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Managing Development Projects, IPR010 2008 LP1

Status: Avslutad
Öppen för svar: 2008-10-16 - 2008-10-31
Antal svar: 75
Procent av deltagarna som svarat: 100%
Kontaktperson: Jan Wickenberg»
Utbildningsprogram som genomför enkäten: Chalmers
Klass: Övriga
Utbildningsprogram studenten tillhör: Industriell ekonomi 300 hp

About you

1. What is your total working experience of product (and service) development projects?


Working as a project member
74 svarande

None»34 47%
1 - 3 months»19 26%
4 - 6 months»9 12%
7 - 12 months»5 6%
More than a year»5 6%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 2

Working as a project manager / project leader
70 svarande

None»57 83%
1 - 3 months»6 8%
4 - 6 months»3 4%
7 - 12 months»1 1%
More than a year»1 1%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 1.27

2. Who was your research group supervisor?

75 svarande

RPA1-5: Tom Hordern»24 32%
RPB1-5: Marcus Linder»24 32%
RPC1-5: Jan Wickenberg»27 36%

Genomsnitt: 2.04

About the course

3. The course book and the 13 printed articles


- The book is not that expensive, but it seems like that because you only use it as background information for the project and exam. »
- Vore inte dumt om det kommunicerats tidigare att artiklarna skulle fås (hann skriva ut alla själv redan innan). En god idé är sätta samman dem i ett kompendium liksom för många kurser. »
- Really depends on the quality of the extra guest lecture»
- I didn"t want to have any more guest lectures since Jan gave was so much better. More guests = less Jan.»
- The articles are easily accessible through the student portal, whis is enough for me.»
- The course book was very basic and not that useful compared to other material. It was a very good book but probably more appropriate on under-grad level.»
- The course book might have been unnecessary. The lectures and the articles provided much more intresting information.»
- When we have such few copies free from the Chalmers it is expensive for us to print all articles in all courses. I don"t have any copies left after this first period for example. »
- Please find a more interesting topic for the IPMA guest lecture than the process of certification.»
- Pinto boken kändes för basic för dessa studier i vilket fall som helst. Kändes som om vi dök djupare än den boken hade som uppsåt att göra.»
- Very good that the articles were printed, help alot.»
- Pinto was great!»
- Giving us the 13 articles printed was great. I believe that this helped me to start reading earlier since it was always available.»
- I really appreciated getting the articles printed as our printer quotas are limited. An option could be to assemle the articles to a compendium and sell it at Cremona.»
- Pinto is very boring i don"t know the average price of such book I"m not sure i would have read everything if you didn"t give us copies»
- The students can always print the articles themselves in the computer rooms»
- I personally found the articles very useful, great initiative to print them. It definitely strenghten my incentives to read them.»
- The chalmers library should keep more copies of the course book.»
- It"s a very nice to get the articles!»
- It was very nice that all the articles were printed for students. »
- Articles were fantastic ans easy to get the main message. Printing the articles to students was a great effort. Thanks a lot for doing so!»
- I think that Pinto match the objective. but I don´,t know about other readings»
- especially better, when the additional lecture is given by david! you could listen to him for hours.»
- Printing articles is expensive for students, it is much appriciated to get them handed out!! »
- Very good to get the articles!!»
- Instead of the book one could have submitted abstracts of it covering the essential areas and including them into the othe readings»
- I read more of the articles in this course than in the EoI course running in parallell, probably before they were printed and easy accessable.»
- Pinto-boken i all ära, men jag tycker att de pengarna kunde spenderats bättre. Mycket handlar nog om hur man ser på saker och ting, men jag hade personligen mer uppskattat en kort bok för att bara lägga den teoretiska grunden om vissa ramverk inom planering etc. och sedan byggt på med artiklar eller liknande för att få lite mer bredd. I artiklarna får man då möjlighet att ta upp lite mer "mjuka" saker. Berättar gärna mer om hur jag menar om ni vill ha mer feedback. //Alexander Westerling alexandw@student.chalmers.se 073-991 26 07»
- to me a guest lesson would been better since I had already printed the articles.... men såklart, det bör ju vara en bra gästföreläsare. »
- I think printed articles helped me alot and that meant alot to me, thanks to Jan.»
- Perhaps opting for a cheaper Pm "handbook" coupled with a small fee for a compendium of printed artciles would allow room for another guest lecture?»

The course book (Pinto) addresses the basics of project management in a good way
75 svarande

I totally agree»21 30%
I agree to some extent»39 55%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 11%
I disagree to some extent»2 2%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 1.87

The course book (Pinto) is too expensive
75 svarande

I totally agree»13 17%
I agree to some extent»30 41%
I neither agree nor disagree»23 31%
I disagree to some extent»4 5%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 2.36

The money would have been better spent on an extra guest lecture, than on free student copies of the 13 articles
75 svarande

I totally agree»12 16%
I agree to some extent»4 5%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 8%
I disagree to some extent»20 27%
I totally disagree»32 43%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 3.75

4. The Lectures

There are two questions for each lecture (not the movies). Content means "I recognize the contents of this lecture as important for my studying of managing projects", and Presentation means "I recognize that the presenter made a fine effort of presenting the topic"


