» (Very much relevant)
- Very interesting lecture with useful examples. » (Very much relevant)

13. Lecture (Dec. 04) Robert White

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

52 svarande

Very much irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelevant»1 1%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»4 7%
Rather relevant»13 25%
Very much relevant»34 65%

Genomsnitt: 4.53

- I had to left early...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- it"s always most convincening the lecture of the person with visual impairment tha a "normal" one , i really enjoyed it» (Very much relevant)
- Roberts lecture was the most interesting out of everybodys.» (Very much relevant)
- !!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic it was great that he was on workshops finally it was about architecture! colours, space » (Very much relevant)
- Nice! The information were based on questionare, which could promise right information. The truth is goal» (Very much relevant)
- a completely other view on accesability» (Very much relevant)
- This one I appreciate most of all.» (Very much relevant)
- This lecture was combination of point of view of person with visual impairment and architect, what is not typical, so very much relevant.» (Very much relevant)
- Clear, useful summary of what is going on in the streets, when it comes to the visually impaired people. thx Rob!» (Very much relevant)
- i really enjoyed his lecture. Fresh and fruitful, it contained practical examples. I liked it very much.» (Very much relevant)
- It was so interesting, I remember a lot of examples, colours and pictures. Great job!!!» (Very much relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Very much relevant)
- It was great to learn from a student.» (Very much relevant)
- This was what we needed. It´,s was comparable with ambassador´,s guiding.» (Very much relevant)
- You could feel what he was talking about.» (Very much relevant)
- GREAT LECTURE!!!!!» (Very much relevant)

14. Lecture (Dec. 05) Saddek Rehal, "Participatory Design: the design dialogue at the early stage of the process od design"

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

51 svarande

Very much irrelevant»3 5%
Rather irrelevant»5 9%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»9 17%
Rather relevant»23 45%
Very much relevant»11 21%

Genomsnitt: 3.66

- i just don"t remember. could be boring.» (Very much irrelevant)
- Hm... did not tought me anything new.» (Rather irrelevant)
- I was absent that day» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- ...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- the lecture was interesting but i had this feeling that it"s not on the subject» (Rather relevant)
- but i thing it was posible to tell the idea of lecture in a shorter time.» (Rather relevant)
- I estimate that this lecture almost as the only one went beyond, step further from the topic. » (Rather relevant)
- This lecture made me thinking about some situation, which i have never before considered as important.» (Very much relevant)
- Relationship between designer and non-proffesionals is a field than hasn´,t been totally mapped.» (Very much relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Very much relevant)
- Nice examples» (Very much relevant)

15. Lecture (Dec. 08) Tom Chamber, "Participatory Design - the facilitative process".

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

51 svarande

Very much irrelevant»0 0%
Rather irrelevant»2 3%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»8 15%
Rather relevant»26 50%
Very much relevant»15 29%

Genomsnitt: 4.05

- ...» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- But it wasn´,t very convincing. » (Rather relevant)
- i really really liked it, it was very interesting and taken from the other point of view - the artist view» (Very much relevant)
- interesting point of view» (Very much relevant)
- It had shown me topic which I wasn"t dealing with» (Very much relevant)
- Not only architect can bring some new ideas, from which we can find inspiration, and new knowledges, this lesson was exactly like that.» (Very much relevant)
- Fresh, humanistic in the best sens of the word.» (Very much relevant)
- I liked how he communicated us the personal stories of artists - blind people. And i also appreciate that he was talking about particular practical examples, that are the most important for us, architects. To know, how to design the urban&archi space properly, to be accessible really for everybody» (Very much relevant)
- in general whole lectures were very well done! thanks for that!» (Very much relevant)

16. Lecture (Dec. 10) Jan Foretnik and students "Villa 5-1"

Grade the lecture on a scale (Very much irrelvant to Very much relevant).

