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Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-10-23 - 2008-12-02
Antal svar: 41
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 68%
Kontaktperson: Olof Torgersson»

1. Attendance on lectures

How many percent of the lectures did you attend?

41 svarande

<25%»0 0%
25-50%»0 0%
50-75%»6 14%
>75%»35 85%

Genomsnitt: 3.85

- Very interesting lectures which added a lot of value to the course» (50-75%)
- Those I found great, interactive, useful, and providing many ways of exploring further.» (>75%)

2. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

41 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»1 2%
Rather well»27 65%
Very well»13 31%

Genomsnitt: 3.29

- Changing the goals and rules in the projects in the middle of them is not good, and saying one thing and writing another... not god. In the end it was just, do anything and get loads of points for it...» (Rather badly)
- Would be very good if the handouts were available on the web. I guess this is a copyright issue but maybe they could be made available on the password protected student portal?» (Rather well)
- The information on how many points you"ve gathered needs to be better, perhaps some webbased solution where the student can check how many points he/she has gathered. Otherwise very good overall.» (Rather well)
- Keeping it all in a one window drill-down can cause students to miss details in the schedule or exercises/projects.» (Rather well)
- The webpage should be updated more often. » (Rather well)
- Web page should have been updated more often with those in mind who did not attend all lectures.» (Rather well)
- Information was clearly presented on the course website. Grading and assignments were clearly defined.» (Rather well)

3. How demanding was the course?

41 svarande

Not at all demanding»5 12%
Slightly demanding»10 24%
Quite demanding»9 21%
Demanding»15 36%
Very demanding»2 4%

Genomsnitt: 2.97 (bidrar till totalt genomsnitt/jämförelseindex)

- This course required almost no original thought. Instead, this course was based around memorizing useless terms for graphical user interface patterns and searching the web for such patterns. The first "project" consisted simply of identifying the usage of such patterns in two different applications. For the last project, our report was limited to 1500 words and we were told to bold the occurrences of the pattern names in the report. Clearly, the only thing the teacher was concerned with was the students" ability to remember the names of the patterns. This would be useful if these terms were universal. Terms used in the text, like "card stack" (instead of tabs) are only useful to others who have read the text. Further, some of these patterns were so utterly basic or obscure. Spending time attempting to locate examples of them was ridiculous. Being required to find examples of a pattern is an absurd requirement since if you cannot instantly remember the use of that pattern in an application you frequently use, you simply start scouring your computer opening random applications hoping that the pattern can be found.» (Not at all demanding)
- This course is as demandning as you do it, especially because all examinination is in project form.» (Slightly demanding)
- The work was concentrated, which i like, its a good thing to have 2 whole days instead of an hour a day!» (Quite demanding)
- But the weekly chapter excercies were exaggerated and became quite booring in the end. » (Quite demanding)
- In a good way.» (Demanding)
- depent how much effort you spent on exercises an projects» (Demanding)

4. Did you buy the course book?

41 svarande

yes»20 48%
no, too expensive»6 14%
no, other reason»15 36%

Genomsnitt: 1.87

- Very good book!» (yes)
- But I bought it only after reading parts of the ebook downloaded from the pirate bay» (yes)
- i used the pdf version most often» (yes)
- I downloaded the e-book, worked very well» (yes)
- i have e-book» (no, too expensive)
- I got from library» (no, too expensive)
- Too delayed!» (no, other reason)
- It took so long in becoming available that the google books alternative became preferable.» (no, other reason)
- sold out» (no, other reason)
- Used the e-book» (no, other reason)
- Got a digital copy.» (no, other reason)
- Already find the E-book.» (no, other reason)
- It wasn"t available for a long while. But had the chance in the end to borrow one.» (no, other reason)
- Shared book» (no, other reason)
- The pirate bay...» (no, other reason)
- had the electronic version.» (no, other reason)