- Lars Hallin as a presenter was really good, but he only talked about really basic aspects of MS Project. I would learn more by just playing with the program for an hour. Maybe it is an option to make a manual and some sort of case study to actually solve a problem with the program. »
- Closing lecture bör vara sammanfattning»
- I would liked to have knowed more about IPMA during the lecture, instead I got 2 hours of how to get a licence. About complex NPD project the lecture didn"t feel right on target. It was more about project management in general, which I feel that Dave Williamson allready has provided. The lecture could have been a bit more exciting as well.»
- The IPMA was just information about how to get certified and what it cost. It felt as if the message was only to make us get certified and not about why it is something important. If it is important?»
- I did not go to the second ms project lecture cause we have an interview with our company for the research project.»
- I only attended the first MS Project workshop because the content was rather theoretical. Using a real life example for the usage could be better.»
- I am appalled by how some of the lectures were presented. This is supposed to be Sweden"s leading university in technology and we have lectures where we watch movies and others where the lecturer can spend nearly the full two hours recounting anecdotes. Firstly, regarding the movies. If movies are supposed to be used in educational purposes they must be referred back to at multiple occasions...not one lecture at the end of the course as the case here. Preferably, if movies are to be used at all it should ONLY be in the form of short movie clips, where the lecturer quickly can make his or her point about the movie clip. Otherwise it is a waste of time. Secondly, with regards to the use of anecdotes this really turned into something of a farse during the shadow system lectures. I look back at my slides which I have printed and I find pictures of a military truc, a cartoon, an iceberg, a train, Charlie Chaplin, a car, a police in uniform and I ask myself: How am I going to use this in my future career? Consequently, anecdotes are good but should not be used too extensively. I find neither pleasure nor intellectual stimulance in sitting through 2 hour lecture where the lecturer spends 80% of his time reciting a story from his military service. With regards to the slides. Pictures are good, but don"t overuse them. Keep in mind that some students (like me) actually do go back and look at some of them again, either for other classes or in future work. In conclusion, I would just like to point out that I am not one of the students who scored poorly on the project report (the exam I don"t know yet), I am in fact quite satisfied with my score. Therefore, I am not using this survey as a means of getting back at the professors. I am just seriuously concerned about the quality of education offered at what is supposed to be the top institution in Sweden. Quite frankly I am ashamed in front of the exchange students when they come here and notice that the quality of education is poor at best. I actually got the following question from a foreign student in the break of a lecture: "Is it always this boring and useless?" That seriously worries me! Therefore, take this as an indicator of that the quality of education is seriously demising into what can only be called an abysmal darkness. »
- Jan did a great job of making the material interesting.»
- Throughout my time at Chalmers, Jan is the best lecturer i"ve had. It"s a pleasure going to his lectures.»
- It would be better for the Project Management Guest Lectures to have been conducted earlier in the schedule.»
- Great lectures in general but Maria Elmqvist"s presentations were excellent and Jan Wickenberg"s presentation on shadow systems was outstanding!»
- more seminars, please! it"s very pleasant and an efficient to learn... the MS project presentation was useless,i"ve been to both, and i tried to focus, but without working on a project with this tool, it"s almost impossible to learn how to use it The IPMA presentation by a guest was completly out of scope... i really didn"t care of how to be certified, if i want to get such information, i can check it in 5 minutes on their website !»
- Its a nice experience to be in this course. I liked the way Jay presented his lectures.»
- Lars Hallin was time constrained in his presentation and therefore not decision can be made.»
- Even though how much I try, I can"t understand the purpose of spending 4 hours showing a move and then an additional 2 hours referring to it. Isn"t this just a way of simplify matters for the lecturer? Have it as an assignment watchin the movie if necessary (which I do not think it is). The shadow system class is relevant but please focus more on content and less on personal anecdotes. Dave Williamson and Maria Elmqvist were brilliant! »
- I think the course was really good. Jan Wickenberg is a really good lecturer and the guest lectures were good! I think this course can be useful in my future carier.»
- It is very useful to hand the lectures with differents specialists .. thank you for that»
- Jan is a very, very good lecturer! The little anecdotes makes you as a student learn much more and remember the main message from the lecture. For instance, why only Pontus stopped the vehicle, since he was the only one that knew why the were going in reverse... There is always a nice atmosphere in class, I always looked forward to his lectures - which has never happened before during my three years at Chalmers. Maria Elmqvist and Ana Magasinovic also gave very good lectures. Overall the lectures were structured in a way that made them easy to follow, there was a "röd tråd" throughout each lecture. »
- Jan is da shit! heja jan! concept car could you skip..»
- As you can see I enjoyed the course, and thought that the guest lectures as well as the regular were intresseting and that the content was good. It was clear what the course was covering. However I did not quite fully understand why we had the micrsosoft project classes, if these are to be kept there needs to be a more thorough follow up.»
- deltog tyvärr inte på alla lektioner, missade alla tisdagar.»
- No answers are for those lectures that I didn"t attend.»
- Jan was a fantastic lecturer, as was Maria Elmquist and Ana Magazinovic. Dave Williamson also gave interesting perspective on the topic. The concept car presentation was not a favorite as the ideas presented came across as rather judgemental and gender-generalising. Perhaps this is just a personal dislike of the whole idea.»

Course Introduction - Content
75 svarande

I totally agree»31 45%
I agree to some extent»34 50%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 4%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»7

Genomsnitt: 1.58

Course Introduction - Presentation (Jan W)
75 svarande

I totally agree»43 65%
I agree to some extent»20 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 4%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»9

Genomsnitt: 1.39

Movie Time: The Pentagon Wars - Content
75 svarande

I totally agree»17 26%
I agree to some extent»23 35%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 20%
I disagree to some extent»7 10%
I totally disagree»4 6%
No answer»11

Genomsnitt: 2.34

Introduction to the Research Project Work - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»20 31%
I agree to some extent»30 47%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 15%
I disagree to some extent»2 3%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»11

Genomsnitt: 1.95

Introduction to the Research Project Work - Presentation (Jan W)
75 svarande

I totally agree»20 31%
I agree to some extent»33 52%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 12%
I disagree to some extent»2 3%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»12

Genomsnitt: 1.87

Leadership & Power lectures - Content
75 svarande

I totally agree»28 40%
I agree to some extent»34 49%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 10%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»6

Genomsnitt: 1.69

Leadership & Power Iectures - Presentation (Jan W)
75 svarande

I totally agree»37 54%
I agree to some extent»26 38%
I neither agree nor disagree»2 2%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»7

Genomsnitt: 1.57

This is IPMA - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»5 7%
I agree to some extent»12 17%
I neither agree nor disagree»22 31%
I disagree to some extent»16 23%
I totally disagree»14 20%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 3.31

This is IPMA - Presentation (guest)
74 svarande

I totally agree»5 7%
I agree to some extent»17 25%
I neither agree nor disagree»20 29%
I disagree to some extent»15 22%
I totally disagree»11 16%
No answer»6

Genomsnitt: 3.14

MS Project Workshop I - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»7 10%
I agree to some extent»18 28%
I neither agree nor disagree»21 32%
I disagree to some extent»13 20%
I totally disagree»5 7%
No answer»10

Genomsnitt: 2.85

MS Project Workshop I - Presentation (Lars Hallin)
74 svarande

I totally agree»12 18%
I agree to some extent»23 35%
I neither agree nor disagree»20 31%
I disagree to some extent»4 6%
I totally disagree»5 7%
No answer»10

Genomsnitt: 2.48

Project Estimation - Content
75 svarande

I totally agree»21 30%
I agree to some extent»36 51%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 12%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 1.95

Project Estimation - Presentation (Ana Magazinovic)
75 svarande

I totally agree»23 32%
I agree to some extent»31 44%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 14%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 2.02

Movie Time: Contact - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»8 12%
I agree to some extent»25 39%
I neither agree nor disagree»17 26%
I disagree to some extent»7 11%
I totally disagree»6 9%
No answer»11

Genomsnitt: 2.65

Project Management I+II - Content
73 svarande

I totally agree»43 61%
I agree to some extent»21 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 8%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 1.47

Project Management I+II - Presentation (Dave Williamson)
74 svarande

I totally agree»51 72%
I agree to some extent»15 21%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 5%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»4

Genomsnitt: 1.32

The Early Project Phases - Content
73 svarande

I totally agree»35 51%
I agree to some extent»26 38%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 10%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 1.58

The Early Project Phases - Presentation (Maria Elmquist)
74 svarande

I totally agree»37 53%
I agree to some extent»26 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 8%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 1.55

The Shadow System, Organizational Learning and Politics - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»47 67%
I agree to some extent»16 22%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 10%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»4