49 svarande

Very much irrelevant»3 6%
Rather irrelevant»4 8%
Neither irrelevant nor relevant»8 16%
Rather relevant»21 42%
Very much relevant»13 26%

Genomsnitt: 3.75

- i haven"t seen it yet so i can"t tell» (?)
- We did not have this lecture!» (Very much irrelevant)
- I missed this lecture because of illness» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- Some confusing elements. It wasn"t really about blind guiding, more about blind touching ... I think.» (Neither irrelevant nor relevant)
- visiting monuments was interesting as idea!» (Rather relevant)
- Lecture was interesting, but there were not many special information, despite this i consider it as a good refreshment. » (Rather relevant)
- I liked this lecture, because it was fresh and original. Pitty was, that the lectured came off so late. Also there were not so many new information. » (Rather relevant)
- I think it was the best lecture... » (Rather relevant)
- I liked the way of presentation.» (Rather relevant)
- as the last lecture after finishing the work it was good relax and more convincing about relation between visually impaired and art piece then Tom Chambers´,s lecture.» (Rather relevant)
- I liked that the person with visual impairment enjoyed it» (Very much relevant)
- Nice endig.» (Very much relevant)
- ups... this is ours :) so, what can I say? :) :)» (Very much relevant)
- Interesting example about explore modern building by visually imparied.» (Very much relevant)
- very nice video about GREAT house!» (Very much relevant)
- it would be better if it could be early day in the programme» (Very much relevant)

Support and feedback

17. Was the support from the teachers good?

52 svarande

Very bad»1 1%
Rather bad»2 3%
Neither bad nor good»8 15%
Rather good»23 44%
Very good»18 34%

Genomsnitt: 4.05

- When in doubt - comments from Marc give you even more question. The help from Tomas was useful and constructive. The other teachers didn"t provide any input to the projects or anything» (Rather bad)
- I felt that when we were working in the studio, the help was a little bad. The only peron who went around all the designs and was most useful was Robert White.» (Rather bad)
- some were fantastic motivators we should have free space in doing they should tell us nothing directly with some i have no pleasure to speak because of it was no energy or no feedback or i wanted to have free decision- no "force" what it shoud look like. we were designers isnt it? » (Neither bad nor good)
- Sometimes Marcs opinion didn"t agree with those of ambasadors.» (Neither bad nor good)
- Depends.. with Marc it was so confusing, each time we got confusing information and not precise answers, I was rather getting more stressed after that.With Tom was really good to work with as well as with Thomas. Robert White gave us a lot of support and information, his advice were helping us a lot.» (Neither bad nor good)
- Except Tomas Ooms and Antonio Caperna. They were spending a lot time with us. And were leading constructive discussion. Support of the rest could be better.» (Neither bad nor good)
- quite good but sometimes we had the oposite information» (Rather good)
- When the teachers accaully have time, it was often good. but understandibly, Mark was often busy. I think the desgin of the workshop made Mark and Thomas become some sort of go-to-guys, whereas other teachers had to trigger every dialog themselves, since they seemed too unfamiliar to the students inorder to recieve questions. » (Rather good)
- I liked the most consulting with Tomas Ooms, his remarks were very relevant and it really helped us in designing. Information form Antonio Caperna vere a little confusing (anybody in my group understood it, even if we understood the English without problem)» (Rather good)
- Maybe they should be more consequent but overall it was very good» (Rather good)
- Yes, they helped quite good. » (Rather good)
- not from all of them» (Rather good)
- Teachers were very helpfull, and always willing to help and answer our questions.» (Very good)
- I´,m certain, they made their best» (Very good)
- thank you for all materials, advices and support» (Very good)
- They gave us lots of useful advice on design.» (Very good)

18. Do you think that you got good feedback for what you performed?

52 svarande

Very little»1 1%
Rather little»2 3%
Neither little nor much»12 23%
Rather much»23 44%
Very much»14 26%

Genomsnitt: 3.9

- There was not much time during presentation to comment every output. I would like to hear more about our work.» (Neither little nor much)
- Yes, everyone was in a way the same. This implicates that everyone knew what DID III was all about !» (Neither little nor much)
- For the videos the feedbacks was okay,but for the project there was more silence in criticizing» (Neither little nor much)
- normaly» (Rather much)
- A lot of fedback information, but a bit "diplomatic".» (Rather much)
- i would like to hear more about what we have designed..but at least we have got a possitive reaction-i guess.» (Rather much)
- During the workshop as well as in the final review.» (Rather much)
- Feedback was really argumentative» (Rather much)
- i didn"t have any problems with getting something taht i need (a model) i think it"s very important not to worry about it» (Very much)
- i learned a lot because of the contact with differernt people and ambasadors» (Very much)
- When I saw my work was useful fot those I made it for, I felt amasing.» (Very much)
- Yes, there was never probem to get a good feedback.» (Very much)
- I was there when Marc Dujardin presented it to the press, and they were enthousiastic. Also the ambassadours liked it so...» (Very much)
- this WS changed many things in my preception of life» (Very much)