5. How much of the recommended chapters in the book have you read?

41 svarande

0-25%»3 7%
25-50%»10 24%
50-75%»15 36%
75-100%»13 31%

Genomsnitt: 2.92

- Good reference book for career.» (25-50%)
- This text would only be useful for someone who lacked familiarity with computers. Anyone in this program probably uses a computer quickly and has no problem identifying various patterns. Instead, focus needs to be placed on how using various patterns affects the user and how various design elements work together.» (25-50%)
- Read about all patterns.» (75-100%)
- you need to read the chapters for doing the exercises» (75-100%)

6. How did you find the book

41 svarande

poorly written»0 0%
ok»19 46%
well written»22 53%

Genomsnitt: 2.53

- the examples was the same in many patterns, but the examples were good» (ok)
- The book was written in an acceptable manner. It was simply well below the level at which a graduate course should be taught.» (ok)
- Well written, however, the contents was mostly things you already know» (well written)
- well structured pattern chapters: "Use When", "Why" and a "How" section good illustrations» (well written)
- Extra handouts were a good complement! Only book would be too litle.» (well written)

7. How useful were the lecture notes?

39 svarande

did not use them»11 28%
useless»1 2%
somewhat useful»5 12%
good to have them»14 35%
very useful»8 20%

Genomsnitt: 3.17

- There werent any, as far as I know.» (?)
- ??? lecture notes?? There were no such thing!» (did not use them)
- Lecture notes?» (did not use them)
- there were no notes» (did not use them)
- Did not know there were any» (did not use them)
- Almost all of the lecture time was spent doing something that was not useful. Hours would be spent reiterating the same procedural and logistical information that was already present on the website. Lectures consisted of the professor opening up tabs within a web browser and showing us brief examples of various web pages. Seemingly little forethought went into a lecture as they were often a "stream of consciousness" lecture that would change between wildly different topics with no clear direction. Buzzwords were used in place of actual thinking or analysis. We would often hear about how a certain user interface lacked "chrome" (a good thing, apparently). Certain vague characteristics were always presented as being good without consideration of how they could be misused. We were supposed to have 2 hours a day dedicated to reviewing what we had practiced that day. This never happened. At no point did we review the "work" that students did in a meaningful way. Instead of discussing the affects of patterns that students had found, the professor discussed how the student had formatted his or her PowerPoint slide that presented the pattern. When the teacher did claim that he was going to analyze the actual findings of the students, he would simply show the examples for about 2-5 seconds without adding any commentary as to what made that pattern"s usage specifically good or bad.» (useless)
- i made my own link list with the most interesting websites and commented them» (good to have them)
- Im considering delicious to be the lecture notes.» (very useful)

8. On average, how would you rate the amount of material covered in one lecture?

41 svarande

Boringly little»2 5%
OK but more could be added»5 13%
Just about right on average»25 67%
OK but some material could be removed»5 13%
Way too much to absorb per lecture»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 2.89

- See above. The lectures were mostly ramblings about a topic and rarely contained a coherent message.» (Boringly little)
- The material were excellent but 45 minutes for a lecture is too little. » (OK but more could be added)
- Try to structure the material before lecture» (Just about right on average)
- Hmm, who is don? I"ll bet on him!» (Don)
- I had to choose this.. because it makes no sense. Who is Don? What"s he doing here? And in what way does he help me rate the lectures?» (Don)

9. How did you find the lectures?

41 svarande

very poor»1 2%
rather poor»3 7%
rather good»4 9%
very good»24 58%
excellent»9 21%
no comment»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.9

- contained very little useful information» (rather poor)
- No "red line".» (rather poor)
- I really like a lot of the examples brought up during the lectures and I find IA very interesting.» (very good)
- Very interesting but rushing because of little lecture time.» (very good)
- As stated above, try to structure them a little bit more» (very good)
- It was really inspiring to attend lectures!» (excellent)

10. How many of recommended exercises did you do?

41 svarande

0-25%»1 2%
25-50%»0 0%
50-75%»0 0%
75-100%»40 97%

Genomsnitt: 3.92

- no time» (0-25%)
- 100%» (75-100%)
- The excercises was rather monotone and didn"t help to teach about the patterns» (75-100%)
- These were required exercises» (75-100%)
- The exercises might need some reenginering, since it became something to grind throu without thougt.» (75-100%)
- after 3 exercises of finding pattern example and making screenshots i was getting bored and was not so concentrated and motivated anymore to finde good examples» (75-100%)
- I did all of the exercises. These were all exactly the same and consisted of simply locating 3 instances each of 10-12 patterns. Every week we did the exact same thing. Each week we were given approximately 8 hours of class time to do this as the schedule was not adhered to and there were rarely times used for review (which was supposed to happen twice a day).» (75-100%)