Genomsnitt: 1.42

The Shadow System, Organizational Learning and Politics - Presentation (Jan W)
75 svarande

I totally agree»51 71%
I agree to some extent»14 19%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 4%
I disagree to some extent»2 2%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»4

Genomsnitt: 1.42

Customer Involvement - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»29 43%
I agree to some extent»31 46%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 8%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»7

Genomsnitt: 1.7

Customer Involvement - Presentation (Maria Elmquist)
74 svarande

I totally agree»27 40%
I agree to some extent»33 50%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 9%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»8

Genomsnitt: 1.68

The Concept Car - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»13 22%
I agree to some extent»22 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»15 25%
I disagree to some extent»7 12%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»16

Genomsnitt: 2.32

The Concept Car - Presentation (guest)
75 svarande

I totally agree»12 21%
I agree to some extent»17 29%
I neither agree nor disagree»17 29%
I disagree to some extent»9 15%
I totally disagree»2 3%
No answer»18

Genomsnitt: 2.5

Complex NPD Projects - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»13 20%
I agree to some extent»33 52%
I neither agree nor disagree»14 22%
I disagree to some extent»3 4%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»11

Genomsnitt: 2.11

Complex NPD Projects - Presentation (Tommy Olin)
74 svarande

I totally agree»13 20%
I agree to some extent»26 41%
I neither agree nor disagree»17 26%
I disagree to some extent»7 11%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»11

Genomsnitt: 2.28

The Closing Lecture - Content
74 svarande

I totally agree»30 42%
I agree to some extent»22 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»16 22%
I disagree to some extent»1 1%
I totally disagree»2 2%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 1.91

The Closing Lecture - Presentation (Jan W)
75 svarande

I totally agree»38 52%
I agree to some extent»22 30%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 12%
I disagree to some extent»1 1%
I totally disagree»2 2%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 1.7

5. The Research Project


- I didn"t present our project, I asked the questions for the opposition, but there are still learning points from seeing other people present their cases.»
- About the project presentation: I think it would have been better for our knowledge if you had mixed the project groups. In my world the best way would have been to bunch 6 groups together, with 3 different topics. In this way each bunch would have had two groups with the same topic to create a discussion and at the same time 3 different topics so that we learn as much as possible. »
- The supervision gave us the impression that this project did not have to be as strictly academic as many earlier project works. (regarding references, theoretical framework etc) This could have been expressed earlier.»
- Supervision meetings were to fluffy and did not provide actual input to the work.»
- It was sad that all the presentation in my group except one was about Volvo 3p and with the same topic addressed. »
- Tom as a supervisor gave brilliant suggestion to our project report, also encourged us to think in different perspectives. Great supervisor!!!»
- I must give my supervisor a praise for having performed the best supervision of a report writing I have ever experienced in my four years at this institution. He took his time and to read our report when we had submitted it, made sure he had answers to our questions and gave us good general comments and feedback on the report. This was his first time supervising and I understand that he put in extra effort to it. With this in mind I am therefore shocked and appalled when I heard that the more experienced professors gave him feedback saying that he shoud be "more vague" in his feedback. Quite frankly I don"t see how this would benefit anyone, but the supervisor not having to read the reports being submitted as extensively. The effect of "being more vague" when giving feedback to project groups is nothing but detrimental. Firstly, it creates frustration in the project group for not get anything useful to work with. Secondly, this only results in the students" learning to be impaired. Being more vague results in you as a student trying to guess what the supervisor actually said, not trying to solve, improve or learn from the feedback given. Lastly, it results in widely differing pre-requisites for different groups when some supervisors take their time and give the students constructive feedback, while others skim through the report half an hour before the supervision. On a final note I would like to make the point about literature requirements. I acknowledge the fact that theoretical foundation is essential to a course in graduate school. Towever, the fact of the matter is that very very few of us students are continuing to do a PhD. Therefore, I question the whole idea of grounding project reports in literature. To some extent yes, but not to the present extent. Instead do what the business schools in the US is doing, give us real world cases to work with. Couple these cases with data analysis (since we are after all engineers) and let us create our own solutions arguing for and against different standpoints based on hard data. For example, Harvard cases are usually contructed in a way where they explain a specific situation in a specific company, and provide financial data or some other sort of data. The quest then for the students will be to construct a solution to the stated problem and argue for it based of their analysis of the data. This is much more like the real world and most of all it is much more efficient and effective in argumentation, than saying that Argyris said this and Reid said that and Engwall said a third thing. Those kinds of arguments only work in a highly academic environment. In real life you cannot as an employee start an argument saying that we should do something in a certain way because some academic author stated it in an article.»
- The supervision only made me confused and I think our report got worse. Other groups with different supervisor recived better comments on their work, we did not get any concrete and we got a realy bad grade compared to the work we put in to the project in order to realy make it good.»
- Jan did not provide us with much input at all on the project meetings, but was very vague. We took it as a sign things were good, while the final grade didn"t match this view. Master students want a 5, in general, on cases and if the project work is not heading towards one the supervisor cannot be vague but needs to be specific. Especially since other groups told us their supervisors were. »
- I believe that the project work took a lot of time without really contributing to the scope of the course. It should have been less broad regarding of the topic of the work. It felt that sometimes we were missing the target.»
- I learned a lot about conducting and writing a reasearch report thanks to Tom"s great supervision. My group and I really appreciated that he always answered questions quickly and try to keep himself available for help and most of all the brilliant feedback we got on our report (even though it meant a lot of more work).»
- Supervision should not only be to ensure you pass as a group with a three. It should be more about writing the best report you can.»
- cooperating with swedes highlighted the cultural gap between us, and it was great. I"m not used to the conventions to write such report, a "preparatory Writing Skill class" would have been usefull»
- More education regarding writing and literature search can always be added but I personally think this is subjects that should be mastered by now, put effort into the actual subject instead.»
- It was a real learning experience about how to relate literature concepts with the real life projects.»
- The supervisisors seem to have used different principles when giving feedback. Atleast one supervisor commented actual content, structure of the report etc (He did actually read through the report not just skim it). Even though how you decide to do, please make it fair between the groups. Talking in vague words and not having read the draft is not very useful. »
- Working in group project was a great experience!»
- we had an additional library introduction in the other course - so not necessary here. if still used, then not during course, but in leisure time.»
- I learnt a great deal during the project presentation. Ususally, you attend these presentations for a couple of hours and them leave without being one bit wiser than before. But the way Jan framed it there was an atmosphere of learning, for instace, the standard questions, the different behaviours of an audience, rísk management for presentations and so on.»
- A hard issue to overcome was that the groupmembers were att different levels regarding writing a report.»
- Tyckte att Tom Horden gjorde ett mycket bra jobb som handledare och han gav mycket god konstruktiv feedback. Hade gärna sett ett annat upplägg på presentationerna av arbetena. Bland de grupper som jag hörde presentera så hade i stort sett alla fokuserat på ett och samma område. Detta kan naturligtvis vara en fördel för att det kan bli fler "givande" diskussioner bland grupperna inom detta ämne. Presentationstillfället hade jag hellre sett som ett sätt för att istället lära sig mer inom området "Project Management". Jag hade alltså med andra ord hellre sett att presentationsgrupperna inte delades in utifrån handledare, utan utifrån det område som rapporten skrivits om. Detta för att öka bredden på presentationerna och inte enbart bidra till en "spetskompetens"...»
- att söka i biblioteket kan man lära sig på egen hand. »
- In compare of our project report to what we were asked to do during the supervision meetings I"m not satisfied with our project grade. I"m not sure if we missunderstood the supervisor"s points or the supervisor didn"t pay much attention to our report. »
- An opoortunity to work on my presentation skills is definately much appreciated, as I know it is a personal weakness - and im sure im not alone. Also, working with groups of people i normally would not have worked with was definately a learning experience.»