19. Was the final review organized as a learning opportunity sharing knowledge?

51 svarande

Very little»1 1%
Rather little»1 1%
Neither little nor much»9 17%
Rather much»26 50%
Very much»14 27%

Genomsnitt: 4

- i don"t know it hasn"t finished» (?)
- It was more a presentation of works... and then it was over.» (Rather little)
- Not very well organized.» (Neither little nor much)
- ....» (Neither little nor much)
- The decision to review group six"s POE made resulted in some students leaving the lecture for an early lunch. this in turn resulted in the first to modells being run through with an half empty classroom.» (Rather much)
- it was unfortunately no big argument/ discussion with students no fight just at the begining of workshops discussion in my opinion makes more questions and opens our minds» (Rather much)
- We could see all works of all teams and see what was good in their work, what we like, what we can take advantage of in the future.» (Rather much)
- It was rather problem of the space.» (Rather much)
- Really good orgenized and profesionally comments but why after party:]:]:]» (Rather much)
- exactly!» (Very much)
- Yes, it fullfiled my expactations.» (Very much)
- but there could be much bigger discussion and commenting of the designs. I´,d prefer more comments. To know more precisely, what were the strong points and the weak points of design. But generally it was very good and i learned many thinks. I also suggest, that it might be good, to have one official review in the middle of designing, because i think it could make the works to be even better and more profonded.» (Very much)

Social aspects

20. Did you appreciate the social life generated by the workshop during and after working time?

52 svarande

Very little»2 3%
Rather little»3 5%
Neither litel nor much»6 11%
Rather well»15 28%
Very much»26 50%

Genomsnitt: 4.15

- I was nervous and stressed.Groupwork was none..groups were too big, people did not want to work,the info was misleading and we couldnt organize ourself. » (Very little)
- Regular students are lazee.» (Very little)
- Some of the students were not concerned about the work that much» (Rather little)
- The orginazation didnt accually do much to get the social life going around the workshop. i remember a few things: some wine and a casual chat after the introduction (Nov 30th). the multicultural dinner. other than that, all the social life was generated by the students initiatives themselves. The rooms where divided so that students from the same countries shared bedrooms. From a social-generating point of view, that seemed odd.» (Rather little)
- we should have sunday free... and i eat not at belgian lunch time so it was a little bit complicated for me. and the coffe should be for us or as far as possible unvisible for students. i hate to see food and not to try it» (Neither litel nor much)
- i didn"t have a lot of spare time but when i did i enjoyed it» (Rather well)
- some big groups had problems» (Rather well)
- it was good. I´,d appreciate if all people from workshop would go once or twice together to some pub. If the initiative would raise from the organisers. Because the number of students is so high, that it was impossible that this would be organised by some group of students. To get known better with the other students and toi may discuss the "DID" topics also informally, not only formally during lectures or working. » (Rather well)
- top» (Rather well)
- we had great time, but mostly czechoslovak...» (Rather well)
- our dinner, first day, and parties are rally important for integration.» (Rather well)
- There was the perfect amount of social occasions, not too much but not too little.» (Very much)
- When you"re with such a people, especially erasmus and regular students, it"s impossible to stay at the hostel or somewhere else alone.» (Very much)
- In my opinion, social life is very important, when we want to work and cooparate in group. » (Very much)
- One of the best aspects on whole workshop.» (Very much)
- The social life was the best organised! It was necessary to feel at ease sometimes and get to know each other better after working hours.» (Very much)
- GREAT PEOPLE!!!» (Very much)
- Really! Beside well organized day this was surprisingly intensive as well. And it helped our team a lot.» (Very much)
- Yes, from the beginning till the end ! Especially the international diner was a good idea!» (Very much)
- very much!!!» (Very much)

21. Was the cross-cultural collaboration problematic?

52 svarande

Very little»18 34%
Rather little»13 25%
Neither little nor much»15 28%
Rather much»5 9%
Very much»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.19

