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Interaction Design Methodology, TDA496

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-11-26 - 2008-12-26
Antal svar: 10
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 16%
Kontaktperson: eva eriksson»

1. Describe 3 positive aspects of the course

- - the Jones prefaces are very interesting (could be introduced way earlier and mandatory by the way), and revealing. - I would have liked to find an article a little more "up to date" about this Jones book and paradigm. - I liked the ideo video, and the ideo brainstorming paper. Why don"t we have a bigger insight on those earlier? Their approach seems to be both successful and inspiring. »
- 1. Good to have the guy from Kollision so that we can get views from a company perspective. 2. Workload was ok. »
- Interesting talks/presentations. Good support/supervision for groups. Helpful feedback after student presentations.»
- Type of project, great articles, good movie clips»
- NUpxcH <a href="http://ntkpozlwvqyn.com/">ntkpozlwvqyn</a>, [url=http://rnpokrwumgyc.com/]rnpokrwumgyc[/url], [link=http://cjpvsuxfdoji.com/]cjpvsuxfdoji[/link], http://abtopbvwgdvt.com/»
- The fact that we were expected to work on our own »
- The design process when understanding how to tackle the project. Andreas from Kollision. The freedom given for the project.»
- good not to focus solely on interaction design. Good to emphasize going out of the box to find a feasible solution in the end. Good and honest feedback on the presentations. »
- *Groupworking *Feels real *Learned new methods»

2. Describe 3 aspects of the course that did not meet you expectations

- - i couldn"t learn much that could be used in a corporate environment,because of possible lack of assertiveness, and authority to introduce people to any method at all. To convince people of using them, requires to be convinced of their use, and how to conduct them properly. - too like-minded people in the same working group participate in undermining that potential assertiveness, and has very realistic but paralyzing inertia. It could as well have gone the other way round, but it lacked the close (and personalised) input of someone using methods in an efficient manner, to give us advise in our personal case, at a precise stage. - lack of structure in the course, communicating openness is one thing, but how are we supposed to get jobs if»
- 1. Bad tutoring. Bad attitude. 2. Bad explanation/information about the goal of the project. (There must been something wrong with the information when ALL groups misunderstood the task) 3. When knowing we are on the wrong track of the project, deliberately not informing us, but just letting us wasting our time on the project. »
- I think the topic of design methods should have been discussed at greater length to avoid the initial confusion over what was expected from student groups. Rigidity in forming groups - students had no say.»
- Retelling of articles, Type of home-exam, not clear view of what"s expected»
- NUpxcH <a href="http://ntkpozlwvqyn.com/">ntkpozlwvqyn</a>, [url=http://rnpokrwumgyc.com/]rnpokrwumgyc[/url], [link=http://cjpvsuxfdoji.com/]cjpvsuxfdoji[/link], http://abtopbvwgdvt.com/»
- The start was really confusing, but I don"t think it can be any other way if one has not had any experience with a real design team in the past.»
- Counseling was insulting when Johan handled it. The literature could have been better. Fo example, Reflective Design was just blablablablabla. There could have been more lectures instead of literature seminars.»
- No proper introduction to design methods other than individual reading up in the course literature. Exercises, seminars, project, individual examination and group report was too much and too many forms of examination. Project supervisor were not much of inspiration and help. »
- *Unclear how we was intended to work in the project. *»

3. Please describe 1 positive learning experience you had in the course

- Many Jones guidelines from the preface are very useful, inspiring, and give some clues as to how to use the methods in groups. The kollision project presentation was great, especially the projects. »
- Using methods, while understanding you are using them.»
- Learning about design methods.»
- another way of working and apporoaching problems»
- Usage of methods in the sequence they are in the course.»
- NUpxcH <a href="http://ntkpozlwvqyn.com/">ntkpozlwvqyn</a>, [url=http://rnpokrwumgyc.com/]rnpokrwumgyc[/url], [link=http://cjpvsuxfdoji.com/]cjpvsuxfdoji[/link], http://abtopbvwgdvt.com/»
- Realising how to do a proper design project»
- How to achieve good teamwork.»
- That there are different measures that can be taken to improve the design process.»
- Methods»

4. Describe 2 things you would like to change about the course, and how

- - One coach per group, attention to ideas and overall a better "corporate-looking" rigor of the objectives: budget, outcome. - Better attention to mixed backgrounds in teams, possibly by introducing people from design classes, or other schools if necessary. - A demonstration of a whole design process in corporate and research environments, to better see the differences, and how practically good practices are used.»
- 1. More exercise of using the method. 2. Change the tutor. »
- Arbitrary group forming - students should be allowed to choose who they want to work with based on their interests.»
- time frame - why not strech the course over the 8 weeks that it is supposed to? The presentations of the literature could be skipped, maybe alternative ways. Don"t think many people are taking them in. Less open questions in the questionnaire.»
- More exercises on the methods, longer timespan on the course»
- NUpxcH <a href="http://ntkpozlwvqyn.com/">ntkpozlwvqyn</a>, [url=http://rnpokrwumgyc.com/]rnpokrwumgyc[/url], [link=http://cjpvsuxfdoji.com/]cjpvsuxfdoji[/link], http://abtopbvwgdvt.com/»
- Literature presentations should be turned into practical sessions where more methods could be tried out. Instead of Johan a counselor that has a serious and professioal attitude should be hired.»
- Have more lectures on the design methods and the design process, rather than laying that in the hands of the project work. Lower the demands on the group report. Feedback were good on the mid and final presentation but was not very helpful during the course of the project. More suggestions on how to go forth, may have brought interesting articles that the group could use and so on. I guess the issue is time, but time could have been cut back by excluding the exercises, seminars, having less supervision meetings, and so on.»
- *More clear how to work during the project so we don"t have to redo lots of thing. * »

5. Describe 2 things that you do not want to be changed in the course

- - the outside supervisors give good insight on corporate clues. - the idea of doing a project is great.»
- 1. Kollision Andreas 2. Extreem Characters exercise. »
- Talks and presentations, Supervision»
- lecturer, and the fact that we got to work on a "real" project!!»
- setup of the project, insightful articles»
- NUpxcH <a href="http://ntkpozlwvqyn.com/">ntkpozlwvqyn</a>, [url=http://rnpokrwumgyc.com/]rnpokrwumgyc[/url], [link=http://cjpvsuxfdoji.com/]cjpvsuxfdoji[/link], http://abtopbvwgdvt.com/»
- The way of working»
- The time frame. The presence of a real company for the project.»
- The project subject was a very good one. The project examination form should also be kept I think. The guest project providor was also very good in highlighting limitations and flaws in the proposed designs and the design process used.»
- *Make it more clear how we should work in the project from the very beginning. »

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