I would have preferred a fully theoretical course, and not have to investigate a real-world project
75 svarande

I totally agree»0 0%
I agree to some extent»8 10%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 5%
I disagree to some extent»18 24%
I totally disagree»45 60%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 4.33

Cooperating with the other students in my Project Work group was frustrating to me
75 svarande

I totally agree»3 4%
I agree to some extent»14 18%
I neither agree nor disagree»19 25%
I disagree to some extent»16 21%
I totally disagree»23 30%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.56

Cooperating with the other students in my Research Project group has helped me better understand the social dynamics of work groups without formal leadership
75 svarande

I totally agree»17 22%
I agree to some extent»35 46%
I neither agree nor disagree»17 22%
I disagree to some extent»5 6%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 2.17

A preparatory Writing Skill class would have greatly increased our ability to write the Project Report
74 svarande

I totally agree»16 22%
I agree to some extent»14 19%
I neither agree nor disagree»17 23%
I disagree to some extent»16 22%
I totally disagree»9 12%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 2.83

A preparatory Library Services/Information Retrieval class would have greatly increased our ability to write the Project Report
75 svarande

I totally agree»4 5%
I agree to some extent»19 26%
I neither agree nor disagree»18 25%
I disagree to some extent»16 22%
I totally disagree»15 20%
No answer»3

Genomsnitt: 3.26

Our supervision meetings helped us making a better Project Report
75 svarande

I totally agree»28 37%
I agree to some extent»25 33%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 13%
I disagree to some extent»9 12%
I totally disagree»3 4%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 2.12

Our supervision meetings made me better understand challenges faced by real-world projects
75 svarande

I totally agree»14 18%
I agree to some extent»24 32%
I neither agree nor disagree»12 16%
I disagree to some extent»17 22%
I totally disagree»8 10%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 2.74

The Project Presentations contributed to my learning of project management research
75 svarande

I totally agree»17 22%
I agree to some extent»33 44%
I neither agree nor disagree»14 18%
I disagree to some extent»8 10%
I totally disagree»2 2%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.25

The Project Presentations contributed to my learning of presentation skills
74 svarande

I totally agree»25 34%
I agree to some extent»27 37%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 18%
I disagree to some extent»7 9%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 2.02

The supervisor hosted the Project Presentations in a good way
75 svarande

I totally agree»34 45%
I agree to some extent»33 44%
I neither agree nor disagree»4 5%
I disagree to some extent»2 2%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 1.68

6. The Pre-readings and the Literature Seminar


- It is a good way to discuss the real message of an article. »
- Bra inslag. Bästa komponenten i kursen. Mer av den här varan!»
- I think the seminar should not result in discussion about broader subjects that are not fully related to the articles it should be more refered to the articles»
- The discussion drifted somewhat away from the actual articles.»
- I believe this was a really good part of the course. There should be more literature seminars and small group discussions. This helps the student by both encouraging us to read early and to interpret information! However, I found it a bit difficult to get to speak during the seminar. This was mostly because once some students started talking it was hard to get into the conversation.»
- Some people got too much space while others found it difficult to get through and get the ability to speak even though they wanted. Still Maria did a great and encouraging job whomever spoke.»
- The way of Maria hosted the Literature Seminars is great. She listened all the questions and opinions and responded us in a encouraging way.»
- Some students "take over" the seminar and Maria should have tried to get more people to get a chance to speak. I got interupted several times when I tried to speak by students that spoke all the time. I did not like it, everyone should get a chance to discuss.»
- Maria was very kind and she made it easy for everyone to participate.»
- I believe that Mrs Elmquist was a great lecturer and host for teh literature seminars and I would suggest to be more involved in the course.»
- I think the literature seminar is a good way to dive a bit deeper into a topic. I found it a welcome alternation for the lectures and a fun way to learn something»
- 2nd hour too much focus on Volvo, Not much discussion!»
- at the begining i feared to speak but after a while (when i notice some students were worts than me ), it was okay.»
- Found the literature seminar to be very good, wouldn"t have hurted with maybe one more.»
- Literature seminar helps to understand the topic more than what only lectures ans self study can do.»
- Maria Elmquist"s effort was tremendous! »
- Miss Maria is a great lecturer! It was great to have her lecture and the seminar.»
- During the seminar we discussed a number of relevant topics, and the discussions were interesting. Although, I did not feel that the discussions were focused on the actual articles, they more became spin-off, in a way related to the article. But that was not a bad thing, it was good to get different perspectives from different students - and I don"t think the discussion would have been as rewarding or insightful if we hadn"t read the articeles in advance. All in all, a good experience!!»
- The seminar was realy good, should have more of it! I think maria should have interfered more in the seminar. I feel that some people toke over and not everybody had the space to talk. Think about the gender issue! the boys talked all the time!!»
- great!!! jätte bra för förståelse av artiklarna. mera seminarier allmänt på hela chalmers. sällan man får lov att jobba i mindre klasser där man kan diskutera o reflektera med en kunnig handledare och där alla deltar. mkt lärorikt!»
- It was an interesting forum that gave me a chance to see how other students tackle and understand the literature. It definately provided new perspectives on some of the articles.»