- i think not» (Very little)
- The cross-cultural collaboration was actually very good because we could exchange ideas and thoughts from different places.» (Very little)
- No i haven´,t seen any cross-cultural problems.» (Very little)
- The majority tried to make favorise the dialogue.» (Very little)
- i don´,t see any problems raised by the different cultures. But there was an other, bigger problem, that the working groups were too big, i think. And it caused to many oppinions to conflate on the one final solution. This often caused situation, when there were 2 variant designs of Multisensorial center, 2 models etc. This won´,t happen, if the groups were e.g. 70% of the actual ones.» (Very little)
- top» (Very little)
- I had a fantastic group.» (Very little)
- Not in our group. » (Very little)
- People are generally polite.» (Very little)
- It was not because of cross-cultural.. it was because some people simply did not want to work.Such workshop needs fast decisions, if people talk too much, it is impossible, as well if only some students come to classes.» (Rather little)
- comunication in english is always harder but mor exciting. it was about people not nationalities.» (Rather little)
- We have differents points of view, because we have had different kinds of learnings, but I think that this is quite interesting for learn what people from other countries think about architecture (or social aspects, as well)» (Rather little)
- I have to admit... sometimes it was :-/» (Rather little)
- Communication was sometimes obstructed because of bad English but in general it was ok. » (Neither little nor much)
- but its good people are so different» (Neither little nor much)
- But actually I don"t think, that collaoration problem are caused because of multicultural association. It depends on consciousness of the team work.» (Neither little nor much)
- It was not the problem of culture of members, it was just a problem of not understanding that it is a group work not an individual work (just someone).» (Neither little nor much)
- It was not problematic, but there was dominance in the number of Slav countries.» (Neither little nor much)
- problematic but very interesting!» (Rather much)
- as is aforementioned» (Rather much)
- I couldn"t work with some stubborn Polish! Shortsighted...» (Rather much)
- with some students from poland it was quite difficult» (Rather much)

22. Was the working atmosphere good?

51 svarande

Very bad»1 1%
Rather bad»5 9%
Neither bad nor good»3 5%
Rather good»18 35%
Very good»24 47%

Genomsnitt: 4.15

- Disinformation, long times without knowing what to do, lack of materials at Uni, and each morning looking for materials.There should be some organized place so the clening ladies or local students would not move our materials. » (Very bad)
- Disorientation within the team was too much sometimes and the eventual absence of Belgian responsible people was holding the work as we had to wait for their trip for materials» (Rather bad)
- In moments good, in moments bad.» (Neither bad nor good)
- sometimes i was very angry becouse there were peopla that didn"t work, bt in general it was ok» (Rather good)
- As with everything in life, some are more eager to learn and envolve than others. » (Rather good)
- Some people were a bit too noisy during the lectures which was a bit annoying.» (Rather good)
- as in life - people are more or less empathic» (Rather good)
- 1 remark: after a while the team was devided in 3 different groups (moddel, design, poe) so then the idea of A TEAM was a bit gone» (Rather good)
- it was good especially in the end when everybody had to finish their projects in a harry. Such hectic atmosphere encoureges us to work harder, to do our best.» (Rather good)
- And we could see work of everybody in one hall.And you could see working everybody as well. That is what I like and what I really miss here in Gent during the whole year.» (Rather good)
- Veeeery veeery good! Perfect!» (Very good)
- in my group-perfect» (Very good)
- I enjoyed all the workshop.» (Very good)
- Very good atmosphere between students, ambassadors and teachers. Teachers are really kind person and helpful.» (Very good)

23. Was the international dinner contributing to the team spirit?

51 svarande

Very little»0 0%
Rather little»3 5%
Neither little nor much»7 13%
Rather well»19 37%
Very much»22 43%

Genomsnitt: 4.17

- It was rather late to change much among us, however it was good expirience.» (Rather little)
- It was a great event but it didn"t think of it as a spirit building event. Afterall we were working with people from the same countries and not the teams. Other than that» (Neither little nor much)
- It was rather contributing our stomach:)» (Neither little nor much)
- i don"t know if a team spirit but i got to know many nice people and that"s the most important» (Rather well)
- it was nice to know my group since first day its easier » (Rather well)
- yes, i really enjoyed it. » (Rather well)
- ohh yee. even our teacher helped us to cook! nice.» (Rather well)
- It was better for national integration not as a working team. But the dinner itself was perfect to get to know everybody.» (Rather well)
- Parties contributed more. But I´,ve never experienced so many different an unknown food.» (Rather well)
- The best idea to integration people, but maybe erlier.» (Rather well)
- the atmosphere during the dinner was very positive!» (Very much)
- Yes, and way how Marc Dujardin and Tomas Ooms introduced the dinner was very nice.» (Very much)
- There could be one more action like the international dinner, I really appriciate it.» (Very much)
- It was nice!» (Very much)
- Ofcourse !» (Very much)

24. Was the Citytrip Gent or Antwerp beneficial for the topic of the workshop (universal design, architecture)

Please comment coment why.