11. What did you think about the bonus assignment?

- Nice to have the option to make more than you have to.»
- Not sure about which.»
- If you are referring to the last projects alternative solution, then i think those guys got to little points for the amount of work they did!»
- ??»
- I think that is a good idea. Some students, like me are just studing parttime and has, if they are intrested in the subject, more time to spend on it than the others. Then a bonus assignment can be motivating for you to work more.»
- n/a»
- Don"t have time to accomplish it.»
- no»
- no bonus assignment»
- Did we have those?»
- Bonus assignment?»
- Bonus assignment?»
- Not at all because already have too much things to do in the course»
- The archive group project? I love the opportunity to work in a larger group with a larger solution.»
- Didn"t think about it.»
- Don"t know about it»
- I really liked to do if I had time»
- bonus assignment?»
- bonus assignment?»
- Which bonus assignment?»
- no idea»

12. Which parts of the course did you find difficult?

- Finding some of the patterns.»
- None really, maybe project 2 was kind of stressful»
- None»
- The projects are quite difficult, especially concerning the objectives, understanding what the tasks really are. But I guess this is a consequence of a very refreshing openness and flexibility about them. So the responsibility of the difficulty doesn"t fall on the pedagogic team only :)»
- I think the difficult part for me and almost everyone is the oral presentation. It gives good practice for real life work to speak to everyone in english.»
- Nothing was too difficult, but the exercises did become repetitive after a while.»
- Finding examples of some certain kind of patterns which rarely used.»
- no»
- The projects were the most tricky part, but in a good way. You got to apply the stuff you heard from lectures and read in the handouts. »
- None.»
- To acculy apply what we have learned in the project. Difficult by a good way to accusal learn it.»
- Nothing»
- Nothing was that difficult. But I like being challenged to exercise several different disciplines. Writing and structuring good reports, presentations and doing aural presentations. »
- Finding some pattern examples was difficult.»
- Grayscale»
- None really»
- no part»
- Trying to find a few particular patterns... Ended up just googling some crappy images.»
- None.»
- Finding exemples of some rare patterns could be time consuming and difficult. »
- ALl the definition felt a little bit too abstract to comprehend sometimes..»
- not much»
- It was often difficult to work up the will to go to this course. That sounds sarcastic, but it was probably the most difficult thing required. We were only asked 2 times (Projects 2 and 3) to ever really create or think. It was mind-numbing to have to be there twice a week for 7 hours.»

13. What about the availability of the teacher if you needed help?

41 svarande

Very good»22 53%
Good»15 36%
OK»0 0%
Bad»0 0%
Very bad»1 2%
I did not seek help»3 7%

Genomsnitt: 1.82

- David is a great instructor. Always open to suggestions and knowledgeable on the material he teaches.» (Very good)
- The feedback we got from teacher after every exercise and project was very important and very valuable!» (Very good)

14. Did the exam reflect the course in a fair way?

29 svarande

poor»2 6%
fair»1 3%
adequate»5 17%
good»10 34%
excellent»11 37%

Genomsnitt: 3.93

- No exam for this course!» (?)
- There was no exam, but the project was flexible enough to allow me to focus on what I wanted to do. And yes, it did reflect the course in a fair way.» (?)
- We had no exam. Projects reflected the course great.» (?)
- There was no exam!» (?)
- No exam» (?)
- no exam» (?)
- No exam.» (?)
- Exam?» (poor)
- There were no exam» (poor)
- No exam» (adequate)
- exam?» (adequate)
- have we done an exam» (adequate)
- No exam!» (excellent)
- there was none and that is excellent» (excellent)
- Didn"t have an exam.. Rating the third project instead.» (excellent)
- I consider each part of the course that give points here, exercises and projects.» (excellent)
- (No exam)» (excellent)