I prepared well before the Literature Seminar
74 svarande

I totally agree»38 51%
I agree to some extent»27 36%
I neither agree nor disagree»3 4%
I disagree to some extent»6 8%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 1.68

It was easy for me to read and understand each of the chosen articles during my preparations
73 svarande

I totally agree»21 29%
I agree to some extent»28 38%
I neither agree nor disagree»15 20%
I disagree to some extent»8 11%
I totally disagree»0 0%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.13

I felt shy or feared to speak during the Literature Seminar
74 svarande

I totally agree»8 10%
I agree to some extent»13 17%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 13%
I disagree to some extent»19 25%
I totally disagree»24 32%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 3.51

The Literature Seminars increased my understanding of the selected articles
74 svarande

I totally agree»40 54%
I agree to some extent»24 32%
I neither agree nor disagree»7 9%
I disagree to some extent»1 1%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 1.61

The Literature Seminars showed that many students find it difficult to interpret academic articles
74 svarande

I totally agree»6 8%
I agree to some extent»26 35%
I neither agree nor disagree»24 32%
I disagree to some extent»15 20%
I totally disagree»2 2%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 2.73

The Literature Seminars was a good opportunity to practice group discussion and group reflection
74 svarande

I totally agree»33 44%
I agree to some extent»29 39%
I neither agree nor disagree»6 8%
I disagree to some extent»5 6%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 1.81

Maria Elmquist has a great way of chairing his Literature Seminars
73 svarande

I totally agree»36 50%
I agree to some extent»26 36%
I neither agree nor disagree»9 12%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»1

Genomsnitt: 1.66

Round-up questions

7. What do you think?


- I like the last question. Although I"m not really confident about the "earning a little more money" part ,)»
- Hopefully at least..=)»
- Very good course that provided good input for future career! Relevant course material and good lectureres.»
- To the last statement I hope so. =)»
- I applaud the attempt of trying to ground the course to reality by stating its purpose in a modest way. However, I am sorry...this course will neither make me experience a little less frustration nor make me more money in the future because I have not been put to the test in as real situations as they can be made in an academic environment. Why? This goes back to my point about the project report. Use shorter cases instead of an academic project report. Let the students work on one case a week or every other week. Don"t force in the theoretical part other than in lectures. Emphasize the argumentations and presentations of cases to be data driven - not literature driven! Make students conduct a full blown project cost estimation, put them in a situation where they have to choose between two alternatives and motivate through data analysis, enact role plays to practise how to solve communication difficulties in a project team etc. etc. This is would have enhanced my learning exponentially! There are so many things that could be done with a course like this if it would just be focused more on the real world!»
- Even if I feel that I really learned alot I can"t get a good grade becaus we got such a low grad on our report even if we really work hard. I think it is difficult to get good grades in this cours. Teh report should be worth less! »
- Great course! Learnt a lot and enjoyed the way it was presented.»
- It has been a great course!»
- The politics in the PM was a very useful lecture for understanding the real world of PM.»
- For the last question: I think and hope so!»
- The shadow system lectures rocks!»
- Project management is a dynamic subject and changes with circumstances, hence I dont see any specific rule associated with it. Understanding the "psychology" is more important than the rules.»
- To understand The shadow system helps a lot!»
- i do not care, if i earn a little more money, but i agree to the "less frustration"-part. i generally disliked the statements about "earning more money! PLs should not (only) think like that. they should not care about money and just do what they like. there is much more out there than just money! hence, i think it is contra-productive, if people hear all the time that they can earn more money. so... STOP IT.»
- I have learnt a great deal about project management, the problems with uncertainty in development projects and many other things. I have a much greater understanding of the importance of politics in the work place, esp. since we encountered that during our project work. Even though we"ve been introduced to a whole bunch of tools by Pinto, I feel this has been balanced by the articles in a way that gives a more realistic picture of Project Management as a complex process. »
- I would like more hands on knowledge»
- One of the best courses Ive taken! Inspiring, fun and innovative!Thank you!»

The academic writing style is too complex and thus, ironically, reduces the sharing of knowledge
75 svarande

I totally agree»6 8%
I agree to some extent»31 41%
I neither agree nor disagree»13 17%
I disagree to some extent»17 22%
I totally disagree»8 10%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 2.86

Project management professionals are unaware of their knowledge gaps, and that prevents them from performing better
74 svarande

I totally agree»4 5%
I agree to some extent»37 53%
I neither agree nor disagree»19 27%
I disagree to some extent»8 11%
I totally disagree»1 1%
No answer»5

Genomsnitt: 2.49

The practice of project management is close to perfection, and there is no need for further research
75 svarande

I totally agree»0 0%
I agree to some extent»4 5%
I neither agree nor disagree»8 10%
I disagree to some extent»22 30%
I totally disagree»39 53%
No answer»2

Genomsnitt: 4.31

After having studied this course, I will have a better understanding, experience a little less frustrations and earn a little more money in my future working life
75 svarande

I totally agree»28 37%
I agree to some extent»35 46%
I neither agree nor disagree»10 13%
I disagree to some extent»0 0%
I totally disagree»2 2%
No answer»0

Genomsnitt: 1.84

8. What theory provides the best explanation for the refraction of light?

Rangordningsfråga. Siffran anger medelposition.

- Haha! Nice!» (?)
- I like option 3 and 4 better, but hey, Snell and Huygens were Dutch men, I can"t ignore that fact! I"m proud of them...» (?)
- haha» (?)
- Well, Sneel law or Huygen principle didn"t help you out at all, did they?» (?)
- It really depends on who asks, and it"s bad to give a theory which I can"t explain as an answer. So I would start by the two "easy" answers.. :)» (?)
- Hmmm...maybe my cognitive limations are narrower than the average person, but I thought this was a project management class and not a physics class. However, I assume that this question seeks to make the point that we take many things for granted that we shouldn"t. I agree with that statement, but I am still perplexed as to the reason for putting something like this in a course evaluation.» (?)
- I did not really understand the question, sorry.» (?)
- It is not stated in the question if 1 is the best alternative or 4 is. I guess 1 is the best?» (?)
- Strange Question, could be interpreted in different ways: Scientic approah -> Huygens and snell"s. Lecture approach --> spear & bend somewhere. So the scolar in me, the theories learned from lecture, no ranking possible» (?)
- I don"t get the question. » (?)
- Don"t really understand the question!» (?)
- Why!?» (?)
- I don"t get this one...» (?)
- For me its the theory of human "perception".» (?)
- From the descriptive point of view» (?)
- ??? cool question! if i remember correctly, snell"s law can be inferred by the huygens principle.» (?)
- Var tvungen att googla "The Huygens principle"... -Så mycket till ingenjör var jag...» (?)
- glömde det samma dag som tentan...» (?)
- Did i get it right?» (?)

Your own effort (part of the Chalmers standard questions)

9. How many hours per week did you spend on this course?

We mean total time, that is, it comprises the time you spent in class and the time you spent on your own work. Try to estimate the average time over the entire study period.