50 svarande

Very little»8 16%
Rather little»4 8%
Neither little nor much»19 38%
Rather much»6 12%
Very much»13 26%

Genomsnitt: 3.24

- I have not been at these trips. » (?)
- Did not have the city trip.» (Very little)
- We didn"t experience it.» (Very little)
- I don´,t find this trip as relevant.» (Very little)
- CITYTRIP ???????» (Very little)
- I was not on this trip» (Very little)
- I used it to speak with the other students.» (Very little)
- ... because we haven´,t got any trip... only in the SCHEDULE» (Very little)
- I was in Brugie and it is only for my own study, not for the workshop.» (Rather little)
- The trip provided some relief from the work on the course and gave us time to do more research.» (Neither little nor much)
- We made it by ourself, so we learned as much as we wanted.» (Neither little nor much)
- we did not have a trip as far as i remember...so.» (Neither little nor much)
- We can see that Gent is not accessible city according to univerasl design. It"s hard to find good examples of architecture designed for all.» (Neither little nor much)
- I didn"t went there» (Neither little nor much)
- Every city , what so ever should be beneficial.» (Neither little nor much)
- In my view total satisfaction but I registred some problemes among the others» (Rather much)
- there was no Citytrip, but i think that it can be a great break in designing in studio which we need during of 11 days of work. And that break can be also very useful in study of universal design and architecture when we can observe exaples in real. it is also very useful for students of architecture to visit and consider new cities and architecture. especially if it is someone who can point us the most important for us places and exaples of design. » (Rather much)
- i was looking where the bad things were» (Very much)
- It was good to allow a day out of the studio as it made the visit more fun as it would be sad to travel to the country and only see the studio!» (Very much)
- it was genial and to be in cafeteria with glasses on nose it was good experience but it schould be longer...» (Very much)
- we were already so educated , that we could identify the obstacles and accessibility conditions of arch&urban spaces. And the break in the working tempo was very refreshing and i must say we did the biggest progress in our desing the day after CityTrip.» (Very much)
- good opportunity to connect theory to practise» (Very much)
- if we speak about trip around korenmarkt with ambasadors...that was one of the most useful things of whole workshop» (Very much)

Concluding questions

25. Is the Intensive Program in general relevant for architectural education?

52 svarande

Very litle»0 0%
Rather litel»0 0%
Neither litel nor much»4 7%
Rather much»16 30%
Very much»32 61%

Genomsnitt: 4.53

- There is such saying"Travels educate only educated people". I learned as much as I could, Tom was really helpful during this workshop.» (Neither litel nor much)
- It should be on the program of an architectural education but maybe not so extended. We saw this also in the lessons» (Neither litel nor much)
- I think we could learn everything in a cours of a few pages. » (Neither litel nor much)
- The program provides a lot of information for student who want and can make use of it (Gent students had other courses as well). The knowledge gained can open new possibilities for other longer courses » (Rather much)
- I do believe in the idea of giving this informantion to students, it"s a knowledge you"ll always carry with you and also will look differently to designs.» (Rather much)
- it is becoouse we really have to start thinking of the subject, but i actuallu am exhausted now» (Very much)
- This kind of program should happen more often for mosre students.» (Very much)
- Intensivity makes things easier and faster» (Very much)
- Intensive Programe provides more information which are focused on problemacy, and my felt really concentrated and in the subject.» (Very much)
- No one tells you smothing like than in Brno.» (Very much)
- Yes, i think that i´,ve learned about this topic so much and in so impressive way, that it gave me more than more that half of subjects at my university, that are taught during the whole semester» (Very much)
- it is easier to focuse on one thing than to work on several tasks by the same time.. so yes» (Very much)
- Such program force us to work as hard and as fast as possible. The only solution is the brainstorm which may end with very creative ideas. The output is conceptual but very fresh, not like a design that we think about the whole semetre.» (Very much)
- see 26 th» (Very much)
- During study in my university we dont have any lecture and tutorials about this kind of problems. I never thought before about solving this problem.» (Very much)
- Yes i think it is great to learn new things and participating to a project for a short time. So the group spirit stays at high energy.» (Very much)