15. What is your general impression of the course?

41 svarande

Poor»1 2%
Fair»2 4%
Adequate»4 9%
Good»18 43%
Excellent»16 39%

Genomsnitt: 4.12

- This was worst course I have taken at university. Perhaps this is due strictly to the teacher. The course plan from this course in 2007 seems much more interesting.» (Poor)
- Easy to see that David is new to this, some experience is what he needs.» (Good)
- lectures, cours-book, exercises and projects are well-matched» (Good)
- Could be a bit harder, more focus on the projects» (Good)
- Great course and I feel that I have learnt a lot of stuff!» (Excellent)
- I think this is one of the best courses i have taken. I have worked as an interactiondesigner for a while and this course gives a good base for this work. I have learned so many useful things from David Crawford both practical and theoretical. He has given me a perspective of the subject and inspiration to continue develop my skills in this subject. I also think that Laleh and Eric has done a great jobb.» (Excellent)
- It covered very interesting material I had not come across before, using up to date examples from the web as well older material from key figures in the interaction design field. A very nice balance.» (Excellent)
- One of the best cpurses i"ve read» (Excellent)
- It was the first course of this nature for me (proper interaction design) and I found myself to be positively surprised at how much fun it was.» (Excellent)

16. Other comments/suggestions for how the course can be improved?

- More direct feedback would be really useful. More discussion about the project work that each project has done.»
- Have none.»
- Please customize the evaluation form for the intended course!»
- This evaluation is simply a framework and should be customized to fit every course individually. How this is done differs, but the head of the department should know how you go about it. E.g. questions about the exam or lecture notes are not relevant in this course. For future reference.»
- The amount of students is TOO MUCH. This ridiculous students can not sit in a room to have lecture together.»
- Having more lectures, but optional. I suppose the ecercises we did are useful for training our brain to recognize patterns in a variety of situation, and integrating the vocabulary. However, maybe a way could be found to use the class time to more design issues, rather than directly throwing us into projects.»
- Maybe add one lesson about icon design an what to think about when designing a set of icons. One of the exercises can be designing a set of icons. »
- I think the grading system was too benevolent. Everybody got similiar grades and that lowers the competitive side and motivation to improve.»
- The main area of improvement should probably be the exercises that had to be carried out each week. These became a little repetitive after a while.»
- Reducing the number of excises and have more discussion on terminology. »
- change do the pattern exercises to find some interesting graphical design instead, it will be more meaningful:)»
- Very good and fun course, I look at application and web pages in a whole other way know...»
- More diverse exercises.»
- Don"t know.»
- Keep listening to what students think, and keep up the good work.»
- Less repeated exercises and more creative works.»
- Overall, a good course that could use a (grayscale) redesign of some parts, like the exercises. Also a little to much copy-past on the assagnments. »
- I am quite certain that it is not allowed to change how hard it is to get a good grade based on how good the other students work are. This happened during the course, where the course leader told us that getting a higher grade now became harder due to the high standard of the other students work. »
- Taking screenshots all day was boring, working with the patterns would be better than just trying to find them. »
- Very good that we could test our knowledge in practical projects 1-3. Regardless of previous experience everybody got, during the course, "tools" and knowledge to make projects in the best possible way which was very good!»
- good teacher! go david»
- This course requires discussions. It would be much better to have a lecture, a brief period where students would quickly design something, and then a longer period during which the students work would be evaluated and discussed. Also, this course had clearly too many students. This seriously affects the level of education that a student can receive when the room in which the education takes place often has people walking through it carrying out their own conversations. The school ought not to allow more people to enroll in this course or program than it has room. Also, different contexts of computer use need to be considered. A kiosk, phone, game console, and pc all have different physical methods of interaction, are used for different things, and correspondingly require different solutions. This fact was never considered in our book or lecture. Additionally, designing for different users based on disability or cultural factors was never discussed. The topic of pushing forward to innovate at the expense of decreasing usability for some users is an important topic that needs to be considered.»
- I think the course is very good but maybe spending less time on the example gathering would be better.»
Genomsnitt totalt för detta stycke: 2.97

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