75 svarande

At most 15 hours/week»3 4%
Around 20 hours/week»23 30%
Around 25 hours/week»27 36%
Around 30 hours/week»17 22%
At least 35 hours/week»5 6%

Genomsnitt: 2.97

- This depended really on the week, difficult to estimate. » (Around 20 hours/week)
- There should be some extrinsic motiviation to make the student read more throughout the course. It is a pity to find the articles very intresting in the last week..» (Around 20 hours/week)
- Little less in the beginning of the period, peaks before the litterature seminar, when the project report should be handed in.» (Around 20 hours/week)
- läsvecka 1-3 = 5h/v läsvecka 4-5 = 10/v läsvecka 6-7 = 25/v» (Around 20 hours/week)
- different weeks were different tough» (Around 25 hours/week)
- it depends if we have a project or not...» (Around 25 hours/week)
- Tough Question.» (Around 25 hours/week)
- The report took all my time and energy» (Around 30 hours/week)
- With the research project and all this course left me with little time for the other course and even less spare time. » (Around 30 hours/week)
- Project work took a lot of time in terns of meeting in discussing stuff with group members.» (At least 35 hours/week)

10. How large part of the teaching offered did you attend?

74 svarande

0%»0 0%
25%»1 1%
50%»6 8%
75%»37 50%
100%»30 40%

Genomsnitt: 4.29

- Which is more than i use to attend since I rather study actively with my friends than listen to lecturers. But the lectures in this course were well above avarage when it comes to being interesting. I like the concept of deviating from the course litterature and teaching instead of how things work in the real life.» (50%)
- var uppbokad på annat varje tisdaglektion» (50%)
- I just skipped the MS Project workshops as I thought they would not be very interesting. Usually MS programs are easy to figure out yourselves. » (75%)
- I was one week unavailable to attend classes. » (75%)
- Unfortunatley I missed two lectures held by Jan.» (75%)
- Would have wanted to attend 100 percent, but due to factors beyond my control I missed out on a couple of lectures. The first course ever during which I always looked forward going to class!!» (75%)
- I would say 95%.» (100%)
- Almost all lectures..» (100%)
- Except the second MS Project Seminar.» (100%)
- There should have been a scale between 75 and 100.» (100%)
- Missed one lecture due to scheduled interview with our studied company.» (100%)

Goals and goal fulfilment (part of the Chalmers standard questions)

The course syllabus states the course goals in terms of learning outcomes, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitudes to be acquired by the student during the course.

11. How understandable are the course goals?

75 svarande

I have not seen/read the goals»9 12%
The goals are difficult to understand»3 4%
The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer»27 36%
The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn»36 48%

Genomsnitt: 3.2

- It is too difficult to extract the basic message. » (The goals are difficult to understand)
- I have actually not read them thouroughly enough to give a better answer.» (The goals give some guidance, but could be clearer)
- Actually its in between the third and fourth choice.» (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)
- I really don"t pay any attention to the goals. I belive very few student read the first page of course-PM more than once... So these questions are a bit weird. » (The goals clearly describe what I am supposed to learn)

12. Are the goals reasonable considering your background and the number of credits?

Answer this this question and the succeeding one, only if you do know the course goals.

69 svarande

No, the goals are set too low»0 0%
Yes, the goals seem reasonable»68 98%
No, the goals are set too high»1 1%

Genomsnitt: 2.01

- Konstig fråga.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- What is this kind of a question????????» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)
- Interesting, I chose an answer before I realized that I shouldn"t answer the question since I don"t really remember the goals. But once you"ve ticked in one of the boxes, you can"t un-tick them all. Just change between them. Silly.» (Yes, the goals seem reasonable)

13. Did the examination assess whether you have reached the goals?

71 svarande

No, not at all»3 4%
To some extent»29 40%
Yes, definitely»28 39%
I don"t know/have not been examined yet»11 15%

Genomsnitt: 2.66

- I did not like the examination at all. Impossible to get good grade if you got a bad group for the project report. I would hav prefered a written exam.» (No, not at all)
- we can"t be evaluted on the management of project without working on a project... but i hereby know it"s impossible.» (No, not at all)
- i am not sure what to answer» (To some extent)
- The home exam only provides the possibility for short answers in a very limited area. It would be more fun to focus more on question 1 in the home exam and really show that you master that.» (To some extent)
- The home exam questions could have been more diverse» (To some extent)
- No examination can assess this or can assess by parts.» (To some extent)
- Could have had e.g. one more quesiton and be even more "challenging". But absolutely no problem.» (To some extent)
- Talade med tidigare års studenter i kursen och de hade haft en liknande sista fråga (small/large/young/old), men med annan litteratur som stöd. Frågan kan säkert vara väldigt relevant, men jag tycker inte att den återspeglar vad jag tidigare studerat. Alltså en fråga om jag missuppfattat, studerat fel, eller rent av inte alls var menad att lära mig något om det.» (To some extent)
- I must complement the brilliancy of the take home exam questions as they required us to really think and learn even more.» (Yes, definitely)
- Great questions on the home-exam, I learnt a lot during writing!» (Yes, definitely)

Teaching and course administration (part of the Chalmers standard questions)

14. To what extent has the teaching been of help for your learning?

74 svarande

Small extent»5 6%
Some extent»6 8%
Large extent»38 51%
Great extent»25 33%

Genomsnitt: 3.12

- Jan is nice but talks in riddels and difficult to understand sometimes, especially during supervision» (Some extent)
- nice pratical examples.» (Large extent)
- Jan Wickenberg gives the best lectures I ever been on. Dave Wilkinson was also good, but a little monotonous in his lecture style.» (Great extent)
- Jan is a great teacher in class!» (Great extent)
- Jan is a great teacher!» (Great extent)
- ???» (Great extent)
- Not one bad lecture, although the IPMA one felt a little bit less relevant. I wish there were more lecturers at Chalmers like Jan. His enthusiasm, sense of humor and devotion makes the lectues excellent! I stay focused, become interested and learn more! The little boxes with candy is a fun incentive to dare open ones mouth in class. » (Great extent)
- good lectures» (Great extent)

15. To what extent has the course literature and other material been of help for your learning?

73 svarande

Small extent»1 1%
Some extent»13 17%
Large extent»48 65%
Great extent»11 15%

Genomsnitt: 2.94

- It could have been large if I would have devoted more time for reading them.» (Some extent)
- Did not read much in the Pinto book but the articles were good.» (Some extent)
- not the pinto book however...» (Large extent)
- Although I did not feel that we used the book as much as we should.» (Large extent)
- boken var onödig!!! räcker med artiklarna.» (Large extent)
- Especially the articles that Jan gave us. One could tell that he considered his choices very carefully.» (Great extent)
- Articles has been much more rewarding and interesting than the book....» (Great extent)

16. How well did the course administration, web page, handouts etc work?

75 svarande

Very badly»0 0%
Rather badly»2 2%
Rather well»27 36%
Very well»46 61%

Genomsnitt: 3.58

- The information about the take home exam"s page limitation was overly confusing and obviously caused a major influx of questions previously not experienced by the course administration.» (Rather badly)
- Considered that the student portal only got down in the exam week...» (Rather well)
- Quti bad in the exam period» (Rather well)
- except when the study portal crashed» (Very well)
- The printing of the articles was a great idea.» (Very well)
- It was great to get the articles printed!!! Good flow of information on the course home page, Jan has been very flexible and open to suggestions from the students, for instance the publication of lecture slides before the lecture and so on. » (Very well)
- Except for second last weekend when the study portal was down.» (Very well)

Study climate (part of the Chalmers standard questions)

17. How were the opportunities for asking questions and getting help?

74 svarande

Very poor»1 1%
Rather poor»1 1%
Rather good»18 24%
Very good»44 59%
I did not seek help»10 13%