26. Was this particular Intensive Program of benefit for you?

52 svarande

Very litle»0 0%
Rather litel»1 1%
Neither litel nor much»3 5%
Rather well»19 36%
Very much»29 55%

Genomsnitt: 4.46

- As I said if you see it ones it"s enough... and it"s exaggerated sometimes » (Rather litel)
- My bachelors diplome will be concerning people with visual impairment so it was an excessive piece of onfomation that will push my design forward. » (Neither litel nor much)
- Colaborating with people from everywhere in Europe is a rathe rinteresting thing to do, because all the different ways of approuching things helps me to become more complementary as an architect. Plus it gives me more experience working in a team, witch is an important skill these days in architecture.» (Rather well)
- I understood the code for blind people.From Robert White lecture I learned about the street obstacles and about colours.I understood tictile models.» (Rather well)
- Relations with ambassadors, visually imparied people.» (Rather well)
- Yes, it"s clear you know more than an other (student) architect that hasen"t has this program. So this is clearly a benefit !» (Rather well)
- i changed my point of view» (Very much)
- I found this program very beneficial.» (Very much)
- Yes, i feel that it enriched me very much.» (Very much)
- Certainly» (Very much)
- it has changed my insight on the architecture forever. It has showed me, that there are several easy thinks that is good to do to make the society more free and accessible to really everybody» (Very much)
- i enjoyed it» (Very much)
- I have changed my point of view on this topis... and spreding it now :)» (Very much)
- You can see own advantages or defects in few days and it is reminding to you every day.» (Very much)

27. How do you rate whole workshop (Intensive Program)?

52 svarande

Very bad»0 0%
Rather bad»0 0%
Neither bad nor good»5 9%
Rather good»22 42%
Very good»25 48%

Genomsnitt: 4.38

- though the atmosphere in my group was really bad.» (Rather good)
- It has been already answered.» (Rather good)
- ....» (Rather good)
- but! We have thing which could be improved» (Very good)
- Very nice atmosphere with very nice people in the teams.» (Very good)
- This was the best workshop, i have ever taken part in, from all points of view.» (Very good)
- I hope, there will be a similare IP next year» (Very good)
- best a have ever participated!» (Very good)
- it was my first experience with workshop... and I really appreciated it!» (Very good)
- Interesting tasks and useful information. 5 for me:]» (Very good)

28. What was worst?

- disorientation of team members, lack of interest from some, the design decision made by some didn"t really consider people with vision impairment»
- the lack of will for a coaboration from some people»
- Some of the teachers were a little unapproachable at times.»
- the weather. The failure to be on time. »
- I wish we had started with the deisgn work from the first day - this would have given us more time for feedback.»
- that there was so many groups in groups and that sometime was no contact with each other»
- maybe international dinner could be at the start or end of workshop and we could spend sunday evening by finishing our POEs and designing...»
- lack of material and wasting of time due to delayings»
- the weather»
- Teams of 10 persons, too much, as for me..»
- There was nothing really bad.»
- The Hostel de Draeke»
- lectures too long - there should be break after max 1,5 hour of lecture. It is impossible to concentrate for 100% the mind so long. The groups should be smaller. I think 5-8 people would be optimum.»
- disinformation, the lack of precise info, lack of place for making models, bad communication with local students, atmosphere of working in group.. it was so bad, working with Marc was so difficult, though I think he was trying his best.»
- Waiting for late start of lecture - because of late students»
- cooparation with one student...no dialog was possible.»
- I can"t say one thing which it was the worst... There are some whiles where you feel a little stressed, but it is an intensive program, so it"s normal.»
- too much lectures same topic, same facts»
- The different lectures...»
- maybe would be nice to have more free time... but I know that it was intensive programme :) so,I have nothing to complain :)»
- not clearly formulated tasks of workshop»
- oiganization»
- Timing. I had a feeling that we lost a lot of time waiting for materials or some decisions from teachers.»
- Regular students.»
- The Visit of the Innovation Centre for Housing and Adapted Movement (IN-HAM) was not done.»
- nothing was so bad»
- The final presentation.»
- some of the mornings»
- I had 1 person in my group and i never saw him. I think that it is better to to check attendance.»
- Time lags caused by lack of punctuality or bad organization.»
- There isn"t papery material respect the lession.»
- we lost a lot of time because we hadn"t materials when it was supposed to begin the work.»
- Polish people and task distribution. »
- some lectures»
- I would have liked lecture more delve into technical architecture"s topics»
- The working groups were to large . It is sometimes problem to find some compromise. Because every student has diveferent estimation of best architecture especially when is coming from diferent cultural environment. But in the end we have decided seperate to smaller groups working on diferent impositions. Group of 3 people is able to agree better than 10 persons. »