Genomsnitt: 3.82

- Jan seemed to dislike me alot» (Rather poor)
- Both e-mails, phonenumbers were available and it was always possible to get aswers after lectures.» (Very good)

18. How well has cooperation between you and your fellow students worked?

74 svarande

Very poorly»1 1%
Rather poorly»2 2%
Rather well»31 41%
Very well»40 54%
I did not seek cooperation»0 0%

Genomsnitt: 3.48

- it is tough the first time with all the foreign students» (Rather poorly)
- In the project, it didn"t felt like we were on the same academic level.» (Rather well)
- Had some problems with different skills of writing reports and working in groups (especially problems with one exchange student).» (Rather well)
- I like my fellow students...they ar very great» (Very well)

19. How was the course workload?

75 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»1 1%
Adequate»36 48%
High»33 44%
Too high»5 6%

Genomsnitt: 3.56

- Not divided properly during the weeks, but that is normal. » (Adequate)
- from time to time but this is master course so it should be quite high» (High)
- But it was fun!» (High)
- This refers to the project work mainly.» (High)

20. How was the total workload this study period?

75 svarande

Too low»0 0%
Low»2 2%
Adequate»26 34%
High»36 48%
Too high»11 14%

Genomsnitt: 3.74

- I have never been so tired at Chalmers. Took all my energy, not good!!!!» (Too high)
- And it is definitely no one"s fault. I had to take an extra courses to make amends for the loss. May be it is the fault of the Swedish Migration Boards for deaying the issuing of my resident permitt last year without any definite reason. Anyway. it is over now.» (Too high)
- dubbla hemtententorna blevför mycket. ok, om man hade kunnat skriva tillsamans även i den andra kursen. fööööör många artiklar att läsa utan tillräkligt med stöd iform av seminarier etc.» (Too high)

Summarizing questions (part of the Chalmers standard questions)

21. What is your general impression of the course?

74 svarande

Poor»4 5%
Fair»0 0%
Adequate»3 4%
Good»42 56%
Excellent»25 33%

Genomsnitt: 4.13

- I really like the topic and I really looked forward to this course and I was really dissapointed. » (Poor)
- It is a course that is necessary in MEI I think. » (Good)
- the course is really interesting even if I already known a lot of notions but I think that this is related to my economical background. The lectures are well planned and they always catch up the attraction of students. It is really nice the continuous introduction of movies during the lessons. In general my impression is positive because the course has a strong orientation towards empirical contents but theory is also considered.» (Good)
- Excellence is only achieved when there is no further room for improvement. However, I think the course can be further improved.» (Good)
- Jan is a fantastic lecturer. His good presentation skills, knowledge and experience sharings are very interesting to fellow students.» (Good)
- Felt like a course that actually had some connection to the "real life" which many courses lack» (Excellent)
- Very good course, a great mix of new knowledge and building on old. Jan did a great job as teacher. » (Excellent)
- Probably the best and more useful course I have taken!» (Excellent)
- One of my favourite courses at Chalmers so far, and the first one that I"m actually convinced will be useful in my future career!! Finally a course that accknowledges that the real world doesn"t behave like the one we read about in out books...» (Excellent)
- engagerad föreläsare, bra! äntligen får man lov/uppmuntras man att reflektera lite (på böcker,artiklar, teorier, m.m.) har inte hänt någonsin under de andra 4 åren på industriell ekonmi. » (Excellent)

22. What should definitely be preserved to next year?

- Analyzing a real-live project!»
- Dave Williamson»
- Mötena med handledare ska behållas i samma anta. Fantastiskt att få möjlighet att ledas åt rätt håll, jag hade Marcus och var imponerad över engagemang och kreativitet i handledningen.»
- The project work»
- Shadow system & politics»
- Everything»
- Literature seminars»
- The guest lectures»
- The literature seminar.»
- Jan Wickenberg»
- Jan Wickenberg and his lectures, the liteature seminar, the project work.»
- Dave Williamson and Jan Wickenberg»
- Literature seminars, hard-copy hand-outs.»
- Dave »
- The guest lectures together with the seminar lectures are the strong points of the course. I really appreciate the seminar lecture because it allows to discuss about papers, share ideas and opinions openly. Moreover,the understanding of the papers post lecture increases. Also the project work, even if it is really time consuming and increases our patience, can be considered useful. Particularly, it allows us to understand a concrete development project and how theoretical frameworks are linked to reality. Moreover, it allows us to increase our team capabilities due to the intensive e frequently meetings. Finally, the writing of the paper increased my skills as to how to write an excellent accademic work.»
- Jan Wickenberg!»
- The Project Management Lecture by David Williamson»
- The project, movies, Wickenberg»
- jan Wickenberg»
- Literature Seminar, guest lectures and project report. »
- The case»
- Dave Williamson"s lectures»
- I loved Dave Williamson, very good!!»
- Teacher.»
- Everything but the IPMA lecture.»
- Jan Wickenberg! The articles as well.»
- The Literature Seminars. The Project Management Guest Lectures. The printing of the articles. The shadow system lectures.»
- The work group in the project and improves the numbers of seminars»
- The lecture on shadow systems, Maria Elmqvists presentations, the movie showing regarding the Bradley and the research project.»
- The project work»
- seminars»
- Shadow systems»
- Keep the politics & shadow system lectures»
- The literature seminar»
- the project work»
- Pinto, Project, Presentation»
- Printed hand out copies, Jan"s witty lectures, Lecture seminars»
- Project work, literature seminar, guest lectures»
- the team work project.»
- Dave Williamson»
- * It was a good mix with guest lectures. * Jan Wickenber is a great lecturer. * Good exmaples from the industry »
- Literature seminar, group project, & lectures (both course instructors & guest speakers).»
- The reasearch project, seminar.»
- Jan Wickenberg and literature seminars»
- Dave Williamson and the Volvo concept lecture were shuold be preserved»
- participation of professionals»
- the project, since that"s where i learned most.»
- david williamsson, project»
- Jan Wickenberg! Never have I met a teacher/lecturer/course responsible at Chalmers with such concern and care for the student. Excellent pedagogue!!»
- literature seminar dave jan»
- Jan Wickenberg»
- The Litterature Seminar, it was great discussing the articles to gain a better understanding.»
- Project, Jan and Dave»
- Dawe Williams lessons and Jan Wickenberg"s illustrative examples. Wickenberg"s lessons was great.»
- - Jan Wickenberg & Dave Wiliamson. - Artiklarna - Projektarbete»
- project seminar»
- artikel seminarier. »
- Jan"s lectures. Maria"s seminar. Dave"s lecture»
- Dave Williamson lectures»
- Seminars, lectures with Jan (specially shadow system), Maria (specially client involment) and David Williamson»
- The Professor! I"ve learned alot from Maria Elmquist either.»
- The project work!»