29. What was best?

- the talk with ambassadors and the trip with them. The discussion about the output»
- to know visual impaired people and see taht there are normal people as we are»
- the international diner and work with people from blind ligue»
- The best was learning from the ambassadors and meeting them as I have never really spoken to any visually impared people. Robert White was also the best help for the students as he engaged with everybody and people felt comfortable taking to him.»
- Gent"s architecture. along with my newfound (Blind league"s) point of view towards architecture. »
- The great studio atmosphere!»
- work with ambasadors and tactile models»
- work with ambasadors. i got so many expiriences with universal design and designing for blind or visual impairment people»
- introduction, lectures»
- the contact with the other students and teachers.»
- International dinner :)and the kindness of our ambassadors.»
- International dinner.»
- International experience, different points of view»
- That we get opportunity to participate! And also that it was so financially refunded, that i could afford it (afford - in financial meaning). The workshop as a whole was really very interesting experience for me!!»
- comunicating with blind people, walking with a stick, lecture by Robert White, evaluation was rather good, opening and closing of the Workshop.»
- contact with the ambassadors and the fact that they enjoyed outputs of workshop»
- walk with white sticks»
- All. Meet new people, work together, the closeness of the teachers, etc.»
- direct feedback from ambasadors»
- The collaboration of different nationalities»
- organization, meeting people, cooperation with blind league, a lot of new information...»
- discussion with ambasadors»
- contact/conversation with blinds »
- The ability to work with ambasadors. It was one of the kind experience. The organisation of social life and the ability to work as a team and to get to know new people. »
- the free saturday.»
- The contact with the ambassators»
- tour around the Korenmarkt with black glasses and sticks with ambassadors»
- The people of the workshop»
- Firstly I really did not expect anything like this. The task and either the site was good challenge. And secondly I really did not expect such a social live and friendly people in such short term. »
- Relations with ambassadors and meeting architecture students from whole europe.»
- Opportunity to cooperate with the ambassadors and foreign students.»
- to work with different persons each one with theirselves cultures»
- Atmosphere»
- international dinner, talking with blind people»
- The opportunity sharing knowledge »
- The interaction with blind people. Getting in to their world,their "vision".»
- Gent is beautiful city. People on the workshop were really kind and i enjoyed the workshop. »

30. Other comments

- Thank you for this learning experience.»
- i like it!»
- thank you very much for 11 beautiful days »
- My team was the best!»
- I would like to thank all the teachers for the opportunity to be a participant of the workshop, and for their attention, not only in working but also for their bid to socialize all the people»
- I really appriciate the inter-disciplinary cooperation. You may want to continue in this way. With workshops like this one, we (designers) could eventually get out of our ARCHITECTURAL GHETO, get to the user, cooperate with the public.»
- To organisers: Thank you.»
- Next time, the tasks has to be more clear, smaller groups with not so many students from the same group of languages, because then they start taking in their languages. Heating the building of University on weekend.»
- :)»
- I have got a very good experience during this workshop.»
- I have really enjoyed!! :)»
- i think that some of students were on a workshop becouse it was obligatory part of their study, not becouse this subject is interesing for them. i think it was not good becouse some of them were not involved in this project. this fact made work in teams harder.»
- The division of people in teams could be better. In my team there was to much students from one country. I"d prefer to work with different nationalities. The teams should be more diverse considering nationalities.»
- one group had less work, they didn"t make tactile model, why?? why materials were being bought during classes?? we had free time in the mornings but we had to work in the evenings»
- It wsa really interesting to work with the ambassadors.»
- None. I´,m sorry that some points considered lectures are leave unanswered. Thank you DID!»
- 5:]for me one of the best architectural experience.»
- I think there should be more designing and less model making:) »
- This was a nice experience !»
- ...»

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