23. What should definitely be changed to next year?

- Maybe the course needs more supervisors. Our group was a bit disappointed that Jan hadn"t been able to completely read the draft report.»
- The IPMA lecture and the MS project tutorials.»
- I think the presentation of the project should be graded »
- Nothing»
- More seminars»
- No text book»
- Too many guest lectures this year. Too little content and too many funny stories in the lectures. »
- MS Project, think that is out of the scope.»
- The IPMA lecture.»
- Course book, to basic....»
- No text-book, more seminars.»
- IPMA cold be removed at least the guest lecture if it won"t consist of anything more worthy for the students. »
- The general quality of the course is good so it is difficult to identify possible improvements. However an higher orientation towards theory could increase the overall quality. Also, more seminar lectures could be useful.»
- The IPMA lecture. »
- The IPMA lecture»
- Clearer responce to projects, grade on project before home exam»
- The mixing of the groups for the project»
- No.»
- More use of the course book»
- The movies, the project as previously described, the instructions for the take-home, the focus on literature should be changed to a data driven focus.»
- The project report should be smaller. It is soo difficult to perform. Jan as a supervisor should give better comments so it does not make a differ what supervisor you get. Lectures in the morning! Lecture to 5 is not good.»
- More Jan"s lectures.»
- The supervisors need to provide more even help. Remove or change the focus on the IPMA lecture. If possible, Dave Williams earlier.»
- Some of the guest lecturers, the IPMA was not that interesting since we could not perform most of their tests.»
- The MS Project Workshop.»
- nothing»
- The lecture on IPMA because I did not understand why it was relevant for us to hear about their certification methods. Felt more like the woman presenting wanted to sell this to us rather than teach us something.»
- Maybe integrate MS project more in the course. Although the relevance of MS Project was known, I did not see why I should follow the workshop now. If I have to use it later in my career, I can find out how it works, probably i would have forgotten everything from the workshop already anyway. Maybe integrate it in the lectures about Project management?»
- MS project course»
- No IMPA lecture»
- The IPMA lecture was not good! Did not really give me anything. Complex NPD project was not interesting, this is an area that should be really interesting but the presentation was not good.»
- Chose your own group to the project»
- Literature seminar is not necessary»
- The no. of lecture seminars. Should be increased.»
- the tiem allocation for the MS project»
- some guest"s lecture is not good enough.»
- All the movie lectures»
- * I"m very pleased with the course!»
- Microsoft Project crashed course is mainly meant for students with some basic knowledge of the software. It would be better if students are given "templates" or work exercises to try out the software rather than just guidance from the instructor. »
- more seminars rather than one»
- workload of the project research»
- The IPMA lecture should be reconsidered.»
- not previous preparation for team works»
- 50% of the final mark comes from the project, what can be quite unfair. a friend of mine, for example, who worked less than i did, got more points. it"s just unfair, that you might get a better mark just because you were lucky and enrolled into a high skilled group.»
- the microsoft project introduction... printed summary would be much more useful»
- Only thing I can think of is to change the focus of the IPMA class somewhat. It would be interesting to get their perspective on project management, what they consider to be a good project manager and so on. Not so much about the certifications.»
- the concept car lecture and the licens lecture»
- concept car lecture»
- The book and the microsoft project classes could be skipped next year... as I wrote before abstracts from the book migh be good idea to publish howver to buy the whole book is unnecessary.»
- Change the MS Project workshop, the teacher was good, but difficult to learn when you just try to "copy" what he does on the screen to your own.»
- - Presentationsgrupperna - IPMA»
- nothing»
- tajma bättre med econ"s of innovation, eftersom att det är så mycket att läsa i båda kurserna kunde man kanske hitta gemensamma artiklar som man kan se ur olika synvinklar. likadant för kommande kurser. »
- Volvo guest lecture»
- the total band for research project should be reduce to 35.»
- Project research: there are no guides given in how to do a preject report and supervision meetings helped poorly in performing it.»
- The university should increase the study period of these extended courses. only one quarter for this course according to the course materials, book, articles and specially the project does not make any sense for me.»

24. Additional comments

- Hej Jan, Although we figured it out at the end, we found the feedback on the draft report a bit too general. Could have been a bit more specific. Especially because the other supervisors did give more specific feedback. »
- It has to be said that the enthousiasm of the teacher is for a large part responsible for the success of this course. »
- Jan W är nog möjligtvis den bästa föreläsare jag har haft, sällan sett någon som lyckats få med sig klassen genom ex. enmanna rollspel på "scen" med olika skolor i olika hörn i klassrummet. Mkt pedagogiskt och effektfullt. Uppskattat!»
- no»
- I dod not attend the second MS Project class for two reasons: - didn"t have time to get there in time since we had had supervision for the group work before. - there was no extrinsic motivation for going there. Students need to know they will be checked, I guess.. ,)»
- Nice course»
- Good climate in the classroom during Wickenbergs lectures!»
- It"s a pleasure to listen to Jan W"s lectures. Interesting amd useful.»
- Great course with an excellent teacher!»
- I believe I have given enough comments. I know they may seem offending and badly misguided at times. However, this is not my intention. I am just seriously concerned about the quality of education offered at what is supposed to be one of Sweden"s leading universities. I tried to make my arguments as clear and actionable as possible and I hope I succeeded to some extent. If I have offended any of the course administrators, professors and supervisors I am monumentally sorry. That has not been my intention! I hope for the sake of future students, Chalmers and Sweden"s engineering students that things will improve in the future.»
- I hope you really read this and make some changes, espacially in the project report»
- I missed referring to the book in the course. I also believe that the target of the project work should have been more specific in order to help us understand some of the basic notions of the course. »
- just increase the numbers of seminars that well allow to understand the theories»
- More Wickenberg! Seriously, the guest lectures did not come up to his level. I could also see tom having a lecture, he was a great tutor!»
- Should be an official ice breaking session where participating students can identify each other before the course.»
- the course is nice, but if we can have more information from our supervisor, it will be better:>»
- Jan and the rest of the guest speakers did a fantastic job.»
- I have an overall good impression of the course and of the studied contents»
- A common summary of the leaterature seminar could be offered, because some aspects treated in the seminar were understood differently by persons who attended different seminar groups.»
- Thank you»
- none»
- i recently read in världskulturmuseet: dare to be naïve! i am confused now, since jan always taught: do not be naïve!»
- An excellent course!! I really do wish all teachers would be as interested in the students" opinions as Jan. You really feel that all lectureres, Jan in particular, enjoys teaching. That is incredibly important, we as students feel the difference - trust me! When we feel that the teachers thinks of teaching as a "must" something that they are forced to do... It will affect the impression of the subject and the performance of the students. Plus, who wants to attend lectures given by someone who would rather be elsewhere? But, this was definitly not the case in this course!!! Interesting and relevant subject, taught in an excellent way!!»
- Great lectures!»
- Bra kurs! Jan: - Köp nu en motorcykel som belöning, det är du värd!»
- it is very good»
- bra och lärorik kurs. bra att man uppmanas reflektera. bra grupparbete!»
- Good work Jan!»

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